Dr. Robertson’s Cure Ch. 05

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for the support, and helping me find a great editor for this story.

And a huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his work fixing all my errors.

To be familiar with the characters, it would help to read previous chapters of thestory, or you might miss out on some of the references in this part.

Dr Robinson’s cure. Ch 5

The drug tests were over, and all was quiet. We had submitted the results to the US, EU, Australian, and Japanese drug authorities and would submit our results to any others as the need arises. Now we’re waiting and getting the manufacturing ready to go, as soon as the approvals come through. The FDA is the main one. If they approved the Drug, the others would probably do the same.

Ian and Wendy had joined the family wearing little or no clothes. They only had sex with each other, but sometimes in the middle of the family. We all seemed happy until I got a phone call from Faith, Em, and my older sister. She was coming out to see us and bringing her two boys, Justin and Ben. You would think we would be happy to see our sister after over a year’s absence, but she was quite religious and as uptight as anyone I have ever met.

“Hi Tom, I am going to travel out to see you next week with the boys. With you both on the farm, it’s a perfect opportunity to see everyone at the same time.” Faith said, after Em handed the phone to me.

“We will be overjoyed to see you and the boys, and I will come and pick you up at the airport myself. Just text me your travel details, Faith. Love you.” I said, the phrase to any family conversation on the phone that our Mother started probably forty years ago.

“That would be perfect Tom, love you too.” Faith replied again how Mom taught us, but she sounded down and not her usual starched self.

“How are we going to pull this off, Tom? If she sees or senses anything inappropriate, she will turn us into the police or the church, or both.” Eve said, as soon as I hung up the phone.

“She is our sister. We can’t very well turn her away, can we.” Em said, and looked up at me. “Can we?”

“No, we can’t, but I am as worried as the rest of you look. But luckily, I don’t think she will stay for long, David is not coming by the sound of it, and she won’t let him off the leash for too long.” I said, and it got a few chuckles from Em and Eve, who knew how their relationship seemed to work.

“Well, we need to work out clothing that is not revealing and not body-fitting at the same time, or we will scratch ourselves silly.” Mia said, as the rest of the younger generation looked pissed off.

Mia drove the large SUV to the airport again. I was riding shotgun and enjoying the sight of Mia’s beautiful legs. It would be the last time I would be able to openly ogle them until Faith and the boys left.

“Do you want to pull into the diner and have a quicky in the bathroom before we get to the airport, Dad?” Mia asked, smiling at me as my eyes lifted to hers.

“No, we’ll be late. I was just checking out the view while I could.” I replied, and ran the back of my hand down the side of her breast.

“I hope she doesn’t stay long. I will get horny pretty quickly.” Mia said, as she reached over and stroked my cock, then put her hand back on the wheel.

We were waiting at the baggage claim when Faith and the boys came down the hall. I was amazed that the two boys were all grown up, towering over their Mom and me.

“Justin, Ben, What the hell happened. Where did our two little boys go!” I said, in genuine surprise, and went to shake their hands.

To their credit, they brushed my hand away and gave me a quick man hug. Faith did her usual prim and proper “air kiss” on the cheek without a hug. Mia got the same treatment from the boys, and Faith just handed her bag over to Mia. We loaded up the SUV and headed back to the farm.

We arrived to a small crowd of family, and the surprise on their faces was a lot like mine as the two young men seemed to unfold from inside the car. They must have been both over 6′ 4″ and being twins, they looked much alike. Twins run in the family. Our Mother was a twin, and her Father was as well.

“Hi, Sis, it’s been too long,” Em said, as she moved in and hugged Faith, who seemed to freeze in place.

“Emily, you don’t have any bra under that dress. My boys are here.” Faith said, as she pulled back from the hug.

“You are right, Faith, and I don’t have any knickers on either, so don’t lift my dress.” Em said, and brushed her comment off the way she always had and hugged the boys, who had blushing red faces.

The rest of the family greeted them, and Tony led them up to their rooms on our wing of the house. We had thought of putting them up in the cabins we had used for the test subjects but it seemed a bit cold. But after half an hour with Faith, I was not so sure the cold approach wasn’t warranted.

