Did I Really Just Do That?

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I’m not exactly sure when it started. These thoughts never came to me in high school, but I’m way past that. At some point though, when I was tugging furiously on my cock, I started thinking about what it would be like to be with another guy. Moments after the cum burst from the end of my pulsing dick I would be disgusted by the thought and wonder what the hell had gotten in to me. Lets be clear: I absolutely love women… they seriously drive me crazy just looking at them, and I would never have a relationship or an emotional attachment to another man. But the thoughts kept coming back and I knew one day I would act on them.

Slowly from then on my fantasies would get wilder and more vivid. I began to think about my male friends and what it would be like to play around with them. I found myself imagining exactly how their cocks looked and how I could turn a situation into the opportunity to find out.

I wasn’t sexually starved by any means. I had a girlfriend that I was getting it from on the regular. She had been a virgin when I met her, but I managed to create quite the little slut. Time passed and we broke up. I was able to get girls whenever I really wanted them, but most were uptight and reserved. This kinda got me thinking about the ideal slut, and how she would act and behave. I mean the penis is so beautiful and powerful. I don’t know how you’re supposed to resist wanting to put it in your mouth. When a girl was blowing me I couldn’t help but think of how lucky she was to be able to feel so full. To run her tongue along that soft head and lick her way down the hard shaft to a nice set of balls swinging underneath. To really give a man pleasure, to lick his asshole, to act as if she absolutely needed his cock or she would die.

I created this idea of the perfect blowjob and wished more girls knew how to do it. Sucking a guys cock isn’t a chore, it’s a gift. They should want it and want it bad. I wanted it bad. To put that perfect combination in my mouth and give it pleasure like nobody else ever had.

The first time I got to touch another mans cock I knew I had been missing out. He was my best friend and quite sexy. When I look at a guy I don’t really care about his face or hair or anything. For me its all about the body and the dick. A good size, not too big, nice and straight, with a mushroom head just slightly larger around than the shaft. My friend had an amazing body with 6 pack abs and a dick that made my mouth water. I never told him that I thought about guys sexually so it was a total shock to him when we got really drunk one night and I reached down his pants and starting stroking him. At first he looked at me, confused, but then said what the hell and reached his hand down my pants too.

We were outside while my roommate was in the shower. She was sexy as hell, and it had been a while since she got what she needed. We were all drunk and when bursa escort she got out, she didn’t bother to get dressed. Me and my friend went inside at her invitation and with her spread out on the couch rubbing her pussy both our dicks were rock hard. We dropped our pants and I went over to my friend and starting stroking him again. She thought this was too hot and when he reached over to do me she almost lost it. At that point we turned our efforts to her, and she ending up sucking me off while my friend rammed her pussy with his gorgeous cock. Everybody came, me down her throat, my friend deep in her pussy, and her all over his cock. After that it got a little strange and everybody got dressed and that was the end of the night. For the next 3 years I would sit there and wish that I had got a chance to suck my friend’s cock, and kick myself for not trying to make it happen.

I ended up going to college away from home with a few years later. It was great and the pussy was all over the place, but I still couldn’t shake the desire to suck a cock. I would go out on the weekends, see a cute guy and imagine myself going up to him and rubbing his cock through his jeans. I’ve always had this thing for guys that wear tightie whities and I would think about taking his pants off, licking his cock through the underwear so that when I pulled that elastic down it would spring out and hit me in my face, all hard and ready to go down my throat. The came the invention of online postings, and I knew I had my chance to make it happen for real.

I started out just reading the ads and playing with myself until I erupted in my hand or all over my stomach. Then I finally got comfortable with the idea, and knew I was ready to do it. I saw a posting for a young athletic straight guy in desperate need of having his cock sucked, and was willing to let a guy do it. He was hot, toned and trimmed, with a beautiful cock sticking straight out proudly. I responded and told him I would love to suck his cock and he could cum wherever he wanted to. I was his slut to use.

The emails went back and forth for a while until we had it all worked out. I was chugging a few beers to make the nervousness go away, and in between gulps of beer and typing I was stroking my own dick in excitement. I had my own place and he would be there any second.

He pulled up and I opened the door for him. God he was hot. Tall, muscular, with just a hint of facial hair; nothing grown in, but enough to make him look like a man. I asked him if he wanted a beer.

“No man, I’m good… Listen you’re not gonna tell anybody about this right?”

“Who would I want to tell that I let some strange guy come over and I sucked his cock?… there’s nothing to worry about.”

