DJ Pt. 27

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Authors Note:

I’m sorry for the delay in getting Part 27 completed and uploaded, I’ve changed both my internet provider and also switching from my desktop PC running Windows XP to my new Laptop running Windows 10, and of course a new version of Word. It’s been quite a challenge!

In Part 27

Randy and Daryl’s Party

Rusty and Jamal hike naked in the

woods and get caught.

Rusty meets Jamal’s parents

DJ & Jamie plan a night with Phil &

Bryan at the Waterhole

DJ Part 27

About 9:30 AM on Saturday morning Jamie woke up and looked over at his beautiful boyfriend, still sleeping peacefully. He slid his hand down over DJ’s body, and down to his pubes, and feeling DJ’s erection, likely from morning wood. He had a sudden hunger to take DJ’s cock into his mouth and try to sneak a snack.

Jamie carefully removed the covers, repositioned himself and lowered his head down, engulfing that lovely piece of meat into his mouth.

DJ, waking up, smiling, “I just had the most beautiful dream, baby, I dreamed that you were giving me a blow job, and then I woke up, and the dream became true! Don’t you ever get tired of sucking that prick?”

Jamie, pulling off, “Nope, I don’t think I will ever get tired of it, I have an insatiable appetite for your sweet cream,” and Jamie went back onto DJ’s cock, nursing it lovingly, “MMMMM”

About two or three more minutes of Jamie’s assault caused DJ’s body to stiffen, and Jamie knew he was about to get his reward. DJ’s cock started to pulse, dumping several ropes of his sweet mans milk into Jamie’s hungry mouth, Jamie savoring the flavor, and swallowing every tasty drop. Jamie was leaking a steady stream of precum from his own penis.

Once DJ had finished cumming, DJ re-positioned and returned the favor, tasting the precum that Jamie was secreting, and taking most of Jamie’s length into his own mouth. Jamie was so aroused at this point that it took only three or four minutes for DJ to bring Jamie to a climax, DJ taking Jamie’s ejaculation into his mouth with utmost pleasure.

These two boys are at their height of satisfaction when they devour each other’s cocks, and what their cock’s produce, and almost always get each other off. They then shared a passionate kiss and hug, and then decided to get up and greet the day, having both been relieved of any excess hornyness. After they both peed together at the toilet, they went to the kitchen and DJ started a pot of coffee brewing.

DJ, on his first cup of coffee, “Jamie, do you think my bed could sleep four boys, just for one night?”

“Maybe, it sleeps three pretty well, when Matt sleeps with us, what are you thinking, baby?”

“We’ve been wanting to take Bryan and Phil to the Waterhole, and it would be really late when we get back, like maybe 2:00 AM. We could all crash in our bed for the one night. If they sleep as close together as we do, I think we could all fit in that bed, and still get a good night’s sleep.”

Jamie, grinning, “I think you’re probably right, we know they’re clean, and they’re two of our closest friends, I doubt that any of us would have any sexual aspirations, we’d all be too tired. It might prohibit us from doing anything the next morning, but we’d live.”

“I’ll bet they’d love the place,” DJ said, “the hardest part is for all of us to be able to get the same Friday or Saturday night off, but if we planned it for a couple weeks away, we could likely swing it.”

“Two weeks from tonight would be the 24th so if we let them know today, we can all get our bosses to give us that night off. It would be a Saturday night, and they might have a good band that night,” Jamie commented. I’ll bet they’ve never had a chance to be able to dance together, like that, in a club.”

DJ, snickering, “Can you imagine, if they slow danced like we do, Phil would probably have a huge and obvious bulge in his jeans!”

Jamie, laughing, “Only you would think of something like that, but you’re probably right, and Phil wears boxers, there’s no way he could hide that monster!”

About 11:00 AM Joe and I made our way to the kitchen, and our Son poured us both cups of coffee, then gave Joe and me good morning hugs. Joe and I both have an unlimited amount of love for both of these beautiful and perfect young men.

“DJ,” I asked, “what time are you due to work?”

“2:00 to 9:00,” DJ said, “This is my last day to shadow Gwen, and I told her that I would take her home to change before the party, and also take her home afterwards. Her mom works until 11:00 PM.”

“Do you know where her mom works?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, she’s one of the assistant managers at Denny’s.”

“Then,” Jamie said, “she must know Phil, they work the same shift.”

“She probably does, I’ll ask Gwen to ask her,” DJ said, “Baby are your working until 11:00 tonight?”

“Yep, the usual for a Saturday night,” Jamie replied.

“I think I’m going to deliver Gwen to the party, and then come back to the pizzeria and pick you up,” DJ said.