That istanbulescortbayanlar.com night at dinner, the mood was still tense. Em was batting Faith at every turn, and the young ones were settling in with the new boys very well. The pool was always a great icebreaker even though they had to wear swimmers for the first time in months.

“So, how is David going with the new job?” I asked, and watched the color drain from Faith’s cheeks.

“David and I are on a break, and that’s all I will be saying about the subject, Tom.” Faith answered, not looking at me but trying to hold herself together.

“I am sorry to hear it, Faith. We will respect your privacy, but we are family and we’ll be here if you need to talk.” Em said, and went to get some more drinks.

Faith was halfway through her unusual second glass of wine when she spoke again, asking why both families were on the farm together.

“I developed a new drug that we have just finished testing, and both families are involved in a joint effort to get it to the market by ourselves. We just won a court battle to keep the rights to the formula, and Tony had set up a plant here on the farm for production.” I answered, leaving out the accidental self-testing we did.

“Won’t you have trouble distributing against the big drug companies?” Faith said, as the change of subject helped brighten her mood.

“The Drug needs to be carefully administered, and a good check of the patents is required to be safe and not develop more problems, then it is fixed. So we think the big drug companies will take shortcuts and cause more harm than good. Our mission is to change the world.” Em answered before I could.

“Is it a cancer drug or something?” Faith asked, her words a little slurred as she was not used to two glasses of wine.

“No, it’s a drug that helps couples with a marital problem,” I said, trying to be ambiguous.

“A bit late for that now,” Faith said, almost under her breath. “Ok, Justin and Ben, it’s time for bed. I will be up early to help with breakfast Emily.”

Faith and the boys headed off to their room and left the rest of us uncomfortable in our clothes. I stood and made the round of drinks that I was not game to make in Faith’s presence, but now she was gone, I handed them around with impunity.

The next few days went by smoothly, but Mia and the other younger ones were starting to feel the effects of the abstinence. I led Faith and the boys on a tour of the lab and production area. Rebeca and Mia talked about their area of responsibility.

“So this drug is to make women sex slaves?” Faith asked, when she finally put all the pieces together.

“It is not. It works the same on both male and female patients. We screen them to make sure it’s not only one party in the relationship pushing for the Drug. That’s exactly why we wanted to keep control, to stop the Drug from being abused.” I answered, coming quickly to our defense.

“Is it safe? What about an overdose? What happens then?” Ben asked, his young mind asking great questions.

“The body can only take in a certain amount of the Drug into the cells no matter how much is administered. The rest is excreted through the kidneys and sweat, so you can’t overdose, get sick, or anything.” I answered, smiling at the young man.

“I don’t like it, but you will surely make money peddling this drug.” Faith said, in a derogatory tone.

“We intend to save, or should I say prevent; some of the two and a half million divorces that happen each year. It’s not all about the money, or we would have just given it to the highest bidder if that was the case.” Rebeca said, a little aggressively.

Faith just left, heading for the house in a huff while I showed the boys the rest of the lab. They showed a lot of interest in the lab equipment, and they confided in me that they wanted to apply for pre-med in the future if their grades held up. I could see their minds were easily up to it.

That night Mia came into our room after midnight. Her sex drive couldn’t stand being apart from me any longer. Of course, I could not turn her away, I loved her, and we made love for a few hours before sending her back to her room before dawn.

“Something is going on here, and it’s a sin before God. I will not stand for it. I am going to the police with my concerns.” Faith screeched, as she stood with her boys behind her.

“What the hell are you talking about, Faith?” Em asked, as she came into the kitchen after hearing all the yelling.

“I saw Mia going into her father’s room last night, and then I saw Jenny kissing Gabe in the hallway last night.” Faith said accusingly.

“Mia did come to our room last night to talk over something that was worrying her, but that’s none of your business.” Eve said, her heckles up.

“I find all this very fishy. We are leaving on the first plane I can book.” Faith said, our defense did not sway her.

Rebeca took dinner up to the cabin where Faith moved her family too, putting it outside the door. Faith messaged me to let us know she was leaving after lunch tomorrow and would like me to give her a lift to the airport. I agreed, and we set about trying to convince her to have breakfast tomorrow with us before she leaves, “to clear the air,” and she said yes, for the boy’s sake.

