Discovering Myself Pt. 05 – Final

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Readers please note:

I am a novice female writer. I simply enjoy composing thoughts that come to me be it from a male or female point of view. Thank you and Enjoy!

(Cont’d from Part 4)

I made my way out of the restroom and walked by Brian’s booth again. He was behind me about 10 paces. I could easily see his Wife and kids as I walked by. They appeared to be done eating and were waiting for him to come back.

As I looked at her, I could see why he had been attracted to her. For a Mother of two teenagers she is definitely a MILF. She smiles at me. Not wanting to be rude, I returned the gesture and made my way. I thought to myself, little does she know what Brian and I have shared. Hmmm.

I get back to my table to find my Wife patiently waiting on my return. I must have been gone 15 minutes. My cock was still somewhat erect. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice. I quickly grabbed the cloth napkin from the table to conceal my erection as I sat down. She did notice I was a bit flushed though.

She asks,” Are you okay?”

I replied, “Yes, I’m okay. I’m sorry for leaving you alone for that long. I got slightly dizzy while I was in the restroom but I feel better now.”

She said “Well, if it happens again you should have things checked out.”

I replied, “Thanks I will.” Whew!

I resumed eating my breakfast. Shortly after I couldn’t help but notice Brian and his family pass right by us on their way out. I think he did it on purpose to get one more look at me and see what my own Wife looked like. Of course, his eyes and mine met. We shared a smile as he passed by.

I know my Wife had to notice I was smiling back at him in particular. We both had finished eating. Paid our server with a handsome tip and headed back home.

While driving back home I said, “Well that was a nice breakfast and it proved to be an interesting place too and with a nice vibe. I’d go there again.”

She nodded in agreement. She then asks me about the man at the restaurant.

Saying, “I couldn’t help but notice you smiled at that man as his family walked by our table. Do you know him?”

I replied, “Oh that. Well, I figure it helps to come off friendly to people at times. You never know who you may need help from in the future.”

She seemed okay with my answer. Little did she know Brian and I have already been acquainted and in a very personal way.

I now have a renewed outlook on life. I also have an enhanced appreciation and affection for other men thanks to Brian. I still feel bad for leaving him empty handed as one would say on that first night we met.

I truly felt ashamed. However, I was afraid that first night and that was the truth.

A couple weeks had passed and I decided to reach out to Brian again during an evening I had alone.

I dial his work number and he answers with his ever so inviting soft voice saying “Oh my, it is so good to hear from you Mike. Thank you for calling me again.”

I replied, “It’s my pleasure Brian. I have a question I’d like to ask you.”

He said, “Yes, what is it?”

I asked, “Well, I was wondering when you would like me to come visit you again?”

He replied, “As soon as you can my dear I would love it! When do you have in mind?”

I replied, “How about now, this evening?”

He answered, “That sounds great! Just give me about 15 minutes to finish up some paperwork okay?”

I replied, “Sure, no problem. I’m going to leave now and by the time I get there you should be done right?”

He added, “Mike, even if I’m not done I wouldn’t mind having a sexy young man watch me work.”

We hung up and I drove over to his office. Brian’s office was just 15 minutes from my apartment. Winter is in full swing but the roads were okay this day. And once again it’s dark out as I make my way.

There’s just something about the dark of an evening that sets a romantic mood for me. I know I’m not alone when I say that. Other people must feel the same way. I get out of my car and look up and see a familiar face looking down at me.

Only this time, I’m smiling and I’m not nervous.

The time was now 5:00pm. He lets me in and locks the main entry door as he did the first time we met. I watch him from behind as we make our way up to the second floor. I began to visualize what he looks like with no clothes on.

I lightly grab one of his ass cheeks and playfully squeeze it as he reaches the stair landing.

He approves of my advances as he turns back to me with a seductive smile saying, “Oooh baby, I can see we’re going to get along just fine. There is so much more for us to explore.”

We walk a short distance to the office suite. Just as Brian was going to open the door, I position myself close behind him. Only this time, I wrapped my arms around his waist forcing the cheeks of his ass against my crotch. I kissed the side of his neck. I was getting hard again.

I grabbed his crotch with my right hand. He was hard too. He let out a moan. He said, “I love how İstanbul Escort you hold me Mike. You make me feel wanted. My Wife would never hold me like that from behind.”

