Dom Sub Experiment

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“Come on Rick. Would you please give it a try for me?” Kim pleaded.

“No Kim. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Is it so hard to believe that I don’t want to hurt you?” He said firmly.

“You wouldn’t have to hurt me, hon… unless I was bad, of course.” She said grinning.

“Don’t lie to me, Kim. I read those stories you sent me from that site. Those men abused those poor women. How can that possibly turn you on?” He said, slightly angry.

“You can’t tell me that those stories didn’t turn you on even the slightest bit. Not to mention you have given me some pretty good spankings in the past. You even used the hairbrush a couple of times.” She said.

“Yes, fine, I admit they turned me on but I would’ve had to been dead for them not to. They were hot, but even having said that, I could never beat you with a strap or even a crop. A good spanking now and again is one thing but the other is just plain abuse.” He said, trying to reason with her.

Kim looked at him pleadingly. “Maybe you didn’t understand the reason I sent those to you. It isn’t the physical violence that turns me on so much as the complete submission to you. I mean you don’t have to discipline me harshly, just be firm and demand obedience.”

She paused. “Ok, let’s say, for instance, that you send me an email in the morning from my master saying that tonight he would be on the train that pulls in at 6:55 and he wants me there to pick him up on time wearing nothing but my coat. I arrive there fully dressed because I didn’t have time to go home and change. I have failed to play the game, which started the moment you sent the email, therefore I must be taught a lesson.

“Now that lesson could be as simple you taking me home, scolding me and turning me over your knee for a spanking. It is all about you having power over that which you own. The rest of the dominance play could be you giving orders, using my body for your pleasure and expecting complete subservience. Whatever you’re comfortable with. It is much like training a dog. You give it orders, and expect it to follow, rewarding and punishing it as you see fit. In that respect it is much like the stories minus the hard core S&M.”

She sat quietly, watching him over the table waiting patiently for his response. She could see that his mind was working overtime as the varying expressions played over his beautiful face. She thought it was so sexy when he was thinking so hard.

“So you’re saying that all I would have to do is let you know that the game was on for a particular night, day or even weekend, give you instructions if there was any specific prep I wanted and then you would willingly be my slave, surrendering all dominance to me?” He questioned.

She could see that he was becoming aroused by the thought. His breathing changed and he began to fidget slightly. The average person wouldn’t have noticed but she had been married to him for over five years. She had long clued in on the signs that she was getting some.

“That is exactly what I am saying. I would do or not do anything you requested of me. Let me give you a couple of examples. We get home, and you order me to strip down and wait for you in the bedroom on the bed, in doggie style or whatever. I would go there with maybe a simple, ‘Yes my master’ and then when/if you felt ready to come to the bedroom I would be waiting exactly as you requested.

“Or lets say, you ordered me to give you head and you decided you wanted to cum in my mouth, you would simply order me to suck you until you came or not let me stop until your goal was attained never telling me anything but to suck you, after which point you could either service me, leave me wanting or tell me to bring myself, as it pleased you. You could even demand that I not cum until you tell me I can and then punish me if I fail you. It is completely your call. You are the master and you would own me just like a pet.”

“Wow! What a power trip! I could definitely get into that.” He said excitedly.

“I didn’t see how you couldn’t. You just have to remember that you are not my husband and I am not your wife. I am slave to your master and you have to be firm and unrelenting, much like you would a dog or small child. Subs live to serve and pleasure is derived only from giving their master pleasure and not disappointing them. Anything is a possibility when you are master, no fantasy denied, within limits. You are in complete control of your property.”

She couldn’t believe he was actually considering this. She had been proposing this since they met nearly a decade ago. She had dreamed of being his slave, fantasized about it, but never dreamed it possible. Her pussy became wet with just the thought that she might actually get her wish, but she had to be patient and not push too hard. She had an idea.

“How about this. I can tell you’re at least curious about this, so why don’t you try your hand at being my master? It would only last until midnight. That’s only four hours from now. You could stop the game at mecidiyeköy escort any time if you became uncomfortable or turned off. What do you think?” She squirmed as she posed the challenge to him, grinding her swollen cunt into the hard wooden chair.