“I wasn’t invited to the gaziantep escort party,” Jamie mentioned.

“Yes you were,” DJ replied, “the invitation is for employees and significant others, you’re crazy if you think I’m going to Randy’s party without my boyfriend! I’ll come to Anthony’s and help you finish, and we’ll just be a little late.” Jamie smiled.

“You guys aren’t the only ones that will be a little late,” I said, “Joe won’t be home until 11:00 so we’ll also be a bit late, as the party is planned to start at 10:00 PM.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

About 9:00 AM that same morning Rusty woke up and leaned over and kissed Jamal on his lips, waking him up.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Rusty said, “are you about ready to start our day?”

Jamal, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, “Morning already? Why do you call me beautiful?”

“Because,” Rusty replied, “In my eyes, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen walking on two legs, do you have any idea how wonderful it feels to wake up in the morning with you in my bed?”

“Maybe, probably about the same as it feels to wake up in the morning with you by my side, it’s pretty incredible, and I love the feeling,” Jamal answered, “it’s about 500% better than waking up alone, I wish we could sleep together every night!”

“Maybe someday we can,” Rusty said, “I get high, just from our bodies touching, it’s such an awesome feeling.” Then, reaching over, “You’ve got a hardon!”

“It’s just morning wood, I need to pee.”

“Shall we head to the deck, I need to go too!” Rusty replied.

Both boys exited the bed and headed to the back deck and watered the grass, watching each other and grinning. This seems to be habit forming. They then came back into the kitchen and shared a passionate hug and kiss, their deflating cocks touching.

“Let’s get some breakfast,” Rusty suggested, “bacon and eggs cool?”

“Bacon and eggs sounds great, and then maybe a hike in the woods? How can I help you?” Jamal asked.

Rusty, putting on granny’s apron, I’ve got the stove work covered, if you can make the toast and butter it.”

“Sure bab—Rusty,” Jamal replied.

“I think,” Rusty stated, “that if we’re becoming boyfriends, it’s perfectly OK to call each other ‘baby’.”

“Rusty,” Jamal asked, “would you actually consider me for a boyfriend?”

“I told you a few days ago that I thought I was falling in love with you, and my feelings haven’t changed, except that maybe they are getting even stronger, with every hour I spend with you. The bigger question is, would you consider me as your boyfriend?”

“If I answered ‘yes’ to that, would you be my baby?”

“Just say yes,” Rusty replied, “and I’ll be your baby!”

“YES!” Jamal blurted, “Thanks, baby, and I do love you.”

The two boys sealed that agreement with a passionate kiss.

“Oh, I almost burned our breakfast,” Rusty stated, turning back to the stove.

The two young men enjoyed their first meal together as ‘boyfriends’, feeding each other, and just having fun. After breakfast, Rusty picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink.

“Boyfriend,” Rusty asked, “did you bring any shorts with you?”

Jamal, smiling, “As a matter of fact, I did, do we need them?”

Jamal’s phone rang, and it was his mother, so he answered it.

“Hi Mama.”

Mama was talking on the phone.

“Everything’s fine, we just finished breakfast, and we’re going to take a hike in the woods that are part of the property.

(the phone)

“Mama, I told you I would bring him by sometime today or tomorrow.”

(the phone)

“Maybe, Mama, let me ask him.”

“Rusty, Mama wants us to come by for dinner tonight, so you can meet my parents, will you come with me?”

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Rusty asked, “They might not like me.”

“I think it will be OK, baby, please?” Rusty nodded a yes.

“He says he’ll come, what time do you want to have dinner?”

(the phone)

“Six o’clock, Is 6:00 OK for you Rusty?” Rusty nodded.

“OK Mama, oh, does Papa know about this?”

(the phone)

“It was his idea? I just don’t want things to be too awkward, so we will see you about 6:00 or maybe a little before, Thanks, Mama.”

“Jamal,” Rusty said, “I’m kind of apprehensive about this, what if your parents make a scene? Do they know I’m white?”

“Yeah, Mama and I had a talk the other day, and I told her I was falling for a white boy, and if she knows, Papa knows. I’m pretty certain that they won’t make a scene, they just want to meet the boy that set their sons heart on fire, and you sure did do that!

“We need to wear something over our birthday suits, to get across the field to the woods, the neighbors can see the field,” Rusty said.

They went into the bedroom and put on t-shirts, shorts, socks and their sneakers, then headed out the back door, hiking toward the woods. It took them all of 6 or 7 minutes to walk across the field and into the woods.

