Do It in Her Domain

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If she had been asked to reveal who her favorite student was, she would have chosen Kevin in an instant. Daisy always loved being a high school teacher. She would receive a reasonable salary. She would express her love of the English language by giving some fun and useful lectures. And best of all, she would meet some fantastic students from all walks of life. Kevin became the one that fascinated her the most.

The eighteen-year-old student never had the look and behavior of a slacker or a troublemaker. In fact, Kevin could have been the most innocent person on campus. He had fully embraced a clean appearance. He showed it by embracing a more feminized lifestyle. His short brown hair gave him the look of a teenage pop star. He was short and skinny, but that certainly suited his personality. He wasn’t entirely sensitive, though he remained as a delicate figure from the start of the school year.

Daisy had a few good reasons why she chose him as her favorite student. They both shared a love for classic literature, ranging from Charles Dickens to Fyodor Dostoevsky. They adored rock music from Duran Duran and Evanescence. And best of all, Kevin kept receiving good grades for his essays and exams. She would enjoy reading his material, while he would enjoy obtaining his A’s and B’s.

On a Thursday afternoon, the final bell rang. Daisy excused her students and watched them exit the room. Kevin was one of the last to leave. With a smile, he waved goodbye to her. She smiled back. Now, students and teachers would begin to leave campus and return home with either homework or YouTube on today’s checklist. A normal day in La Mirada, as well as the rest of Southern California, would end with the school being uninhabited yet again. Daisy was now alone in her classroom. The thirty-six-year-old English teacher would have left by now. But she stayed seated at her desk. She closed her eyes and began to daydream about Kevin. She didn’t imagine him as her own sexual icon. She imagined him as someone else’s. She began to see him as a submissive slave for another man.

These specific reveries had started some time ago. She couldn’t help herself. She would daydream about her favorite student being used by other young men. In her thoughts, they would dominate Kevin and she would be there to watch the whole thing. He would be their own precious little plaything, submitting to their wicked treatments. Daisy couldn’t fully understand why she would think these sorts of things. But to the best of her knowledge, it may have been because Kevin was such a gentle human being, that his feminine behavior could very well be a good thing for some people looking for a one-night stand. And Kevin would enjoy it. He would do every position imaginable for the sake of giving Daisy a good time.

Daisy opened her eyes again. She looked to see that she was still alone in her classroom. She grabbed her belongings and drove away. On her way home, however, she couldn’t stop thinking of Kevin and his obedience for those who yearned for his body. She tightened her grip on the steering wheel. She wanted to see it all in real life. She wanted to take control of Kevin’s life and show his vulnerability to the type of men that wanted him for themselves. She felt desperate to see him being used as someone else’s personal entertainment. So she quickly formed an idea in her head. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow, when she would see if Kevin was the exact embodiment of her fantasies.

* * *

The next day was like any other school day. Students entered their classrooms and learned many things for their respective subjects. Daisy had to wait until the final period to see Kevin again. And when she did, she looked to see that her favorite student didn’t change in terms of appearance. Today, he wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a dark blue sleeveless t-shirt. His choice of clothing pleased Daisy even more. She continued on with her lectures. And when the final bell rang, she excused her students. But she told Kevin that she needed to talk to him alone. The two of them waited until the other twelfth-graders left the room.

Kevin stayed seated at his desk. “Is there something wrong?”

Daisy smiled. “Oh, no. Nothing’s wrong. I just want to spend some time with you.”

She closed the door and locked it. She made sure that all of the windows had been covered by the blinds.

Kevin remarked, “Are you about to tell me a secret?”

Daisy chuckled. “Actually, yes. But first, I need to know something.”

“What is it?”

“Come here.”

Kevin stood up and stepped closer to her desk. Daisy sat down at her own desk. She eyed him from top to bottom. He looked so beautiful.

She asked, “What will you be doing today?”

Kevin shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I guess I’ll just stay home and relax.”

“Don’t you want to have some fun? Or better yet, don’t you want to have some fun bursa escort with me?”

Kevin chuckled. “It sounds good. But what kind of fun are you talking about?”

“I want to show you something.”

Daisy unzipped her handbag and pulled out a particular item that made Kevin raise his eyebrows.