“I could stop it at anytime and you wouldn’t bring it up again?” He said hesitantly as if she might bite.

“Absolutely. Just the fact that you are willing to try this for me would be enough. I would forever lock this fantasy away, only reading about it online.” She promised sincerely.

“Alright. I will give it a try.” He conceded.

She jumped off the chair squealing happily, throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the cheek.

“You are going to love this. I promise.” She was as happy as a schoolgirl.

“Ok. If we’re going to do this, why don’t you go into the bedroom and freshen up. It is 7:15 now; we’ll start the game promptly at 8:00. Don’t come out of the bedroom until I call you, ok. In the meantime, I really need to get my head around this. It will be hard not being your husband but instead your master, your owner. Now go on, I need be alone for a bit.” He said firmly. She didn’t think it was going to be as hard on him as he thought.

“Of course, master.” She said softly as she headed up the stairs to the bedroom.

“Master. I could get used to this.” He said smiling to himself sitting down on the couch. He reached for his laptop to re-read the story she sent him. He needed to be sure he knew how to play the role.


She closed the bedroom door, leaning against it. She had so much to do to make this perfect for him and not much time to do it. First things first, she needed a shower. Short of shaving her legs and underarms she didn’t do anything special as far as prep since she didn’t really know what he would expect of her.

After showering she quickly dried her hair and French braided it. Her hair was so long, almost to her butt. Maybe it was time for a trim, she thought absently tying it off at the bottom with one of the leather thongs she got at Faire.

She wasn’t sure if she should apply makeup since she never wore it normally, so she decided on just lipstick. She had a tube of red somewhere around here. While looking for the lipstick she came across her box of bondage stuff. These might come in handy. Jeeze, how did they get so dusty in a sealed box? – she thought to herself while wiping the dust off with her towel.

Once cleaned, she laid out the restraints and whip on the dresser should he want to use them. In it she also found her spiked collar. Perfect, she thought snapping it around her neck; He always did like it when I wore this to bed.

She was almost ready. Now where was that lipstick? She eventually found it behind the dresser. The outside of the tube was dusty but inside it was intact. She would apply this once she was dressed. For tonight, she chose the black lace teddy with matching g-string he had bought her for Christmas last year.

“Kim, come down here, please.” She heard him yell up the stairs.

Panicking, she looked at the clock. It was only 7:56, oh, god. He was summoning her early. She had to hurry. Did she put the teddy on or the lipstick? Would he punish her if she kept him waiting? She decided it was worth the punishment if it meant that she would look perfect for him. Still she wasted no time dressing and applying the lipstick. By the time she started downstairs, the clock read 8:01p. She was definitely late. Shit, she thought.


He watched her as she ran down the stairs, nearly bumping into him as he stood at the bottom, arms crossed at his chest. He wanted her to know he was not pleased. I can do this, he thought encouragingly to himself, I CAN do this.

“Your late! I called you five minutes ago, slave.” He said sternly looking at his watch. Oh yeah, I can definitely do this, he thought confidently to himself as he continued. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, master. When you called me the clock upstairs said 7:56.” She said meekly her eyes looking at her feet.

“That’s no excuse, slut. When I say 8:00, you should be ready early anticipating my needs. I do not like to be kept waiting, slave.” He lectured.

“I’m…” She tried to say before he cut her off.

“Silence! I do not want to hear the sound of your voice unless I specifically request it. Do you understand, slave?” He roared.

She nodded in response, never taking her eyes off the floor.

“Answer me, wench!” He bellowed.

“Yes, master, I understand you and will obey.”

“Good, now get in the living room. Stand in the corner, nose to the wall, until I decide what to do about your defiance.”

Without a word she walked into the living room and stood in the corner, touching her nose to the wall. Very good, poppet, he thought pleased at her display. He sat in his favorite chair enjoying his newfound power. He watched her backside like a cat stalking his prey. vip escort istanbul In that moment he knew exactly how he would punish her.

“Slave, come stand in front of your master.”

Quickly she left her corner, following his orders.

