Dreams of Jean Ch. 04

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It was getting closer to eleven and thinking back on the balance of the day only made the minutes pass slower, deliciously, painfully slow.

When Peggy finally showed up at Putt and go Ted had already found himself on the mower at the far end of the course. When he had traded off with Ted he wa shirtless and sweating and enjoying every moment of her Peggy’s attempt at a serious stare while she was so easily distracted by following the sweat roll down his chest to his stomach.

He thought of her admissions that he needed to return “them” right then and there. He had assumed that she meant the panties he had taken off of her and she froze when he had told her he was not “done” with them. Hoping her mind was revisiting them grazing his rock hard cock when he hovered in the door frame. It was as if he was dangling them just out of her reach. Enjoying the thought that she was dancing around for them, enjoying it even more when he thought of her panties as his cock, hoping he was right.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears and she was left her stomping around the shed that served as the office, instinctively picking up the clutter, grabbing the broom. Bitching the whole time how she needed “them” back. Never once mention how he came to have “them” in his posession, or what she tasted like. When they heard the mower stop Peggy had just finished her final, and now much more pleading request while her hand seemed to slowly worked the broom handle like a shaft.

She turned looking as if she might cry, which was exactly what she was hoping he would think. The problem was that she had started blurring the line between the semi reasoned argument she had developed in the car on the way over, and wanting to feel his tongue again. The problem was that she had found herself getting wetter every time she went over the argument. The word panty in particular seemed to make her tremble so just like in the car, she now refused to say it, not knowing what it would do to her. She knew she was swaying when she turned away from him.

At the third sway of her hips she felt the back of his hand slide across the roundness of her ass as he stepped into her. She felt the length of the longest dick that had ever graced her skin snake down from what seemed like her lower back, along the crack of her ass and pressing against her taint.

Before she could even think beyond his dick Ted had already counted the seconds it would take for Brad to arrive at the shed. His hands grabbed her by the hips and forced her against him, her pussy pulsating beneath the pressure.

“Come on, buy me some beer” She shot a look of disdain over her shoulder which was quelled by him lifting her to her toes and grinding his hard cock against her and breathing the word “please” in he her. Then he immediately released her and departed to her car, yelling to Brad that his mom was going to give him a ride home and that he would catch him around noon tomorrow.

The five minute trip to his house became fifteen minutes of her repeatedly trying to work a deal the beer for “them”. It would have been easy enough to stop at the seven eleven but Peggy chose instead to go to Mike’s Suds on the other side of town. She had scanned the parking lot before nervously entering the store. He had watched her through the window continually shifting her weight and stealing glances at him. Watching the way her firm calves climbed to her knees to the beginning of her thigh before disappearing beneath the fabric of her loose skirt.

It was a different skirt than the one she had been wearing earlier that day when he had her spread eagle on the kitchen table. The very thought of her standing there at the counter was enough to fully revive his hard dick as he waited for her to return to the car. Going over all of the places he knew between here and his house that he could make her pull over. He looked around the backseat and he was filled with thoughts of forcing her into it, ripping open her shirt, pulling up her skirt, moving the panties to the side and having his way with her.

When she climbed back in the car she reached between the seats so that if any one was watching they were not given the impression that she was buying beer for the young man in her car. He took the opportunity to steal a glimpse down her blouse and watch the skirt ride up on her thighs. He had shifted himself so his body leaned partially against the passenger door. This allowed his erection to be unstrained down the length of his shorts, partly for his relief, mostly to torture her.

He took a few moments to occupy himself looking out to window, to feel her stare falling occasionally on his hard-on silhouetted under the fabric of his shorts. When he had Ankara travesti returned her stare he was brazen in its use, taking in her breasts her thighs as she continued to lobby, making it clear that she needed “them” back.. However he did in fact have a question in his mind. It revolved as to whether she was in deed talking about her panties or something else more favorable to him.

Not once since their exchange had the word panties been uttered by her. It was as if she could not bring herself to say. Nothing about what they did was wrong, nothing about that could never happen again, nothing about the panties. Just about “them” and he started to think of “them” as his tongue, his hands, his cock.

While driving the side streets on the way to Kristi’s he caught her stare. She had given up the glances and dropped the argument. Instead she cruised silently with her attention primarily on his dick. A dick which had been growing under her gaze while thinking about the awful things he she was imagining him doing to her.

She was very aware of how she had begun to slide down in the seat and his eyes were focused on her white thighs when he told her to pull over. She was relieved when she realized she was not at his house, but panicked that it was one of her rentals.

Never taking his stare from her thighs or the tension he could see in them as she dug the floor with her feet. He had smiled when she asked one last time for them. His lean against the door had given him an angle for a straight and deliberate movement. As her arm reached into the backseat for the beer he closed the gap between them. One hand went up and behind her neck, into her hair. His other with careful claws slid down across her stomach, snaring the lace of her panties under heavy fingers.

