Doug and Diane Ch. 02

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Ding dong…

Diane jolted up in bed. “Mark!” She thought. “Oh crap, it’s 7 and he’s here to pick me up for his frat party.”

In a panic she dove for the robe puddled on the floor where she’d left it, pausing as she felt a twinge in her bruised pussy remembering… She collected herself, threw on the robe and ran downstairs to the front door which she yanked open.

“Mark, I’m so sorry,” She said “I wasn’t feeling well so I took a nap. Let me take a quick shower and get dressed. I’ll be just 20 minutes.” Diane noticed that Mark looked particularly good in his tight tee-shirt and tight jeans.

Mark went to the state college in the next town over. He was in his junior year and Diane felt flattered that a guy as good looking and as mature would be interested in a mere high-school senior when they met 6 months earlier, but Diane was not your basic teenager. Her 5 foot 7 frame and golden hair would have been enough to attract just about any guy around, but her slender torso topped with those large perky mounds of flesh jutting out from her chest and her tight butt drew Mark instantly to her when he first saw her. She was volunteering as a counselor at the youth summer camp for intercity kids making jewelry from stones. She had tiny cutoffs and wearing a snugly tied bandana as a halter top made him forget why he was there in the first place. He walked right up to her and asked her out right on the spot without any small talk. Diane surprised herself by saying yes immediately. Mark did not seem put off in the least that she was 17 and he was 21 and made no moves on her for the first months they went out. Mark wasn’t able to get away when she had her 18th birthday as it was midterm week, but he had arranged for a special dinner to celebrate the following weekend. When he came to pick her up at her home, he found the front door open with a note that read: Come on up – I’m getting ready. “Diane?” he called as he leaned in. Not hearing an answer, he climbed the stairs to her room, opened her bedroom door and found her lying naked on the covers of her bed with a shy smile on her face.

“I know we have dinner reservations, but I just couldn’t decide what to wear…wanting to please you and all…” Diane said plaintively, “so I thought you could pick something out.” She watched as Mark’s jaw closed back up. “Here, I’ll get up and show you what I narrowed it down to.” She started to get up, but Mark stopped her.

“Stay there, we have time.” Mark replied as he walked to the bed removing his shirt. “I think perhaps we can do the dinner another night.”

Diane looked at his six-pack abs and his defined chest and knew this was going to be a good night. She watched as he undid his belt pulling it out and dropping it to the floor. He stared at her eyes as he slowly undid the buttons on his jeans…slid them down slowly over his hips revealing his red plaid boxers. As he stepped out of his jeans she noticed a nice bulge starting to tent his boxers and as she watched, she moaned when the bulbous head popped through the opening in the front.

Mark looked down at his rising member and grinned at Diane. “I think you are about to meet a new friend.” He laughed. “I think you should take off the rest…” as he walked over to the bed. He watched her breasts jiggle as she scooted over to the edge of the bed and swung her feet to the floor. He caught a glimpse of her tight pussy lips framed by the golden curls and thought he had to be the luckiest man on Earth.

Diane was mesmerized by Mark’s woody bouncing in front of her as he brazenly came closer. He made no move to cover up and seemed proud of the protrusion from his underwear. Mark stopped with his hard cock inches from her face with his hands on his hips. He noticed that Diane had not once looked away from his stiff rod the entire time.

“OK, you feel like finishing the unwrapping?” Mark asked.

Diane looked up and him and back down to his cock right in front of her face. “It’s beautiful…so firm looking…so stiff.” She gingerly grabbed the waistband and started to pull the boxers off. but when she saw they would not go around his erection, she found herself grasping it with her right hand and pushing it back into the opening, listening to Mark’s breathing become quicker, then she was able to pull the waistband over the large purple head. She pushed the underpants all the way to his ankles but that meant she had to press her face right against his stiff dick and feel his pubic hair tickle her face. She took in a deep breath of his musky smell and felt her juices Kadıköy Escort start to flow. She leaned back and took hold of his cock again and started to stroke it. “So, this is a circumcised penis?”

“Yep. You like?” Mark replied softly. “You should taste it.”

Diane looked at him. “I’ve never done this before. You need to tell me what you like.”

“Just lick the head at first, then start sucking on the head. You do not want to use teeth, but when you feel comfortable, put as much in your mouth as you feel like…yes, that’s it…use your tongue…ohhhh…yessss…I’m going to push a little and just stop me if it is too much…uhhhh…wrap your lips tightly…yes…yessss. That’s it.” Mark was starting to thrust his hips harder and harder and was amazed that Diane kept sucking on his cock no matter how deep he got. He felt her hands on his ass…clutching and pulling him in deeper. Mark’s hands found their way down to those gravity defying breasts and started to squeeze them and gently pinch the rock-hard nipples. Diane’s tongue licked and pressed in waves against the underside of his penis. Soon he was pumping into her mouth with a steady rhythm amazed at how great a cocksucker she was and was overcome with a feeling of power over the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

At first Diane was hesitant to put such a big stiff rod in her mouth but when she tasted the head with the leaking pre-cum she found she wanted more. At first she focused on exploring the hot spongy crown with her lips and tongue, but it was the musky smell that was so erotic. She wasn’t done exploring with her tongue when Mark started pushing his cock farther into her mouth. At first Diane was afraid she was going to gag, but realized if she relaxed the feeling of the soft head against the back of her throat was exciting, plus when her nose was buried in his pubic hair the experience was almost too much. The aroma and Mark’s pulling on her nipples brought on her first orgasm without even touching herself…though her hand dove down to stroke to the finish.

