Doctor’s Exam with Mom

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Catherine’s morning took an interesting turn when she checked her phone during her coffee break between patients. As usual, Ryan only texted her whenever he needed a favor.

Mom! Need help. Can I swing by the clinic? Swim team starts tomorrow. I want to join now. Coach said ok, but need medical form completed. Thx!!!

Reading the text immediately made Catherine cringe. Did Ryan expect her to rubber-stamp his form? Ethics are vitally important in the medical profession and over the course of her career as a physician, she had never bent rules.

And what was his deal wanting to join the swim team at the last minute? He was attending a religious university, following their Irish roots, and academics was supposed to be his top priority.

Sipping her coffee, Catherine texted a reply to her son.

I’ll squeeze you in at 11:45. We can have lunch after. Fair warning, you’re getting a FULL EXAM just like any other patient. x love, mom : )

Catherine giggled. If only she could have seen the look on her son’s face, knowing he’d be treated like everyone else. Frankly, she wouldn’t have been surprised if he canceled.

After all, what kind of son would want a physical examination from his own mother? She thought to herself, amused.


It was approximately 11:39 and Catherine finished seeing her last morning patient. Sure enough, when she went to the waiting room, still wearing her white coat, there he sat, like a perfect angel. In his hands were a packet of forms.

“You’re actually here,” she said, holding open the door to the clinical area. “I’m kind of impressed.”

“Of course I’m here,” he replied, confused by the assertion. “I need these forms filled out.”

“Then right this way, Mr. McMilton.”

Into the maze of hallways they went, towards Catherine’s exam room. She noticed that her son looked way too relaxed for something like this. Ryan hated doctor appointments. Obviously, he expected to get his medical forms signed without a thorough exam.

Sure enough, Ryan reached into his folder and produced a stack of papers held together with a metal clip.

“You’ll need to check the boxes, fill in some notes, then sign it.”

Catherine took the stack of medical forms and inspected them. “Why the sudden change of heart? I thought you decided not to join the team.”

“It’s a long story.”

“Well, we’re alone here,” she said, her eyes still scanning the pages.

“Okay, here it goes. Mom, I’m in love.”

Her eyes darted upward in surprise. “You’re what?”

“I’m in love with a girl from campus.”

“Wait, I didn’t know you were dating someone.”

“Well, we’re not officially dating yet, but we have a ‘thing’ going on,” he replied.

“A thing? What does that mean? Does she know you’re in love with her? Does she love you back?”

“It’s a long story,” he tried to explain. “She majors in sports science and is super busy. She works a lot with the sports teams.”

“And this is your way of spending more time with her?”

“When you say it like that, it sounds bad. But yeah, we’ll have more time together.”

Catherine sighed. “Ryan, the swim team is a huge commitment. What about your school work?”

“Don’t worry, mom. My grades are great and I love swimming. I workout all the time anyway, so I might as well do something that will look good on my grad school applications.”

“But still, joining for a woman you barely know? Are you turning into a stalker or something?”

“We know each other… um… really well…” he tried to explain delicately, while squinting and nodding his head. “This whole thing isn’t as crazy as it sounds. She wants to spend more time with me, too. We agreed that if I join the swim team, we’ll see each other more often.”

“This seems crazy. Your campus is filled with hotties. What’s so special about her?”

“She’s smart and beautiful, like you, mom,” Ryan said, playing to Catherine’s love of flattery. “And we have a real connection.”

The tone in Ryan’s voice was completely sincere, and Catherine could definitely relate. As a proud Irish family, they had big hearts that were filled with love. Maybe this was the real deal. Catherine certainly knew the feeling, since she met her husband in a religious college, too.

Why deny her son the same chance at love?

“Are you positive about this girl?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s an intense connection.”

She nodded in acceptance. “The swim team is pretty intense, too. It will require a great deal of dedication.”

“I know that. You watched me compete on the high school swim team. I was one of the strongest members. Don’t worry, I won’t let you and dad down.”

“Fine, I’ll sign the note” she sighed. “But first, strip down to your underwear and hop on the exam table.”


As expected, Ryan was utterly shocked. But Catherine had switched from a concerned mom to professional medical practitioner in the blink of an eye. She put the forms down and prepared to work.

“Is there a problem?”

“All I need escort bayan is the note,” he reminded.

