Diary of a Surfer Girl Turned Pop Star

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Ever since I was young I had a feeling I was going to be famous. So I started writing a diary at a very young age. Now it’s time to write my anonymous erotic short story.

I grew up a happy sassy toe head, in a small northwest logging town. We moved there as I entered the third grade. Everyone knows your business in this small town. My parents were very active in the community. We lived a good life. I was cute friendly, outgoing and popular. All through school I was in sports, cheerleading, brownies, girl scouts. Good grades and went to church every Sunday.

As the years went by. I matured quicker than most of my female classmates. The boys seemed to notice me more every year. When I reached the eighth grade. My breasts got big for my small frame. By the time I got to high school. I was quite popular. With my long blonde hair, blue eyes, thin athletic body and big round breasts. I’m not going to apologize for that. I blame it on my parents, good genes. My father was a handsome man and my mother was a beauty queen at 18. I am not an arrogant person either. I was popular because I was a kind and loyal friend to everyone.

All through high school I never had a boyfriend. I was not attracted to their adolescent immaturity. Sure I went to all the proms and school dances. I always went with the hottest most popular guys. But I was a good girl. I didn’t want a reputation. Word gets around in our small town.

End of sophomore year my life took a drastic change. My mother died of cancer. I got very depressed and somewhat reclusive. I even stopped dating. I missed my mother very much. She was a supportive mom and my confidante. My brother, sister and I were left to our father. He worked long hours to give us kids a comfortable life. All my relatives lived far away. At one point my grandmother came to live with us to help my father. I was the oldest. So I felt a responsibility to set a good example for my younger brother and sister. I knew I wanted to go to college and make a life outside this little town. I knew my father was not going to pay for it. Nor did I want him to.

Through my junior and senior year, I took a job before school and on the weekends. I needed to start saving money for college. I needed to start thinking like a grown-up. My mother was not there to protect me anymore. I was tired most of the time. I missed several school functions. Because I always had to get up early for work. I even received school credit for missing half the day on Mondays. But I did manage to become the head cheerleader and homecoming queen in my senior year.

One day I found one of my dad’s Playboy magazines in the closet. This was before the internet. So it was one of few ways to see naked girls. When I saw these girls I realized. I looked better naked than most of them.

It is cold and rainy in the region I grew up. I started thinking seriously about making a life for myself and what that would be. I wanted to live in a tropical climate. Wear skimpy clothes. See palm trees, Escort bayan beaches and play half-naked in the warm sun.

After high school graduation, I attended university to study art and music. During my second year, the drawing instructor asked if I would model for her night classes. I said yes. She asked if I would like to pose nude. I said no. I was too shy for that. I didn’t want artwork of my fully naked body hanging in the campus gallery. But they supplied me with a skin-tight flesh colored body suit.

As I got more comfortable with modeling I started wearing one of my tiny string bikinis. About all it covered was my nipples and thong bottoms that made my butt look entirely bare. I kinda liked the attention and it paid for my tuition. Imagine a twenty-year-old body in this tiny bikini top. Big round 34-D tits and all that cleavage hanging out. Twenty-two-inch waist and curvy little hips. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a bubble ass. Every straight male artist in the place must have had a boner. Makes me horny just thinking about them. Their enrollment filled every quarter because of me.

One day they asked if I would pose with a male model. They offered us extra cash for that. I would have done it for my regular fee. Getting paid to have a hot guy hanging all over me. They asked me to bring my string bikini and thong. They wanted to get us as close to nude without seeing his dong.

When I arrived they introduced me to this tall, handsome guy. They said he is one of the schools football players. My oh my! The instructor had us get into various poses. We were hanging all over each other. At one point touching noses. We were sitting on a large cushion in embrace. I was sitting on his lap. One of my legs wrapped around his back. My clit touching in just the right place. He was wearing a flesh-colored speedo. One of my breasts pressed against his chest. I could see his bulge. He had the biggest boner I’d ever seen. No one in the class could see it but me. He knew it was just our little secrecy. I wanted to touch it. But there were twenty artists in the room. He was so gorgeous with his muscular arms, wide shoulders, six pack and that boner stretching across his lap. He even smelled good. I sat there in that pose with nothing better to think. But my hand going into those trunks to stroke that snake. I just wanted to feel a real cock inside. I was getting all wet dreaming about my first big ride.

We did several modeling jobs together. One day he asked me out for dinner. I thought, it’s about time. He was such a nice guy. I am a good girl. Even good girls have needs. Like a tasty salami between my knees. We had something in common. Him a football player and me a beauty queen. I couldn’t stop thinking. What that penis looks like all spit-shined and clean. I know he wants me. What guy wouldn’t want to press up against these double-d’s. I wanted him. Didn’t want to waste more time. I asked if he would come to my place for tea or red wine. When we got in the door. Bayan escort He gave me a big kiss. I got down on my knees for a glimpse of that penis. By the time we hit the bed. He was already hard. I could feel that massive member surging to go that extra yard. He started with his hand under my shirt. I loved it. I almost came when he rubbed my nipples. It kinda hurt. They are as sensitive as my clit. If I can get those two played together. I’d never ask him to quit. All I wanted to do was get my hands on that dick.