“Mmmfff…mmmmmm.” Diane moaned. “Oh my God!” Mark yelled as he tried to push her face away so as to not shoot his cum down her throat. Diane gripped his ass tighter with her left hand and buried her lips all the way to the base of his cock, reached up and felt his balls with her right as they emptied their load into her stomach. She bobbed her head licking and sucking all the cum out of him and didn’t stop until Mark abruptly pulled away and staggered backwards, plopping on the floor with a thud.

“Holy crap! I’ve never ever hand a blow job as good as that. Perhaps never came as hard either. When you came and moaned on my cock it felt like an electric shock when through me.” Mark reeled to his feet and flopped down on the bed. “You seriously have never given a guy a blow job before?”

“I’ve never seen or touched a penis before…so no. I guess I got it right.”

“I’m sorry I came in your mouth,” Mark said “that was rude.”

“Nonsense. I wanted you to. What is the point otherwise, plus I want to see what it tasted like, though as most went down my throat I just tasted the last bit.”

“Did you like it?” Mark asked.

“I did. It is slightly salty and full bodied, with a hint of pepper.” Diane laughed. “Actually it was OK. I liked the feeling of power over you when I was doing that.” Diane reached over and felt the much smaller and limper penis…stroking it and rolling it around in her hand, fascinated how something that small and limp could get so big and stiff.

Mark burst out laughing. “You’re kidding, right? I had my dick down your throat and you felt like you had power over me? I actually was thinking how I had power over you.”

Diane laughed, “I had you right where I wanted you…or I should say one of the places I wanted you…” She felt his cock start to grow in her hand. “Looky here, I think my new friend wants to explore new terrain.” She leaned over on the bed and took the hardening penis in her mouth so she could feel it grow.

Mark pulled her off his cock, pushed her onto her back and mashed his lips against hers, his tongue pushing past her lips until she opened her mouth fully accepting his probes.

When they broke for air, Diane said “You should have let me rinse my mouth out first.”

“After what you did, no way. I needed to kiss you and taste your mouth. Are you ready?”

Mark was grinding his hard rod against her wet pussy feeling it slide along the well-lubricated slit. Diane reached down, grasping the rigid Ataşehir Escort member and slid the head across her clit and slit feeling electric shocks shooting through her groin..she kept doing that over and over and her breathing became more ragged. Just as she started to cum, Mark drove his cock into her and past her hymen. Diane wrapped her legs and arms around Mark and ground her pubic bone and whole body against him. “Ooooohhhh my Godddd, ooohhhhhhhh.”

Mark couldn’t believe how strong Diane was and how he couldn’t move. Finally she released him with her legs. “That was incredible, you should be a doctor…”

Mark started pumping in and out of her marveling at how tight her virgin hole felt. “Why do you say that?” He panted.

“Because popping my cherry at the right time sure made the pain go away fast. If my dentist could only use this technique…now focus on what you need…this feels so good when you drive that rod into me.”

Mark leaned into Diane with his arms straight looking down at her mounds sloshing up and down as he pounded into her. Diane looked at his tanned muscular chest right in front of her face and lifting her head, took one of his nipples in her mouth. As she flicked her tongue across the hardening flesh she hear Mark encourage her with his moans and heavy breathing. Diane pulled her mouth away and said “Cum inside me, it is not my fertile time…just enjoy everything.” She went back to sucking on his nipple while playing with the other nipple with her right hand.

Soon Mark felt that familiar feeling in his balls and drove even harder into Diane’s tight slot. “Yesssssss…ahhhh…ahhhhh…uhhh…uhhh…godddddd!” He panted as he shot spurt after spurt into Diane’s virgin womb. After 10 hard thrusts driving his sperm deep into her he collapsed on top of her, their sweat mingling as he slip off her chest with his penis still buried deep inside her. “Oh my God, that was incredible.” He said. I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you wearing that skimpy halter and those cutoffs. “Happy birthday by the way.” He laughed.

Soon his softened cock slipped out of her and Diane rolled off the bed to go clean up. She came back with a washcloth and a towel and as Mark reached for it, she said “I’ve got this.” and washed and dried his now very flaccid penis.

“Did you want to still go out and get something to eat?” Mark asked. “I’m sure something is open…by the way, when are you parents getting home?”

“Not until Sunday, they went to see my grandmother this weekend…not very bright leaving me home alone right after I became legal.” Diane laughed. “They did say they trusted me…hmmmm. But I can fix something to eat, you stay here I’ll be back.” Diane got off the bed and walked naked downstairs.

Mark listened to the activity in the kitchen and thought about going down to help but soon he was asleep.

“Wake up sweetie, I have sustenance…” Mark woke to see Diane holding a tray with eggs, toast, bacon and orange juice still buck naked, which made his cock twitch again. “Easy boy, let’s eat before you work up another appetite.”

