Don’t Stand So Close To Me Ch. 05

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Naomi’s hands shook as she fastened the pearl necklace her parents gave her for graduation. Even though she’d already been with Erik once, she was so nervous. The last time it had just happened, before she could think about it. As she pulled on her seamed stockings and straightened the small straps of her black dress, she was plagued by serious doubts.

What if she only felt more attached afterwards? Naomi was absolutely terrified to say good-bye to Erik for the last time. Still, she felt drawn to her teacher. She couldn’t wait to be near him again. Her pussy twitched and her knees buckled as she remembered the scent and taste of him on her lips.

Naomi almost stumbled in her heels as she walked out to her car. She was lucky that her parents were out of town again and that she could have the entire night alone with Erik. As Naomi settled herself into the driver’s seat, she took a few deep breaths.

“It’s just Erik,” Naomi chided herself. The young woman’s thoughts lingered on Erik’s body, and how strong his arms felt. She felt utterly helpless when he held her tightly against his chest. Naomi giggled in anticipation as she felt her panties dampen, and her stomach fluttered with nerves.

It took every ounce of determination to continue on as Naomi drove closer to Erik’s house. She had no idea what to expect when she arrived, she only knew that Erik told her to be ready for a nice dinner when she had called three days earlier. Would he actually take her somewhere, in public? Or would they stay at his house? And most importantly, would Erik let her fuck him? Naomi shivered at the thought, not really knowing what she would do in any of those situations.

The truth was that Naomi was feeling almost as anxious now as she had during her first detention. Enough time had passed that she no longer felt consumed by her teacher whenever she thought of him or walked into his classroom, and she felt naughty for wanting this last “date.”

‘You asked for this,’ the girl thought to herself as she pulled into Erik’s driveway. Naomi took a moment to regain her composure. Then with poise and grace she approached her teacher’s house for the last time.

The smell of dinner permeated Erik’s house as he finished setting his dining room table in preparation for Naomi’s arrival. It had been many weeks since she had last been over and it surprised him how anxious he was to see her. Erik had spent most of the afternoon preparing a fabulous meal and now that it was done he hurried upstairs to finish getting ready.

‘Just relax, everything is going to be perfect,’ he thought to himself. Erik had initially been concerned about this evening. He was worried that Naomi might become emotional and inconsolable when it was time for her to go. He had a real soft spot for his favorite student and when she started crying he found his resolve to be less than steel. His nervousness at the prospect of this goodbye dinner had faded substantially over the intervening months since their last encounter. It was replaced by that burning hunger young Naomi inspired in her creative writing teacher.

For weeks their only contact was at school in class. Erik had watched her everyday; laughing with her friends; sitting there in her desk listening innocently to his lectures; going about her life as if nothing had ever happened between them. It was driving him crazy! She looked so sexy in her stylish clothes. Erik found himself daydreaming of the contours of her body; remembering her tanned skin, concealed just below the surface of her clothes. As the weeks dragged on, Mr. Alberts’ lust grew to the point where he felt consumed by it.

Naomi had called him three days ago to confirm that they were still on for dinner and had told him that her parents were out of town for the weekend. Erik had instructed her to prepare for a nice dinner and told her to come to his house without a moments pause. He couldn’t wait to have her writhing beneath him again and the plus that her parents were out of town meant that he wouldn’t have to worry about stopping until his lust was fully satisfied. He was so turned on by Naomi that he no longer cared about the emotional fallout that was sure to follow. He needed her and by night’s end he would have her.

Naomi arrived on time in a classically sexy black dress and nervously Escort bayan rang Mr. Alberts’ doorbell. When he opened the door he was struck by her beauty and he freely allowed his smoldering eyes to wander the length of her form before meeting her eyes and smiling. Naomi could see the unmasked desire on his face as he stepped back and gestured towards her. “Hello Naomi,” he said, “Please, come in.”

He led her directly to the table and immediately served dinner. As the two of them ate dinner they carried on a pleasant conversation. Naomi asked about his trip to Italy and Erik told her about his previous trip to Europe and described what it was like abroad. When they were finished, Erik led Naomi to his study with a bottle of wine telling her he could clear the table later. He poured her a small glass, not wanting her too drunk for the night’s fun, and they sat close together on his comfortable couch and he asked her about college and her plans for the fall.

For the next fifteen minutes, Naomi talked about her plans for moving and how much she was both excited and scared at the same time. Suddenly, she noticed that Erik didn’t seem to be listening to her anymore. His breathing was heavy and his eyes had this fiery look to them and he appeared to be just watching Naomi’s lips move. When, distracted by the realization, she stumbled on her words and stuttered, Erik leaned in with a little groan and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Naomi was stunned and breathless at the force of the kiss. For a few moments her eyes remained open and wide as her teacher pressed his large body against her tiny form. As his arms circled her, her eyelids fluttered closed and she gave in to the sensations Erik’s lips were causing throughout her body.

