Dream Logic Ch. 01

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This is my first submission to Literotica, so I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to your feedback.


“We know that this is an emotional time for you, Harris. This was not a decision we arrived at lightly.”

Harris stared down at the oversized envelope in front of him on the table, and pulled out a stack of documents. Kevin from HR continued on with his rehearsed speech.

“In recognition for your ten years with our organization, we have put together this severance package from you, which I think you’ll agree is pretty generous.”

Nodding silently, Harris allowed Kevin to finish his presentation without interruption. After reading through the agreement carefully, he signed his name and walked out of his now-former-employer’s building with a copier-paper box full of his personal belongings, and a cashier’s check in his pocket.


“They FIRED you? For what?”

Driving away from the bank, Harris shook his head as he listened to his friend on speakerphone. “Not fired, laid off, along with at least thirty other folks. I just deposited a huge check from them, I’ve got more coming from my unused vacation time, and there’s some other benefits besides. Hell, I even qualify for unemployment payments now. Honestly, it’s not so bad.”

“At least you’re out of there. I still say you were a saint for putting up with their BS as long as you did.”

“Well, it’s over now, Shondra, and it’s time I start over. I’ve given blood and sweat for them for a decade, and now it’s time I take care of myself for a bit. And I can afford to.”

“Gonna buy that PS4 you were drooling over? I wanna watch your pale-ass face when you kill your first robot dinosaur.”

Harris laughed as he pulled onto the highway. “Hell yes. I already placed the order online, it’ll arrive by Thursday.” Carefully easing into the mid-day traffic flow, he took a deep breath. “But for right now, I’m going to go home, take a hot bath, and maybe turn in early. I didn’t sleep well last night anyway.”

Shondra’s voice deepened with concern. “I only ask that you take at least a few days off before you start your job hunt. Give yourself a chance to process all of this, y’know? This was your first job out of college, losing it is going to sting, even if you don’t feel it yet.”

“Yes, ‘Mom’,” Harris said with a laugh. “Actually, I already have a plan for tomorrow — I’m going to finally get that gym membership I’ve been putting off. I always said I was too wiped out after I got home from work to get any exercise done, so now I don’t have any excuses.”

“Good plan, Harris. Get your flabby butt on an elliptical, and watch the straight girls line up to see the results.”

“Yeah, right. I just need to get my doctor off my back about my ‘good cholesterol’ levels, and see if I can get back into last year’s jeans.” Harris slowed down to let someone pass him and get into his lane; he wasn’t in any hurry. “Sex is the last thing on my mind right now.”


The dream was unusually vivid. He was walking down a nondescript hallway, the walls and ceiling a plain white, the floor made of unpainted wood. He knew it was a dream, it had that slightly off-balance feeling of unreality, like a haze around the edge of his vision. But he could think clearly enough, and even control where he was going. He opened the door at the end of that hallway, and was standing inside what looked like someone’s half-empty living room. There was a kitchenette off to his left, a small table and four chairs directly ahead, and then off to his right was a large and comfortable-looking sofa, facing away from him.

He approached the sofa, and as he reached the side, he saw a woman lying there. She wasn’t wearing a single inch of clothing — and he realized in that moment that neither was he.

Lying on her back, the woman had a toned and athletic physique, very unlike his. She had long blonde hair pulled into a single braid, but the shape of her eyes suggested partly Asian heritage. Her naked breasts were a pretty sight, perfectly proportional with her five-foot-nothing frame, with gravity’s effects suggesting that they were real, and not the result of any implants. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties, and she had one hand between her thighs, Yalova Escort languidly rubbing in circles around her hairless pubic mound.

For a long minute, Harris just stood there, watching this mysterious woman making love to herself. Her eyes were closed as she gave out little gasps of joy, and her back arched as part of a long full-body stretch. When she slipped a finger inside herself, Harris spoke without even thinking about it. “…My god, that’s beautiful.”

She slowly opened her eyes, a smoldering dark brown color. One eyebrow rose in unconcerned surprise, and her voice was relaxed and languid. “Is this a sex dream? That’s cool.” She opened her legs, her fingers toying with the beautiful folds there. “Maybe here at least, I can get someone to lick me.” She looked up and met Harris’s gaze. “Hey, big guy. Help a horny girl out?”

Harris chuckled. “Maybe I had sex on my mind more than I thought, if I’m dreaming something like this. Sure, pretty lady, I can, ah, help you out.” He dropped to his knees in front of the huge couch, and she obligingly moved herself to be in easy reach of him. He kissed her inner thigh, marveling at how real everything felt. He could feel her soft skin against his lips, taste her sweat, and smell her rich natural perfume of arousal.

She murmured immediate approval, her fingers toying with his thick black hair. “Never had a dream this real before. Goddamn, your lips are warm.”

