Dillon’s Mommy

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Letter from the author:

Readers, this is a departure from my normal writing in that it is an incest story. I normally don’t dip into that genre, but a reader sent me an idea he had for a story and requested I write it. I have had other requests in the past and some I do write (Addison series) and others I decline or just can’t come up with a story that I feel I can write. That being said, I found this idea interesting and so I gave it a whirl even though it involved incest. This is my first incest story so go easy on me if you feel it is bad.

There are themes of humiliation, incest, cuckold, cheating in this story. If that is something you find offensive, please move on to another story. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.



Dillon entered the house and didn’t say hello to his mother Grace. He just sulked down the hall and into his room closing the door behind him. He was getting undressed when Grace knocked.

“Dil, honey. You ok?” She inquired, respecting his privacy and not opening her 19 year old’s door.

“I’m fine mom, please leave me alone.” He said sadly.

It was not normal for him to come into the house without saying hello, and Grace knew there was something wrong. “Sweetheart, I can tell you’re upset. May I come in?” She asked.

Dillon knew if he didn’t let her in she would just keep badgering him from the other side of the door until he relented. “I Guess.”

Grace opened the door and strolled in. She was wearing her signature long white silk robe that she always wore after dinner around the house. It flowed almost all the way to the ground and when she smoothly walked in it almost appeared like she was gliding along the floor as if she was on ice skates. Her 5’11’ frame was almost majestic in its elegance, even if she was a thick woman(she wore a size 18 dress). The way she moved was as if from the day she was born she had done all she could to live up to the moniker her parents had bestowed her. Grace loved the feel of silky things on her body, and she made sure to have that feeling as often as she could. All her intimates were silk or satin, No lace for this girl, and she made sure that everything she wore accentuated her every curve. Tonight was no exception. Her breasts stuck out from her chest superbly. (They were somewhere between a DD and DDD) and the robe, as always, was tied so that plenty of cleavage was exposed. When she reached her son, Grace could tell he had been crying, as his eyes were all red. She reached out for a hug. He reciprocated, and she pulled him into her big soft bosom.

“What happened? Tell your dear old mom all about it.” She said in her best concerned mom voice.

Dillon broke down again, sobbing as he replied to his mother, “It’s Kendal. It’s over. She dumped me.”

“There, there, it’s ok, mommy will make it all better.” She told him stroking his hair as he nestled her big pillowey tits. “Tell me what happened.”

“She, she, she cheated. She cheated on me.” He sobbed into her chest.

“That Bitch!” Grace snapped.

Dillon moved away from her cradle and wiped his tears, “I went to her house to surprise her and take her to the movies since I got off work earlier than I expected, and when I knocked on the door she only opened it a crack. I asked her what was wrong and she wouldn’t answer. Then finally she opened the door and let me in. She was naked. When I asked her why, she just pointed at the bedroom. I didn’t have to look to realize what was up. I asked her why and she said that…Nevermind.” Then Dillon fell on to the bed and covered his face in shame.

“What did she say?” Grace probed.

“Nothing. It’s too embarrassing.” He replied never lifting his head.

“Dillon, sweety, tell me what did that mean little bitch tell you?” Grace had really never liked Kendal. Although it would soon be clear that one of the reasons, was that she was too much like Grace, and they always say that people can see their own flaws in others and it seems to make them dislike that person.

“No!” He snapped, refusing to tell his mother the secret.

“Dillon, tell me.” Grace said all sweetly. “I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

Dillon sprung up and yelled, “She said my dick was too small!”

Grace was shocked. Suddenly her past came rushing back to her. There had been many boys/men in her past that Grace had told that. When she was about 19, Grace had had sex with an older man who wielded a very large cock. That experience had opened her eyes to many pleasures she had not experienced in her previous sexual experiences, and from that day forward, she had become a size queen. She figured maybe it was because she had such a big body herself, and likewise a big pussy, that it took a large man to fulfill her needs. Whatever the reason, it had become her calling card, and before she ever got any man close to her bed, she would somehow find out how big he was in the cock department. This really wasn’t too hard being as pretty as she was. If he was not large, she moved onto the next one. Dillon’s dad had been one of those littler guys she görükle escort experienced before her epiphany, getting her pregnant on prom night, and then moving away with his parents when they found out the “slut” he was dating had tried to trap him. The sizable checks she received for the next 18 years from his well off family definitely eased that shame and pain.