Erik pulled the girl into his embrace and his hands roamed up and down her back as his tongue penetrated her mouth. Naomi moaned as Erik’s right hand slid down to her hip and squeezed. He broke their kiss and began licking and nibbling just beneath her jaw along her neck as she panted to catch her breath. His hands came together against her clavicles and spread apart. The light touch sent chills down her spine as he pulled the strap from her shoulders. His hands continued to pull the dress down her front as his lips trailed lower. He exposed her breasts to the open air and immediately began licking and sucking the globes while Naomi gasped and ran her fingers into his hair. She stuck her chest out and pulled his head close as her bottom began to grind into the couch. Her panties were soaked and Erik’s urgency was driving her mad.

He twisted her body so her back was no longer supported by the couch and he leaned across her. She fell back prone with his weight on top of her and he brought his lips back to hers as he forced one of his thighs between her legs. Her dress rode up until his slacks were touching her soaked satin panties, grinding into her mound which elicited a sharp gasp from the young girl. She couldn’t catch her breath and she could sense his animalistic need as he kissed her. His hands roamed everywhere, pinching her nipples before sliding between their bodies and teasing her clit through her panties.

Erik suddenly lifted himself off her and she felt strangely light with his weight gone. With a growl he slid down her body and spread her thighs wide. His mouth replaced his thigh and he pulled her panties aside before pressing his face against her wet, hairless pussy. Naomi moaned loudly as Erik’s tongue entered her. His strong hands held her hips and pinned them against his face and her own hands came up to pull at her nipples. She ground her pelvic bone against his nose as squirmed as he used his tongue like a small red penis. Her stocking covered thighs captured his head as he sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.

“Oh YES!” she shouted. “It feels so good Mr. Alberts! Don’t stop, please god don’t stop”

If Erik heard her or even understood her, he gave no indication. He was possessed. He was consumed by his desire for this girl. She tasted better than anything he had ever had in his mouth. He licked and slurped as if he was dying of thirst. He gently nibbled on her clit and was thrilled when her hips jumped off the couch and into his face. Her orgasm surprised them both. She let out a loud yell Bayan escort as every muscle in her body went rigid. Her hands pulled his face tightly against her. His nose was pressed against her hairless mound and his chin was pressing into her opening. Erik couldn’t breath with her thighs closed around his head but he made no move to get up. He just kept licking up the flood of juices she suddenly poured forth. After a few moments she collapsed into the soft sofa. Her eyes were closed; the wonderful dress was pulled below her breasts and bunched at her waste. Her panties remained off to one side of her swollen, glistening lips. Erik rose up and began unzipping his pants. He pulled out his hard cock and leaned over the panting girl. Her eyes flew open as she felt the soft head of his penis against her lips. She saw him towering over her, his face twisted with need and covered in her juices. She opened her mouth wide and took him inside as he let out a low moan.

His hips began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue worked all around his shaft as he fucked her face. He was grunting with each thrust, pushing deep into her mouth. A couple of times he struck the back of her throat, causing her to gag, but she was so swept away by his passion that she didn’t care. She was overwhelmed by desire and all she cared about was getting him off; feeling his cum splashing the back of her throat. She began moaning against his cock and she twisted her body so she could run her hands along his thighs and ass. She worked his pants and underwear down his legs and began dragging her fingernails along his skin. That did the trick.

“Aaagghh!” he shouted as his cock jerked in her mouth. Moments later she was practically choking as her mouth was filled with his salty fluid. She gurgled happily and rapidly swallowed without losing a drop. She pulled her head back and captured the head between her lips, gently sucking which caused his knees to shake and then buckle completely. He let himself fall all the way to the floor in front of her and caught his breath.

Naomi giggled and said, “Wow, that was kinda hot.”

Panting, Erik looked at her with a slight grin and said, “Just you wait.”

He stood up and stepped free of his pants, then scooped her up and carried her upstairs taking the steps two at a time. Naomi squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck. She loved the way he carried her as if she weighed nothing and being tucked against his strong chest made her feel safe. When they reached his bedroom, Erik tossed Naomi onto his black satin sheets. The girl landed with a sharp cry of surprise and bounced several times while Erik peeled out of the rest of his clothes. Erik’s shirt was still in the air when he stepped to the bed, grabbed Naomi by an ankle and pulled her across the sheets until her ass was almost off the bed.

His eyes shown with an animal need as he yanked her panties down her legs. Erik lifted her with one arm under her lower back and pulled the tight dress over her head before tossing it into the darkness of a corner. Unceremoniously, he released her torso and let her fall back onto the bed as he grabbed her legs.

Erik had never been so rough with her in their previous encounters, but rather than be scared by the behavior, Naomi found herself incredibly wet. She could almost taste his need! She couldn’t help but be swept away by it.

