Dinner Party

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After seeing the last of our guests to the door I begin to make my way back to the table where you’re still sitting, your tie now removed and sitting on the table, the top button of your shirt undone. I stand there and look at you for a moment, you notice me and look up, smiling. I begin to start tidying the evidence of our dinner party from the table. I hear you put some music on, soft, gentle music, and feel you lightly take hold of my hand. I forget all about tidying up as you pull me towards you, pulling me close into you, swaying to the music.

By body settles comfortably against yours into a position that gives us the most contact between our bodies. We stay there in a comfortable silence, just dancing with each other. You take my hand and spin me around, giving you the opportunity to look at me, noticing a new appreciation for my dress. Noticing how the material is fitted around my waist, how it flicks out around my legs as I spin, and especially the tautness around my chest. I can see your eyes tracing their way down the neckline, from the top of my shoulders down over my breasts and back up to my lips. I notice a hunger in your eyes I didn’t see before.

As I spin back into you I feel your hand on the small of my back pulling me tight into you. Your lips press against mine, softly at first, light, playful, exciting, then with a hunger, a desire, a passion. My hands run up your back, over your neck to the sides of your head. My fingers entwined in your hair as I pull you deeper into our kiss. I want you. More than anything, I want you.

We don’t break our kiss, instead it just gets more passionate and I feel your hands just above my knees grasping at the material of my dress. The soft satin material smoothes its way up my legs, being pulled further over my thighs until it is sitting almost around my waist. Your hands scoop under my bum, resting on my inner thighs from behind you pull me up, wrapping my legs around you, our kiss still unbroken.

We make our way from the dining room to the bedroom, but we don’t even make it to the bed. Once in the room, you turn to close the door, and then push my back against the door. It feels cold against my back. Only then do our lips part and yours begin to trace their way down, over my neck and then following that neckline you earlier traced with your eyes, this time with your lips until you reach the V at the bottom, perfectly positioned between my breasts. You can see my erect Escort bayan nipples through the thin material of my dress and for the first time you realise that I’m not wearing a bra and between to gently bite them through the material. I groan as your teeth scrape gently over my nipples, feeling them get harder under your touch, making me want you even more than I already did, more than I thought was possible. Moving back up, our lips meet again, your hands roaming down my back and over my bum, mine holding your face. Your lips take a tour of my cheek, nibbling my neck and earlobe, kissing your cheek I bring your mouth back to mine. With each hungry, wet, probing kiss, our breathing gets heavier, our slight moans more audible, and our desire stronger.

Your hands continue to roam around my lower back and bum, one moving under the front of my dress feeling my wet I am, surprised to find I’m not wearing any underwear at all. My body tenses, then relaxes to your touch as you start to rub me gently. I unwrap my legs from your waist and slightly push you away. At first you think I’ve changed my mind, but seeing the look in my eyes you realise it’s just the opposite. I place my hands one on either shoulder and gently guide you backwards towards the bed. Sitting you down, I lean in and whisper in your ear, telling you to stay right where you are.

Smiling, I take a few steps away from you, I can see the confusion in your face, but I just keep smiling at you. My hands start to caress over my body, down my neck, over my breasts, down my sides, resting on my hips, gently swaying as I watch the confusion disappear. I can see the bulge in your trousers, assuring me that you’re enjoying yourself as much as I am. I know you want me to take off my dress, but I continue to tease you, caressing my body while just out of reach so you can’t. I walk towards you and spin around, asking you to unzip my dress. I step away again, moving just out of reach. With my back still towards you I let the dress fall from my shoulders, slowly sliding down my body revealing more of my back then letting it fall to the floor completely.