“She stood there bare ass naked in her living room and told me I have a small dick.” Dillon said scornfully. “Like I don’t already know that. I ain’t stupid. I have been in the showers at school and the gym. I know how I compare. But I thought things were going well with her. I really liked her.”

Grace was stunned. She had always been on the other side of this, the one dismissing the guy with the small dick. She never knew how her actions in the past had affected the men she rejected. She was not a religious person, but she believed in Karma. She knew this was Karma’s way of getting back at her for all the guys she had crushed like this in the past, even if she didn’t realize how badly she had crushed them until this moment. Karma was humiliating her son to punish her.

“It all makes sense now.” Dillon told her. “I couldn’t understand why she kept telling me she wanted to wait to have sex. She wasn’t saving herself for me. She didn’t want me to fuck her because of the size of my dick.”

Grace knew how Kendal felt. Fucking a guy with a small dick was just a waste of time and not at all satisfying. Suddenly she liked Kendal a bit more.

I wouldn’t want his little dick either. Wait a minute I’m talking about my son. Grace thought.

She really didn’t know how small his dick was. That was not fair. She had to make this better.

“Honey you have been dating Kendal for 6 months. You haven’t had sex yet?” She asked

“Not intercourse, but we have fooled around.”

“She gave you blow jobs?”

“Oh no, she doesn’t like to give those.” Dillon corrected his mother.

Yeah right. She likes big cocks but doesn’t give blow jobs? Grace scoffed inside.

“Hand jobs?” She queried.

“Once.” He replied.



“When was that?”

“A few months ago.”

“A few months ago? So what has been happening since?” Grace wondered aloud.

“She lets me jack off while I watch her play with herself.” Dillon informed her.

Holy shit, this girl had my son wrapped around her little finger. Grace had watched her son run around doing everything Kendal asked for the last few months. Grace had resented her for that, but figured her son was getting something out of it, but now she found out that he wasn’t getting anything out of it. I’ll bet she has been fucking behind his back the whole time, just keeping him around to do her bidding. Grace suddenly had much respect for this girl. She also felt she needed to help out her poor pathetic little Dillon. She had to pay back the Karma god. She had to do this for her son and all the little guys she had rejected in the past. She had to even the score, or at least put a mark on the right side of the ledger in her favor. Reluctantly she moved closer to her son.

“Come here Sweetheart.” She said while pulling Dillon off the bed to his feet. “Let mommy see. I’m sure that little bitch is not right.” Although she was pretty sure she was going to find that that little bitch was right.

Dillon was stunned. Was his mother asking to see his dick? This was crazy. However, before he could even protest, Grace had his zipper down and her hand inside his pants fishing his dick out. When she pulled it out, she had to stifle a chuckle. It was pretty pathetic, but she reassured her son.

“It’s not that small. Mean old Kendal doesn’t know what she is talking about.” She told him. Damn, no wonder the girl didn’t let this little thing near her. Once again, Grace felt obligated to help out her son for all the little guys she had rejected. It was her little way of making up for her past…and hell actually her present. She dropped to her knees in front of him.

Dillon heard her comment about it not being “THAT SMALL” and he knew his mother was right. He just stood there dejectedly and watched as his mother unbuckled his pants and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles. Then he looked down at her on her knees as she began to stroke it to full erection.

“There, there, now wipe your tears and let mommy show you what a big boy you are.” Grace told him. She looked up and saw how Dillon was staring at her in a daze, not sure what his mother was doing. She smiled at him and reassured him. “Look at my big boy’s pecker getting all big and hard.” Just like his fathers’ little thing. I’ll bet I wouldn’t even feel it inside me. She couldn’t believe she was going to do this, but it was her son. She had to make him feel better and once again she thought of Karma.

Once she had it hard, she stood and removed her robe. The silky white nightie she had on matched the robe. I had spaghetti straps and her tits spilled out of it obscenely. It went to mid thigh and her long regal legs eskort bayan were a sight to see in it. She lied down on the bed, pulled her feet up so they were flat on the bed and her heels were touching her butt and spread her legs invitingly wide. She had no panties on so her pussy was fully exposed. The Brazilians she got every few weeks assured she had not a bit of hair on it. Grace was thirty-seven, and she had had sex with many men with large cocks in the last 18 years, so it looked nothing like the tight little pussy Dillon had seen as Kendal teased him while playing with hers. No, Grace’s lips flapped open and in a way that said come on in. Her pussy was big and pink and inviting, but well used.

