Drive Ch. 04

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Shifting the camera into his left hand, Lou slapped Chris hard across the face with his right. Lou stormed from the bed’s side to the table beside the lone closed window. Chris winced and waited for the stinging burn to fade from his cheek, all the while hearing a paper bag being rifled through hastily. Jim pushed the boy aside like rumpled quilt. The bear panted from his exertions and waddled, naked, over to where Lou stood. Light clinking of metal parts, sounding like minature chains, came to Chris’ ears. The blond was already handcuffed – what could be worse? Lou’s gruff and cold voice gave him the first inkling of an answer.

“Grab that slut, Jim. Grab him and hold him still.”

Chris instinctively tried to inch away, but Jim’s unrestrained hands were much faster. Jim yanked the boy up onto his knees and gripped the slender biceps tightly. Lou set the running camera on the tabletop, aimed at the bed as he approached his young captive from the side. A leather strap wrapped long around itself tapped in Lou’s hand. Chris’ eyes continually shifted between the strap and Lou’s blank expression. This wasn’t going to be good.

“Your uncle fucks you better than your daddy, huh?”

Chris shouted out from the folded leather cracking across his cheek. Lou swung it back across the other. Red welts arose on the blond’s face. Tears of humiliation and pain broke free. Lou ignored them. He picked a different band of leather up from the table, displaying it before the lens as he readied it. A black mouth gag with a large penis-shaped pacifier. Lou forced the thick, short nub into Chris’ mouth. Jim held the boy immobile while the straps joined behind Chris’ head and a steel buckle latched the gag in place. A hard slap of leather on Chris’ side assured the men that their captive’s protests were now limited to harsh moans through his nose.

Hands sprang for the boy’s throat, and for the first time, Chris feared for his life. A short, massive strip of black leather wrapped around his neck. The dog collar pulled tight and buckled, barely loose enough to slide against the blond’s skin without leaving a burning friction. The strap in Lou’s hand was allowed to unravel. A leash, and now clicking solidly onto the collar’s ring.

“We’ll just see about that. Daddy hasn’t had a chance to fuck you good in bed for a long time. No car seats tonight, Chris. No mom coming home, or calling over where you are. Uncle Jim’s gonna tape me fucking my gay son’s ass. Jim – take the camera.”

The bulkier man released Chris to fall to the gaziantep escort bed chest-down, taking the recorder and filming Lou’s striptease. Lou’s clothes were such a middle-aged cliche, the blond sometimes wondered if it was a costume, seeing Lou dressed the same way every Thursday. An ugly brown necktie unknotted from the collar of a cheap pinstriped shirt. That unbuttoned and pulled off of a worn and stretched wifebeater tank. Belt and trousers unfastened, dropping down from covering plain white cotton boxer shorts. Lou took off his shoes, but the calf-gartered dark socks stayed on.

Three rough fingers shoved into Chris’ ass dry. They weren’t as unpleasant as they could’ve been, after Jim’s lubricant and stretching. Lou felt out the boy’s prostate through the warm inner flesh and hammered thrusts over it. Chris screamed into his gag, but there was no way the sound was going to get through the room’s walls to someone who might care. The blond’s shaft stiffened against the mattress in an uncomfortable position. Lou stopped the manual assault well before the boy could orgasm.

Lou knelt behind Chris on the bed, gripping the blond’s hips to pull him up onto his knees. The side of Chris’ face mashed into the covers. The coarse motel comforter scraped hellishly against the welt on his cheek. Lou pulled his hard cock and swelling balls through his boxer’s front door, ripping the seam a little for wider access. The boy’s employer took a wrapped condom from the nightstand and ripped it open. Unrolled it carefully. Threw it onto the bed in front of Chris’ face, where the blond would be sure to see Lou wasn’t going to wear it. Lubing with a drop of gel and a few fast pounds on his manhood to spread it, Lou clamped onto the young hips still greasy from Jim’s ride. The forty-six-year-old’s veiny cock launched into the boy, setting instantly into a pounding rhythm.

Jim extended the camera’s lens for a close view of the slick, sticky, repetitive meeting of youthful ass and middle-aged crotch. Lou slapped at the girlishly rounded cheeks. He growled and mummbled about filthy desires and fantasies, entrenched deeply in his roleplay as Chris’ father. Fantasies of pulling down the back of uniform pants and fucking Chris to celebrate a varsity win. Sex and whippings after a loss. The sweat, the adrenaline, naked father and son in the shower after. Son on his knees, giving dear old Dad a continuous blowjob throughout bowl games. Stripteases. Skinnydipping in the backyard pool. Sleeping naked in daddy’s bed, bodies tangled together.