I replied, “You are wanted Brian. I want you!”

Once inside his office suite, he quickly turns around and locks the door. Then dimmed the lights and closed the blinds. He approaches me and I see hunger in his eyes. He bows down and raises my left hand up to his mouth as he kisses it.

At that moment, I felt special. Like he was my King and I was his queen! He leads me by the hand over to the office sofa where we first embraced each other.

He said, “Before we go any further, I want to light some candles. They always enhance the mood. Don’t you agree?”

I smiled and answered, “Oh yes they do. Very romantic touch.”

From the street below, I knew no one could see in especially with the lights dimmed. He then puts on some sexy romantic music and comes back to the sofa and sits next to me. He leans over and plants a long passionate kiss on my lips. This time, I felt his tongue explore mine.

He broke our kiss and he said, “Well, my dear. Here we are again. I was glad I ran into you at the restaurant. It was almost as if we planned it that way. I knew you would be calling me again.”

I replied, “Yes, I knew I would too Brian. You know, I was really afraid that first night but I’m feeling much better about things now. I’m not nervous at all.”

Brian looked at me and said, “I too am feeling better about things. And no, you’re not nervous at all.”

I said, “I hope I can make it up to you for leaving you like I did?”

He said, “Oh I’ll find a way for you to do that don’t worry my dear.”

He knew I wanted him. We wanted each other. He wasted no time getting my shirt, jeans off. All I had left on were my hot pink panties. My cock was throbbing big time.

He asked, “Will you undress me, now?

I answered, “With pleasure!”

I removed his shoes, dress pants and then his shirt. All that was left was his underwear. He had navy blue boxers on that barely restrained his cock. He then surprised me again.

He said, “I have one more surprise for you Mike.”

There we were. We both had nothing on but our undies. I asked, “What kind of a surprise do you have?”

He replied, “Oh, it’s a good surprise. You’ll see. But first, I need you to get up from the sofa.”

I said, “Oh, okay.”

Then, he removed the cushions from the sofa and placed them aside. And I realized what his surprise was.

He said, “Mike, here’s my surprise. This is a sleeper sofa.”

I smiled and said, “Oh wow, nice!”

He showed me as he unfolded it revealing the mattress. It was a queen sleeper sofa. The mattress was like 6 inches thick. I could tell it was an expensive unit. It was made up already with a sheet set and soft blanket I found out.

He went over to a storage closet and grabbed two comfy queen size pillows with satin pillow cases.

He asked, “Do you like it?”

I quickly replied, “Are you kidding, I love it. This is awesome! This is definitely a nice perk to working in this office. I would have never guessed it was a sleeper sofa.”

He said, “True Mike, nobody else knows it’s a sleeper. And it hardly ever gets used unless I want to take a serious nap. In fact, sometimes when I’m working late the winter snow is falling so heavy that I can’t make it safely home so I sleep here for the night.”

I said, “Wow, not everybody can say that about their place of work.”

He said, “I’m glad it meets your approval. Because I have a feeling this will get used quite a bit from now on.”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, I imagine so Brian.”

He says as he kisses me, “Speaking of, I say we put it to good use now.”

I was eager to suck his cock and was about to remove his undies. But before I could he told me, “Here, I want you to try it out. Go ahead and lay down on it.”

I pulled the blanket and top sheet back and laid down. I said, “Oh my gosh, this feels great Brian. This feels way better than my bed at home!”

As I lay there, Brian climbed onto the mattress. His mouth hovered over my soaked panties. The outline of my cock was plain to see. He gripped my cock with his mouth. My panties were the only thing in between his mouth and my cock now but it felt great!

He wasted no time as he slid my hot pink panties down and off my legs.

He brought my soaked panties to his mouth. He smiled and sucked the pre-cum from the crotch of my wet panties. He said, “I love the hot pink color Mike. They’re a turn on!”

I smiled and replied, “I picked this color out just for you, Brian. I’m glad you like them.”

Brian said, “Okay Mike you just relax now and let me do the work.”

He brought his mouth close to my cock. It was at that moment, I felt like teenager again. Like it was the first time I was ever naked with anyone.

He licked the clear pre-cum that was oozing from the tip of my cock. Kadıköy Escort He took me in his mouth again. He was still being gentle with me. He began sucking me slow as he did the first time.