“There,” Rusty said, “we’re out of sight now, we can get natural, but it might be hazardous to go bare footed, so we should keep our footwear on.”

The boys stripped, leaving their clothes on a log, and then walked further into the woods.

“What do you think, baby,” Rusty asked, “are you liking this as much as I do?”

“It’s quite different,” Jamal answered, “I’d never really even thought about doing something like this, but It does feel nice, but what happens if we get caught?”

“The chances are pretty slim, I’ve done this dozens of times and I’ve never been caught. These woods belong to the several homeowners, probably about 5 or 6 of these ranchettes and I don’t think any of the owners ever take advantage of this part of nature”

Just when Jamal was starting to feel comfortable, hiking in the woods naked with rusty, they heard a voice.

“Hey! Rusty!” the voice hollered.

Rusty and Jamal were ready to bolt, toward where they had left their clothes.

“Hey, wait! It’s OK,” the man said.

As he walked toward Rusty and Jamal, surprisingly he was also naked, except for footwear. The man looked to be in his late 20’s to late 30’s, with a well-structured and somewhat muscular body.

“Rusty, I think introductions might be in order here.”

“Sorry, Jamal, this is my neighbor, Daniel, he and his family live in the house two doors over from me, and Dan, this is my friend from school, Jamal Robinson.” Jamal and Dan shook hands.

“Just curious,” Dan asked, “did you guys have a horse for Father?”

“No, why?” Rusty replied.

“Well,” Dan stated, grinning, “I’m certain you both realize that you’re both hung like horses! It finally warmed up a bit, made for a nice day to go for an au natural walk in these woods. It’s a pretty nice feeling, isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is,” Rusty answered, “I’ve done it lots of times, but this is Jamal’s first, do you do it often?”

Only when I can get away from the old lady for a while. She knows I do it, and I’ve tried to get her to do it with me but she always declines. She gets the short end of the stick though, because I almost always end up wanking it off, and then I have little desire for sex later that night.

While the three guys were chatting, Dan was fondling his cock and developed a boner, which caused some arousal in both Jamal’s and Rusty’s genitals, and they both became somewhat erect.

“I have a serious desire to Jack off,” Dan said, “while we’re all here, could I interest you guys in a circle jerk?”

“You mean like,” Rusty asked, “all of us jack off together?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Dan replied, “I’ll bet those big cocks could shoot some big spurts of cum!”

“I don’t know,” Rusty considered, “Jamal, I’m game, if you are.”

“What the hell,” Jamal said, “we’re already hard, why not.”

All three guys started to stroke their shafts, all suddenly wanting to drop loads on the ground. As they pounded away on their erections, they were all wondering who would be the first to shoot.

“Let’s make this a little more challenging,” Dan suggested, “the last one to cum, has to kiss the first one’s ass!”

“I think I’m gonna get my ass kissed!” Rusty exclaimed, shooting several healthy ropes of cum on the ground, Now, who’s going to kiss my ass?”

“Not me, I’m cumming now!” Jamal exclaimed, as he also creamed a bunch of nice ropes of his man juice right next to Rusty’s load.

“I think I’m fucked,” Dan said, as he finally unloaded his balls, just as strong as either of the younger boys, but about 1 minute behind the other two.

“Okay, Rusty,” Dan said, “bend over and I’ll pay my loss!”

Rusty bent over, sticking his ass out, and Dan kissed the cheeks.

“Rusty,” Jamal said, “I guess we can always say that your neighbor has kissed your ass, but such a waste of manjuice!” All three guys laughed.

“And if it didn’t go on the ground,” Dan commented, “where would it go?”

“I can think of better places,” Jamal said, “if I’d been a little quicker.”

“Wait just a minute,” Dan said, “I have a gut feeling that you guys are a lot closer than just friends, and if I’m right, I think it’s pretty cool, and I have no problem with it.”

“Dan,” Rusty said, “we just decided, earlier today, that we are boyfriends, we love each other, and we want to be with one another.”

“Rusty, I need to tell you something,” Dan said, “I’ve known you for a few years, and I’ve always felt that you were gay, even though you never flaunted it. I’m also a strong believer in that love is love, it knows no gender or color. If you’re happy with each other, and you love and respect one another, that’s all that really matters.”

“Tonight we have a hurdle to cross,” Jamal stated, “My parents want to meet Rusty, and they’ve invited us for dinner. I think Mama is more prepared than Papa, I’ve told her that I have fallen in love with Rusty, and I think she’ll be OK, but I’m not sure what Papa will say.”

“Were you guys ok with what we did today?” Dan asked.