I turn around to face you, stepping out of my dress which is now pooled on the floor I walk towards you. Kneeling on the floor in front of you I start to unbuckle your belt, looking up at you the whole time. I slowly pull your trousers down, taking your boxers with them. Your now free cock springs up to meet my mouth, kissing Bayan escort my way up your shaft I run the tip of my tongue around the head of your cock before closing my lips around it. Your moans tell me I’m doing just the right thing as I slide my lips down your shaft. Moments later I feel your hands on the back of my head as you push my head down, forcing your cock deeper into my mouth, I just open my mouth and poke out my tongue, taking you as deep into my mouth as I can. I can feel your balls against my chin, your entire cock in my mouth. Your moans let me know that you’re getting close to cumming, and soon I feel your hot cum shooting deep into my mouth and down my throat. I gag just slightly as I try to swallow your cum. You release your hands from my head, gently sucking your cock I let it pop from my mouth.

Standing up, you pull me with you and lay me back on the bed, spreading my legs apart slightly. You pull off your shirt so that you too are as naked as I am. I’m so turned on and hungry for your touch, but you’re just teasing me, making me wait. “Please, I want to feel your tongue, your mouth on my pussy” I beg, breaking the silence that neither of us had noticed. I hear you moan, knowing you’re getting turned on by teasing me. “Oh I’m going to give you what you want, I’m gong to spread your pussy lips apart and taste you. I’m going to lick and suck on your clit then fuck you with my tongue, and then my fingers but I want you to really want me”. My back arches as the desire in me builds just hearing your words. I want to feel you doing just that. I want to feel your tongue spreading my pussy lips apart then delving deeper into my pussy.

I didn’t have to wait too much longer before I felt you begin to touch me, with your thumb at first, spreading my lips apart and running up and down the entire length of my pussy, feeling just how wet I am. Drawing my wetness up to my clit you begin to tease it, circling it briefly then pushing your middle finger deep into my pussy. I gasp, not expecting it so soon, moaning louder as I feel your tongue rest on my clit, your finger sliding in and out of my pussy. Your tongue tracing the curves of my lips, finding my clit once again, making me groan in pleasure. I can feel my orgasm building inside of me, getting closer and closer, my moans getting louder and louder. You push a second finger deep into my pussy, joining the first, thrusting them faster, sucking my clit harder, my Escort back arching as I start to cum around your fingers, my hands clenching the duvet, riding out my orgasm as you continue to suck my clit and finger fuck my pussy.

As my orgasm subsides, you slide your fingers out of my pussy and towards your lips, tasting my wetness again. Giving me little time to recover, you begin to kiss your way up my body once again reaching my lips. I can taste myself on your lips and it only turns me on more. Reaching down I take hold of your cock wanting to get you hard again but find that you’re already totally hard and ready for me. “Are you ready to fuck me hard just like I want you to?” I ask, and you just smile at me. Smiling back I guide you towards my pussy and you thrust all the way in to my hot, wet cunt, no build up, no going slow, just deep until you’re buried to the hilt inside me. Holding yourself up between my legs, you take a hold of them and pull them up so that they’re resting against your chest, my ankles on your shoulders. Your cock pulls almost out of me and then comes back down hard and fast, your whole body pressing into me, pushing deep into me. My moans let you know that I like the long deep plunges as much as you do, building up a steady pace you begin to really fuck me hard.

My fingers reach down and find my clit as you fuck me hard and fast, my breathing getting faster as I get closer to another orgasm. Drawing it out for as long as I can I begin to cum around your cock, my back arching, pulling you down and kissing you as waves of pleasure sweep from head to toe in a mind numbingly intense orgasm. You can feel the cum building up and know that you’re close now too, but you don’t want to cum inside me so pull out. Moving up my body you straddle across my upper stomach area. My hand wraps around your cock taking a firm grip as it slides up and down the entire length, stroking faster as you get closer. Your hips thrust forward into my grip, faster and faster, building up a perfect rhythm until you explode both inside and out. The first shot lands between my breasts, the second shoots further landing on my face, and then a third landing over my breasts again. I lean up on my elbows and lift my head, taking your cock into my mouth sucking out every last drop. Breathless, we both fall back on to the bed gasping for air. After a few minutes, once we’ve regained our breath, I move up and lie on my side beside you. Taking the hint you too lay on your side close behind me. Your arms wrap around me, pulling me close into you. Comfortable in the silence we both fall into a content sleep, exhausted by an evening of entertaining and an eventful night afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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