“Real?” Harris laughed, pausing briefly to lap gently at one side of her mons, pulling another gasp from her. “I’m licking the pussy of a stranger I just met five seconds ago. Nothing… Mmm, you taste good… nothing about this makes sense.”

Her fingers tickled around the edge of his left ear, and then gently pulled him further into her. “Dream logic. Doesn’t have to make sense, it just is. Do that again, but on the other side. Oh yeah, right there, stranger. Make me scream your name.”

His lips pursed around the hood of her clit for a moment before he looked up. “Hard to do that if you don’t know my name, pretty lady.”

She looked down the length of her body to meet his gaze again. “True. Tell you what. Put a finger in me first, *then* tell me your name.” She rested her head back on the sofa again. “Not that I’ll remember it again after I wake up…”

He obligingly slid one finger between her flushed lips, marveling at the way her body reacted to his touch. “Harris Kaminski, at your service.” He bent his head, and closed his lips over her hood once more, his tongue swirling in a circle around the hidden nub there.

“Fuck, that’s good. Harris, Harris… did I know a Harris in school or something? Where is this coming from… YES! RIGHT THERE!” Her grip transferred back to his hair, clenched tight with spasming pleasure. “I’m Kyrie, Kyrie Saito, and if you don’t finish making me cum, I’m gonna hunt you down and take what I need by force, oh fuuuuuuck.”

Harris wordlessly obliged, holding her legs open with one hand as he slipped a second finger inside with the other. Since she enjoyed that last tongue motion so much, he decided to keep at it, his open mouth covering her clit entirely as he continued his deliciously wet task. After a few moments and another series of little gasps from her, the mysterious Kyrie’s thighs suddenly clamped tight around him, a long wail echoing through the unfamiliar room as she drenched his fingers with her gushing arousal. When her voice gave out, her legs relaxed and released him as she murmured aloud. “Holy shit. I just came in my dreams. Can people even do that?” Kyrie’s body went limp, but her lips were wide and smiling. “I needed that, thank you.”

Harris stood up, licking her wetness from his lips, and climbed onto the large couch next to her. There shouldn’t have been enough room for the two of them to lie side by side, but dream logic prevailed again, and he was now curled up behind her, one arm gently wrapped around her flat belly.

Kyrie snuggled in, and drew his hand upwards to cup one of her breasts. “All of you is so warm, just like that masterful mouth of yours. I’m gonna have to dream about you again, Harris.” She turned her head, and kissed the tip of his nose. “You even knew that I like to cuddle after. Dream men are the best.”

He Yalova Escort Bayan inhaled deep, taking in the scent of her silken hair like a drug. “Dream women are pretty awesome too.” He nibbled on the edge of her ear, and she purred happily in response.

“I’d love to be someone’s dream woman, Mister Figment-of-my-Subconscious. I’d like that very…” She stopped and looked back over her shoulder towards where her backside met his waist. “Now that is inconsiderate of me. Harris dream-tongue, I’ve left you high, hard, and dry, haven’t I. Would you like me to take care of you, like you did for me? Sit up for a second.”

Harris moved upright, and his dream lover turned around on the sofa so that she laid on her side with her face in his lap. “Let’s see if I remember how to do this,” she said with a chuckle before her mouth descended on him. Taking every inch of him inside her, he felt her tongue performing some insane miracle of sensuality around him, the suction threatening to make him erupt too soon —


His eyes flashing open, Harris looked out at the glowing display and bleating alarm of his bedside clock. He’d forgotten to turn off his usual alarm, even though he no longer had to go into work. With a multi-layered groan, Harris hit the off-switch with a closed fist, perhaps a bit harder than necessary, and got up to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Kyrie,” he murmured, as his length stood at rapt morning-wood attention. A moment later, as the cobwebs in his awareness cleared, he realized that he had remembered his dream, something that didn’t often happen to him. Usually, the details of his dreams would evaporate like mist moments after waking up, but not this time. He remembered Kyrie. He remembered every little detail, the sound of her gasps, the smell of her hair, the feel of her wetness around his fingers. It had felt so strangely real, that he lifted his fingers to his nose to check for her scent — to no avail, sadly. “Goddamnit.” Muttering further curses under his breath, he stomped out of his bedroom and into his shower.


As he sat in his car in the gym’s parking lot, he stared out at the building’s huge front window. Even at this early hour, it was full of people, pedaling, lifting, and exercising their way through levels of fitness that Harris had never attained in all his life. What if they laughed at him? He didn’t want to be some freakshow outsider — the strange whale swimming among sleek sharks, who might all whirl around and descend upon him en masse for daring to invade their territory. He’d only been sitting there for a minute, when his phone rang, with Shondra’s unflappable grin shining on his caller-ID screen. With a sigh, he picked up the call. “Hey, Shon—”

“You’re just sitting there in the parking lot, aren’t you.”

Harris looked down at his phone in awe and horror. “Do you have a camera in my car or something?”