“I am sorry to be leaving on these terms, but I disagree with the type of work you are doing and the morals and lack of dress code you have around here. You are heathens! I can feel it in my bones, so I am taking the boys away for their own good.” Faith said, as she picked at her food.

“I am sorry you feel like that, but you need to know I love you, but respectfully disagree with your opinion.” I said, my jaw set in a grimace to stop myself from saying what I really wanted to say.

“Come on, Ben and Justin, let’s finish packing.” Faith said as she pushed back her chair. Then I noticed her scratch at the side of her groin then her breast.

“Sit down for a minute, Faith. We have to talk this out.” I said, and saw Ben adjust his groin as well.

“We have nothing to talk about, Tom. I am leaving.” Faith said, as she scratched at her nipple right in front of everybody.

That’s when Rebeca gasped and put her hand over her mouth. “Wow, that’s a big problem.” She said.

“Yes, it is, Faith. Did you handle any of the drugs the other day when you were in the lab?” I asked, and watched her face turn to a frown.

“You mean you have poisoned us?” Faith said, looking to the boy’s scratching at their nipples and trying to get their groins in a comfortable position.

“I need to know how much you have ingested. This is no joke. If it’s the maximum amount, you can’t go home, you will be in a lot of danger trying to get through this by yourself.

“It was you, you bitch! I suspected you poisoned the food you brought to us last night.” Faith screeched, pointing at Rebeca.

“I had nothing to do with it. You would not be scratching already if I gave it to you last night. But by tomorrow, we will all find out how much of a stuck-up bitch you really are.” Rebeca said, her words almost spitting out.

I rang and canceled their flights, and that night I took them up some food and tried to talk to them about what to expect over the next few days.

“Our faith in God will get us through. The boys and I will be fine up here in the cabin.” Faith said, although she was scratching and fidgeting throughout the conversation.

The next afternoon we were by the pool and hadn’t seen Faith of the boys for a whole day. We all turned to where we heard the sound of a crying lady.

“Please help me, Tommie. I am weak, and my mind is betraying me. I can’t stop myself from touching my parts.” Faith said, coming over to me with an open dress with nothing underneath.

“I warned you this would happen, but I can’t help you. I am of low morals.” I said, throwing her blast from the other night back in her face.

“I need you, Tommie! I can’t do it with my babies. They don’t deserve to be soiled by my weakness.” Faith said, throwing herself over my lap.

“They look like grown men to me. You have a choice to make, let them suffer, or you could help them through this together as a family the way we had to when we accidentally took the Drug. We had to make the same choice as your family now has to make. The sex drive you are feeling will become even stronger over the next few days, and the boys will do whatever it takes to get their drive satisfied.” I said, as we both looked over to see Justin take hold of Ben’s erection and stroke it for him.

“Can you take me, Tommie, and have some of the girls look after Ben and Justin. Please, I am begging you.” Faith said, as I pulled her loose dress over her head.

“I’m not worthy, Faith. You said it yourself. It’s up to you to guide your family. But they look ready to crack any second. I think they both have cock’s almost as big as Gabe’s. It would be a shame to waste it on their hands.” I said, as I rolled Faith over on her back, across the coffee table at my feet.

“Are you sure, Mom?” Justin said, as Faith motioned him to come to her, and he moved over between Faith’s legs.

“Please, baby, I need you so much.” Faith said, and Ben stood to her side, his cock bobbing above her face.

Justin held himself up over Faith and started to stab his cock at the junction of her legs. He missed his mark with the first three tries. Getting a grunt from Faith each time. She then reached down and guided his cock to her entrance, and he looked into her eyes.

“Mom, I have never done this before, and I don’t want to disappoint you.” Justin said, and held himself up on shaking arms.

“You could never disappoint me, my son.” Faith said, wrapped her legs around his ass, and pulled him into her body with a moan of satisfaction.

Justin thrust into his Mother a few times as Faith took hold of Ben’s cock and stroked it. Justin began moving erratically and jerked his body, and his cock slipped out of her pussy and onto Faith’s stomach. He unloaded his cum in many long streams that streaked across her breasts down to her mound.

“Quick Ben, your turn.” Faith said, kissing Justin, then urging him aside for Ben.

