Doll Dust

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Doll Dust

This story is a continuation of my journey down Sex Doll Alley and the wonders that sex dolls and an active imagination can do for you.


It had been about six weeks since taking delivery of my new investments which I aptly named Autumn and Summer. Autumn was my red-haired beauty and Summer, well she was one hot beach babe in a box. I have to admit, the last six weeks of my life have been a lot of fun. I was fulfilling every fantasy I have always wanted to try on my wife, Marge. My endearing and faithful wife was very beautiful, yet conservative when it came to sex and she was not at all aroused or moved by any of my male sexual advances. This lack of desire on her part steered me in search of something else to appease my sexual appetite without hurting her.

I found what I believed was my utopia when I wandered down a street I had never visited nor heard little to anything about…and guess what, it was just what the doctor ordered. So after weeks of banging my two lovely sex dolls, and totally enjoying my new sexual freedoms, I thought it couldn’t get any better until I received something interesting in my email one evening that peaked my curiosity.

The email message came from the lovely lady, (Lola) who sold me my dream girls.

She simply wrote in her email:

“It has been six weeks since you purchased our love enhancement products and we haven’t heard anything from you, so we naturally assume you are happy and content with our product. So, we want to take this opportunity to offer you a promotional product that will definitely bring even more joy and realism to your investment and it could even change your life.

For the simple low price of $199, you will receive a 3.2 oz bottle of our specially formulated Doll Dust. And let me tell you, if you jump on this offer, you will be blown away with the enchanting things you will be able to do with your doll. If you are interested, just go to our website and input DDSpecial in the product search window and follow the subsequent links. After we have processed your payment, you will receive your product in the mail within 3-5 business days.” Happy Humping!

~ signed ~


As it stood at the moment, it was a lonely Friday night for me as the wife was out with two of her girlfriends and I was stuck at the house eating leftovers, working on some paperwork I couldn’t finish at the office, and reviewing my email traffic. That is when I found and quickly scanned Lola’s message and offer. I sat there for a minute contemplating the offer and wondering what else it could she do for me with my two sex dolls to make my experience better. I mean, I spent nearly a grand on my dolls, so what is another meager 200 bucks…right? So, with this logic in my head, I went to the company website, and did as Lola instructed me…and I bought a single bottle of Doll Dust, and then I waited.

When the following Wednesday evening rolled around, I came home and looked in my mailbox and found the usual mail…six Capital One credit card offers, a couple routine bills, four or five catalogs, hey…even a new Victoria’s Secrets flyer, and eskişehir seks hikayeleri a small package I was expecting. I walked back into my house and quickly opened the flimsy package and read the instructions to myself. The instructions stated “For an enchanted evening with your lovely lady, sprinkle a teaspoon of this charmed Doll Dust into her mouth and hold her close to your body. You won’t be disappointed.”

So, now my curiosity was sky high and I wanted to know exactly what Doll Dust was and what it was capable of doing for me. As I still had not revealed my love toy to my wife, I quickly called her and asked what plans she had for dinner. She told me that she couldn’t join me tonight as she was working on some pressing real estate paperwork that needed to be finished before the closing tomorrow and said that the earliest she might be home was between 7 and 8 PM. I looked at my watch and decided to bring Autumn out and give her a shot of Doll Dust.

So I went to private storage locker, unlocked her, and brought her to my bedroom. I put some white lace stockings and panties and a bra to match on her and laid her on my bed. Wow! She looked really hot in this new lingerie set. I went back to the kitchen and found the Doll Dust on the counter, I grabbed a spoon, and proceeded back to the bedroom. I cautiously administered the dust so I wouldn’t spill any of this concoction on the floor. I carefully poured the prescribed amount of this goldish green-shimmering dust on to the spoon and then I spooned it into her sweet little mouth.

I laid down next to her and rolled her on me and I held her close. I even groped her ass and kissed her passionately. The skeptic in me thought that the dust I poured into her mouth would spill out all over me…and not really do anything except lighten my wallet, but it didn’t. I felt a sudden twinge around my thigh region…”What was that? I asked myself. A few seconds later, there was movement around my legs and groin area. I thought I was seeing things when I witnessed Autumn’s legs starting to freakin’ move. Then I felt her tiny abdomen shudder. Autumn was actually moving! I was like…WTF was in that powder…and could I get some more later…but that thought would have to wait because I just felt a small warm hand reach down into my pants and grab my pecker. Autumn now had my full attention in every dimension.

My dick was being massaged by her tiny hand…slowly she started pumping me and I was a little freaked out by all of this at first. Then I watched her head begin to rise. Slowly, she lifted her head up and looked at me and simply whispered…in a sexy, yet raspy voice “Hello there.”

I gasped out a weak “hello.” I was awestruck to say the least! I was totally tongue-tied.