“Sure, I think it was actually fun,” Rusty replied, “I can’t believe we’ve both been hiking naked in these woods for a long time, and never ran across each other before today. I’ll admit, when you first discovered us today, we were scared, but you showed us you were friendly, and we were fine after that. It probably helped that you were also naked.” Dan grinned.

“Rusty, you know where I live, if you ever want a naked buddy to hike with, I’m often available on weekends, but I’m at work during the week, I guess you probably have your own buddy though, right Jamal?”

Jamal, snickering, “Yeah, I think Rusty’s gonna turn me into a nudist too.”

“Dan,” Rusty asked, “do you like to skinny dip?”

“I’ve never done it, but I would like to.”

“In a couple of weeks, we’re gonna get the pool uncovered, and you’d be most welcome to come and skinny dip with us, as long as the grandparents aren’t home.”

“That sounds great. I need to get home, and I really enjoyed being with you guys today. I’d like to think I’m more than just a neighbor, I want to be your friend also. I hope things go well with Jamal’s parents tonight. You guys are

in my book!”

Dan shared hugs with both boys before he left, and he reminded them to remember to put their clothes back on before they crossed the field to the house. Rusty and Jamal both feel they’ve gained a new friend. The boys stopped near the edge of the woods and redressed, then headed back to the house.

“Rusty, do you think your grandparents would let me live here with you, if push comes to shove?”

“I don’t know, baby,” Rusty replied, “I’d love for us to live together, but I think first I need to come out to them and see how they react. I suspect that they will accept my new lifestyle quicker than my parents would. They should be coming home in a couple of weeks, and then I can figure out how this is going to work out.”

“It’s a little after 4:30, we probably need to get ready to go to my parents. I think we have time to shower, if we do it together.”

The boys hit the shower and then dressed in clean clothing and were on the way to Jamal’s parents home by 5:15 PM.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

About 5:45 PM Jamal pulled into the driveway and saw his father sitting on the front porch.

“Oh shit!” Jamal exclaimed.

“What’s wrong, Jamal?” Rusty asked.

“Maybe nothing,” Jamal answered, “I’m probably just paranoid, seeing Papa on the porch, like he’s ready to tear into me. I guess he probably wouldn’t, not outside where the neighbors would see, let’s get this over with, Come on Rusty.” Jamal led Rusty toward the front porch, and Papa stood up.

“Papa, this is my friend, Irwin McKeever, but he goes by Rusty, and Rusty, my father, George Robinson.”

George Robinson extended his hand, and shook Rusty’s hand warmly, and smiled.

“McKeever, huh, that’s certainly a good old Irish name, can I assume your parents came from Ireland?” George asked.

“No, sir, but three of my grandparents did, both of my father’s parents, and my mother’s mom all came from Ireland, but my Mom’s father is American by birth, so I’m actually only three fourths Irish, and both of my parents were born here.”

George said, “My logic would make you Irish-American, just like our family is considered African-American, right?”

“I guess that would be right, sir,” Rusty agreed, “but, deep down, aren’t we all just Americans?” George nodded in agreement.

“Jamal,” George spoke, “you do know that a failure to tell the whole truth is almost as sinful as lying, don’t you?”

“Yes, Papa,” Jamal replied, “but what has that to do with anything?”

“Your Mama told me about the conversation that you had with her a couple of days ago, and naturally I wanted to meet the young man that was stealing your heart. You introduced him to me as just a friend, but I suspect you guys are a bit more than just friends.”

Rusty is quite nervous, wondering what happens when the next shoe drops, and feeling he’s sitting on a powder keg.

“OK Papa,” Jamal admitted, “I won’t try to cover up, the truth is that Rusty and I have become boyfriends, and we are both happiest when we’re together, Papa, I love Rusty.” Rusty is blushing.

“Son,” George said, “you have some very good friends, and one of them is Pastor John, he helped open your Mother’s and my eyes. I hope you didn’t think that we would do to you like his parents did to his younger brother, he told us that story. I think maybe we should go inside, I’m sure dinner is close to being ready.”

George, as we all stood up, “Rusty, welcome to our home.”

Jamal’s father gave Rusty a warm and loving hug, and the three entered the house together, and George led them into the dining room, Jamal’s mother came in from the kitchen.

“You guys had quite a chat on the porch,” Jamal’s mother said.

“We did,” George said, “and very enlightening. Rose, I’m pleased to introduce you to Jamal’s boyfriend, Irwin McKeever, aka Rusty, and Rusty, this is Jamal’s Mama, and my lovely wife of 27 years, Rose Robinson.”

Rusty, taking Rose’s hand and kissing it, “I’m very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Robinson, and thank you for the dinner invitation.”

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