She held the red plastic dildo in her hand. “I bought this yesterday because I want to see how well you can handle it.”

“You mean…you want me to use that thing?”

Daisy smiled. “That’s right. I want you to put it in your mouth. I want you to have fun with it.”

Kevin slowly licked his lips. “You really want me to use it?”

“Yes…do it for me. Show your favorite teacher how it’s done.”

Kevin seized the red dildo and held it with both hands. “It’s so big…and it’s making me feel like a lady.”

Daisy stepped forward and whispered in his ear. “Then, act like a lady. Put it in your mouth.”

Kevin didn’t show any pause. He opened his mouth and pushed the tip of the dildo right in.

Daisy was almost speechless. “…Oh.”

Kevin began a rhythmic pattern. He moved the dildo further in and further out as a continuous gesture. He closed his eyes and moaned like a man experiencing pure ecstasy. He kept his movements slow and steady, all the while acting like a playful young woman enjoying a genuine dick in her mouth.

Daisy just stood there and watched. At first, she felt surprised at how easy it was for him to do such a thing. But then, she was thrilled at the sight of him stuffing the red dildo into his mouth. Seeing him obeying her command made her want to jump for joy. She smiled as her student provided the first few minutes of entertainment. His attempt to show her his apparent yearning for cock gave her an easy answer.

She whispered, “Oh, yes. You like that, don’t you?”

Kevin continued to consume the red dildo with glee. He licked it, caressed it with his fingers, and pushed it deep into his throat. He did everything to please her. Daisy held her breath for a moment. She began to shiver with excitement. Now she knew how it felt to see it happen in real life. She wanted to see Kevin take part in a spectacle that only she could be in charge of.

“Oh, you’re good.”

She took the dildo away from him. “Now, I want you to do it for real.”

Kevin appeared amused. “Where will I find someone who will give me some real good dick?”

Daisy put the dildo back in her handbag. “Follow me home. I want you to meet them as soon as possible.”

* * *

She shared her ride home with Kevin. As soon as they reached her two-story house, she led him inside. She told him to wait in the living room while she gave two certain young men the signal to visit her place. She stayed silent in the hallway and used her smartphone to give them her definite text message.

It didn’t take long for the doorbell to ring. She opened the door and looked to see two African-American twelfth-graders on her front porch. Milton and Rafael were eighteen years old and both had the healthy figure that would certainly make someone like Kevin proud to be here. She led them in and showed them their prey in the living room.

She started to introduce them to each other. Milton nodded, “Oh, yeah. I know this one. He’s like one of those pretty boys that look good for fucking.”

Kevin chuckled. “Thank you. I appreciate that.”

Milton and Rafael stepped closer toward him. Daisy took a seat on the couch and watched as both black students didn’t waste their time. They started to undress Kevin one by one. Kevin had to stand still as Milton took off his sleeveless shirt whereas Rafael loosened his belt and pulled his black jeans and underwear down. Daisy crossed her legs and paid close attention to the start of their performance. She could see that Kevin was eager to be used by the other two students. He was smiling the entire time. It made her feel so content with her plans.

She told him to get on his knees and take a good look at the two dicks ready for use. He did exactly that. He grabbed both cocks and opened his mouth wide. Daisy almost gasped when Kevin crammed both bulbous tips deep inside his mouth. The thrilling sensation from within had grown at a fast rate. She kept her observation keen as Kevin handled both erections rather well. He did appear to be a little nervous at the start, but that didn’t stop him from stuffing his mouth with both erections. He stared at Daisy, who already found this to be the first step in the right direction.

She proclaimed, “Oh, Kevin. It looks like you’re really good at this. You must want their big dicks so badly.”

Kevin didn’t have the power to say anything, since he still had both tips crammed inside his mouth.

Daisy chuckled. “It’s time for you to get some. Go on, Milton. Show him how a dick in the ass feels like.”

Milton replied with a görükle escort little grin. “Oh, yeah.”

He grabbed Kevin by the arm and made him stand up straight. He turned him around and whispered in his ear, “This is how it feels like.”

Kevin seemed spellbound by the whole situation. “Oh, please. Give it to me. I want to be fucked so hard. I want her to see me get fucked.”

Daisy didn’t move. “That’s right. Show me everything.”