Her moment, her thoughts, her motion, was still guiding her down when she felt her panties (the word drove her nuts) under his guidance slide up against her tingling pussy and her head involuntarily arched allowing his words “How about a trade for these” fell on her neck vibrating through every hair standing on end.

There was no rebuttal she could find as he stepped from the car covering his raging hard on behind his six pack. In a panic she surveyed her surroundings, felt the slide of the lace still between her pussy lips and drove away.

Tactically he had chosen this spot by default, strategically he would eventually find out, he could not have made a better choice. Kristi’s house was three four houses down and one around the corner from his home. A location that during his formative years had given him a private view of their back deck and Kristi’s mom from his kitchen window where he spent what is his memory was hours but realty were only minutes of watching Kristi’s mom Kat in her black bikini. The rails of the deck providing a sort of censor bar that his mind was free to play behind as she laid out.

For 1988 Kristi’s family was very 1978. Her drunk father’s trans am t-top in the driveway, the T’s resting against the house. They said that Kristi and her dad had a thing going. That was why she was so loose. Ted did not have an opinion on that; all that Ted knew was that Kristi was a friend. Not just in a normal sense of the word but a friend of necessity. He was her shepherd to get her out of situations where she was a danger to herself. For her part she always spoke well of him and on occasion of someone disagreed she would kick there ass.

Kristi’s house was always where he had brought beer he was lucky enough to get. The rule were simple, you could leave it there at your own risk. Come get it when you needed it. If someone wanted you to drink it with them you had a place to hang out. But you could never expect it to all be there when you came back for it.

When Kristi ushered him into her house he was greeted by her mom looking out the window in the direction that Peggy had sped away. “So did she send you over here to negotiate rent with just a six pack”.

Peggy’s disdain for Kate was well known but they paid their rent reasonably on time and kept a precarious balancing match. She was so hoping that she had bought the beer for him and when he lied and said that she had busted him with it and given him a lecture all the way over she was visibly depressed. As she said, “It would be so sweet to have something on her”.

Under any normal circumstances he would have like to have hung out and had one of the beers to but he had a plan, a plan long in coming.

It was a Tuesday night, a schedule he knew well. If it had been a Tuesday last year he would have been with the kids till 7:00 when Larry finally got home. Larry was supposed to be home at 5 but when Antalya travesti she worked the night shift but he liked to come home late smelling like stripper dust, that marriage of perfume and baby powder where the powder wins. Ted had never complained. Those were the hours that have him a chance to adjust the windows, shuffle through her underwear, find his magazines, her dildo, fuel his fantasies.

The sound of the garage door moved him from his place alongside the house. His attempts at pleasantries with his dad, his lustful thoughts of his stepmother Annie and Kristi’s mom Kat from the past few hours were once again pushed to the back of his mind. Since he had peeled the underwear from Peggy that morning one thought had been driving him. He had spent the pretty much the entire day with a raging hard on to which he was not willing to give attention. He knew what he wanted and he had waited patiently, the time for patience was past.

Jean’s day at work had been long and rough, and the premise of coming home to a house that she was pretty sure was a mess. The neighbor girl Diane she had hired to watch the kids was not as good as Ted was around the house. She was not sure she even left the couch. Every time she thought of Ted her hands inadvertently touched herself in various places, her thigh, the side of her hips, the nape of her neck, the cup of her breast. Ted had been good all around the house and all around every inch of her. She took one last deep breath, bracing herself for entering the house, longing to get into the shower and be free of the day, free of Faye’s attention and designs she feared for him, and to have Ted alone to herself, in her fantasy in the shower.

She had not noticed when Ted had slipped around the corner of the house and into the garage door. As she exited the car the car and opened the back seat door to her bags he was on her. Stepping from behind the car wrapped her up and pulled her too him.

Her scream of surprise was muffled by his hand at her mouth pulling her back against him. It was replaced by a shriek and a moan as his other hand squooze her breast roughly through the fabric of her uniform. Her instinct, as anyone’s would have been at this point was to resist. The more she tried the harder he fought her, the more she could tell he liked it, the wetter she found herself getting.

After of a few moments of sublime struggle he moved his mouth from her neck to her ear. “If you promise not to scream I will take my hand away”. If she was to be honest she found herself enjoying the lack of air she was getting between his hand and her struggles but she nodded her head in agreement. With both hands now free they roamed her body that was not pinned against the car. His hips found their rhythm and hers soon joined suit her ass against his big dick.

“You can’t do this” fell from her lips while his mouth devoured her neck. Her protest was as much for their enjoyment as a statement of fact. He could do this, he was going to do this, and she was going to love every minute of it.

“I have thought about this for years, and I have waited for this all day, yes I can do this”. He spun her around in his grip and taking her beneath the chin pressed her back over the car and stepped back. Ted took in her breasts heaving beneath the white polyester of her nurses uniform, the fact her hips still continued a rhythm while she was bent back onto the car. “Show me your tits”. She attempted to nod “no” but his hand tightened around her neck, finger and thumb running up under her jaw line before slipping behind her head, grabbing her by the hair and forcing a nod of yes.

