Drew’s Awakening

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I woke slowly, blinking in the soft glow created by the artificial track lights. God, where was I?

“I see you’re awake.”

I tried to turn towards the voice, but found I couldn’t. My hands and legs were fastened to the bed. “What the fuck…?” I blinked and shook my head. I vaguely remembered a red-head named Phoenix and….

Phoenix sat on the edge of the bed, bringing a hand up to stroke my belly. “A little fuzzy on the details, hmm?” She pulled at the collar around my neck, forcing me to raise my head and look at her. “Need me to refresh your memory, pet?”

“Shit!” This wasn’t real. This couldn’t be real! What the hell had I gotten myself into??? “I… m-m-mistress?”

She let go of the collar and I could breathe again. “Very, very good. I think I’ve decided to keep you. You’re pleasing to the eye and you learn sooo quickly.” Her voice purred across me, causing goose bumps to rise across my skin.

Oh, Jesus! She shifted, rising to her knees. She was dressed only in her garter belt, thigh highs and heels. She was gorgeous and even though I knew the consequences, I still wanted her. “Mistress, please….”

“Oh, yes. You do please me.” She swung a leg over my chest, settling her cunt inches from my chin.

I could smell her, smell the musk of her sex, the heat of her body. Just an hour ago I thought I’d died, and yet here I was again, blissfully rising to the occasion. I licked my lips. I wanted to taste her, to lick the dew from her nether lips. “Mistress, please.”

She leaned forward, her full breasts swinging in front of me. She stroked a finger down my nose, touched the tip to my lips. “I asked you earlier if you like what you see. I’d like an answer now, pet.”

My eyes glazed over, my cheeks flushed. “Yes, Mistress.” I gasped huskily. Damn, I was already semi-hard and getting 1080 porno harder.

“Suck me, then.”

I took her nipple in my mouth, laving it with my tongue before rolling my lips over my teeth to bite her gently.

“Mmm… That’s nice, pet. But, I’m not into nice.” She tapped my cheek roughly. “You can do better than that.”

I looked into her eyes. She was serious. I closed my eyes, opening my mouth wide, suckling deeply. I closed my jaws, bringing my teeth together sharply over her nipple. Damn! She tasted so good.

Phoenix moaned softly. “Yes, that’s better.”

I shifted my efforts to her other breast. Nipping and tugging at her nipple until it was swollen and rosy. I could feel her shifting restlessly against me, leaving spots of damp heat on my chest as she did.

She locked her thumb and forefinger against my cheeks, pushing inwards and forcing me to open my mouth. “Enough of that, my pet.” She pushed upwards so I couldn’t reach her. Her hand dropped down to the juncture between her legs. “You tempt me, pet. You really tempt me.”

I watched her hand as her fingers traced the slick folds. Her creamy skin was waxed smooth and glistened with moisture. “I set aside my own needs earlier so that you could rest.”

She used the fingers of one hand to spread open her labia. I could see the small stud winking at me brightly from the cover of her hood. I ran my tongue over my lips. I took a chance, hoping she wouldn’t punish me. “Mistress, let me please you.”

Her fingers circled her clit, pausing a moment to play with the stud. My penis was so hard I could hammer nails. God! “Yes.” She slid a finger deep into her vagina, moaning softly. “Yes, its definitely time you saw to my needs my pet.”

She pulled her finger out with a soft plop. I could see the 2 k porno cream covering her fingers. I swallowed hard. “Open up, pet.”

I opened my mouth willingly, allowing her to slide those delicious, creamy digits deep inside. I licked and sucked, trying to collect every drop of dew on her fingers. “Mmmm…” I sighed. I couldn’t help myself.

Phoenix chuckled. “Oh, you like that do you?” She brought her hips forward. I would have to raise my head to reach her.

I pulled at my restraints. I wanted to touch her. “Please, mistress. Please release me so that I may pleasure you fully.”

She smiled down at me. “No, my pet. You must do this just as you are.”

I groaned. Raising my head, I brought my tongue towards her heat. God, just the smell of her almost made me come.

She tapped my nose. “Do a good job, pet. If you don’t, I’ll put you back on the rack, insert that lovely plug, and leave you there until morning.”

My heart leaped into my throat. “No, mistress. No. Let me please you, Mistress.” I put my tongue to work quickly, laving and sucking. Stroking deeply into her musky valley. I could feel her shudder against me.

“Ahh, yes pet.” She ground her cunt into my mouth. I could barely breathe. “Oh, mmm…” I took her clit between my teeth, nipping and sucking the little nub until she came in a gush of cream. “Ugh!”

She pushed my head down to the mattress. “Enough!” She wiped sweat from her brow. “You did well, pet.” Her chest heaved. “Oh, yes. You did well.”

I shook with need. I guess it showed in my face, my eyes. She patted my stomach. “Easy, pet. No coming until I tell you to.”

I grimaced and closed my eyes. I thought of old men in their underwear, of wrinkled old ladies, of fat women in bikinis. Nothing worked. Shit! My legs strained against the 3 k porno restraints.

“Hmm… perhaps you need a little help.” She slid a cock ring down to the base of my penis before sliding a condom over my length. “I want a long, hard ride my pet. And I can’t have that if you come too soon.”

“Mistress, no! I….” I shut up quickly when she turned her head and just looked at me. I didn’t want to be put back on the rack. Not now. I begged silently with my eyes. Oh, please, please, please…

She pumped her fist up and down my cock, making sure I was as hard as I could be. Then she mounted me in one smooth motion, sliding her tight, hot cunt down my penis until she’d engulfed me completely.

“Oh, fuck!”

She laughed. “Oh, fuck indeed my pet!” She raised her hips, levering herself off me until she’d almost release me from her silky confines before slamming back down against me. The rhythm she set was so fast, so hard it was almost painful.

My head swam. My heart pounded in my chest so quickly I thought it would explode. I wanted to come so badly I could scream. “Mistress!”

“Ugh! Oh, God! Yes, my pet. Oh, yes.” Her hips pounded against me, faster and faster. I think my balls were turning blue. I would go insane if she didn’t let me come soon.

I felt her reach down between us, fumbling with the device she’d locked around me. Suddenly, I was free. My eyes opened wide. “Dear God!”

“So close… Oh, so close.” Her fingers dug into my chest, her nails curling into my nipples like claws. “Come. Come! Come now!” She commanded.

My entire body jerked upwards. I pulled so hard against the restraints I could hear the wood in the bedstead groan with my efforts. I screamed. “Mistress!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” She screamed her own release as her body exploded over me.

We grew quiet. She lay across me, head resting on my chest. For the first time ever, I was truly satisfied.

She raised her head, looking deeply into my eyes. “So, Drew.” She licked her lips. “Meet me here next Friday?”

I smiled. “Yes, Mistress.” Oh, hell yes!

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