Die Kraft der Liebe

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Die Kraft der Liebe (The Power of Love)

This story is a work of fiction, and all characters are products of my imagination and are over 18 years of age.

Lyrics used are from “The Power of Love” by Jennifer Rush and others.

I hope you enjoy the story and take the time to rate it and also comment. It’s greatly appreciated and is a big help to an author.


“Hey, babe, how was work today?”

Matt shrugged, his usual response to Stacy’s question, despite his understanding that she was truly interested in how things had been for him at work. Then he smiled.

“You remember Rhonda from the Christmas party?”

“Was that the redhead, the natural blond, or the bleached blond?”

Matt stuck out his tongue at his wife and watched her start toward him.

“You trying to turn me on with that tongue?” she said in her most seductive voice.

“I’ve got better ways than that to turn you on,” he said, reaching for the top button of her blouse.

Stacy stood on tiptoes and kissed her husband.

“I’m in the midst of cooking dinner. If this blouse comes off, dinner will be ruined, and the house will smell of burned potatoes and spinach. The meat isn’t on yet, so we will sit in the stench and eat steak sandwiches.”

Matt chuckled.

“Isn’t that a little dramatic?” he asked, releasing the button he was about to loosen. But he did smile. The smile brought a rewarding kiss with just a hint of tongue.

“The evening is still young,” she said, a teasing sound to her voice. “In the meantime, what about this Rhonda, and which one was she?”

Matt chuckled. “The redhead,” he answered, “and she just wondered if I was free for dinner and a movie or something this Saturday.”

Oh, lord, ” Stacy giggled. “And?”

“I said I was and was my wife invited, too? She looked at me like I’d suddenly grown a second head. So, I explained that I don’t wear a wedding ring since my finger breaks out with a horrible rash. She told me it was my loss, smiled, and went back to work.”

“Your loss?” Stacy giggled.

“She is a redhead.”

“I asked you before if I should dye my hair red,” Stacy teased.

“You couldn’t handle me if you were a redhead,” he teased back.

“You mean you’re holding back?”

“There’s no way I could hold back with you, babe.”

He got a very pleasant kiss for that, too.

“Let me check dinner and cook the steaks.”

Matt followed her to the kitchen, giving her butt a couple of gentle pats on the way.

“Hey, hon, what’s happening next door? Is that a moving truck in the driveway?”

“It’s been there all day,” she said, laying the steaks carefully on the grill in the center of her range; an almost immediate sizzle filled their ears as a delightful aroma filled their noses.

“So, who’s moving in?”

“I didn’t see anyone except the movers, but I’d guess everything got moved in — it looks like they’re just leaving.”

Matt went to the window and gazed at the large house next door. It might be fun to get new neighbors, depending, of course.

Stacy called him to dinner, and, as always, it was delicious, and he let her know that.

“Well, if you don’t want me to work, I can at least fix some good meals.”

There was the hint, again, subtle but there. Matt’s mother hadn’t worked, and that was the way he’d been raised. On the other hand, Stacy’s mother had always worked, and she’d expected to do the same.

“You really want to work, don’t you?” he finally asked.

“I do have a degree in industrial design,” she said. “It would be fun to give it a try.” She tried to hide the excitement she was feeling, hopeful that Matt might give in at last. She loved him dearly and wouldn’t dream of defying him, but she had spent four precious years of her young life studying and hated to waste it.

Matt sighed. “It’s a good time to do it,” he said, smiling at her.

“Really,” she squealed, jumping up and hugging him.

He knew he’d get his reward once they went to bed, if not before.

It was about thirty minutes later when Stacy said, “There’s a car in the driveway next door.”

Matt joined her at the window.

“Looks like a Lexus,” he commented.

“Want to go meet them?”

“Good neighbors would, wouldn’t they?”

They crossed the two lawns and went to the bright red door. Stacy pressed the bell, and they waited.

When the door opened, it wasn’t the redhead from work but an even more striking redhead. She smiled brightly.

Before she could speak, Stacy said, “We’re from next door and wanted to say hello. I’m Stacy.”

“And I’m Matt,” he said, extending his hand. He received a firm handshake.

“I’m Adel Weber,” she said, a big smile on her face. “And come on in, although you may have to sit on a packing carton. They just moved everything in today.”

“I watched a little,” Stacy said, “and I don’t envy you having to unpack and figure out where everything goes.”

