Drizzt and Vierna Ch. 01

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The Beginning

Hello everyone! This is my first story or fan-fiction, erotic or otherwise. Having said that, I am well aware that this is probably a poor start, but ask that if you do have opinions on how I can increase this story, or my skills in general, to please say so in a review by offering constructive criticism. I would prefer no flames, but if in that flame advice is hidden, I will certainly take it to heart and consider it. Thank you very much for giving this a chance! This is set in Homeland, by R.A. Salvatore, and although reading that will provide you with some great background information and a little more understanding, (and is a great book in general!) it is not necessary.

I do not own Forgotten Realms, The Legend of Drizzt, or any characters involved

As Drizzt stormed out of the graduation hall, sickened by the whole ordeal, he heard soft footfalls come up behind him.

“You prefer privacy; I understand.” Vierna placed her hand on Drizzt’s shoulder, allowing her robe to remain open down the middle.

“This place is a cesspit of evil! Curse the Spider Queen and all who cater to her sadistic fetishes! ” Drizzt spat, still not turning around. Vierna took a deep breath as she understood his reason for leaving, her patience forever tried by her sacrilegious younger brother.

“Come, it is not too late to make up for your foolishness, brother. I warn you now not to bring the wrath of Lolth upon our family! Allow me to show you the true pleasure that is our Goddess, the truth that is her greatness!” Vierna’s breath quickened her pulse racing as she got caught up in her own delirious proclamation of worship for her queen.

At this point, Drizzt did turn around, meaning to deny anything Vierna might say about Lolth. His words caught in his throat, however, at the sight awaiting him. Vierna had removed her robe entirely, her tightly muscled, slender frame quivering in excitement and need. Her large, shapely breasts caught Drizzt’s eyes first, and then, allowing his gaze to lower to her abdomen, his breath quickened. Lower still he looked, until he saw a thin white patch of hair, shaved in the shape of a spider, just above her glistening womanhood.

Drizzt swallowed, trying to collect himself, but the fumes and aromas of the ceremony hall still assaulted his senses and judgment, and not entirely against his will he felt himself harden. After one more once over of his sister’s bare ebony skin, he looked into her eyes, feeling lost and scared.

Vierna herself swallowed, always taken bursa otele gelen escort aback by Drizzt’s striking lavender orbs, though she did not fail to see the troubled, almost pleading look in them. Not willing to relieve the advantage she now had, she swayed her shapely hips slowly, sensually, and dragged a fingernail across Drizzt’s cheek. Feeling him shiver, she did so once more before deftly unfastening his piwafwi.

Drizzt remained still, not moving as his cloak fluttered to the ground; could only watch as his tunic was unfastened by his only full blooded sibling.

Once Vierna reached the belt holding his scimitars, he did flinch slightly, but at a stern look from her, he allowed them to be removed, albeit reluctantly.

“Touch me, brother, that you might begin to understand the glories of obeying a High Priestess of Lolth.”

And he did. His quivering hands came to her breasts, unable to close around them fully, but enough to begin squeezing them softly, mesmerized by the perfect body that is a female drow. Letting out a small coo, his sister quickly unfastened his trousers and pushed them down, followed by his under shorts, and gasped in delight, finally taking in the full site of her younger brother.

More than a decade of training had honed his body to perfection, this she knew, but never had she imagined Drizzt to be so gifted in his manhood as well. The ebony shaft throbbed, the smooth skin of it only interrupted by the angry veins pulsing along it. His girth was enough so that her slender hand could only connect the tips of her thumb and middle finger as she grasped him, making him gasp and flinch, and it was certainly long enough for both of her hands, which she soon utilized.

Drizzt threw his head back as Vierna rubbed his manhood up and down with both hands, never having felt such sensations, even from himself. Pre cum leaked out of his cock, which Vierna then used as lubrication. She knelt down, willing to do something for her younger brother that no female hardly ever does for a male, although not sure why she was so ready to do so; her tongue flicked at his tip, causing both Drizzt and his cock to jump. Before Drizzt knew what was happening, Vierna had taken half of him in her mouth, her tongue swirling around his dick, and slowly began taking in even more of him.

He groaned aloud, his legs growing weak. Vierna reached up and kneaded his heavy balls with one hand, the other grasping his ass and pulling him towards her. Drizzt’s mouth fell open bursa eve gelen eskort and he tried to gasp out a warning as he felt something surge up his shaft, but found himself unable. Just as Vierna took him fully in her mouth and throat, gagging slightly as her nose touched his pelvis, he exploded in her throat, his seed quickly overcoming her. Jerking back, Vierna coughed as a few more streams hit her face, even as cum spewed back out of her mouth with violent coughs.