That night Mark showed Diane every position he could think of before finally they both passed out and slept until 2 PM the next day.

“So, what position did you like the best?” Mark asked.

“Me on top facing you. I love it when you play with my nipples…and my ass…while I grind my clit into your pubic bone. I’m getting wet again, just thinking about it. What did you like the best?”

“I loved it all…but when I took your cherry and you almost broke my back, that was intense.” Mark said.

By the time Diane’s parents returned home, Mark was gone, the sheets washed and all traces of the weekend were cleaned up.

So when Mark looked at Diane in the bathrobe, naked under it, he thought back to the best weekend of sex he’d ever had. Without even closing the front door he untied the sash, slipped the robe off her shoulders and looked at the goddess standing before him. He kissed her lips with his hands on the small of her back feeling her heat. Then as he slipped his fingers across her tight butt he kissed his way down her neck…throat…chest, down to her hardening nipples which he alternately sucked one after the other into his mouth, flicking them with his tongue.

Diane moaned, but abruptly pushed him away thinking that Doug was just recently sucking on them and something about that didn’t seem right.

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked “Are you parents home?”

“No, they are gone again, but Maltepe Escort I am standing naked in my front door and as much as I’m sure old perv Mr. Harris across the street is loving this…” Diane said as she pulled him into the house and swung the door closed. “Let me shower and we can go to your party. You can wait down here or up in my room.” With that she bent down and picked up her robe and without putting it on ran up the stairs two at a time.

By the time Mark moved and got up the stairs he could hear the water running in the shower, so adjusting his raging woody, he flopped down on the bed to wait.

20 minutes later Diane emerged from her bathroom looking radiant and fresh. “Let me get dressed and we can go.” She said as she turned to dresser to get her bra and panties. She felt Mark’s arm come around her gripping her breasts and his hard cock against her ass. “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?” Diane cooed like Mae West as she wiggled her butt against his hard rod. “But we don’t have time, we have to go. Your brothers will not be happy if you miss the party.”

“We have time for a quickie,” Mark replied, “we can be fashionably late. In fact Ed predicted that this would happen anyhow.”

“What?” You told them about us…us having had sex?” Diane demanded.

“Well not in so many words, but no way could I get back after being gone the entire weekend without them knowing, so I didn’t lie. what was I supposed to say?”

“I don’t know. I cannot go tonight…face them, I am so embarrassed. They must think I’m a sex-crazed slut.” Diane said softly. “Maybe we should just stay here…if we do anything and we are late, you will just brag that you nailed me before we left to your guys.”

“No, please. It is not like that. There was no criticism or leering, it was just my brothers asking about my life. Which happened to be the most incredible weekend of my life. They like you and no one is going to judge you since you are now a woman. I’m sure they are all in sexual relationships, ours is no different.” Mark turned her around and kissed her, his arms wrapped around her.

Initially Diane didn’t respond to the kiss, but soon was warming up to the idea of perhaps just a quickie before they had to leave. She pulled away from the kiss, untucking the tee shirt, pulled it up and off him. Then she unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants, kneeling down to help him step out of the pant legs. Then while kneeling down she looked up into his eyes and pulled off his boxers before looking back down at his erection pointing right at her face. “Does this bring back any memories?” She asked as she sucked the head of his cock right into her mouth. She was amazed how much smaller his cock was after Doug’s…not disappointed, but it wasn’t the same feeling of excitement that she had felt the month before. She immediately dove onto his rod burying her face against him before pulling all the way out. She repeated that a few times listening to his heavy breathing until he finally pushed her head away.

“I need to fuck you and I love what you are doing with your mouth, but since we don’t have all night…” Mark turned Diane around bending her over her dresser and started rubbing his cockhead over her wet pussy lips. After a minute or two of this, he slipped his entire cock inside of her. As he pumped her wet slit he noticed she was not as tight as she had been the last time. “I must have stretched you out before since although this feels great, you were a lot tighter when I first was inside of you.” Mark said.

Diane was aware of that as she could barely feel him inside her and then flexed her vaginal wall muscles and heard Mark hiss with approval. “Is that better?” She asked.

“Yessss…this is so good.” Mark responded and while continuing to pound her reached around and started playing with her clit and grabbed her breast, pinching her nipple.

“Oh yes, yes…that’s it…come inside me…uhh…uhhh…don’t worry about me, you just come.” Diane moaned as she thrust her crotch back at him trying to get him as deep as possible. She felt Mark start to drive harder so she reached back and cupped his swaying balls which sent him over the edsge.

“Yesssss…oh God…yesss…yesss…yesssssssss.” Mark grabbed her hips and pounded her as hard as he could while filling her womb with his cum.

Mark pulled out and looked at Diane bent over her dresser with her legs spread wide, cum dripping out of her and wished that they didn’t have to leave, but relishing the thought that she was staying the weekend with him at the house. “My God, you are the best. I cannot get enough of you. For the last month all I could think of was getting my cock inside of you again.” Mark turned and went into the bathroom to clean up and get a washcloth for Diane.

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