Do You Know This Feeling?

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Do you know the feeling?

The sensation.

That strange tingly sensation that seem to start from somewhere in your chest and it just moves, gliding down your body. Spreading to your tummy(spreading, warmth and ahhh!), downwards. Downwards until…. it reaches there. There. And then your heart starts to race. The sensation is down there now and all over your body. Just a mild sensation, oh the sensation! You want more.

Cause you know there’s more. You know.

You start to rub your legs together. You want to slide your hand down and just touch. Touch yourself. Cause the tension is crazy.



Your clit is buzzing.

But you can’t. Cause you’re in class. You’re in front of your friends. You’re in public. But the tension doesn’t care. You’re On. You’re not sure why but you are ON. The sensation will always linger until you do something about it.

Do something. (Touch! Touch! Touch!)

You try to control yourself(Woman, behave. Stop it. Stop it. ) but oh God, oh God!

It’s in your chest again., that feeling gliding down until it hits the spot. Your spot. It’s a cycle and it hits you over and over again.

It’s not orgasm (but your clit is screaming for it).

You wish you could slide that skirt up a little and just…do something. But you can’t and you’re frustrated. All you can do is just clench and unclench your pussy. Rub that thighs together. Trying to concentrate on the math equations in front of you. The guy sitting next to you looks at you funny and you just ignore him.

A guy. Him. And his Arnavutköy escort smell. His natural manly smell. And aftershaves, you think. And the fact that he has that one thing that can cure you. Oh, yes.

You’re not attracted to him. No. God no. You’re just desperate for it. You want something to rub against. You want him to be inside. Inside and outside and Inside and outside.

And Hard(Harder..God, harder…yes…Oh).

But you don’t want him.

He asks you, “Are you okay?” and his male voice and sudden nearness just threw you off.

You just nodded and say,”Yeah… fine. Fine.”

And then you move away a few inches. Your mind is on overdrive. A faceless man and you. It is in black and white. Just flashes. Flashes of your imagination.

Flashes…. So fucking clear…

You want it to stop. You want the sensation to stop. Stop but Oh good, it’s so goood…. And then, you can’t take it anymore! and you just let the imagination rule you! Cause you have no self-control. No self-control.

But you still can’t touch yourself. You clenched that pen and pretend to work on that problem because you are in class… When xy is equal to…. is equal to… Oh!

Holy shit.

The flashes goes violent.You’re riding him.

Naked. And his sucking your nipple and you nibble his neck. You feel him inside…. and out and aaah, inside again. In reality, you blink your eyes…. but it is still at the back of your mind. You can feel him. But you know his not real. You’re wet as hell… And your panties… it’s Avcılar escort bayan soaked(It’s wet, baby, wet)

Flashes again.

The next thing you know, you’re not riding him anymore. You’re on your back and he is slamming into you. Hard. Just the way you like it and you start to whimper. He is whispering your name but you don’t know his name. He is doing it right and that is all that matters.


You blink… cause you’re still in class but the flashes seemed so real. An you really did whimper. You can’t help it anymore… You stand up and excuse yourself.

Pussy throbbing and wet. You can feel it. Thank God for panties. Clit hard and wanting to be touched(Touch it… please… pleaaase).

You go to the nearest lady’s room and lock yourself in a cubicle… Fuck the smell. Fuck it. You want to fuck yourself first.

And you lean against the wall… spread your leg… ride up that skirt(Mmm,yeaa) and push that (soaked)panties aside…. aaaah….. the cool air hit your entrance and caress your buzzing clit. You calm yourself down by touching yourself… finally. Finally… Oh… yesss…. You play with your clit and push your slender finger inside yourself.

The flashes is back and now you’re standing up, your legs around his waist…. You attack his neck(cause you’re a neck fetish) and he is already inside of you…. he is already slamming inside of you. In reality, you frenzily start to finger yourself but you’re careful… cause you’re a virgin and you still want to save yourself(But you’re actually lying Escort Bağcılar to yourself cause you want it…want to be fucked)

For now, you know, your imagination is just your mind and you let loose. (Fuck me, Fuck me. Fuck… Fuck me.)…. and he fucks you. Deeper by every thrust. Hands and mouth everywhere but your only focus is on the growing sensation. The sensation is greater now… He is fascinated by your dark nipples and you’re fascinated by his smooth neck.

And you keep on touching. Stroking. FINGERING. You found your spot… right there… that spot… you keep on… keep on… Your imagination is taking over, he is still slamming… slamming… slam… slamm… hard… harder… and you follow suit. Moving yourself to meet his thrust cause you’re almost there(almost there!ALMOST)… The sensation is insane… you can’t feel yourself.

you hear people coming in and out of the toilet but you don’t care cause you’re not making any noise….

No noise… not even when you came(Finally!). When he grabs your waist and pushed himself inside of you as deep as he can..and bit on your nipple, you let out a silent scream as you clench yourself…. causing him to come with you. It is silent in the cubicle but in your head, you are screaming your release(with him.. and he is moaning your name). You feel your juices dripping down your fingers… (Feels like honey. Taste like honey. Smells like honey.)

And you catch your breath. The tension is gone. Your body is relaxed. You smell like sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Your SEX.

You clean yourself up and went out. The class is over and the guy who sat beside you was waiting for you with your stuff. “Are you sure you’re okay?” and he still smell the same. But you’re okay now and you don’t feel like fucking your best friend anymore. So, you smiled and this time you’re honest when you said yes.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just peachy. “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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