Erik took hold of both of her shapely calves and pushed them backwards, extending her tanned legs straight over the top of her body above her breasts. Her hips and ass rolled upward, pointing toward the hard tool that loomed mere inches above. Without using his hands, Erik managed to find Naomi’s wet opening and in one hard thrust, buried himself to the hilt inside her.

“UUNNNGGGGHHHH!” she grunted in mixed shock and pain as he bottomed out in her tight hole. She had never had anything this deep inside her before and was completely unprepared for the savage way he was attacking her inexperienced pussy. Erik pulled out of her almost all the way before ramming back into her, setting up a fast and powerful rhythm. He fucked down into her body with abandon while holding her legs back.

“OH! Oh god!” Naomi moaned as the sensation of being ravaged became more and more pleasurable. “Oh yes, Sir! Oh it feels so good. Don’t Escort stop. Don’t stop fucking me!!”

If Erik heard or understood her he gave no indication. His whole body was covered in sweat from the exertion. He was no longer aware of his surroundings. His whole mind seemed to have shut down. His focus had narrowed so that the only thing he knew was the feeling of Naomi’s hot, tight pussy clamping down around his cock as it jack hammered inside her. Her moans fell on deaf ears as he frantically rammed himself as deep as humanly possible before retreating to the limits of his length and penetrating her again.

Time lost all meaning to the both of them as he tirelessly fucked his gorgeous former student. When Naomi’s orgasm took her, it came with such force that her back arched up off the bed and stars exploded behind her eyes. Her fingernails tore holes in his bed sheets and she screamed in ecstasy.

“Oh oh OH! AAAAHHHHH!!!” Naomi yelled! “Oh please YES!!” Her throat was hoarse from the force of her scream.

Her loud cry was enough to snap Erik back to his senses and he slowed to a stop inside her. He let go of her legs and they fell limply to the bed. Naomi lay beneath him, her hips still gyrating slowly and a satisfied smile on her pretty lips. Her eyes remained closed until she felt Erik’s still hard cock pull completely free of her tunnel. She opened her mouth to protest when she saw him gesture to his wet pole. She knew instantly what he wanted and she sat up with a playful smile and took hold of his erection at the base.

“I will suck on it for you, Mr. Alberts,” Naomi began in her best little girl voice, “but I want you inside me again. Please don’t cum in my mouth, Sir! I need you to fuck me again.” And with a wink she took him all the way to the back of her throat. She loved the taste of her orgasm mingled with his own precum and sweat. She greedily cleaned every inch of his cock. Naomi was so carried away that she was startled when Erik suddenly pulled her sharply away from his twitching dick. The head was swollen and the whole thing was jumping around on its own. She realized that he was about to cum and fully expected to be blasted by sticky white ropes in mere moments, but none came.

Erik’s brow was crinkled in concentration and every muscle in his body was tense as he fought off the impending orgasm. After a few moments he had regained control of himself and was able to let out a shaky breath before opening his eyes and looking down at Naomi, who from the looks of it was thoroughly amused watching him.

Erik couldn’t help but grin at her as he slid into bed. He pulled her naked body against his and began kissing her. The two lovers lay together, their sweat coated bodies sliding together as they passionately kissed. Every inch of their skin was electrified as they squirmed in each other’s embrace. Erik rolled on top of her and her tiny hand guided his penis back into her depths. She sighed into his mouth as he eased into her again.

This time was slower and much more intimate. Her nipples were hard points against his chest as they found a rhythm together. He slid in and out of her tight pussy while her hips rose to meet his thrusts. They were both moaning from the back of their throats as their kiss continued.

More and more, their passion built as they continued to enjoy each other’s bodies. The pleasure was intense; their breathing was labored as she wrapped her toned legs around his waist. Erik broke their kiss and began exploring her neck with his teeth and lips.

“Oh yes, Erik!” she moaned, “Oh it all feels so good. You are going to make me cum again. I’m so close.”

Erik was close too and with a disappointed grunt he began backing his cock out of her furnace, but she tightened her thighs around him so that he couldn’t pull out. “Naomi, what are you doing, I’m going to cum!”

“Inside me!” she panted, “I’m on the pill. Please! I want to feel it inside!” Her fingernails dug into his ass like spurs and he slid back inside her. It was all too much for Erik and he ground his pelvic bone tightly against her clit as he cried out with his own orgasm

“Oh fuck, Naomi!! ArrrrggGGGHHHH!” he shouted. His cock began twitching like a machine gun. Cum splashed inside Naomi over and over again. As soon as she felt the wet warmth of him exploding inside her it triggered her third orgasm of the night. She moaned in ecstasy as they came together.

The two lovers lay there, his softening penis still inside her as they caught their breath and held each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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