Don’t Fuck with the Chair Ch. 02

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OK, Here is part 2. I wrote this for a friend, and I’m posting it as its already done, as part ones ratings were an all time low for me. I don’t mind the low ratings as much as the complete lack of constructive criticism. If you want better things to read, tell authors what you like & don’t like.


So..a quick recap. My wife is a dirty slut who trapped me in a demented piece of furniture and raped my ass while I struggled uselessly

And I fucking loved it.

Wendy and I regressed to the Honeymoon of our marriage. I’ve always hated people smooching and playing grab-ass in public, and now we’re going at it like 16 year olds.

The day after ‘the incident’ as I think of it (maybe deflowering would be more accurate, but that sounds pretty gay) we drove to the local sexy toy shop and plunked down the flat screen fund on some lube, and toys.

Then we went home and did what I’m pretty sure no 16 year old has done.

I got into the doggy style position, in the reverse if usual. Or in English, I kneeled like the fucking bitch I’ve become. I was hit was a huge case of nerves. I mean, I’m no fruit loop, but it just felt so good.

Wendy put on the special belt doohickey we bought and slipped in Godzilla’ cock. It was big and green and menacing. I looked at Wendy and asked in a tiny voice, “Isn’t that a little big for me, doll?”

Wend smiled, and almost laughed. “Vic, this is an inch and a half by six inches. The same size you already had up your sweet butt, and smaller than your own, I may add.”

“It looks…gigantic,” I stuttered weakly.

Wendy just looked at me disdainfully and sniffed. “You can take it. and more. Besides, Lazlo is bigger than that.”

I drew up short. Lazlo was my wife’s crackpot inventor brother. Apparently the price of our new sexual awakening was my ass. A price I did NOT want to pay.

“Wendy,” I began. “I am not a fruit, like your nut ball brother is, and if I was…”

Wendy cut me off sharply by saying, “He is not a nut ball Vic. He is a very special person and you will NOT insult or belittle her in my presence!”

This was a much stronger side of Wendy than I’d ever seen. Her brother apparently must have been some sort of hot trigger for her. I mean, she’d get pissed when I referred to her sister as a fat toad, but not like this.

I rolled over onto my back, and sat up. “Wendy, what is going on here? You’re never like this, and just how do you know how big Lazlo’s dick is?”

Wendy began to pace. “Lazlo has always been….special. When I was 19 and he was 18, he came to my room one night to talk to me when no onewas home. He asked me how could he know if he was gay.”

Wendy continued to pace. “We talked about women, and if he got excited when a girl got naked. When he told me he’d never seen a naked girl to know, I stripped for him.”

Wendy put her hands over her eyes, seemingly afraid to look at me. After a pregnant pause, she continued, “We found out a lot about each other that night. Lazlo isn’t gay so much as bisexual I guess. And he prefers the name Layla when we’re alone.”

I froze for a second, confused. I looked up and said “Wendy, Layla is a girls name.”

Wendy turned away, still covering her eyes. “Layla is what most people call a she male. One of her inventions has allowed her to develop breasts, and sculpt her body. She wears a wig and shapeless men’s clothing around the family, as she embarrassed to tell them what she is.”

“Your brother is actually a fruity sister?” I blurted. It actually made sense, in a way it explained adana escort why he never seemed to spend any time around the family except the minimum required, and how he flinched from being touched. Well, she flinched, I guess.

Wendy spun around and fixed me with an icy glare. “Layla is a she, and you will treat her with the respect she deserves!” With that, she stormed out of the room.

The rest of the evening I spent in the doghouse. Sex was clearly off the table. When I climbed into bed after her, I put my hand on her ass and she actually growled at me. Fuck!

The next morning was Saturday. I woke up to no breakfast, and an empty apartment. OK, shit got serious. I need my bacon.

After going out for a bacony breakfast, I picked up two bouquets. 1 for Wendy one for Lazlo, or Layla, as I guess I should think of her.

When I returned home, Wendy was in the sex chair, clothed, and watching “Big Bang Theory.” My wife may have odd tastes in certain things but at least she can watch decent TV.

I presented her with a bouquet and held the other in reserve. As I used the flower ploy before, she looked skeptical. Before she could say anything, i smiled, and said, “These are for your new sister, when she arrives.”

