Dressing Room Surprise

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My roommate and I would always play “dare” games. Usually they were just harmless things like “I dare you to say hi to that guy” or “I dare you to ask that guy to dance” while in a bar. However, sometimes, it would get a little racy, like daring each other to flash some guys in a car on the freeway or something. But one time, we did something so outrageous that it is worth submitting.

We were at our apartment and were talking about guys and we were starting to get real horny. We know each other masturbate, and joke about it to each other. Just then, Tara dared me to go to my room and get myself off. I said ok, as long as she did my dare which was to go to a public place and get herself off. We giggled for a while trying to come up with places to “do it” and got even more turned on by talking about it. We finally said how thrilling it would be to try and do it somewhere at the mall. We talked about doing it in the car out in the parking lot, or in the nice bathroom at Nordstrom. We even talked about doing it in a dressing room stall. Then we finally agreed – we would go to the mall and each go into a stall at Nordstrom and get off.

On the way there, we were getting so excited. We kept talking about getting caught and stuff, and it made us super horny. I was driving, and I could tell how wet I was getting. I could feel me pulsating down there and knew that it would only take me a second to climax once we got there. Tara was wearing a skirt (I was in shorts) and she kept opening and closing her legs in the passenger seat. I turned down the radio and you could hear her lips smacking open and closed as she spread her legs even though she had panties on. It made us giggle even more, but at the same time it was driving me crazy horny.

It was about this time that Tara suggested how hot it would be to actually get some trashy lingerie and try it on in the dressing room, and then “do it.” I totally agreed. How hot would that be? But it might look pretty obvious if both of us (we knew we’d still be giggling) got skimpy lingerie and went into the Nordstrom dressing room to try it on. We weren’t even sure you could try on the stuff. But, wait a minute, you can try it on at Victoria’s Secret. Totally. Everybody does. We could pick out the trashiest stuff and go into a stall without anyone noticing. So we changed plans – it was off to VS.

By the time we were walking up to the store, Tara was laughing so hard (the silent gut-wrenching kind) that she couldn’t even move. “I don’t think I can do this,” she finally said. “You go first, and I promise I’ll calm down enough to go.” I didn’t mind. I was so damn horny that I actually couldn’t wait to get in there and give myself some relief. So in I went.

I started looking at some garters and corsets – real sexy stuff. After a few minutes, a salesgirl came up to see if she could help. She was a couple years younger than me and dressed pretty cool in a skirt with a tight blouse. I told her what I would normally say, “I’m here to find something really sexy for my boyfriend.” She smiled and began making suggestions. In the meantime, Tara wandered in and started to browse at stuff as well. I guess she was starting to be able to control herself. She didn’t come over because she didn’t want the salesgirl to know we were together.

After about 10 minutes, the salesgirl was walking me to a stall holding a lacy blue and black bra and panty set and a matching garter. She also had a package of black sheer-ish fishnet type şişli escort thigh-highs. I had to agree to buy the stockings before opening the package, but the other stuff I was able to try on without buying. She gave me one of those panty shield thingys to put along the crotch of the panties, said “Let me know if I can be of any help,” and then she left and closed the door behind her. I locked it and then stared into the mirror. I was beat red. My body was so excited that it showed even in my face. I took off my shirt and my shoulders and chest were also flushed. Damn, was I read to go.

I finished taking off my clothes and debated whether or not to leave my own panties (thong) on and just pull the new ones on over them, but I decided that would take a lot of the fun out of it, so I slid them off. Wow! There was so much goop already in my panties. My lips were all swollen and everything around them was just drenched with wetness. I had been dripping for probably an hour or two when you think about it. I stepped out of them and then couldn’t resist just touching myself for a quick second. It felt sooooo good. I just touched everything lightly and smeared the wetness all around. My clit was already ready to go and even though I barely touched it, I could feel the effects. This wasn’t going to take long at all.

Because I was so wet, I decided to put the new panties on last. First I opened the stockings and rolled them on one by one. I stood in front of the mirror wearing nothing but these two thigh-high’s. Wow, what a tramp. I loved it! I then put the garter on and then the bra. I looked hot and totally ready to go. I pulled up the panties, along with the panty shield, and then secured the garter to the stockings. I looked at myself in the mirror from every view. This was better and more fun that I would ever have thought (if you haven’t tried this before – DO IT. It is amazing and makes you feel totally sexy!!!). I began moving my hands all over my body. The lace and fabric from each of the items made me flush even more and I could feel myself making the panty shield insert super wet. It was time. I slipped my fingers down under the waistline and found the source of all the heat and wetness. Man it was hot. Boiling hot. I slid a finger inside and it came out with so much juice on it. I rubbed it around my lips and clit and within literally a couple of seconds, it was starting to pant. I knew it would be quick, but I didn’t want it to be too quick, so I pulled out my hand and brought my fingers up to my boobs. I went inside the bra and played with my nipples, making them wet and rock hard. I then put my fingers into my mouth and gave them a good long kiss – this always is an incredible turn on to me. I then slid them back down and started playing for real.

I kept my mouth closed, but you could hear me pant as I breathed hard through my nose. You could also hear the slishy sloshy sounds I was making from below. I would go back and forth from watching myself in the mirror to keeping my eyes closed in ecstasy. It was awesome. Just then, I heard the familiar knock, “Is everything ok in there? How are we doin’?”

I took a deep slow breath and tried to sound as normal as possible, “Fine thanks.”

“Ok, let me know if you need anything or would like to try something else.”