Autumn gazed at me lovingly and then she just started to kiss my neck, my face, nibble on my ears and then she sat up and offered a lovely tit to me. I took her offer and started to nibble on her tit, then just her nipple, kneading her lovely tits, and moving back and forth tasting her fine areolas and totally enjoying her lovely little taut nipples. I was completely in shock and spellbound by her lifelike actions…and she kept doing things to blow my mind. Like a newborn baby, I sucked on her voluptuous breasts and found them to be surprisingly warm. My sexual consciousness felt her shift her thighs and then she began to tug at my jeans with one of her hands. I did what I could do…and quickly helped her and seconds later, both she and I were naked except for her white stockings.

I got off the bed and was entranced by her looks, her movements, and her genuine sexiness. I was about to pick her up when she practically jumped into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me as a young lover would do and her hips slowly descended down my torso wiggling back and forth and totally turning me on. She perfectly lined her twat up with my rigid cock and as I felt her sexy little crevice graze over my manhood, that was all it took and I just slid into her. Her pussy felt different from the previous six weeks of banging her. It now felt like a real woman and it even emitted some of the natural smells that made me think her pussy was leaking her love juices.

We stayed on the corner of the bed. Her legs were spread wide around me and she rested her ass on my thighs as I impaled her ever so slowly with my cock. We continued to kiss passionately. When she started French kissing me and I tasted her tongue and inhaled her breath, I felt like I was drugged and I couldn’t believe the moment I was sharing with my new ginger lover. I began exploring her body and touching her and sensing her with my hands as we continued to rock together in harmony. I was in complete awe! This new development could change a few things. .

And just like that, she looked up at me and without saying a word, crawled off of me and went around me to the center of the bed. Not wanting to do missionary, I moved to the center of the bed and laid on my back and she climbed right on me without saying a word. Like a pro, she mounted me in the reverse cowgirl way and leaned her arms back and placed her hands on my chest to brace her herself and push down on me. I felt my stiff cock slip up and into her damp pussy and then she started gyrating her petite hips and began riding me like a cowboy would ride a bucking bull, with the only exception, I wanted to keep bucking her on me much longer than eight seconds.

I reached up and massaged her tits as she fucked me and bounced on me and did anything she could to sink my dick deeper inside her enchanted little box. Her pussy moved up and down the length of my rod in rhythm and just when I thought I would pop out of her, she would maneuver her hips, gyrate them, and push down on me so that my cock would violently lurch back inside of her. We kept this pace for several minutes and then I felt “old faithful” about to blow. Moments later, I had expelled everything I had into Autumn and was trying to catch my breath as this little vixen continued to pump and screw my brains out. But she wasn’t done yet.

She turned around while I was still in her but I was fading fast. She allowed me to fall out of her and then she seductively moved down my torso. Autumn didn’t stopped moving her hot body until her red lips came into direct contact with my now sagging soldier. She took one hand and moved her lovely copper locks to the other side of her head and then she tenderly massaged my balls and then she took me in her mouth. I could feel her breathe on the head of my cock and my cock sprang to life again…like a missile just placed on alert. It was now armed and ready to go again.

She massaged me and touched me and licked my shaft in the sexiest way ever. Then she pressed her lips to my thick seven-inch cock and began to suck. Starting at the head first and slowly she lowered herself and took more and more until finally, she had her cute little nose buried in my pubes and my cock had to be down the back of her throat by at least an inch or two. Her tongue curled around my member and she lovingly licked as she sucked her way up and down me. She shifted her weight and began to massage my balls with her other hand as she licked me and nuzzled me and sucked me over and over. Normally, with Marge, I was a once and done guy…but tonight, well I felt like I could go all night.

After what seemed like an hour of sucking on me and making me feel like a king, she began to pull back and I even heard her make some slurping sounds as she pulled up. She began a slow and methodic rhythm of going all the way down on me while sucking and then releasing herself and caressing my cock with her lips and tongue on the way back up like she was almost worshiping my member. It felt so incredible and real. After a few more strokes, I felt that familiar feeling again and somehow, I think she sensed it too. She picked up her pace and began sucking hard and at one point, I thought she sucked me so hard that I thought she was going to pull my cock out by the roots. With her tongue tracing me and her continuous sucking, it was all I could do to contain myself. From somewhere deep inside me, I discharged a massive geyser into her mouth and she stayed attached to me until every ounce of my strength was sapped.

She moved up in the bed and curled up next to me and wrapped her arm around my chest and simply said a few final raspy words….”that was lovely dear…I can’t wait to have a go with you again.” And with that Autumn drifted back into her doll state as she continued to smile at me with those gorgeous enticing green eyes. I leaned over and kissed her and gave her a long romantic hug with my body pressed to hers. As I did this, I looked up and noticed the time on my watch…SHIT! It was 7:30 PM. Marge would be home any minute…so it was scramble time to clean Autumn up and put her up for the night.

Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting in my Lazy-Boy and had a beer in my hand and a sandwich and some chips on a plate next to me watching some college football game I just turned on. Marge walked in and looked at me, shook her head but didn’t say a word, and headed straight for bed. I finished my sandwich and beer and decided to join her. When I put my hand on her hip and caressed her butt…she pushed me away and said she was too tired and didn’t have the energy to do anything tonight. Lucky for me, I knew she would respond this way, because I was also spent and I knew that the beer and the overdose of sex would have me asleep and dreaming of my next fantasy very soon.

The End

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