Judging by the huge smile, and Wendy launching herself from the chair, my plan worked.

After one of those days where I was forced to help clean the house, Wendy walked me into the bathroom and ordered me to strip.

Once I was bare ass naked, I was ordered into the tub where some nasty lotion was spread on my twig and berries. It assaulted my eyes and nose.

“Wendy, what is this crap?” I politely inquired.

“It’s nair, hon,” she replied nonchalantly.

“Nair? I don’t mind shaving the boys, but why does my Johnson need to be clean?” I queried.

“Hair in the teeth,” was Wendy’s succinct answer.

I shut up at that point, as I realized hair in the teeth meant blow jobs. And my motto has always been there is no such thing as a bad blowjob.

After I was showered, and forced to experience an enema. I won’t share that, as if you’ve ever experienced mud butt, it’s like that, but with happier ending.

I put on my robe, and before I could do much else, the doorbell rang. I went to answer it, and Layla was there.

And I do mean Layla. She was breathtaking. About 5’6, 135, with spiky red hair and some of the juiciest boobs I’ve ever seen. Before I could mumble “Holy Shit!” she breezed in with a sexy strut.

I scrambled for her bouquet, and presented it like a 8 year old giving the teacher he popped his first bone on a Christmas gift.

She smiled a breathtaking smile, and in an erection inspiring voice said, “Vic, you big sweetie, that’s so nice of you.”

I’m guessing she didn’t notice the nice hard log now sticking out of my robe.

I tried not to swallow my tongue, and asked “How did you become so beautiful?”

Layla smiled and said, “You should never ask a lady her age, weight, or beauty routines.” She then strutted off to the bedroom, while I scampered after her like a puppy.

I sat on the bed whole the two ladies exchanged pleasantries. I kept the robe on, as I wasn’t sure what the agenda was, but I covered my raging bull.

They finalized turned to me, reached behind each other, and unzipped each other. The dresses (and my jaw dropped). Not only did my lovely wife now have a pierced navel, Layla has an erection that made my 7 inches look like a pygmy’s pole.

As she climbed on the bed, I almost eskişehir escort slid away in fear at her giant cock. Despite my fear though, was a wonder and a craving to feel it in my ass.

We all sat there for a moment, looking at each other. Awkward.

Wendy broke the ice, “I know this is weird. What is three way etiquette? Well, I say we start with some Suckies. Vic, you suck Layla, I’ll suck you, and Layla, well, ya got me on my knees, Layla, and in begging baby please.”

My head popped up like a pup hearing a treat bag, “Um…you want me to suck cock? That’s…um,”

Wendy cut me off, “You had a dildo in your ass, and later you’re getting a cock. Don’t be a fucking prude.”

Well, she had a point there.

I slid down to address Layla’s lady lump, as it were. It strongly resembled a large purple snake, with one eye that was discharging. I tentatively touched the pearly droplet with my tongue. It tasted musky, yet tantalizingly sweet.

I licked away the rest of the droplet, and then, feeling braver, engulfed the head. Before I could even lick it, Layla’s hard cock surged into my mouth and throat, making me gag and tear up a bit.

I tried to pull back but Layla held my head. I began to see stars, so I basically jammed my fingers, trying to squeeze her nuts. I instead wound up inserting my finger up her ass.

She moaned, and backed onto my finger, releasing my head. I pulled back,and withdrew my finger.

“Damn it woman, let me breath, I’m new at this!” I bellowed.

Layla looked shocked for a moment, and then hugged me tightly. To quote a friend “Bitches be crazy.”

While she embraced me, I blurted out “What are you hugging me for you crazy bitch?”

This caused her to hug me harder. I looked at Wendy who was tearing up and looked to want to join in the hug, “What is with you girls?”

This did cause Wendy to clasp both of us. “Don’t you get it Vic? In the last 30 seconds, you called her a woman, a bitch and a girl. You’ve accepted her as a woman, which is what she desperately wants!”

I hugged the two sobbing women, and was still a bit confused. It wasn’t a conscious decision. She had big old titties, so I think girl. That’s how I’m wired. Whatever. Bitches be crazy is going to be my motto from now on.

When they finished with the waterworks, both of them regrouped around my cock. I was then treated to a slow, languorous suck job with 4 lips and two tongues. To say it was ecstatically delicious is an understatement.