“I will hear your understanding of my orders. You may respond by calling me sir, master or my lord. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Good, good. Now, I have decided how to punish you for your infraction. You will be soundly spanked until I decide you have had enough.” He had decided to hit her 30 times but chose to keep that knowledge from her in hopes to frighten her a bit.

“Thank you, master.” She said somewhat fearfully.

“Now, slowly remove your teddy. I wish to see the bounty of your breasts. Leave your panties on.”

“Yes, master.”

He watched as she slowly pushed the thin, black straps off her shoulders sliding each arm out. Then, grabbing the satin trim at the bottom, she pulled it up her trim body, revealing her milky skin inch by breathtaking inch.

“Stop.” He said when she had it just high enough to see her nipples. Leaning forward he pinched her right nipple, pulling her toward him. He pinched it hard enough that she let out a small yell, but that did not stop him from using it to close the distance between them. When she was in reach, he released the rock hard nub replacing his fingers with his mouth. He sucked it into his mouth, scraping it lightly with his teeth, causing her to moan.

He lathed her hard nipple, alternating sucking it and biting it. He noticed that her hips rocked more when he bit rather than sucked. This excited him. He released the right focusing on her neglected left nipple. Repeating the same suction, bite rhythm. He was enjoying himself so much he barely noticed her pleasuring herself with one of her hands. He pulled back abruptly.

“How dare you pleasure yourself when I haven’t given you permission! For that I think I will add 25 extra smacks that may persuade you that I alone give you pleasure. You do not take it. You will learn to obey me slave or your ass will be blistered. Now stay here while I find something to beat you with.” He said as his anger boiled off of him.

“As my lord wishes.” That was all she said. He could tell that she was scared and all it did was excite him more. He left her standing by his chair as he went into the kitchen. There has to be something in here that I can spank her with, he thought at the same moment his eyes found the utensil jar on the counter. He shifted them around until he found the one he was looking for, the plastic spatula.

“This is exactly what I need for her final punishment.” He smacked it against his hand testing it. It was perfect. His cock twitched in his jeans at the thought of using this on her delicate ass.

When he went back into the room and she was still standing in the exact position he left her. She didn’t even finish removing her top. He was very pleased.

“Take off your top then move over so I can sit down.” He ordered and she complied quickly. He sat down getting comfortable then pulled her between his legs.

“Take this,” he said to her handing her the spatula then continued, “and do not drop it. This is what I will use to punish you for pleasuring yourself without permission. If you drop it, you will be severely punished. Am I making myself clear?” Her eyes widened and began to tear up. He watched as she averted her eyes to keep from betraying her fear.

“Now bend over my knee and lets get this over with. You will count off each smack you receive followed by ‘thank you, master’. If you miscount or forget where we left off I will start over, and if you cum without permission this will cause your punishment to be extended. Understand me, bitch?” He watched her flinch when he called her bitch, but paid it no mind. The important thing was that she nodded her agreement.

“Let’s begin.” He said very matter-of-factly as he ran his hands over both sides of her ass and the tops of her legs noticing the wet spot on the g-string between her thighs. He had such a great view of her ass and cunt with her over only one knee. He would have to thank her tomorrow for sending him the how to on spanking. He wouldn’t have thought to use just one knee, otherwise, and missed this excellent view.

He could tell she love the feel of his hand caressing her backside. She was making small noises unable to control her desire. We will have to see if this controls her longing, he thought to himself as he smacked her left cheek hard with his hand. SMACK!

She cried out at the sudden pain she felt but she managed to blurt out, “One, Thank you, Master.” She had barely finished thanking him when he brought his hand down three times hard, alternating cheeks. Smack, Smack, Smack! The sound filled the quiet room.

“Two, three, four, Thank you, master.” Her breath was becoming labored and she was squirming. He could tell she was starting to feel it and so was he. sarıyer escort He cock was swelling painfully in his jeans.

SMACK! “Five, Thank you, master.”

SMACK! “Six, Thank you, master.”

SMACK! “Seven, Thank you, master.”

