Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 02

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“Is this what you want piggy,” my wife asked sharply as she held Dave’s hard cock in her small manicured hand.

I looked up at her pretty eyes pleadingly. “Yes ma’am,” I replied softly as I hung my head in shame. Two day earlier in the heat of the moment during our first attempt at group sex I had sucked another man’s cock. It was something I had never imagined doing but I was drunk and it just sort of happened.

I was no longer drunk and yet I had agreed to be a sex slave for the night. I was not only subservient to my beautiful wife Kelly but to Dave as well.

Kelly stroked Dave’s big 10 inch cock as a stream of clear precum drooled from its head.

I felt conflicted and confused as I watched my wife stroke his big hard cock. My mouth watered as a drop of precum fell from his cock. I yearned to lick catch it in my mouth. I wanted to wrap my mouth around the thick bulbous head just like I had done two days earlier. I wanted his salty sweet precum to tickle my taste buds but I struggled with the belief that I was totally straight. I wasn’t attracted to Dave or any man for that matter. I didn’t want to kiss him or be intimate and affectionate with him. My desire was primal. It was raw and it was powerful. I wanted his cock and his cum and nothing more but I wanted it bad.

My cock was hard. It was so hard it hurt and I ached to touch it, to stroke it and to make it shoot cum. I needed relief but none was forthcoming. I knelt silently on the floor watching my wife stroke his big cock and waited for their next command.

The door opened and Sandy walked in with two well built young men and one slender effeminate man in tow. She was carrying a black gym bag as she walked over to me. Sandy reached inside the bag and pulled a studded black leather dog collar and a matching leash. She fastened the collar around my neck and hooked the leash to it. She let the leash drape over my shoulder and down my back. The pretty redhead then walked over to my wife and kissed her deeply.

I could gaziantep escort see their tongues entwine as they kissed passionately and my cock continued to throb.

Sandy broke off the kiss and walked over to the corner of the room. She pulled out a tripod and a video camera and set them up facing me.

A pit formed in my stomach as I though about being video taped. I wanted to run from the room. I wanted to hide but more than that I wanted to be used and humiliated.

“Beg for it piggy,” My wife ordered as she squeezed the thick shaft. A huge dollop of precum oozed from the purple head and sadly went to waste as it fell to the floor. My desire rose.

“Please mistress may I suck Master Dave’s big beautiful cock,” I said softly hoping the camera would not pick up my lust filled words.

“Speak up piggy,” Kelly yelled. “I don’t think the camera heard you.”

“Please mistress,” I said loudly, “please may I suck Master Dave’s big hard cock.”

“Perhaps,” she teased. “Tell me what you are piggy.”

“I am a cock sucking whore and I need to drink my master’s delicious cum,” I replied. I had forgotten all about the camera. My actions and my words were fueled by pure lust.

I heard rustling by the camera and I glanced over to see Sandy had shed her clothes and was naked with the three men she had walked in with. She bent over as one muscular guy stepped behind her and rubbed his cock across her swollen pussy lips. His muscular body was hairless and his cock was about 6 inches long with a very thick shaft and a slight curve. It was cut and the head glistened with a mix of Sandy’s juices and precum. He sank his hard meat into Sandy as another broad muscular guy moved in front of her and offered her his uncircumcised 7 inch cock.

The pretty redhead opened her mouth and took the juicy dick between her lips as I watched with envy.

Kelly walked over to the gym bad and pulled out a big 10 inch strap on dildo. She fastened the harness and coated the big jell cock with lube before walking over to me. Dave moved in front of me and waived his hard drooling cock in front of my face.

“Okay pig, it’s time for your treat,” he said as his cock head coated my lips with precum. “Open wide.”

I moaned loudly as his cock split my lips and tickled the back of my throat. Kelly moved behind me and rubbed the slick lubricated head of her strap on over my sensitive asshole. I had never had anyone play with my asshole before and the sensation was incredible. Kelly pressed her hips forward and her dildo started to penetrate me.

Pain mixed pleasure shot through my body and I moaned around Dave’s big cock.

“You like my cock in your ass don’t you piggy,” Kelly chided.

I nodded my head and moaned “yes,” as I slurped precum from the head of Dave’s big throbbing dick.

“Are you ready for more piggy?” she asked. “Are you ready to be fucked like a sissy cock whore?”

Her words shot through me like daggers. They were humiliating but true. “Yes mistress,” I said as I reluctantly took Dave’s dick from my mouth. “Please fuck me mistress. Please use me like a fuck toy mistress. I am a cock whore and I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck me hard mistress. Please.”

Kelly rammed her girl cock deep inside me as I sucked Dave’s cock back into my mouth. The feeling was intense as my wife fucked my virgin ass hard and fast while I sucked and slurped on Dave’s big cock. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the eroticism of slurping on a cock as my sexy wife fucked my virgin ass. I wrapped my right hand around the saliva slickened shaft as my head bobbed faster and faster over the head of Dave’s cock. I could hear his breathing become labored and erratic and I knew I would soon be rewarded with a big load of his delicious cream.

I felt a soft hand grasp my throbbing cock as Dave’s dick began to spit thick gobs of cum into my mouth. He filled my mouth with his seed as my wife fucked my ass and someone stroked my hard cock. I gulped and swallowed all of his warm thick load as the slender effeminate guy crawled underneath me and started sucking on my cock. We were in the 69 position so I quickly took his nice 7 inch circumcised dick into my mouth. His mouth was warm and his technique amazing. He took my tool down his throat as my wife continued to mercilessly fuck my asshole. Her girl cock stroked my prostate with each thrust and I knew I would cum quickly.

I held the hard 7 incher in my hand and started to lick it like a Popsicle. My tongue ran along the soft skin of his cock down to his smooth shaved balls and back up to the spongy purple head. I could feel the ridges and veins as I licked his hard dick and I knew I had to take it into my mouth. I parted my lips wide and let the warm hard rod graze my lips as I opened my throat. I pressed my mouth down his hard throbbing meat until my nose was pressed against his pelvis. My eyes watered as I fought my gag reflex.

Kelly continued to fuck my ass hard as he sucked my dick better than anyone else ever had. I felt my climax building and I quickly passed the point of no return due to their combined actions. My orgasm was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The pleasure started in my ass and spiraled outward until cu shot from my dick with such force that I feared it had exploded.

Kelly pulled her strap on from my ass and I rolled onto my back as the effeminate guy straddled my face so I could continue to suck his big hard dick. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and sucked on the soft spongy head as he fucked my mouth. I pumped his shaft faster and faster as he approached the abyss.

“Just like that baby,” he said as his climax neared. On whim I reached around his waist with my free hand and ticked his tender asshole with my fingertips. He went wild and thrust his cock down my throat hard three times before his cock erupted in my mouth. His cum tasted much sweeter than Dave’s and I gulped it down like the wanton cum slut I had become. I swallowed all of his delicious seed and then lay on the floor. I was exhausted and completely satisfied but my night was just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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