“Yes. And?”

“Why do I have to strip?”

Catherine rubbed foam sanitizer into her hands. “Why do you think? Do you want me to do these forms, or not?”

“Are you serious?”

Her patience was running thin. She raised an eyebrow, making clear her expectation.

“Do you want the note signed, or not?” she asked yet again.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here, but…”

“If I do these forms, you need a full exam. Period. It would be negligent of me to sign them without checking you over.”

“Okay, this is going to be awkward,” he muttered.

“It’ll be even more awkward if you can’t join the swim team because you don’t have a doctor’s note. Now strip.”

Catherine started to fill in her son’s past medical history on the forms, while listening to him undress. Ryan had been a swimmer for years, so seeing him nearly nude was nothing unusual.

When she heard him settle on the paper covered exam table, Catherine turned. The scowl on Ryan’s face made it clear that he was miffed.

“Don’t be such a grouch,” she said, walking over to the table. “It’ll be over soon, then I’ll buy you a burger. You look like you could use one.”

She playfully tickled her son’s abdominal muscles, which were incredibly toned from exercise.

“I’m on a strict diet,” he said, stifling his laughter.

The tickling and promise of food seemed to have turned Ryan’s mood around and he appeared more relaxed. Sure, she had given her son plenty of health checks at home over the years, but this was the first complete physical she had ever performed on him in an exam room.

Catherine treated him like a normal patient and started at the top. She checked his ears, eyes and mouth with the wall mounted otoscope/ophthalmoscope unit. Then she moved down and felt for enlarged lymph nodes below his chin and under his arms.

After putting on her stethoscope, she listened to his lungs and heart; there was nothing abnormal. Then she pulled out the table extension.

“Go ahead and lay back,” she instructed.

Hesitating for a moment, her son shrugged and laid down, with his hands resting peacefully over his abdomen. He seemed unusually quiet and uncomfortable while lying flat on the table. At home, her son had no issue walking around in a speedo after swimming in their backyard pool. Maybe he was squeamish now about being touched by his mother.

“Almost done, okay?” she said, rubbing her son’s skin. “Put your hands down so I can check your liver and spleen.”

Her son complied and she pressed into his abdomen. She was satisfied with everything so far as her fingers dug into his flesh. Before moving on, she noticed a growing bulge in his underwear. Surely he wasn’t getting aroused during a medical exam from his own mother!

It was normal for men to get erections while being examined; as an attractive woman, Catherine was used to accidentally making men hard (and she was convinced many men did that on purpose). She was just surprised about getting this reaction from her son.

“Is that for your girlfriend?” Catherine teased.

Ryan’s body tensed. “Very funny.”

He crossed his legs in a failed attempt to hide the evidence. Coincidentally, only one organ remained unchecked and she knew it would make her son even more embarrassed. She had no problem discussing sexual topics with patients and did so every day. But this was her son, so she braced herself.

“Are you sexually active?” she finally asked, conforming to protocol.

“Is this necessary for a sports physical?”

“Yes. I need to know that you’re disease free, since you’ll be sharing facilities with other athletes.”

He sucked in a breath. “Kind of.”

“I’m assuming that means oral-only.”

He blushed and nodded. “Yes.”

“Do you use protection?”

“No, but she’s clean.”

“I’m assuming it’s only with this girl that you really like,” she immediately inquired.

Catherine mentally chided herself for asking such an unnecessary question. Obviously, she was abusing her professional status to find out about her son’s personal life.

“Kind of, basically, yes,” he said shyly.

Once again, Catherine regretted asking the question, because she immediately pictured a sweet young college student sucking her son’s dick. Feeling disgusted, she rallied to finish the exam. Yes, she was his mother, but they both needed to shake off the unusual circumstance and forge ahead.

She patted his chest lightly. “We’re almost done. Now stand up and pull down your underwear. It’ll be over before you know it.”

“Are you serious?” he asked, wide-eyed. “You’re really doing…. that?”

“Yes, we’re doing that.. It’s a testicular exam, so we’re clear.”

“But… but… you’re….”

“No more excuses,” she said firmly. “I do this every day. It’s part of my job, even if you have an erection.”

A smile almost appeared as she spoke, but by pursing her lips, she maintained altıparmak escort bayan a professional amount of control. They both knew this was mildly amusing to her.