He had tilted her head so that her gaze was locked on his fierce eyes. She slowly undid one set of buttons opening her shirt and undid her bra to reveal her saggy yet full breasts. She watched as his eyes devoured them. “I said show them to me”. She knew what he meant, and she watched his stare as she took them in her hands and played with them for him. Play that became rougher and rougher till it almost matched his initial assault on them. She was taking so much enjoyment from watching him watch her it was almost as if she were in a trance when he pulled her away from the car.

He walked her the two steps to the still open car door, never taking his stare off of her breasts, her never stopping the kneading. Maintaining his grip in her hair he placed her on the back seat with her feet on the garage floor. Her skirt slid up her thighs giving him a view past her tits to her almost exposed panties. “Don’t stop” were his only words, and moans were her only reply.

She was at eye level with his raging hard on and when his hand undid his shorts to release İstanbul travesti it she had to look away from his face and take it all in. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, a vibrant thing, veined and powerful and seemingly alive on its own. “Look at me” his head jerked her stare back, now joining his. His fingers pried her jaws open and before another moment past he slowly slid his dick into her waiting mouth.

Within two strokes he drove it to the back of her throat. Instinctively her hands tried to come to her rescue but he would have none of that. He swatted them away sending them back to assaulting her breasts while he fucked her face.

She again felt the euphoria coming over her with the shortness of air as his cock tried to ram its way down her throat. She was so lost in trying to find anything that resembled control that when he his fingers shot down between her legs, into her pussy and pressed up against her clit. It was like a light switch had been thrown.

She had not realized how close she had been to coming. It raced over her as she clamped down tightly on her tits. Her gasp at the orgasm gave his hips the motivation and his dick the space it needed to slide down her throat. Her body in spasms, her glassy stare on his, he held her fast on his cock.

He had been thinking about this since he had been between Peggy’s thighs this morning, he had entertained new fantasies as he had ridden through town with her in her car, her begging for “them”. Now was the time he was going to get what he wanted.

She took deep uncontrolled breaths when he pulled her off of his cock. If he had tried to make her walk anywhere her legs would have failed. Instead he pushed her farther into the back seat of the car, turning her over to where on week arms and unsteady legs she was on all fours with her full ass sticking out the door.

He stepped back for a moment to examine his prize while listening to her labored breathing in the car. She swayed as lifted up her skirt around her hips, his fingers slid her mom panties down around her knees and then back up to slide in and out of her soaking pussy.

“No, you can’t, we shouldn’t” came between soft moans inside the car, again as a source of pleasure than warning. His right hand was soaking wet as it worked her towards another orgasm. He found himself having to tell his hard on that was rubbing against her soft ass that it had to patient, no matter how much it longed to be where his hand was.

His thumb wandered up the length of her soaked crack while the fingers continued to work her pussy and clit and began to probe her asshole. Causing another soft, misplaced plea of “no” from the car as she rocked back against the fingers that were violating her.

“Is this what you want?” Ted asked as he fingers her holes more and more roughly.

“Not my ass, no you can’t.”

“Oh but I think you want me in your ass, and I think you are going to tell me so”. Ted inserted his thumb and worked his knuckle around on her anus. “Look at me, look at me and tell me you do not want it”.

Jean strained too look back over her shoulders as she rested on her elbows. Seeing his tight 18 year old body, his hard dick in his free hand, and feeling his finger in her asshole, she knew what she wanted. “No I…” was all she got out of her mouth before he stepped up to her running his monster dick along her soaked crack, lubing it up slightly before giving it a couple of strokes inside her moist pussy.

“Shhh… I know what you like, you are one of those mommies who like to think about young boys shoving their dicks in your ass. You are just that kind of mommy. All dreams and no fuck aren’t you mommy? Well not this time.”

Before she could say a word, which would have been nearly impossible as she felt the orgasm he had started with his fingers and almost delivered with his dick about ready to blow. He spread her ass cheeks wide, letting his head press for a moment on her contracting anus.

She had to close her eyes and break the stare as her orgasm overcame her as he slid the full length of his dick inside of her, enjoying every moment of it as her body did the dance he had come to know as her climax. When he felt it subside he began a gentle rhythm that quickly worked him into a frenzy.

Inside the house a family was sleeping quietly, outside the garage door a world of Ted’s fantasies went about their normal business. But inside that garage Ted had reached forward and taken Jean by the shoulders lifting her from the seat, slamming her ass back against him. Her hands had returned to assaulting her breasts with the same ruthlessness that he was assaulting her ass with.

She could read his breathing and knew that he was about to come. “Come for me baby, come in Mommy’s asshole.” This was the last thing he expected to hear, and it was what drove him straight over the edge. Burying his teenage dick in the older woman’s ass he came like he never had before.

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