I eventually blew my load with a roar and a com gush, and was treated to a three way snowball. I must admit, despite cum being salty snot like, the whole experience was kinda hot, especially when it dripped into my chest hair, and the ladies liked it off while licking and chewing my nipples. I felt like a king.

Wendy then had Layla lean back, and with a lot of guidance, I restarted my first blow job. I learned tricks years of masturbation had not taught.

I decided to freestyle after a bit, and try Wendy’s tricks and my own. I began to lave the base of Layla’s shaft while I stoked her taint and hole. Wendy wiggled away, and I soon felt her mimic my behavior on my own unit.

Layla began to shove my head down, but this time I was prepared. I swallowed and put my finger up her asshole. With a strangled cry, her cock began to pulse in my throat and she shot directly into my belly.

She fell back with a satisfied groan, and Wendy, who had been more playing than sucking me, climbed up to snuggle with sakarya escort her sister. I crawled up and snuggled with them.

After a moment, Wendy got up and left the room. She returned a few minutes later with three flutes of pink champagne and some warm wet wash cloths. We toasted to good orgasms, and the girls light heatedly ribbed me about my first deep throat and swallow.

We began to caress, and kiss, and Layla and I both raised to a full and upright position, as the stewardesses like to say . Wendy hot into the classic doggy style position, and handed me a tube of lube. I gently greased and fingered her clutching bung while she bounced her delicious rump in anticipation.

Wendy began humping back at my three inserted fingers, and gently moaning. She then reached back with both hands and spread her delicious cheeks, and cried, “Fuck my ass, Vic. Put that thing in and pump me full!.”

I inserted the tip, and began to slowly pump in and out of her ass. As the last time I did this I was quite distracted, I went slowly, savoring it until I was buried in her clutching bowels.

It felt amazing tight, and her reveal walls were squeezing me and rippling up and down on my shaft. As I was preparing to pump her, I felt Layla begin to prep my ass.

I continued to stroke in and out, and I felt Layla fingers open me. After a few minutes, she whispered in my ear, “Bottom out in her baby. Balls deep.”

I sunk fully in, and felt Wendy’s asshole nip in at the base of my cock, it felt awesome. Then I felt the blunted tip of Layla’s formidable meat touch my asshole.

My hole quickly clenched in fear. Layla pulled back, and rubbed my back while whispering for me to give Wendy a few more strokes, as I did Layla continued to probe and rub. After a deep thrust, I withdrew, pushing my hole onto Layla’s cockhead, which popped in with a bit of pain.

I winces, and froze. Layla held up as well, and kept rubbing my lower back,whispering to relax.

After a minute or so she began to strike in and out. It honestly felt like a 747 trying to land in my dumper. I tried to relax, and push out as Layla suggested.

My asshole began to relax, and as it did, I began to move back and forth, fucking Wendy on the in stroke, and Layla on the out.

My mind went blank as I was just living for the pleasure. I began pumping back and forth blindly as my body felt nothing but the most incredible pleasure.

I felt my climax swiftly approaching and was almost saddened. I was experiencing pure joy and lust and didn’t want it to end. And then my world seem to smash and shatter like it was made of glass, as I thrust balls deep into Wendy, and Layla bottomed out in me, and we both began to pump out an inhuman amount of semen, if the puddles afterward were to be judged.

My next conscious thought was the Wendy must be smoothed flat, as Layla was collapsed on my back, and we were both on Wendy.

I tried to free myself, and Layla groaned, “No lover, cuddle me.” Damn women always want to cuddle. I just want to pee and have a beer, but in this case, I was pretty sure my legs were no longer functioning.

At this point, I heard Wendy from somewhere under me, groan out, “Get the fuck off me before my tits burst!”

Ah, my previously shy cat is turning into a leopard with spots! I pushed Layla off, which wound up rolling her off the bed. As she fell, she grabbed the closest thing, which was my leg, and I went ass over tea kettle and landed on her on the floor.

All three of us began to laugh, until Layla laughed out, “Get the fuck off me before my tits burst!”

I rolled off and we all laughed even harder. After all of us were plain laughed out, Layla and I crawled back into bed, and the three of us snuggles.

We were all murmuring how wonderful it was, until I heard Layla finally mumble, “Let’s go again, but I want to be in the middle.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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