He bobbed his head up and down on my shaft. I looked down and seen him lick the sides of my cock. As if it were an ice cream cone. My cock disappeared into his mouth again. I really needed to be sucked.

I thought to myself, for some reason my Wife doesn’t do that anymore. But Brian is way better at it.

Being another man, Brian seemed to naturally know what I would like. My breathing became hot and heavy. He sucked me harder. It wasn’t much longer and I found myself ready to explode.

I said, “Brian, that feels sooooo fucking good! I’m going to, I’m going to cum!”

He nodded his head with my cock inside his mouth implying a yes. And then I let loose of all my juices inside his hungry warm mouth. I felt my cock spasm.

It pulsated like 4 times. I knew I let loose of a lot of cum. He swallowed every bit of me before letting my cock fall from his mouth.

I collapsed onto the mattress. He raises up and kisses my lips. I taste some of my own cum on his tongue. Mmm, good I thought. I gave him another passionate, slow, kiss.

Then said, “Brian, nobody has ever made me feel that good. Nobody has ever sucked me like that before. Nobody! That was awesome. Thank you so much!”

He smiled and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it Mike. I enjoyed it too. A lot.”

I wanted to reward Brian with my own skills. I said,” Okay mister it’s your turn now.”

He replied, “I’m all yours Mike. And I mean, all yours.”

I told him to lie down on the mattress facing me now. I climb up and on top of him.

I run my tongue along his smooth legs one by one. I want to treat him like he’s my King. I kiss him slowly and let my tongue explore his mouth. I can still taste my own seed as it lingers in his mouth.

I felt his cock bulging against my stomach as we embraced. I kiss him on his neck and run my tongue back down to his cock. I removed his undies. And now it is I who have a naked cock staring back at me. His cock was rather large I discovered. Not as thick as mine but longer for sure.

He was also circumcised like me. Of which I’m thankful both our parents did for us.

I look at his eyes. They were closed. I’ve never sucked a man’s cock before and he knew it. But I wanted to bad. I lowered my lips onto the head of his cock. I licked the pre-cum that was oozing out from the head.

He tasted good too. He let out a moan and then opened his eyes. I looked up at him as I grabbed his cock. I slowly guided it inside my mouth. I could sense his breathing had become heavier. His cock was now getting bigger.

The only cock I ever deep throated was that of my own. I wasn’t sure if I could take all of Brian inside my mouth fully erect. I took my time and with every stroke, I took him in deeper and deeper. He must be 8 inches.

He was moaning and let out a, “Ooooh ahhh yes do me like that Mike!”

Obviously I was doing something right. I was basically sucking him like I would want to be sucked.

I took him in again and tried to relax my throat. I then felt the head of his shaft touch the entrance to my throat. He wasn’t yet all the way in as I had a couple more inches to go. Whew, I took a short break to breathe again. He didn’t mind at all.

I could tell Brian was immensely enjoying it. I went down on him again. But I still wasn’t able to get all 8 inches of him inside my mouth. So I continued sucking his shaft pleasuring him with my newly learned skills as best I could.

After a few minutes, he told me, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

I took his cock out of my mouth and said rather loudly, “Oh yes, Brian cum for me please! I want you to shoot all your warm cum down my throat. Do it! I want to please you!”

He was inside my mouth as deep as I could take him. Then something happened. He began playing the role of the aggressor. As it was he who was now fucking my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head bringing his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust into my throat.

He pushed even more. His rod grew even thicker inside me. I couldn’t help but begin to gag. But having his massive cock in my mouth felt so good. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to please him so much.

I felt the veins of his cock on my tongue and I knew he was going to explode.

He yelled out, “Oh yes, suck me, suck me oh, oh, I’m going to, I’m going to cum. Oh gosh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I was then rewarded for my efforts as my mouth was soon filled with all of is seed. I waited until he shot the last bit. I wanted every drop of him. I then rose up and looked at him.

Our eyes met. I carefully put one of my fingers in my cum filled mouth. I slowly withdrew it and brought it to his mouth. He opened his mouth I put my finger inside. He sucked my finger and the same time I swallowed all his cum in one Ataşehir Escort big gulp.

Licking my lips, Mmm so good! I said to him, “Wow, I did it. I sucked another man’s cock for the first time for real! I’m so glad it was your cock Brian.”

He said, “I’m happy I was your first Mike. And you did an amazing job. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

I answered, “No, Brian. That is, aside from sucking my own cock, you are my first.”

