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I lay in bed. There was a pillow to my left and I turned and leaned into it placing my right arm over it. The pillow felt different. It was longer. Even my knees brushed up against it. It had a solid feel across from my stomach. I don’t remember this pillow. I put my hand on it and it felt smooth and warm. There was no pillow cover, but as I slid my hand down, I felt a loose cover and my hand went under it. In my mind I pictured the pillow shaped like a manikin. A fleshy manikin. That was strange.

Under the pillow cover I felt the shape of the manikin’s backside. There were two distinct cheeks, like a bum. I found this very amusing. Had I bought one of those love pillows and forgotten? I tried to remember, but I was asleep. I put my fingers between the separation of the pillow. There was warmth there. I put my finger as far in as I could. I found the hole. I rubbed it with the tip of my middle finger. It felt greased. I started to get an erection. I was in bed with a very realistic and strange love pillow. Maybe I could press my erection into it. Did the hole open? I rubbed my two fingers against it. It seemed to give a bit and my middle finger went in. I pressed it farther. My finger went in half way. It was deep enough. I wiggled my finger and felt the tightness of the opening. If I pressed my tip hard enough, I am sure it would open up and I could get my shaft in. I slid my finger out and shifted my hip towards the pillow. My right hand gripped the top of the pillow as my left pulled the pillow cover towards the foot of the bed. My hand slipped and then the pillow fell eryaman escort off the bed.

Then the pillow stood up. I rolled back and I heard the pillow bumping into things. A light came on. I was in a strange room. There was a man fumbling through a bag. He pulled out a small knife. No, it was a nail sander. He pointed it at me with one hand while he clung to his underwear with his other. “What the hell are you doing” the strange man said to me.

I realized where I was. I was in a strange bed. ‘They’ had put me here. There was some weather disaster, a flood, and I was assigned to sleep in this room.

“I was asleep.” I answered.

“Asleep? You were grabbing at me.”

“I was asleep.” I repeated. “I thought you were a pillow.”

“A pillow?” His face looked so confused. “You stuck your finger in me.”

I was going to tell him that it was a dream. At least for me. The truth was that I had stuck my finger in his dirty little hole. I wanted to go and wash my hands, but I was so tired. He still stood with the nail file extended towards me.

“Maybe you should go into another room.” I told him. “Or I should.”

“There are no other rooms. They are doubling up. ” He considered the situation for a few moments. I noticed that he was in his mid-20s. Solid but short. He was standing in just his underwear. He wore loose cotton briefs and the lamplight highlighted his legs and flat stomach. “I will have to stay. Just stay on your side.”

I moved over and we shared the bed. I was so tired. I felt sleep sincan escort returning. He spoke and said a few things. He talked about coming into the room and seeing I was asleep. He fell asleep himself and he was a heavy sleeper. I grunted to agree with him a few times. I was drifting off. He had turned off the light, but some light came through the window. I was aware of him lying next to me. He was on top of the blankets, and he had a small erection pushing up the front of his underwear. He droned on for a while, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. He moved a little closer and whispered to me “Did you hear me?”

“What?” He had wakened me a bit. “What do you want?”

“I said I am all worked up. Put your hand on it.”

I shifted. His erection was still there. I thought about what I should do. I leaned towards him and gently touched his erection through his underwear with my fingertips. I remember thinking that at least my dirty fingers would become a little cleaner. He grew. I could feel his hard little pecker and I felt around. I rubbed his balls through his underwear. I ran my fingers lightly up and down his shaft. Maybe if he took off his underwear I would just shift down and put it in my mouth. He didn’t ask for anything. I just kept rubbing his erection through his underwear.

I felt relaxed, as if I was sleeping, but I kept stroking him for a long dream like time. He tensed. His legs straightened. His stomach seemed rock hard, and he was breathing in short breaths. The sound of his breathing was etlik escort the only thing I could hear. I kept stroking him. His hips shifted. He started to shake them. I grasped onto the top half of his shaft gently. I felt his penis flex and pump. A wetness started at the top and spread into his underwear. After he stopped moving, I dragged my fingers across his underwear and rolled the other way, leaning into my pillow.

I lay back. I felt like I was sleeping. I had a huge erection. I was turned from him. I thought if I turned back, he would notice. What would he do? My underwear was pushed up and I had a gap along the sides. I imagined him slipping his hand onto my leg and then into the gap of my underwear and feeling around until he put his hand around the shaft, with the bottom of his hand against my balls. I imagined him holding it as he moved my underwear to one side and then putting it in his mouth. The warmth. The wetness. The movement of his tongue on the bottom of my shaft.

I rolled to lay on my back and waited. I couldn’t really hear him, he was sleeping so silently. My skin on my shaft felt stretched, and my underwear pulled down against my swollen head. Maybe it would be best if I turned towards him and lowered his underwear from his backside like I had before. I would put my hand on his hip and roll him so he was facing away from me. Then I would pull him firmly towards me. This time I would slide something else between his cheeks and it wouldn’t be my finger.

I turned to my left and and placed my hand on him. I waited for some response so that I could reposition him, but he lay still. I just lay there with my hand on him and with my rock hard erection pushing out my underwear. After a few minutes I awoke. I would get up and go to the bathroom after all.

I was in my own room. In my own house. In my own bed. Alone. My hand rested on a pillow. It was nothing but a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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