“And with Dean gone, it makes it doubly difficult. Dean is my husband,” she added, noticing the questioning looks. “He’s in France or Switzerland,” Anadolu Yakası Escort she said, chuckling, “depending on the time of day.”

Adel let that hang for a moment, enjoying the puzzled looks.

“Are you guys familiar with the Large Hadron Collider?”

“Heard of it,” Matt said, while Stacy shook her head.

“Dean’s company is doing some work for them, and it’s right on the Franco-Swiss border. He’s there for three months, and I have this mess to deal with,” she added, gesturing to the boxes.”

“So, he’s a physicist of some kind?” Matt asked.

“Oh, no, just an engineer,” she replied.

“Just an engineer,” Stacy giggled.

“Yeah, and I’m glad he didn’t hear me say that,” Adel added.

“Anyway, it looks like you could use some help,” Stacy suggested.

“I couldn’t ask that.”

“We just volunteered,” Matt assured her.

Adel exhaled, a look of relief on her face. “I can’t thank you enough. When Dean gets home, we’ll make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry about that. Not sure what you have planned, but we just finished dinner, and there were plenty of leftovers. Come on over, and you can finish them up for us.”

“Aww, that’s so nice of you, but I can dig up something here.”

Stacy looked around, shaking her head. “Don’t be silly. Come on over.”

Adel hesitated a few seconds. “Okay, thanks so much. Give me ten minutes.”

Matt and Stacy headed home, and Stacy began heating the leftovers.

“I’m sure you won’t mind helping our new redheaded friend,” she said, chuckling.

“Alway anxious to be a good neighbor.”

“Particularly when she’s a tall and beautiful redhead with a figure to drool over.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice,” Matt teased.


“I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous brunette I married and that I get to passionately ravish periodically.”

“What a line. How could I ever have fallen for that?”

There was a gentle knock on the door.

“Come in, Adel.”

“Love your house,” she said, looking around. “I hope I can make mine look half this good.”

“How much longer, babe?” Matt asked, looking over Stacy’s shoulder.

“Maybe ten minutes,” she answered.

“I’ll give you a quick tour,” Matt volunteered, catching Stacy’s smile from the corner of his eye.

They covered downstairs quickly, Matt trying to point out features, and then they went upstairs.

“Is that a waterbed!?” Adel exclaimed when they got to the main bedroom.

“It is, and it was interesting getting it filled up here.”


“Had to run a hose from the outside faucet and through the window.” Matt laughed as he remembered that fiasco.

“Wow. May I sit on it? I’ve never been around a waterbed before.”

“Help yourself.”

When she bounced two or three times, laughing, all of her bounced, and Matt decided she had dressed very casually for her visit.

“Thanks,” she said, jumping up and brushing past him on her way back to the kitchen.

She’d added something to herself that smelled very good, Matt’s nose anxious to follow along behind her.

“This is delicious,” Adel said as she cleaned up the last of the food on her plate. “I’d have had to go to MacDonalds or something. Not sure I felt like a Big Mac, though. Thanks so much, but I think I’d better go home and get started. Those boxes aren’t going to empty themselves.”

Stacy received a warm hug, and Adel was out the door and headed for the unenviable task of opening and unpacking all those boxes.

“So, did you enjoy giving the tour?”

“Well, I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t enjoy that … um, her. I think I remember seeing her in a Victoria’s Secret ad. Plus, I think she really enjoyed the water bed.”

“What? Enjoyed how?” Stacy asked, a big grin on her face.

“She hadn’t been around water beds before, so she bounced on it a couple of times.”

“Oh, lord, and everything bounced, right?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“Well, you go ahead and ogle her — I’m anxious for Dean to get home. I expect he’ll be a bit of eye candy to enjoy as well.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Matt said when they were in the family room watching TV. Arnie mentioned just today that I’d better take a couple of days off, or I’m going to lose them — stupid company rules and policies. So why don’t I do that now, and we can help Adel get things together. I’m sure there are heavy things she’ll need help with and ranges and washers to hook up.”

Stacy chuckled. “Why not,” she said. “At least I’ll be there to keep an eye on you.”

“No worries. I just like to look.”

With all the lights out and the doors locked on the main floor, they headed upstairs to bed, Matt anxious to receive the reward he’d been thinking about all evening. Naturally curious, he went to the window that faced Adel’s house.

“Hon, come here a second,” he called.

Stacy came to the window, the room still in darkness.

“Her air conditioner must not be turned on,” he said.