Dillon just stood there and stared, not knowing what was happening to him and not knowing what to do.

“Well don’t just stand there.” Grace told him. “Come show mommy what a big boy she has. Come give me that big cock of yours.” Trying to pump up his scalded ego.

Dillon didn’t hesitate. He had been taking orders from his mom all his life, it only seemed natural to do as she said, even if what she was saying was at least morally wrong. He stepped out of his pants pulled off his shirt and jumped on top of his mother and drove his dick into her big accepting pussy. Dillon was not a virgin, but he was very inexperienced. He immediately began assaulting his mother’s pussy like an out of control jack hammer.

Grace wanted to laugh at his effort. Not only was his dick so small that her big fat pussy could hardly feel it, his reckless abandon style made her actually feel a little contempt for her son. No fucking wonder he can’t keep a girl. No woman wants this. However, Grace viewed this as a little bit of charity work to please the Karma god, so she put forth her best attempt at making Dillon feel like a real man

“Oh yeah baby, give it to me give it to mommy goooooooood. Shove that big fat cock inside me. Make me come.” She told him while the whole time she wanted to smack him upside the head for being so small and so bad at fucking her.

Dillon was in heaven. He was getting laid and he loved it. It didn’t even matter that it was his mother. He just kept hammering away with all he had. He looked down and saw his mom’s massive tits and saw how they were shaking about from his pounding of her pussy and he became mesmerized by them. He just watched as they moved to and fro under the silky lingerie his mom had on and wished he could actually see them. He wasn’t the kind of man who just pulled them out, or demanded to see them like most of the men Grace fucked, so he just stared and wished.

About thirty seconds into this fuck session, Grace was already done with it. She couldn’t believe someone related to her could be so bad at fucking and she grew more disdainful with each second. She wanted it over and she wanted it over now. She kept encouraging him with her words, “That’s it, pound mommy’s cunt. Harder!, Yes, there! More! More, More!” But that wasn’t getting him there fast enough. Her mind and her eyes had not been focused on her son during any of this, when finally she looked at him and noticed him staring at her tits.

“You like looking at mommy’s big titties baby?”

Dillon nodded.

“You wanna see ’em?”

He nodded again enthusiastically.

Grace reached inside her negligee and lifted each breast out over the top of it so they were in full view. Then she gently pinched each nipple and pulled on them a bit. She saw Dillon’s ear to ear grin and noticed his strokes sped up, which she didn’t know was possible the way he was assaulting her unsatisfied pussy. She knew this was how she could end it.

“Go ahead sweety. Suck ’em, suck mommy’s big beautiful tits.”

Dillon dove forward and sucked on one of her nipples. Just like his fucking, it was done with uncontrolled force.

“Uh huh, just like when you were a baby.” She told him. “Suck baby, suck .”

Dillon grunted and released his cum inside his mother almost as soon as his mouth clamped down on her nipple. He hammered her for a few more strokes while moaning and grunting wildly until he finally collapsed on top of her. Grace was glad it was at long last over, even though in reality it had lasted little more than three minutes. She pushed him off her gently and went to clean up. Dillon lied there in complete bliss. He had never been so happy in his life. He has asleep in seconds. Grace on the other hand was disgusted. She hated getting fucked with a small dick and she couldn’t believe how bad her son was at it. She went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet expecting a load of cum to fall, what she felt was a barely a dribble. Even more disgusted, she wiped and then stepped in the shower. After showering she slipped into something silky and comfortable, got into her bed, woke up and sent Dillon to his bed, and went to sleep feeling good about herself for helping out her little boy in his time of need.

The next day she woke up from her alarm and moments later Dillon came in and crawled into her bed. This was altıparmak escort not anything new, he often came into Grace’s room and they chatted for a few minutes when he heard her alarm go off. However, this morning was not like all the rest. This morning Dillon crawled into her bed with a raging hard on that she could see tenting his underwear.