“Ok,” I said while inserting a finger slowly in and out of me. It was such an amazing turn-on to be doing that while actually talking to someone. It made me want it even çapa escort more, and I plunged two fingers in and brought them out covered in juice and began to send myself over the edge. I would dip my index and middle fingers deep inside, then slide them up slowly, parting my lips with each finger and then come up and circle my clit a few times, and then slide them back slowly down and then do it again. Mmmmmm. It sure wasn’t going to take much more of that. Again I was starting to make a bit of noise with both my panting and the squishy sounds. I didn’t care. The end was in sight. I was looking at myself in the mirror and wanted to watch myself come. I wanted to have this memory to use later on in future solo sessions.

I was getting to that point where my panting became suppressed moaning and I knew this was it. Just then I heard the door handle turn. This was confusing because I had locked it. As I was trying to figure out what was happening, in walked the salesgirl holding a key which was inserted into the outside door knob. “I thought you might be having some trouble with the garter buckles,” she said loud enough to cover my shriek of surprise. She quickly stepped in and closed the door behind her, locking it as well. I quickly pulled my hand out of my panties and crossed my arms in an attempt to hide. “Don’t worry, she said. “It’s ok. I could hear you from the other side of the door, and it was making me so hot. I knew I just had to come in here and watch you finish.”

I was blown away. Was this even legal? I could totally have her fired. But before I could even say a single word, she was pulling down and stepping out of her own panties. She then lifted up her skirt and started to go to work. I was totally confused, horny, scared, and speechless. “It’s o-k-a-y,” she whispered slowly. She was an attractive girl, with dark tan lines and a shaved private area. It was already glistening with wetness. I watched her and then slid my right hand back down into my own panties, or technically, the store’s panties. I looked up at her face and she whispered to me again, “Take them off.” I didn’t need to be asked twice as I was already getting quite comfortable with the situation, not to say, even more turned on. I pulled the panties down, but they got caught on the garter. The salesgirl laughed and told me that I was suppose to connect the garter straps first, then put on the panties afterward. This way. I could pull the panties down to use the restroom, or have some fun, without needing to disconnect the garter. This made sense, I thought, as I turned my attention to the garter fasteners. I fumbled a bit, and then she stepped over to me and offered to help. She said that she had a ton of experience with these. Duh.

She told me to turn around and then she knelt down behind me. I could feel the warmth of her hand on my thigh as she disconnected the front and back straps from first my left leg, and then my right. Once the garter straps were loose, without even pausing a second, I could feel her index fingers from both hands lightly scrape against my tummy and then dive under the waistband of my panties. Before I could even react, she was sliding my panties down my legs. I instinctively stepped out of them and then her hands slid up my legs to my thighs. Since I was facing the mirror, I could not only sense her touch, but I could see it all as well. She brought her hands together and brushed them against my pubic hair, and then she continued them up my stomach mecidiyeköy escort to my boobs. She caressed them from outside the bra, but then slid her fingers in each one to lightly pinch my nipples – similar to what I had done earlier. Then her left hand began massaging my whole breast which felt lovely while her right hand went back down to my pubic area. She caressed my pubic hair for a minute which I don’t think I’d ever had done before. It was so nice and sensual. And then she went down lower and entered me. I don’t have words that can describe it. It was passionate, sexy, exciting, thrilling, naughty – all at the same time. She began to smear my juices all over and then did it again. Again and again. I was totally into it. Watching it in the mirror even made it more amazing. She then began to focus her attention on my clit and I knew, once again, that I was close. I let her know by letting out a soft moan.

In the meantime, she had let her left hand slip down from by breast and began to work on herself a little bit. I could feel her hips move against her fingers and against my bare ass. I was so overtaken by the moment, that I moved my left hand behind me toward my butt and tried to feel her feel herself. She grabbed my fingers and put them into position with her own. She moaned a little bit and really began to ride them. This didn’t happen for too long before I started panting out of my mouth, giving her the signal that I was about to come. She then whispered her hot, sweet breath right into my ear, “Come on my fingers as I come on yours. Now. Nowwwww.” And that was it. My body shook so much I thought I was going to fall. As I came, she had her middle finger inside me and her palm on my clit. It was the kind of orgasm that doesn’t stop. All the while, she was humping my hand and my ass. It was incredible.

We stood like that for probably another full minute, and then slowly let go of our embrace. I turned to look at her, and she said, “That outfit is so HOT!” I just couldn’t resist.” She then stepped over to the other side of the fitting room, pulled on her panties, got dressed, and, as if she had just finished helping me with nothing more than a button, stepped outside with a glancing smile my way. The door closed, and I stood there, dumbfounded and sexually drained. What had I just done? I turned around and looked in the mirror and what I saw was indeed hot – it was sex. Pure sex. I lifted my right hand up to my mouth and tasted my fingers while enjoying the scent of sex. Then it hit me. I looked at my left hand and realized that I had her juices on it. The juices of another girl. I slowly brought it up to my face and breathed it in. I then touched it with my tongue. It tasted so sexy, so dirty. It was another girl!!!

I tried to get dressed as quickly as possible, however, I was so shaky and frazzle-headed. I finally managed to get myself together and look somewhat presentable. When I left the fitting room area, I didn’t see the salesgirl, and thought that maybe she had taken a break or gone to the employee restroom. Meanwhile, I took the items to the counter and charged them even though I couldn’t afford them. They would always store wonderful memories for me.

When I saw Tara back out in front of the store’s entrance, she knew right away by the look on my face that I was successful in our dare. She, it turns out, got cold feet, but she was so interested to hear about what I did, and in painstaking detail. So I told her the whole story, except I left out the part about the salesgirl. That part was personal, and I was going to keep it for me.

And, oh yea, when I got home, I masturbated three more times using the smell and taste of my left fingers, but that is a different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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