Dirty Hairy Ch. 4

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We were all in the bed together. If ever there was a sight to see it was Mother Linda and her three children all naked in bed. Stella had her mouth on my penis while Mum was slowly sucking off John. John then and told us about his first threesome.

John’s STORY

“I was staying in a flat with my friend Steve when hi girlfriend Maria came over. She once came over for the weekend. I had to give up my bed for a couch so that they could share the bedroom. I gave him them a special bottle of wine. Soon Maria was at home and I escorted her to the kitchen where she made a lovely meal for us. She was a lovely girl and jealously I thought too good for Steve. I wanted her and wanted her bad.

Maria was obviously a special girl and I thought I could also discern a hint of mischief behind her beautiful brown eyes. She changed into something simple. Maria is short about 5’2″, maybe 50 kilos with short black hair and she was dressed in a silk sundress with spaghetti straps that did nothing to hide her charmpits. She was a natural brunette. The brunette had lovely hairy underarms. She did not shave her pits and a natural smell wafted from her armpits all over the room. She had big breasts and a slim waist and an ass that would fit in both hands. I loved the look of her huge breasts especially with the dark hair peeping out of her luxuriant armpits as it swayed from side to side.

She is back in the kitchen making dinner while Steve and I put on some music. I ask him if I should leave him alone with her, Escort bayan which he dismissed. He tells me I was in for some fun with a glint of mischief in his eyes. She comes out of the kitchen.
As she walks towards us I notice she has a tray in her hands, it is filled with hors d’oeuvre. As she pauses in front of me she bends over to place the tray in front of me. I watch her dress fall forward revealing both of her breasts and her hardened nipples and most of all the beautiful long bushy hair in her unshaven pits. “See anything you like,” she whispers knowing what I see. “Yes nothing like the long lustrous hair in your luxuriant armpits” I say as I reach for a morsel located on the very back of the tray.

Even she is taken aback by my reply. She looks to her armpits and she sees as I saw long tufts of hair in her underarms hanging down. She then moves to offer the tray to Steve. This time I get to gaze at the bare back of her hairy legs from her feet to the hem of her sundress. I had never seen so much black hair on a woman’s legs. I had encountered hairy armpits and bushy pubes before but not so much hair on a woman’s legs. I can only imagine what lies underneath that dress and the jungle of hair on her mons veneris. She heads towards the kitchen after she gives me one of her smiles. I cross my legs to hide the effect she is having on me and watch as she slowly disappears from my vision but not my mind.

She joins us at the dining table and sits between Steve and myself. Steve now starts to stroke Bayan escort Maria’s body and absentmindedly twirls the long bushy hair in her armpits. Maria for the first time looks embarrassed. Steve winks at me and I reach out with both of my hands I stroke her wonderful ass. I remove my shorts and underwear. Once unencumbered I reposition her on her knees facing outward from me. Then I slowly launch into her ass and then withdraw. While I pause I allow my hands to remove Maria’s sundress, and then start to caress her from top to bottom. Steve is now standing naked in front of Maria offering her his hard dick with pre-come dripping from its’ head. She reaches out with one hand to draw him to her while extending her tongue she licks the wetness from his dick and then swallows him fully. Steve moans in pleasure from the contact. I can’t believe she ate the whole thing in one swoop, awesome. Maria starts to slowly rock back and forth on my massive dong and I start to move to meet her pace. After a short while she has a rhythm going; as she backs on to my cock she withdraws from Steve’s dick, then she reverses the process swallowing his dick while pulling almost off my prick.

I stare in fascination as her lips are pushed inward when she swallows his dick and then sort of pucker outwards when he withdraws. I can see the veins that look like rivers carrying blood to keep his dick erect and I can see Maria’s saliva as it glistens on the shaft. She is sweating profusely from her armpits as beads of perspiration glisten in her Escort armpit hair.

She starts to moan as I stuff more of my prick into her asshole even she sucks on Steve’s massive prick. Both Steve and Maria come at the same time. I can feel Steve’s penis contract and release as his semen shoots forth in her mouth. I can feel Maria’s sphincter muscle contract and release around my cock as she climaxes. I almost come too but with great control and a lot of luck I’m able to put off my climax.

I was now closer to my ejaculation. I tried to hold back but I erupted and left her ass filed with my cum. She e lay back in bed fondling Steve’s limp dick while I was still hard. I moved on top of her and rubbed my cum filled cock into her unshaven pits. She was so hairy that my cock almost got lost in the forest in her luxuriant armpits. I pushed forward slowly and felt the soft silky hair graze my cockhead.

She was again in the throes of ecstasy. With my cock grazing her armpit rug and she fondling Steve’s large cock she was trembling with excitement as she shuddered to another thundering climax”

Mum and Stella were engrossed in the story as they were sucking both John and I. Linda asked “Was Maria hairier than either me or your sister. Did she suck cock better than us”? John smiled and replied, “Nobody can have a more hirsute body. Look at the enormous hair in your bushy armpits even Stella has more hair in her underarms than Maria” I added “Mum as a cocksucker no one can give head better than you’ and smilingly I added “and even you Stella”.

They sucked our cocks with even more vigor and before long we were spurting our cum into their waiting mouths. Stella said I have had fun myself too. Once last year while no one was at home I…..

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