“Good morning Mom.” He said to her as he nuzzled his entire body up to her side as she lie on her back.

Grace could feel him rubbing his little pecker against her thigh and she giggled inside. Then without warning she felt his hand squeeze one of her tits. Wow, someone is suddenly bold. She looked over at him and smirked.

“Does mommy’s big boy need some more lovin’?” She teased, even though he was oblivious to the tone of her comment. She liked doing this for her son a little. Maybe it will give him a little confidence she thought.

He nodded his head yes.

“Climb on.” She told him, as she opened her legs widely to accommodate him lying between them.

Dillon moved between her legs and plunged his little pecker in his mother’s big, fat, accepting pussy in one stroke. He immediately began hammering away just like last night, and Grace didn’t stop him. Truth be told, she figured the faster he came the better. She again noticed him admiring her massive jiggling breasts and she knew how to make him come faster. She squeezed them both through her silky jammies and encouraged him along.

“That’s it my baby, fuck mommy gooooooood. Fuck mommy hard. Fuck mommy faster.” She teased with a bit of contempt that Dillon again didn’t catch. She knew at that moment that her son was never going to be a confident lover. Anyone who would let her talk to him like that and not notice her attitude was not meant to make women come.

A few minutes later Dillon grunted and deposited his load into his mother’s pussy, again collapsing on her exhausted. Grace was a very sexual being and a very liberal open lover. She had much experience and knew about all the kinds of different people there were. She had easily pegged her son as a submissive. She had read many books and she wanted to see how submissive her son could be to her. She had read how some men are so submissive to their female lovers that they would even eat their own cum for them. She wanted to test this. Judging from how Kendal had treated him and how he had done all she asked, she figured she could probably get her son to do anything she asked. Grace let him lie there for a few moments before speaking.

“OK big boy you need to clean up your mess.” She told him. I already showered last night and I don’t want to do it again, and I sure can’t go to work with your little load dripping out into my panties. Now get it cleaned up.”

Dillon crawled off of her and began to get off the bed.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“To get a towel.”

“Oh no, no towels, I mean with your tongue.” She informed him. “At least that way mommy can get some pleasure out of it.”

“NO WAY!! I’M NOT DOING THAT!” Dillon told her.

It only took 10 words to change Dillon’s mind.

“You will if you ever want to fuck mommy again.” She corrected him.

He instantly turned around and crawled back between her legs. He hesitantly moved toward her dripping cunt and stuck his tongue out. As he got close enough for Grace to reach him, she grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into her crotch.

“Don’t be shy! “She told him. Then with both hands on his head she guided him around her big open cum filled pussy. “Suck it all out sweetheart. Lick mommy good. Clean my big fat pussy, baby. That’s it, yeah. Shove that tongue in deep. Mmmmmmm, Mommy likes that.”

Dillon had no idea what he was doing, so he just listened and did as he was told. The cum dripped from Grace’s pussy and he lapped it up. Her big loose pussy lips covered his mouth as he sucked every last drop of his cum out and swallowed it. He was in a daze and didn’t even know how to feel about it. However, when Grace started to actually enjoy herself, moaning and moving her hips against his ministrations, he felt proud of the fact that he could make his mother feel good.

“Yes, there. Mmmmmm, lick, yeah, suck my pussy. Mommy’s big boy is doing gooooooood.” She told him. Her pleasure was climbing and she felt like she might actually get to come. She was not sure if it was Dillon or if it was her domination of him, but whatever it was, it was getting to her fast. “Suck Mommy’s clit baby, make mommy come!” She shouted at him.

Dillon obeyed and sucked her clit into his mouth hard. Just like the rest of her body and her pussy, Grace’s clit was big. It was as thick as Dillon’s thumb, and it was as long as his thumb to the knuckle. It was like sucking a very small cock Dillon thought. He sucked hard and his mom made many pleasurable sounds. Finally she screamed for him to bite her clit. Dillon did and instantly Grace came loud and hard. Her screams frightened Dillon just as much as they made him excited and proud of his efforts. Grace bucked and shook like a wild animal for a few moments before finally collapsing on the bed in complete satisfaction…well at least as much satisfaction as she could feel without a massive cock drilling her. Dillon rolled off and the two of them lay there for a few minutes before Grace finally spoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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