He said smiling, “You could have fooled me.”

I smiled and kissed him again. I said, “I’m glad I could bring happiness to you as you have me, my King.”

He replied, “Oh you certainly have. You have brought much comfort and happiness to me too. My Queen!”

We kiss one more time and then I collapsed on top of him. We were both spent. We closed our eyes.

I awaken and realize we drifted off to sleep. Brian is under me and still sleeping. I gently kiss his lips and he wakes up smiling.

He said as he wrapped his arms around me, “That was wonderful baby! I guess we drifted off huh?”

I said,” Yes, we did. Btw, I don’t mind waking up to the feel of you kissing me.”

He asked me as he yawns, “What time is it?”

I look at my watch and answered, “Its 6:30pm.”

Brian replied, “Oh okay good. Thanks. It’s still early.”

Brian gets up from the mattress. He adjusts the office suite room temp to a toasty 75 degrees. He told me it would feel pretty cold as the heat usually kicks down at night to 65 in the office by default at 7:00p.

I said smiling, “This sofa sleeper is great. It really feels comfortable. It looks like we’re going to get along just fine. Brian, you brought out feelings in me I never knew I had. It just feels right with you. I’m so glad we met.”

He answered, “Yes, we are going to get along very well baby!”

I said, “I have a very strong feeling that you are the person who I was meant to be with all along. You are everything I’ve been wanting and needing. You have filled a void in my life. My only regret is, I wish we could have met sooner in our lives.”

Brian replied, “But meeting you now is better than never knowing you at all. Mike, you have allowed me to open up my heart and free my mind to a level I never thought possible. I feel very comfortable with you. I trust you. And without a doubt, I want to take things to the next level and learn more about each other.”

I replied, “Me too Brian.”

Being there with Brian I felt warm and safe. I felt wanted, appreciated and needed. And I think to myself, it wasn’t so long ago that meeting a man was just a thought I had. And now it has become a reality.

Brian suggested, “You know Mike, it’s still fairly early. So, why don’t we just snuggle with each other for a while longer?”

I replied, “That sounds good. I would like that and yes it is still early.” I asked, “Will your Wife be upset if you come home late?”

He said, “Oh, I doubt it. I’ll just tell her I had a long day and dozed off staring at the computer. But, how about your Wife Mike, what will she think? Will she be mad at you when she see’s you’re not home yet?”

I answered to his surprise, “Brian, I don’t care what time it is when I get home. It’s obvious I’m enjoying your company very much and I’m in no hurry to leave.”

He replied, “Oh my dear man, you are falling for me aren’t you?

I said, “Yes I am Brian. I am falling for you.”

He said, “Mike, even though we have only seen each other a few times, I feel I’ve known you for much longer. And I don’t care what time I get home either. I feel we were destined to be together. I feel safe with you. And, I too need you Mike. I don’t ever want to be without you.”

Brian said, “Let me do something so we’ll be even more cozy.”

He gets up turns the lights off and blows out the candles and turns the music down lower. He climbs back onto the mattress and lays next to me.

He asked, “Is that better baby?”

I replied, “Just being here with you puts me in a romantic mood. But, yes my dear. This is better. I like laying here next to you with the lights off. And if I use my imagination, I’ll pretend it’s our home we are at.”

It was now 7:30p. We both smile and kiss once more as we lay there. Brian then positioned himself behind me as I lay on my left side. He pulls the sheet and cozy blanket over us. He wrapped his arm around me spooning me.

I feel so happy with Brian next to me. A few minutes go by. Brian is asleep. I close my eyes and decided to nap again myself.

I awaken. I thought it would only be 9:00pm. But to my surprise I look at my watch, the time is now 12 midnight. I quietly look and Brian is appears to be asleep.

So there we both lay. Next to each other. I wasn’t about to wake him this time. I truly didn’t care what time I got home. I then heard Brian whisper in my ear.

He said, “I see the time is midnight. I’m glad you’re still here. And btw, I’m falling for you too Mike.”

Hearing Brian whisper those words into my ear warmed my heart. I replied, “Oh, that’s so good to hear my dear. I don’t want to be with anyone else, ever.”

Brian kisses me once more and says, “Good night my queen.”

I replied, “Good night my King.”

We both drifted off to sleep once more as one.

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