With that he walked back into my bedroom, and slipped off his shoes. Then he pulled off his shirt and slid his sweatpants and boxers off in one bursa escort bayan fluid motion. He was already semi-hard… I guess the thought off having another guy suck him off was working for him, whether he wanted to admit it or not. Then he reached over and tugged at my shirt. With him being straight I wasn’t sure he would want me to take off my clothes, but I was glad he did. I finished getting undressed as he slid back and propped himself up on my pillows. I didn’t hesitate. As soon as I got my clothes off I crawled towards him on my hand and knees.

I ran my hands up his thighs and without another thought, opened my mouth wide and wrapped it around his dick. It was everything I always thought it would be. I knew at that moment I was a cocksucker. I still consider myself straight. But I love sucking cock. Being my first time I wanted to explore… to run my tongue up and down his shaft, in and out of his pee slit, to lick his balls, to lap at his asshole, to slap his dick against my face and make him understand how bad I wanted this. But he wouldn’t let me. Every time I tried to shift he just took his hands and guided my mouth right back to the head of his dick. It was clear he just wanted to fuck my mouth like it was a piece of pussy and get off and get out. Oh well! I was still loving it anyway.

Being a first timer my mouth started to get tired. I pulled up from between his legs. He told to me to come up to him. We were looking each other right in the eye when our dicks rubbed against each other for the first time. It felt so good as he moved his hand down to hold them together and slowly jerk us at the same time. We just kept staring at each other and breathing heavily when he finally spoke quietly:

“You gonna let me fuck that ass?”

I hadn’t planned on it. Not to say I had never thought about it. Many times I had used my fingers and household objects to ram deep and hard up in there to milk my prostate and give me the most intense orgasms of my life. But he was much bigger than any of those. Even though I was scared I was determined to be the best piece of ass I could for him.

“You can try.”

He moved out from under me and I got on all fours and stuck my ass was up and out in the air for him. He got on top of me and that is a feeling I’ll never forget. Being in that vulnerable position with a strong man on top of me. His legs touching my legs, his chest against my back, his dick in the crack of my ass. He rose up and spit on his fingers and slowly started working them into me. After getting two in he decided that was good enough. He spit on his dick and put it at the entrance of my waiting hole. I pushed back against him, but it was no use. He was just too big.

“I have some lube. We should try that.”

He agreed and I crawled out, got it for him, and then got right back in my place. bursa merkez escort He smeared it on his cock and squirted some on my asshole and then lined up again. He was patient and took his time but it still wasn’t happening. I wanted so badly to be his slut but my body wasn’t cooperating. He started rubbing his dick up and down the crack of my ass and it felt so good. I wanted him to fuck me.

“Maybe we should try another position. Let me get on my back and put my legs up on your shoulders.”

I rolled over and he moved around to line up. We still couldn’t get farther than part of his head in. As a last resort I told him to lie on his back and I would try to ride him. I remember how good he felt underneath me, the strong muscles in his legs and his rock hard cock I was holding in my left hand, trying desperately to sink into my ass. It still wouldn’t go and he was patient no longer.

“Just suck me off then.”

I moved my body down and only thought for a second about the fact that his dick was covered in lube and had just been partly in my ass, when I lowered my mouth around it again. Again he held my face tight and started pumping his hips so his cock was pistoning in and out of my mouth. He was getting close and pulled me off him.

“I wanna cum in your mouth.”

“Ok,” was all I said.

He straddled my body and started jerking his cock in my face with my tongue occasionally hitting the head of his dick. I held my mouth open for my reward for all that hard work. I had always wanted to taste my own cum, but that desire would leave my body before I could get it to my mouth. Here was my chance. It took only a moment for him to grunt and then jets of cum started exploding out the end of his dick. A couple went straight in my mouth and others ran down my chin and hit my chest. He continued stroking until his dick was empty. I swallowed every bit that was in my mouth and he started backing away from me. As he got off the bed and reached for his clothes I used my fingers to scoop up the rest of his cum of my body and put it in my mouth and swallowed. That part wasn’t for him or even from my conscious thought… I needed every last drop. He saw me though, and the smirk on his face told me what a slut he thought I was.

“Alright man. Thanks.”

That was all he said before he walked out, leaving me there cum stained with a rock hard throbbing cock. I heard the door click and then furiously worked my cock until I shot a monstrous load all over my chest. He had barely touched my dick the entire night but it was still one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. I sat there drenched in my own cum, waiting for the shame to set in. I had sucked another guy’s cock and let him cum in my mouth. And then scooped up the rest and swallowed that too. But the shame didn’t come. I had loved every second of it. The best part was I didn’t even know his name.

I got up and showered. As I was drying myself off I got a text. He said it was great but that was a one time only thing, and to never contact him again. I told him that was exactly what I wanted. And it was… until the next time I would suck another stranger’s cock. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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