“Are you gonna get your camera to document that … or them? I can see why you enjoyed Kadıköy Escort her bouncing on te bed.”

“They are documentable, aren’t they?” Matt said as he pressed Stacy against the window, beginning to unbutton her blouse.

“Matt, I guess you think you’re going to screw me while you’re watching her tits bouncing around.”

“Is that what you want?” he asked, pulling her blouse off and unfastening her bra.

“Is that what … you want?” she asked breathily as he began caressing her breasts.

“I guess we’ll just have to see,” he answered, now unfastening her shorts.

“You’d better decide fast,” she said as he pressed against her harder, her breasts now flattened against the window.

“If she looks up here, she’ll see almost what we’re seeing.” He’d completed the lowering of her shorts and panties to her ankles.

“Maybe she’s not interested in that,” Stacy groaned as Matt’s hand was between her legs.

“If she’s into girls, you two might have lots of fun while the men are away at work.”

“Only if I was into girls,” she groaned once more, feeling his fingers inside of her.

“You’d better kick those pants aside if you want to keep going.”

“I just did, and maybe it should be you, and that cock of yours squashed against the window ’cause I bet she’s into boys.” For seconds there was only the sound of his fingers working inside of her. “Oh, shit. Matt, you can’t do that like this.” Stacy’s hips were in motion now.

“I am,” he said, “and I’m going to keep it up until I hear those sounds I’ve been waiting all evening to hear.

Stacy’s moans were getting closer together and louder with each passing moment.

“Are you looking at her,” she grunted, eyes closed.

“What do you think?”

“I don’t give a shit because I’m going to come …”

Now, her body spasmed over and over, the delectable sounds of her urgent moans against his ear. He carefully lowered her spent body to the floor as she pulled his lips against hers.

“Now, it’s just me,” she murmured.

“It’s always just you,” Matt said, nibbling her lips as he fought to get his pants off.

Regaining some strength, she rolled him off of her and onto his back, making short work of the pants and boxers. She guided his erection home, and it was her turn to listen to the sounds of his passion, his groans mingling with the slapping of their bodies and the sloshing sounds of their sex. Sooner than she expected, he squeezed her against him, and she could feel his spasms inside of her.

“That wasn’t what I was expecting,” she said with a chuckle.

“Me either,” he answered, still panting.

“Suppose our neighbor will be dressed the same tomorrow?”

“I hope not, or she might have to witness what just happened.”

Matt got a nice kiss. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you? You’d have to decide which set of tits to watch.”

“Not much to choose from in the tit category, you know.”

“Really,” Stacy said, a look of surprise on her face. “You’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

“Were you looking out the window, and have you looked in the mirror lately?” Don’t underestimate yourself, babe. Except for the red hair, there’s not much difference that I can see.”

“You haven’t seen her without her shorts, though.”

“Probably just more red hair.”

Matt caught Stacy’s playful arm swing, and they kissed again.

“It’s been a while, but get yourself ready for bed while I do my chores, and we might get it on for number two.”

“You sure I shouldn’t get a red wig or something. That seems to have its effect on you.”

They stood, and Matt looked out the window.

“Light’s off in that room now,” he said. “Oh, and you should probably wash the titty prints off the window.”

No response from Stacy.


Both Stacy and Matt were up early; Matt calling in to work to let them know he wouldn’t be in on Thursday and Friday. Stacy prepared a delicious breakfast, wishing she had Adele’s number so she could invite her to join them.

“Suppose Adel is up?”

“Only one way to find out.”

“Why don’t you go over and invite her to breakfast.”

Matt smiled. “Really?” he said.

“If you aren’t back in two minutes, I’m coming to check.”

It was a little longer than two minutes, but Stacy spotted the two coming across the yard, Matt talking and Adel laughing. At least she was wearing a shirt this morning.

“You guys are being so good to me,” she said. “I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”

“Don’t worry,” Stacy said. “You don’t owe us a thing.”

Matt cleared his throat, Stacy smiled, and Adel shrugged. Both Cooperwaites wondered if Adel had any idea about last night. No hints from her, though.

Adel finished breakfast and stood to leave.

“I’m not taking any tools yet. I’ll get them when I need them.”

“What did you just say?”

“I guess I didn’t mention I’d be helping today too.”

“What’s going on?” Adel asked, looking from one to the other.

“It’s the red hair,” Stacy teased, although it was probably more truth İstanbul Escort than tease.