From behind, Milton locked Kevin in his embrace. And almost immediately, he pushed his big black cock right inside Kevin’s lower hole.

Kevin almost screamed. He now had a long hard piece of flesh inside somewhere other than his mouth. Milton didn’t even care if he started slow. He pelvic thrusts were powerful, so much so that his hips produced a loud smacking noise when colliding with Kevin’s buttocks. He showed no signs of giving up so early in the act. He held Kevin right as he gave him a brand new feeling.

Rafael remarked, “Don’t leave me out of this.”

He got down on his knees and grabbed Kevin’s cock. He began to caress it. He moved his fingers this way and that. Kevin gasped. Rafael’s fast-moving fingers made the young white man’s cock fully erect.

Daisy slowly licked her lip. “That’s just the way I like it.”

Kevin had nowhere to escape. Milton kept him in his tight embrace while fucking him hard from behind. At the same time, Rafael made Kevin’s cock long and hard thanks to the speed of his hand.

Milton chuckled. “You like it, don’t you? You love the feel of a big cock inside your ass.”

Kevin moaned with excitement. “I was made for this.”

All of a sudden, he squeezed his eyes shut. He trembled in Milton’s embrace. Rafael had to move out of the way as Kevin released his thick warm semen owing to the fingers that provoked it. Big spurts of white cream landed on the floor and formed a small puddle on the carpet.

Kevin had to take a deep breath. “It feels so good when that happens.”

Daisy congratulated Rafael. “It looked so incredible.”

Rafael stood up straight. “Just wait and see what happens next.”

Both black students brought Kevin up to the coffee table. They forced him to get down on his hands and knees on the coffee table. Daisy watched as Rafael grabbed Kevin by the hair and stuffed his big dick right into his open mouth. Now, both Milton and Rafael thrust their ravenous cocks deep inside Kevin, from top to bottom.

Milton kept his forward motion long and powerful. “I should fuck you all day.”

Rafael made sure his cock was deep in Kevin’s throat. “Yeah, and he should suck it all day.”

Kevin seemed like a helpless animal when being stuck between the other two. But he didn’t make an attempt to stop the whole thing. He stayed where he was, giving Milton and Rafael an excellent opportunity to forget any hint of frustration in their path. They continued to strike him with their special weapons for a long period of time. They didn’t stop at any time. They kept going, and they didn’t give Kevin a single second to just stop and relax.

Daisy watched the whole thing. She never looked away. She saw her favorite student being submissive. She couldn’t stop smiling. The first attempt at making her wish come true had been successful. That’s all that mattered. She felt so thrilled to see Kevin acting as perfect prey for two other twelfth-graders. She got up from her seat and stepped closer. She was just a couple of feet in front of Kevin, but it was a more spectacular view from here. She was in awe. Kevin’s submissive nature became something of great intrigue. She felt so lucky to have known what he felt about being used like this. She loved everything about his naked body. From the ass being penetrated by a cock to the open mouth being assaulted by another, it delighted her to no end.

She brushed a few strands of hair away from Kevin’s forehead as she whispered in his ear, “Yes…I just love seeing you this way.”

Rafael laughed. “Yeah, take it. Don’t be a wuss, Kevin. Keep taking our big dicks!”

Daisy added, “Keep going, Kevin! Let me see how well you handle them!”

Milton and Rafael didn’t give up just yet. It took quite some time for them to treat Kevin like their own precious plaything. They thrust their cocks hard and quick. Kevin almost lost his balance on the coffee table during such a high-octane exhibition started by none other than his English teacher. With both black cocks attacking him at a swift speed, he looked almost like a human shish kebab who was in a good mood.

Milton blurted, “Let’s fill you up!”

He and Rafael let out a vigorous growl. That was their cue to release their special sauce inside their pretty little prey. Daisy could hear Kevin making a gargling noise. Then, she noticed several drips of thick cum escaping out of his upper crevice. Milton and Rafael ended their forward bursa escort bayan movements and waited for their eruptions to stop.

Daisy whispered to Kevin, “It’s all right. It tastes good, doesn’t it? All that cum feels good when it’s inside you, doesn’t it?”