Smack, Smack, Smack! “Eight, nine, ten.” She paused. “Thank you, master.” She was crying now. He noticed her body shaking ever so slightly as she wept. Looking down at her ass he was pleased with the dark pink hue it had taken on.

“You are doing very well, my pet. I am proud.” He said gently caressing her tender flesh.

“I am honored to be punished by you, my lord.” He could hear her joy even through her now quieting tears.

“I will give you a treat for being such a good girl, slave, before continuing.” He declared.

Before she could thank him he ripped the g-string from her causing her to cry out. He knew it was more from surprise than pain. He tossed the destroyed garment to the floor then parted the lips of her cunt, blowing lightly on the dripping wet slit.

“Your cunt is so pretty, slut. You seem to be enjoying my torment, slave. Am I right?” He asked plunging two fingers into deep into her. She bowed her back in response.

“Yes, my lord, thank you my lord.” She moaned.

He pumped his fingers deeply into her cunt savoring the warmth of her sheath. He could tell she was getting close and was not ready to grant her the release she needed so he withdrew his sopping wet fingers. He stuck his index finger in his mouth, treating his taste buds to the tangy sweetness of her arousal. He removed his fingers and held his hand down to her, sticking his middle finger in her mouth. She sucked it clean humming excitedly. When it was cleaned she released his hand, purring happily.

He picked this time to deliver his next round of spankings, knowing that she was completely unprepared. He dropped his hands fast and hard five times, drawing a scream from her lips.

“Ten, I mean eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Thank you, master.” He noticed she was out of breath but didn’t stop. He smacked her 5 more times before she could recover. He decided however that he would stop at here at 20 with his hand as it was starting to go numb.

“Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, thank you master.” She cried out. He didn’t think she noticed that she counted fifteen twice. He would remedy that.

“Incorrect, slave! You counted fifteen twice. That last one was number twenty. Dammit, bitch. Even after I warned you, you still felt the need to disappoint me.” He roared as he tossed her to the floor on her very red ass.

“I’m sorry, my master. Please, I beg your forgiveness.” She was crying so hard it was hard for him to understand her, tears streaming down her face.

“SILENCE! I should start your punishment over since that is what I promised but my hand is tired from spanking you, plus you still have yet to receive your special punishment. I think I will be generous and simply add five to your sentence with the spatula.” He watched as a mix of fear, confusion and gratitude flooded her face.

“Thank you, my lord, thank you.” She said bowing her head to the floor.

“Get up, slave. It is not time to rest, yet.” He paused as she got to her feet.

“Remove my jeans. My cock is too hard to sit comfortably in them.” He continued, standing up as she came to him.

His cock sprang out of the jeans as she unzipped his pants. She gasped at the site.

“What is it, slave? What could possibly be so important that you risk angering me by not removing my pants completely? Make it good. I don’t have much lenience left for you tonight.” He said clearly showing his impatience for her.

“Sorry, my lord,” she said as she pushed his pants to his ankles, “It’s just that I have never had the pleasure of seeing you without underwear under your jeans before and never has your cock been this hard and red.”

He cock pulsed involuntarily after watching her moisten her lips. He knew she wanted him to put it into her mouth, but first her punishment to be finished.

“Very observant, my pet. It makes me very hard watching your ass turn red, hearing you gasp as my hand comes in contact with your warm flesh. You please me beyond words.”

He watched her breath quicken at his words, a joyous smile adorned her face. She opened her mouth as if to say something but he cut her off.

“Now give me that utensil and get back over my knee. I am ready to begin the last part of your punishment.”

She hesitated before handing him the spatula. She was scared but the juices he saw dripping down her thigh told him something complete different. He never thought he would enjoy this as much as he was. He needed to hurry with this last spanking. His cock was so hard it ached and he wanted release. Maybe he should have her suck him off before he continued. It would give her the time she needed to rest so she could endure his punishment much better and he would have plenty of time to regenerate while he took his time beating her ass.

“I’ve changed my mind, my pet. Even though you have been a naughty girl, I will allow you the pleasure of sucking my cock. You won’t stop until I have shot my cum into your belly and then you will clean me up. Now get to it.”

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