“Well, I’m not proud. I can use the help.”

While Adel and Stacy opened and unpacked cartons, Matt used his dolly to move and then hook up the electric range, the washer and dryer, and the dishwasher. Laying on the floor finishing up the dishwasher, he turned his head and confronted four very shapely legs close at hand.

“Is it finished?” Stacy asked.

“I think so.”

“We just opened some cartons with dishes, and they should be washed before we put them away.”

“That will be the test,” he chuckled.

“Do you know anything about air conditioners,” Adel asked.

“Is yours not working?” Matt asked, remembering last night.

“I set the thermostat, but it didn’t work. It was a little hot in here last night.”

“I bet,” Stacy said,” also remembering.

“I bet the breaker is off. Let’s go check.”

Matt led her down the basement steps and showed her the breaker box.

“See that,” he said, pointing at the red spot on one of the breakers.

Adel stood on tiptoes, her hand on Matt’s shoulder, her body against his.

“That means the breaker is off or open. Take hold of the little handle and push it this way.” She did. “Then back the other way.”

A loud click told him the breaker had reset.

She looked at Matt and smiled.

“So that’s what I do if the lights go off or something else stops working?”

“Good place to start,” he said, her green eyes just a few inches from his.

Thank goodness she moved before something unforeseen happened, and the blower on the air conditioner switched on.

“Voila,” he said, and Adel laughed.

“One more thank you.”

Following Adel up the steps was enjoyable, the contours of the shorts allowing alternating butt cheeks to be visible with each step.

Stacy had the dishwasher loaded and running when they returned.”

“There was a box of those little pods inside,” she said.

Adel sighed. “I’d like to get this all done before my sister gets here. She’s going to live with me till Dean gets back.”

“That should be nice.”

“She’s twenty, headstrong, and directionless. I hope I can handle her, but she will be company.” She walked to a small table and returned with her phone. “This is Celine.”

“That looks like you,” Stacy said, “red hair and all.” She winked at Matt.

“She’ll be here Sunday.”

With the three of them working, things were coming together nicely, and it looked like it would be ready for sis’s arrival.

Matt had checked each night, but there were no more views of a topless Adel to enjoy.

“You’ll have to be satisfied with these,” she said on Saturday evening as she stripped off her blouse and bra. She’d never done that before. It was still daylight, and none of the windows were covered.

Matt smiled and couldn’t help wondering what was up. He raised his eyebrows.

“With two redheads next door, I think I need to adapt my behavior. What do you think?”

He chuckled. “So far, I’m liking it. Is this going to be standard?”

“Would you like it to be?”

“Silly question.”

“How about this too,” she asked as she stripped off her shorts and panties.”

There was no way he could resist this woman with the brunette hair and the nearly perfect body, now standing right in front of him … naked. He reached for her, and she sat on his lap, kissing his cheek.

“All of the windows are open,” he whispered as he kissed her ear.

“I know,” she said.

You’ve always been so careful about that.”

“I know, but I said I was adapting. I think you’ve always wanted that.”

“Wanted what?”

She kissed him. “Skinny dipping, revealing clothes, streaking, stuff like that.”

“You always just shivered and told me I was crazy.”

“Yep. But the other night, looking out our window and watching Adel. It was hot, wasn’t it, babe.”

“Well, some very hot things happened for sure.”

“For me too. It was hot because I knew how it was affecting you. And she had no idea.”

“You two have similar bodies, so it was normal that I’d … well, enjoy hers too.”

“I don’t know what’s changed, but the thought of causing what we did is suddenly exciting, you think?”

“So, what does that mean?” Matt was getting more and more interested in the lady on his lap.

“Well, it means one of two things. We can have sex right now and right here in the family room or …” She paused and smiled at Matt before licking his ear and whispering, “we can wait till it gets a little darker and do the same thing in the backyard. If we wait till it’s even darker and much later, maybe the front yard. Your choice.”

Matt’s heart was pounding. The front yard. This super sexy lady who’d always been a strictly bedroom sex person was offering him the chance for a late-at-night front yard adventure.

“No shit,” was all he could say.

“What’s your pleasure?” she asked, sliding back and forth on the erection she knew had to be there. His groan told her she was correct.

Doing it in the front yard was so intoxicatingly fascinating there was no way he could choose anything else.

“Front yard,” he said.

“Good,” she replied immediately.

“You’re not going to back out later, are you?” Matt loved the “new” Stacy, but it seemed so sudden.

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