“No, but I know you, Harris, maybe better than you know yourself. I remember what happened when I dragged you to my old gym five years ago, and you better believe that I am still kicking myself for not realizing sooner what those assholes were pulling on you. Most gyms aren’t like that place, and you might recall that me and many of my friends all quit our memberships there when the managers refused to do a damn thing about it.”

Harris winced, remembering the fake friendliness those guys had presented, only to change the settings on his exercise bike when he wasn’t looking so that he could barely even move, making him think he was even more inept than he had believed. “Yeah, I remember.”

“I’m telling you, that sort of crap isn’t tolerated most places. In fact, most gyms will actually be really friendly to larger folks, because we know you’re motivated to work really hard. But I don’t blame you if you don’t exactly want to have strangers offering to ‘help you out’ this time around.”

Harris looked up from the phone, watching the indistinct silhouette of some perfectly-formed woman running on a treadmill — poetry in motion. “I just don’t feel like I belong there.”

Shondra was silent on the phone for a moment, and Harris could easily envision her sitting in her office, staring thoughtfully out of her window Escort Yalova as her hands furiously crocheted a new blanket or scarf for someone. “…Would it help if I was to join that gym with you? Be your workout buddy?”

Harris shook his head, forgetting for a moment that she couldn’t see his body language. “I should go in by myself today, at least. Make sure they’re actually friendly to those who aren’t already Practically Perfect In Every Way. If they’re assholes, fuck ’em, I’ll just leave, and go somewhere further out.”

“You’re gonna go in now?”

“Yeah. The longer I stew in the car, the worse it’ll get.”

Shondra’s smile could be heard in her voice. “Attaboy. Here’s a little something to help.” The email notification tone went off on his phone. “I just emailed you a coupon that place is offering. If you let them give you a tour of the place, they waive the usual sign-up and processing fees, and just charge you the first monthly dues — and then give you a gift card on top of that. Probably take you no more than half an hour, and you get to keep the gift card even if you don’t become a member.”

“Thanks again, ‘Mom’.”

“Think nothing of it, Harris. We got each other through high school, and we’ll get each other through the rest of this life too. You helped me meet Delilah and get my head on right about her, so helping you out with this is just the tip of the iceberg of how I will help you. Now get in there and get yourself a gift card, okay? I got a meeting in ten, so I need to go. You going to be alright?”

Harris stepped out of the car. “On my way inside now. Thanks, Shondra. Lotsa love.”

“Lotsa love, Harris. Bye!”

Slipping his phone into his jeans pocket, he crossed the lot and entered the gym. As he stepped through the second set of automatic doors, a chime sounded and signaled the woman at the front desk to turn around and begin her usual greeting to their customers. But she only got as far as “Good morning! Welcome to…” before she completed turning around and stopped dead in her tracks.

Harris had made it to the front desk’s counter just as she finished her turn, and his jaw dropped. It was Kyrie in the flesh, wearing a matching set of black and gold sports bra and yoga pants, with a nametag attached to the former.

Five foot nothing, with a perfect athlete’s physique mixed with beautiful feminine proportions.

The same blonde hair, pulled back into a long braid.

Those same beautiful eyes.

She was staring right at him with those eyes, her cheeks growing redder by the second, and her face was full of so many emotions at once — surprise, confusion, fear, and even lust. Harris’s mind was racing, and could only imagine that his face showed much the same.

For a long moment, nothing was said, their silence filled with the background noise of the gym and its many customers.

Her mouth opened again, and after a false start, found her words. “I need to see your ID, sir. Please.”

Harris could only nod, reaching into his pocket for his wallet, and handing it over for her to see.

She took a deep breath, looked down at it, and her eyes bugged out of their sockets. “Harris Kaminski. Oh my god.”

Harris tried to swallow the lump in his throat. “Kyrie… Saito, right?”

Her eyes got even wider. “My nametag doesn’t have my last name on it.”

“Yeah. You told me your name yourself. Last night. I know, I’m kinda freaking out right now too. Dream logic shouldn’t apply here.”

Her stare was intense, boring right into him. “Did you know I worked here?”

He should his head fervently. “I swear on everything I hold dear that you were the last person I expected to meet here. I was just going to get a membership.” He gripped the countertop, his knuckles going white as he lowered his voice to a whisper. “…I didn’t think you were real.”

Kyrie leaned in, whispering as well. “This is going to sound really stupid. But I actually feel really guilty right now.”


She leaned in closer, her lips right by his ear. “Because you made me feel so good, but I woke up before I could make you cum in my mouth.” She leaned back a bit, a new blush forming on her beautiful face.

Harris held out one hand to her. “How about I buy you a drink sometime, and we can… discuss that?”

She took his hand in hers, and squeezed it gently. “I’d like that.” She looked down at his hands, and smiled. “Now I know this is real. Your hands are just as warm as I remember. Nice to meet you again, dream man.”

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