Dressing Room Fun

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I stand tall in front of the fancy, silver framed mirror. While my back facing the locked door which separates the two of us.

I cannot stop my eyes from exploring my reflection. My dark brown hair curls as it falls halfway down my back; stopping just above my round ass. I lock onto my facial features, hazel eyes and rosy lips which are slightly turned up forming a soft smirk. My eyes continue to roam and oh my how the tight, black dress hugs my curves. The low v-neck stops just above my belly button meaning wearing a bra is out of the question. However, it lightly pushes my breasts together to form the perfect amount of cleavage..


I’m brought back from my thoughts by the sound of your cough. As i walk towards the door i cannot help but laugh, i know you’ll like this outfit. I simply wonder how much.


Unlocking the dressing room door i open it wide and slightly step outside. Your eyes roam my body, taking in every curve. I cannot help but feel a little insecure. However, i keep my head high and slightly turn. Your eye lock onto my ass, i watch your Adams apple move as you lick your lips.

“Zip me up, please” I softly whisper.

Your finger tips softly run down my back, causing a shiver to release from within. Instead of zipping up the dress your hand rises into the air before sharply meeting my ass. I bite my lip trying to hold in my whimper of pleasure, but you know your effect on me. Escort bayan

You quickly look round before pushing me back within the dressing room. You follow behind and look the door as that beautiful rests upon your face.

“Be serious, i need to know if you like it” I try to follow my own rule – by being serious – however how can i when i feel the need between my thighs.

Instead of responding you grab my hand, before i question your motives you place my palm again your growing bulge; which is hidden beneath your clothing.

Our eyes lock as your husky voice releases the words “I love it”. I can feel the heat rising up my cheeks, the blush growing deeper as a wave of pleasure runs through my body.

I gently squeeze your bulge and step closer towards you. My breasts now touching your chest.

Lust feels your eyes – as it does mine- while you lick your lips as say “you shouldn’t of done that baby-girl.”

You push me against the wall and forcefully crash your lips against mine, not that i would have refused. My hand continues to massage your bulge as our lips move together, dancing and battling in passion and lust.

You bite my my bottom lip and pull, i moan before gripping your shoulders and pulling you closer. Our hips now pushed together as you begin to leave kisses down my neck, sucking and pulling the skin. You always did love to claim your property.

My eyes dart around the room as if remembering Bayan escort for the first time where we are. I bite my lip and try to hold my moans in as your growing cock against me.

Before i know it you’ve spun me around, my hands now pushed against the wall and my ass against you. Grabbing the bottom of the dress you bring it above my hips. No words releasing either of us as you rip my navy panties from me before chucking the to the side.

The air is full of lust and soft moans as i beg for you. Your hands roam my ass, squeezing and rubbing before one takes a new route between my thighs. I spread my legs even further apart as i once again softly whimper the word “please.”

You softly rub my wet core, spreading my need and lust against my swollen folds. Quickly you pull your hand back and slap my ass. I sharply take a deep breath before a hiss releases from my swollen lips. Your hand print turning red against my pale skin. Claiming ownership, marking me as yours.

I can hear you unzipping your trousers. I hear them dropping to the floor. While my mind reminds me that we are in public and how naughty this is, my need and desire continues to grow. I can feel my pussy growing more and more wet with each moment that passes.

Your cock is now released from it’s jail, I feel the hard length against my ass and between my thighs. Your fingers trail along my sides before roaming my breasts. Your index finger and thumb Escort grasp my hard nipples and squeeze. I release a whimper, the mixture of pleasure and pain shoots through my body. “mm please” i arch my back and push my ass further out as those words release from my lips.

“What do you want baby-girl?” Your husky voice causes shivers to appear over my body. I cant bring myself to answer as another moan leaves my mouth.

Stepping back you raise your hand and slap my ass hard, sending a wave of pain through me. I cry out however my words are ignored as you speak “I said what do you want.”

One word leaves my body, it only takes that one word before you pounce upon me.


Before i can think, before i even realise what i said your cock is at my soaking entrance; thrusting into me. You start off slow, so very slow. Its almost as if you’re trying to torture me as you get deeper and deeper into my tight hole. I feel you shiver behind me, i hear you take a deep breath and i swear i heard you grunt in pleasure. But before i test that you’re hands grip my hips, you roll your hips and begin to thrust into me hard and fast.

I bite my bottom lip and bury my head into my arm trying to hide the moans from the public that may be surrounding our dressing room.

Your hand grips my hair and pulls it back causing my head to jerk backwards and my back to arch even more. I cry out as your hips smack against my ass and you go even deeper within me.

I can feel you throbbing inside of me. Your need and desire growing as my pussy clenches and tightens around your thick, hard length.


“Is everything OK in there?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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