When I got a grip on his throbbing muscle. It was everything I hoped. A reticulating mass of tubular probe. Just like his body. It was so thick. I could barely touch my fingers around it. That worried me a bit. Cause I’m kinda small. We were both so horny. When I flung off my undies. They hit the wall. I wanted to be totally naked. To feel his skin pressed against mine. When he kneeled up to take off his shirt. That beautiful boner nearly poked me in the eye. I stroked it a few times before he laid back down. But I wanted it inside me. My pussy was dripping wet and totally shaved. The way I like it. The best way to get laid. He pressed his muscular body down on my nakedness. We rolled around and kissed. His boner was poking my tummy. I was thinking. If it goes that deep. It’s gonna be yummy.

I waited long enough. I grabbed his snake. Pushed it to my pussy and opened my legs. I wanted him to stick me now. But I was scared it may be too big for that place. He eased it in. Felt good when it hit my clit. I was super wet. He was a gentleman and went slow with it. When he got to the thick part it hurt a little more. After a couple strokes of his pump. I started to feel him wanting to score. His snake expanded and twitched inside. I said don’t cum yet. I need more time. It was feeling awesomely good and I was ready to cum. He went a little deeper and squeezed my bum. With every surge. I could feel big O’s starting to welt. When he pushed it back in. Words can not explain how orgasmic that felt. He kept pumping me like a rag doll. Fuck me you beast. Give me it all. He pushed in deeper. I felt it hit bottom. At that point I blacked out. He could have fucked me till Autumn.

When he started to cum it felt so damn good. I could feel him expanding to its full length and girth. He kept pumping and surging until he started to squirt. I lifted my legs so I could feel it better. I almost came when his big hot load hit my tender. He pumped me until his snake was limp. When he reeled it back out it went thud on the bed.

He and I had some great sex all through school. Having a lover like that made me want it even more. When we graduated we went our separate ways. I was depressed for days. I will never forget about him. I hope our path cross in the future again.

After graduation, I had to leave town. My longing for palm trees and warm weather was weighing me down. I meet a girl who was visiting my school one day. She lived down San Diego way. I had never been there Escort before. Didn’t know much about it. But when I got there. It was like paradise, no doubt about it. Her house was high on a hill. With a swimming pool overlooking the tops of palm trees and a golf course in the distance.

I wanted to stay. So I went back home. Packed up my truck with all my prized possessions. Ya, that’s right. I drive a truck. Lift kit, big tires and all that stuff. Drafting desk, art supplies, stereo, tiny bikinis, tight shirts and mini skirts. I was ready to start living my dream. Fun in the sun and lots of partying. Taking every opportunity to show off my ass. Hoping all the hottest guys will make a pass. Oh ya, I want to be a successful artist and singer too. I figured this was the best place to start.

When I arrived. I slept on her sofa. Within a week. I found my own pad. She was a good friend. She ran a magazine. She got from he dad. My first job. Hostess in a restaurant. It enabled me to make friends and pursue my passion. Before long I was an artist for a surfwear and fashion. But I kept my restaurant job too. Working nights and weekends. It gave me friends and fun. My art job gave me a career and money. I hung out with many of the local surfers. One of them needed a lead singer for his band. Soon I was making more money singing than being an artist or a waitress. My life was changing fast.

We did lots of partying. Up and down those beachside towns. Stuffed my big boobs into a too small shirt. Slipped my shapely legs and bubble butt into a tight mini skirt. Spent many nights on my back, fucking hot surfer boys. Within a year I had a stable of friends. I call boy toys.

On the outside, I’m your all American girl. But in private I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Don’t get me wrong. I ‘m not some drunkard, burnout, druggy, hoe. I take care of myself. I only get done by the best of bros and I always get my beauty rest. I workout to keep this hot body healthy and fit. I ran a 10K last weekend. Just for the hell of it.

Coincidentally, I met a handsome muscular triathlete man. He was hot with his muscular body, tube snake, and surfer tan. It took both my hands. That lightning rod went places in my pussy, things have never been. He filled me with electricity that went right to my brain. I think I blacked out once. I can’t complain. When he finally did cum. It was such a rush. I came again. When I felt that gush. My pussy was so full. I could feel his cum running down my butt crack. Wonders how it slipped by that massive snake, filling my snatch.

There is a lot to be said about those athletes. They can keep it pumping for a long time and that’s a real treat. He rolled me over and fucked my other hole. It took some getting used to. Had to break out the lube. Think I have a clit in my butt because I came that way too. Those are memories, I live for. Now I can even take it in the ass when my pussy gets sore. So when I get the chance to be purged by a hot guy with a big dick. Let me lick it first because I wanna deep throat that stick.

My singing career took off. But I still like to fuck. I’m not going to say who I am because I would be posted on social media and get called a slut.

The End!

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