Jim moved the filming behind Lou, catching the boy’s erection waggling unattended between his spread thighs. The teenager moaned and whimpered through the loveless coupling. There were audible signs that Chris had reluctantly begun licking and sucking on the anchored dildo in his mouth. Jim envied that gag, but at this point, neither of the men trusted the boy not to bite.

Lou ground his hips into Chris’ soft flesh, burying his full length in the boy while reaching for the leash. Lou gave the tether a strong pull, yanking Chris’ chest up from the bed’s surface. Lou held him there for nearly ten seconds, listening with a smile to the blond struggle for breath. Feeling Chris writhe on his cock in panic was even better. Lou let the boy down before he could pass out. Gave him just enough time to recover his breath, before yanking the leash again. Lou held him up and used the looped end to whip the boy’s ass this time. Twice more. Lou delighted in half-strangling the young man who looked after his children once a week. On the last pull, Lou reined in the leash until Chris’ back was touching to the older man’s chest. Jim lie on his side in front of them, getting an upshot of Lou ravaging the boy’s hole. Lou kept a tight hold on the leash, giving Chris no leeway to move at all.

“You’d better be enjoying this, bitch. This is gonna be the fuck of your life. Mmm… Chris, you beautiful fag, here comes your tip…”

Surges of hot semen blasted into Chris’ anus, and there was still no way to scramble away from the hose spewing it out. Lou pulled out only to allow Jim to tape drops of white leaking out of the young and savaged rectum. Lou took over filming long enough for Jim to broadly lick at the juices and briefly suck the pucker for a little more. His tongue pushed inside and flickered around, and Chris’ body trembled. Lou handed the camera back after a short while, and Jim set it on the table. He aimed it for a wide shot of the bed’s side.

Still controlling the blond by the neck, Lou held Chris in place while Jim crawled heavily onto the bed and backed up against the blond’s thighs. Jim widened his knees and lowered to his elbows, wiggling a sizable, pasty white ass against the tip of Lou’s pet’s erection.

“What are you waiting for? Be a good nephew and fuck your uncle.”

Lou reached around Chris’ small waist and gripped the boy’s staff, stroking it over with the gummy residue of lubricant. Lou guided the head to Jim’s sphinchter, then pushed the boy’s hips forward to send the missle of flesh fast and deep into the body of a man Chris had never seen before an hour ago. Lou slipped his softening penis back into Chris’ rump easily, thrusting through the gel and cum to get the blond’s thrusts started in the bear. Catching and pitching simultaneously tremored through Chris’ body. His voice was nothing but one weak, helpless cry after another against his gag. Jim growled his approval loudly and pushed back on the boy strongly. Lou grunted in response, sandwiching the boy between he and his friend, but focusing his touches on caressing Jim’s hairy backside.

“Ooh… this kid’s good, Lou. God, I’d love to take this bitch home with me.”

“Fuck, so would I. Well, we’re not through with him yet.”

The unfocused jostling between men who seemed to only be using him as an odd joint to fuck each other wore Chris down quickly. He fought back his orgasm, but his tortured libido wasn’t having it. A third, dwindling spray of cum shot unprotected into the first man Chris had ever penetrated. Jim wriggled all the more, and Chris feared the waves of ejaculate wouldn’t stop until he was nothing but a dehydrated shell. There was no way to pull out of the burly man with Lou still knocking into the blond from behind. The motions resulting kept Chris thrusting, as well, refusing to let his orgasm subside. Chris collapsed forward onto Jim’s furry back. The fore and aft sexual assaults kept at their paces, and he had neither the strength nor the will to keep upright for them anymore.

Jim soon twitched and grunted, clenching his rectum on the boy’s spent shaft as his own climax was reached. Chris couldn’t bring himself to care. He’d already believed more times than he could count tonight that reaching an orgasm would be the end of the evening. It wasn’t worth the dashed hopes again. It was the right attitude to take, apparently. Jim pulled off of the blond, and Lou pulled out, leaving Chris to collapse to the covers and their miriad of wet spots.

“Got it all, Jim? Paint him with it.”

Chris hadn’t fully opened his eyes to the sound of Lou’s voice when a palmful of cooling semen was smeared across his face. Rubbed over his cheeks. Dragged down his neck. Two warm, limp cocks tapped hard and repeatedly under his nose, the only spot close to the boy’s mouth that wasn’t covered by the gag’s band. It was safe to assume their favorite black box was putting the moment down on tape. Chris cautiously opened his eyes once the penile beatings ceased. Congealed drops of semen were visible in his lashes. Lou and Jim both looked delighted.

“Okay. Get him, and let’s go clean the little son of a bitch up.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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