Ryan fumed and sat upright before rising to his feet. He was highly annoyed with this turn of events. Catherine understood the humiliation he felt, but it really was for the best.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked in an almost threatening way, his fingers hooked in the waistband of his underwear. “Last chance. I’m going to yank this down and you’ll see everything. I don’t care anymore.”

Catherine laughed. “Oh please! Who changed your diapers when you were crapping your pants? Am I supposed to be traumatized from giving my own son a scrotal exam?”

“That’s a real possibility. It could be disturbing for you.”

“Nice try at reverse-psychology. Now drop your undies. I’ve seen hundreds of erections over my career. You’re no different.”

“Whatever you say, mom,” he sighed, with bright red cheeks.

True to his word, Ryan yanked down his underwear and out flopped a very hard cock. Catherine’s eyes were transfixed. Sure, she had seen plenty of erections in her lifetime, but this was her son’s erection!

Momentarily stunned, Catherine felt inner turmoil unlike any she had previously faced as a mother. It felt unnatural to be looking at her son’s healthy-sized penis, completely hard and pointed forward.

At the same time, and as wrong as it seemed, there was something arousing about this particular erection. In a way, she was a bit flattered. She wondered what caused this reaction in her son. Did he have a common medical examination fetish? Or was Ryan actually aroused by her?

Catherine pushed away those dirty thoughts, being a decent mother and medical professional. Both of those roles gave her a great deal of pride.

There was only one other logical explanation; Ryan was aroused from talking about getting oral sex from that college girl. Yes, that’s it, Catherine told herself over and over again. This is for the girlfriend, not me.

“My goodness,” she gasped. “You must really like this girl. I pray it’s mutual.”

He blushed and smiled, “Trust me, it is.”

“I bet.”

“I’m super embarrassed,” he said, grimacing. “Can you please hurry? Are you just going to look at my sack, or touch it, too?”

Catherine gulped, still staring at his cock. “I’m going to have to touch it. Since this is a sensitive situation, I’ll probably bend my rules a little and keep this brief– no pun intended.”

“Of course,” he nervously smiled.

“Let me grab my stool. I’ll make this quick.”

Catherine pulled the rolling stool, sat down and maneuvered until she was directly in front of her son’s erect penis. At this height, it was at the level of her nose. Trying her best, she ignored the extreme awkwardness and began the last portion of this exam.

The moment she touched her son’s scrotum, Catherine immediately realized she was so shaken by the turn of events that she forgot to put on gloves!

“Darn it!” she exclaimed, hands still on her son’s private parts.

“What’s wrong?! Do you feel something abnormal?!”

“No, no, it’s not you. I forgot to wear gloves.”

While complaining about the lack of gloves, her fingers remained on her son’s balls. As gently as possible, she held his right testicle between her fingers and rolled it around, feeling for masses. When his cock danced a bit, right in front of her nose, she nearly licked her lips.

After taking a deep breath, she looked at his face and saw the strain in his jawline. As his mom, she knew it was a sign of tension.

“It’s okay,” he said, evenly.

“I might as well finish since my hands are already contaminated.”

He smiled, “I’m perfectly clean, don’t worry.”

She nodded and smiled. “Looks and smells like it.”

“Smell?” he asked.

Catherine’s fingertips let go of his right testicle and went for the left. Though typically a quick exam, her discomfort led to indecisive lingering. She didn’t want to rush through just because it had become embarrassing for them. What if she missed a testicular issue?

She allowed herself to stare, once again, at his penis. “Yes, you smell nice. You’d be surprised how many men have poor hygiene. It looks clean, too. Your girlfriend is a lucky girl.”

Risking another look at her son’s face, she saw him become even more self-conscious. His body followed suit and every muscle seemed to tense, while his lips pressed together in a hard line.

Catherine sympathized with his situation. Holding onto her son’s testicle was embarrassing for her, too! For better or worse, she knew this was something neither of them would ever forget.

“We’re not exactly dating yet,” Ryan explained. “It’s really complicated, but we really are very close.”

“You’re in love, but you’re not dating,” Catherine said slowly. “Yet, she gives you oral sex. This generation is hard to understand.”

“It’s a Catholic university, what nilüfer eskort do you expect?” he joked, nervously.

“That’s a fair point. Remember, your father and I also met at a Catholic university. The rules on dating are strict and clearly outlined. They can make things tricky for lovebirds.”