Once Drizzt had reclaimed some of his senses, he tried to apologize, but before he could say anything, he felt a stinging slap across his cheek, which knocked him to the ground. In an instant, Vierna was straddling his hips, anger in her eyes.

“Stupid male, warn me next time! You are lucky I’m in too great a need of you to punish you further!” As the last word left her mouth, she lowered herself on her brother’s still hard penis, biting her bottom lip as his large girth began stretching her. After his head made it through, she took a few deep breaths, and then allowed herself to drop, screaming as she was impaled by Drizzt’s cock. Looking down, she saw the slight bulge in her stomach, and her body was racked with her first orgasm, her pussy squirting juices against the base of his cock and his pelvis.

Drizzt was staring up at his sister, his purple eyes searching her eyes for more than hatred and lust, and thought he may have detected a hint of something else; she was looking back at him, confused by the swirl of emotions inside her. She was the daughter of Zaknafein, just as Drizzt was the son, and she had inherited some of his instinctive principles and capacity for emotion outside of hate as well. However, being born female, those were stamped out long ago- or so she thought. From the day Drizzt was born, his eyes held hers in a way she had never known. Now, almost thirty years later, she found herself feeling things she knew would displease Matron Malice, her sister’s, and Lolth herself. To try and dispel some of her blasphemous thoughts, she lifted up the length of Drizzt’s shaft, and allowed herself to fall back down, whimpering at the mix of pain and immense pleasure. Allowing herself to be lost in the bliss, she began pouncing wildly, her thick white hair framing her face and the tops of her bouncing breasts.

Drizzt was moaning now, and thrusting up to meet her every time she lowered. Each time though, showing typical female dominance, her drop crushed his own thrust back into the ground, until he just allowed bayan escort bursa her to ride him. She leaned forward, placing one hand on his well-muscled chest, the other tweaking one of her nipples, tugging on it, trying to spread the pain and bliss to more than her burning pussy.

On an impulse, Drizzt grabbed Vierna’s hips and held them, his fingers grasping at her round ass cheeks, and held her firm. Looking into her eyes, he once more tried to take the lead, thrusting fast and hard inside of her, and this time, she let him. Dropping her forehead on top of his own, Vierna let her brother slam repeatedly inside of her, until she heard his gasps intensify, and knew what was coming.

As Drizzt let out a yell, she felt his cock get even wider, and then the warm gush of his seed splashing inside of her, inciting her to another fierce orgasm, making her want to sob and cry with bliss. One hand went to her stomach and felt the bulge that was his cock, the other lowering to her forearm, and acting not on lust, but a feeling she could not define, she pressed her lips to Drizzt.

He kissed her back, meeting her tongue as it pressed against his lips, and continued thrusting throughout his orgasm, causing them both to moan into the kiss.

Once Drizzt stopped cumming and his cock softened, Vierna lifted her head from Drizzt’s, well aware of the wetness in her eyes. She looked once more into those eyes, those eyes that enraptured her so, and her lips trembled. As tears began to fall freely, Drizzt raised a hand to wipe them away.

“Vierna… What is wrong?” he asked in a voice riddled with concern. Her response came as a sob, as she realized that she was feeling love; love for a brother and a lover… love, an emotion unheard of in drow society. Her entire world was shattering, her beliefs being questioned by this pure feeling caused by her sacrilegious younger brother.

She raised herself off of him, wincing as he left her worn out pussy, and offered a hand to help him up. She quickly pulled her robe on and fastened it, motioning for him to do the same. After they were dressed, she glanced around nervously, and then looked at Drizzt, unsure if she was making the right decision, but knowing there needed to be a change. Knowing that her newfound love for Drizzt would not be allowed, and also that it could not be stopped. Not if she could help it.

“Come, brother, we have preparations to make and very little time to do so…”she said urgently. Grabbing his arm, she quickly led him away, not offering an explanation when he looked at her inquiringly.

As he was pulled away by his sister, Drizzt’s mind was swimming with confusing thoughts. Judging by the urgency and nervousness of the High Priestess leading him away though, he knew his questions were better left for another time. Instead, for the first time in his life, he fully trusted in the person leading him away…

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