Ben looked more nervous if that was possible. He again held himself over Faith and stabbed at her with his hard cock. “It’s lower than you think,” Justin said, trying to help.

“Oh! It’s not that low Ben!” Faith said, as she took hold of his cock and let it slip through her fingers into her wet pussy.

The next thing I knew, Mia was sliding into my lap naked, and we watched the two boys take turns fucking Faith. They never seemed to tire as eighteen-year-olds already had a high enough libido. Mia pulled my cock from my pants and lowered herself onto it while still facing the action. Ben unloaded into Faith’s pussy, and Justin took his place, this time thrusting into her on the first go. He took a lot longer to cum this time, and Faith screamed out her pleasure just before he grunted and filled her to the brim.

Faith was about to push Justin off her when he rolled her on top of him, and she let her thighs slip to his sides. Ben got between their open legs to aim his cock at her pussy. He thrust his hips forward, trying to nudge his way into her with his brother.

“Ho, I don’t know Ben, I am already full….. Ho, my.” Faith said, as Ben slipped into his Mother’s pussy, stretching her obscenely.

Faith looked to me then lowered her eyes to where Mia and my bodies met. Then her mouth opened, and she let out a moan as the boys set up a rhythm and fucked her through another orgasm. Ben and Justin both orgasmed seconds apart and stopped thrusting at the same time, and Faith rested her body on Justin, kissing him as she smeared his cum between their bodies.

Faith still looked embarrassed by her nakedness as Rebeca used a wet cloth to clean Justin’s cum from her body. Although, she let her wipe the folds of her pussy without complaining. The boys had no such problems as they took swims in the pool to refresh before taking their Mother up to the cabin to keep her and their libido under control.

The next morning, they came down for breakfast naked as the day they were born. Faith sat next to me and snuggled up close, letting her hand drop onto my cock like it was the most natural thing she had done every day of her life. I suppose it was that Faith had so prim and proper all our life, that my cock stood to attention with seconds. Mia, Em, and Eve all noticed, but they all smiled at me as I tried to ignore my erection.

“I am so sorry for what I said to you, Tommie. I do love you. I always have. Don’t hate me, please.” Faith said, wrapping her fingers around my cock and stroking it.

“We are all family here, everyone here bonded together. We can all be happy, or we can wreck it. But if we stick together without jealousy or hate, we can have it all. Faith, do you take this family and all its members into your heart and promise to protect them all, and never forsake them, to death do you part.” Em said, as she stood behind Faith and wrapped her arms around her, talking into her neck as Faith turned her head to kiss Em’s cheek.

“I do, I see it now, more clearly than I have ever seen before. My Love for Justin and Ben is stronger. I can see that they are men now and that my thoughts about Tommie don’t have to be pushed into the back of my mind. He can have me if he wants me still like he did when we were young, and he peeped into my shower window.” Faith said, and I was really blushing then, as all the ladies had their mouths open in shock.

Em pushed Faith up onto the table in front of me and spread her legs wide, got behind me, walking my body between Faith’s legs. Using her fingers, she spread her spit onto the end of my hard cock. Lining me up with my sister’s rosebud. Em nudged me forward so that Faith’s ass began to open up around my cockhead.

“Oh, Tommie! Slowly, I have never had anyone in there before.” Faith said, as her asshole snapped closed, barring my entrance.

“That’s the idea, Sis. This is so we can finally get that stick out of your ass and Tommie’s stiff cock in there instead.” Em said, as she nudged me forward again with her hips.

I was trembling as my cock strained against the tight opening until it opened enough for my cockhead to pass through. Faith’s ass closed behind the rim of my cock, and she was panting and moaning as she held my torso back with the flat of her hand. Em bumped against my back, forcing me in an inch, bringing a gasp from Faith and me, so I pulled back to the rim and made little strokes in and out.

Em reached out to Faith from either side of me, and when Faith took her hands. I could feel them both pulling me into Faith as I watched my cock disappear into her tight warm depths. When I was fully seated inside Faith’s ass Em took hold of Justin’s hand and lay down next to Faith, beaconing Justin to impale himself into her body. Rebeca took Ben’s hand, lay on the other side of Faith, and guided his cock into her entrance.

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