Letting go of his testicle, she knew it was time to manually confront the elephant in the room. Using her thumb and first two fingers on her right hand, she grasped the stiff shaft and lifted it, to get a better look at the skin between his penis and scrotum. Her son’s skin was so soft, yet his erection was so hard. It really was a marvel.

While holding her son’s shaft, his cock twitched, nearly jerking out of her hand. It was normal for an erect penis to react this way when touched by a female physician. But Catherine couldn’t help but wonder once again, was she making Ryan more aroused than usual because she was his mother?

“What’s her name?” Catherine asked, finishing up the final part of the inspection.


She remained focused on his rock hard penis. “Pretty name. You sound like you’re crazy about her. I hope I get to meet her someday.”

“You will. She’s amazing.”

As Catherine’s eyes analyzed her son’s erect penis, her fingers remained on the soft skin of his private area. She could hear the desire in her son’s voice. Knowing his voice so well, it was obvious to her that he was madly in love.

More lewd images swirled in her mind. She pictured ‘Emma’ stroking and licking her beloved son’s dick. So many questions remained unanswered. What else were they doing? Where would this lead? Would his heart be broken?

These questions plague many mothers when their sons fall in love.

Wrapping her fingers around his shaft, she looked up. “Are you two having intercourse? Or is it really just oral?”

Being a strong Catholic family, she and her husband raised their son to remain a virgin until marriage. His college promoted the same values. But these days, you never really know.

“Just oral,” he blushed. “I swear.”

“Is she any good?”

Catherine was shocked when she felt her son’s cock twitch. Though difficult to believe, it actually surged to an even bigger size.

“What difference does that make?” Ryan asked, puzzled.

“If she can satisfy your desires with oral sex, maybe you won’t jump into intercourse. Does that make sense?”

He gave a shy shrug. “She’s amazing. Don’t tell her that when you meet her.”

Catherine’s maternal instinct flared again at the thought of a religious college girl sucking her son’s erect penis. Did Emma make him moan and have mind-blowing orgasms? She tried shaking off the thought and wondered about meeting this girl. Would she stare at Emma’s lips the whole time?

“Almost done, big boy,” she said.

Holding his dick over to the side with her left hand, she probed her right middle finger deep into the left side of her son’s scrotum, found the inguinal canal and checked for hernias by having him cough. She then repeated the exam on the other side.

Catherine added, “You’re lucky to have a girl who can take care of you to the fullest extent.”

“I am. But…. nevermind…”

Alarm bells went off in Catherine’s mind. With her fingers still on her son’s cock, she looked up at him and saw his thoughtful expression. There was something else he wanted to say, but refrained.

“Go on, tell me,” she said. “Think of me as your doctor, because today I am your doctor.”

“It’s crude so I don’t want to say it.”

She playfully squeezed one of his balls. “Tell me. I now hold all the cards in my hands, literally, and I can make things quite painful.”

They both knew the threat was a joke, as Catherine used her hand to fully cup her son’s balls, almost tickling it with the tips of her fingers.

“It’s just…” he started. “Well, she’s amazing at it. But it’s not 100% perfect.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Swear you won’t tell her?”

“Do you think I’m going to ask Emma about her blowjobs?” she questioned incredulous.

“She doesn’t like to swallow. I mean, it’s not only that. She actually winces, like she hates it.”

“The act of sucking. Or your cum?”

“My cum,” he blushed. “She loves doing the rest. It’s the orgasm part that really freaks her out. And it totally kills the mood when she makes a face as I finish. I don’t know, it seems gross to her.”

As a woman, Catherine understood what this was all about. She had only been with one man during her life, but even she knew that men vary in taste. It’s an ego thing for a lot of men, as well as a lot of women. No one wants their partner to be grossed out by the taste of their sexual fluids.

As a mother, Catherine wanted her son to be happy. She hoped he would find the right woman and get married soon after college, instead of sleeping around with several partners. That was her cultural and religious expectation.

Surely there was something she could do.

For the first time in her medical career, she broke protocol and softly rested the palm of her hand on top of her son’s erect shaft. The cock bent down a little and she held the shaft lovingly.

“Here’s the situation,” she said, “I’m ready to sign off on your forms. But I think you could benefit from a more involved test.”

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