Milton and Rafael finally pulled their cocks out of both holes. A big gush of semen spilled out of Kevin’s mouth and ass before it all landed on both the carpet and on the coffee table. Kevin fell off the table and took a seat on the floor. He looked absolutely exhausted.

Daisy couldn’t help but feel so overjoyed by the performance. She finally stepped back and sat back down on the couch. “Oh, it was truly extraordinary.”

Cum dripped out of Kevin’s open mouth. He had to take deep breaths from such a strenuous activity. “Was I that good?”

Daisy let Rafael answer that for her. “Oh, yeah. You make me want to keep you around as a pet.”

Milton added, “It’s too bad that it’s all over. We could fuck you for hours.”

Despite his exhaustive state, Kevin got up from the floor. “Wait…I’m not finished.”

He got down on his knees and grabbed both black dicks. He began to stroke them simultaneously.

Milton didn’t move. “Shit, I think you’re a pro.”

Kevin was so mesmerized by their prized possessions that he didn’t even blink. Daisy took a deep breath as Kevin’s hands picked up speed.

Rafael whispered, “Oh, yeah. You’re like a really good slut. You should do this more often.”

Kevin pointed both cocks straight at him. “I want it all on me. I want more of your cum on my skin. I want to be wetter than this.”

He sounded so anxious when he said those words. His fast-moving fingers kept both cocks fully erect. His spoken desire equaled his actions.

Rafael gave a sinister grin. “Oh, shit. Here it comes.”

Their final ejaculations took effect. Their thick and warm cum spurted out of their cocks and landed on Kevin’s bare chest and neck. Now, his mouth and ass wouldn’t be the only place saturated with cream. Most of it started to drip down his chest and abdomen. As soon as the discharge ended, Kevin finally let go of Milton and Rafael’s dicks. With a deep sigh, the student finally collapsed on the floor, lying flat on his back. Milton and Rafael stepped away as they gave their cocks a long-awaited respite.

Daisy asked, “So does he satisfy all of your needs?”

Milton replied, “Fuck, yeah. He’s good for both of us.”

The two black students left the living room and went upstairs to take a shower. Daisy and Kevin were now alone. The English teacher just sat still, while her student lay on the floor with thick white nectar spread all across his naked body. He was still exhausted. She never thought she would see him in such a position, but since it actually had been brought to life, it felt fun to see the aftermath.

She finally stood up from her chair and stepped closer to him. “Let me look at you.”

Kevin stood up straight. Daisy could see everything. The young man had been covered in nothing but semen from his lips to his legs. Milton and Rafael’s juices had stuck to him like syrup. She also noticed a smile on Kevin’s face. She instantly recognized it as pure bliss after being inundated by outside forces.

Daisy couldn’t help but smile herself. “Oh, Kevin. You look so incredible like this.”

She grabbed him by the shoulders and kissed him on the forehead. “Don’t you just love the feeling of being obedient?”

Kevin giggled like a playful gentleman. “Yeah, and I’m glad that you were here to watch me do it.”

Daisy couldn’t help but still be entranced by the masculine juices that dripped out of Kevin’s mouth and slid down his chin.

“Oh, yes. I had such a fun time watching you take both of their dicks. And you know what? I really hope I get to see you do it again.”

Kevin finally wiped away the cream on his chin. “I’ll make your wish come true. I’m all yours. I’ll entertain you anytime you want.”

Daisy gave a cheerful laugh. “It feels so good to feel like a queen when you’re around.”

* * *

It was a normal day in La Mirada. The weather remained cool and the traffic stayed steady. Daisy continued on with her lectures, and most of her students paid close attention to the material. When sixth period started, she took one look at Kevin, who stayed calm in his seat. She gave him a smile. He smiled back. He had discovered what she used to daydream about, and he couldn’t wait it to act all out again. And Daisy couldn’t wait to watch it again. Kevin was such a good sport. With everything that transpired in her bedroom, he was now willing to be subservient again for her entertainment. He would do anything to please his favorite teacher, now that she had taken control of him at least behind closed doors. Daisy felt grateful for meeting someone like him. She now had some new ideas regarding his subservient ways. If Rafael and Milton weren’t available, then she would choose two other men to give Kevin plenty of their own internal ingredients. Both student and teacher would stay ordinary at school, but in her bedroom, she would never want him to play it safe.

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