Dubious Hero Ch. 01

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Author’s note: Many thanks to Copperbutterfly for her editing expertise in helping make this a better story.

I had watched, along with maybe 50 other people at the scenic overlook, as the young girl who might have been an early teenager, stumbled and fell over the waist-high railing into the abyss of the canyon below. I bent over the rail expecting to see the girl lying broken on the rocks below. Instead she was wedged between a couple of jagged looking boulders about 75 feet below the trail. I looked around but there were no park rangers in sight. Something had to be done and quickly or the girl would probably die, if she hadn’t already died from that fall. Remembering the coil of rope in my truck, I raced to get it, screaming for someone to call 911.

It seemed like it took me forever to reach my pickup and fish out the rope. I knew it was a hundred foot coil and hoped that my estimate of the distance was not wrong. I also took a rough board, thinking that we might need it for a backboard, and found a small coil of rope of unknown length. Strange the turn this supposed touring vacation of some western states had taken.

Back at the railing someone came up with a caribiner while I was tying the end of the rope to the metal railing. The person who called 911 said that it would probably take at least 45 minutes for a rescue team to arrive and maybe more. Since no one else seemed to be volunteering, I hooked the caribiner into my belt, looped the rope through it and around me, and went over the rail with instructions to the bystanders to be ready to send down the board with the smaller rope if I needed it. I started rappelling down the rough rock wall toward the girl.

As I got close, I could hear her groaning so I knew she was at least alive. I had to be careful to not dislodge rocks that would fall on her and it took me a while to get to her, having to avoid several beach ball sized rocks along the way. Just before I got to her, I twisted my ankle but told myself that I had to ignore that pain and get to the girl.

When I squatted beside her, she was wide-eyed with fear and pain. She had a broken left leg, judging from the angle at which it lay and she said that her right shoulder hurt so bad she could not move. She had a couple of cuts on her face, one on her right cheek and the other on her left forehead but they didn’t seem all that bad. I knew we’d have to use the board to keep her as stable as possible and got the people on top to send it down.

It was a chore to block myself into the rocks below her to protect her, position the board where I could ease her onto it without hurting her any more than I could help and then start back up the rock face steadying the girl while the people topside, worked at pulling both of us up. At one point while trying to work around a car sized outcropping, my foot slipped between two smaller boulders and the tug on the rope yanked me into slamming my left thigh into a jagged outcropping hard enough that I cried out. Then trying to dislodge my trapped foot, the board dislodged a two hundred pounder that slammed into my left shoulder before careening down to the canyon floor. Now I had to get her the rest of the way with one unusable arm and one super painful leg. Damn, I was beginning to question my sanity.

The girl, probably a fifteen year old, was incredibly brave. Although it had to have hurt immensely when I lost control of the board after getting hit, she whimpered but did not cry out, even though she nearly bit through her lower lip in pain. We struggled upward and cleared the lip onto the pathway after what seemed like eons.

One of the people had some first aid training and said that the girl’s color said she probably had internal bleeding and they had better transport her without waiting for the rescue team. A woman with a cell phone went with the people who put the girl in an SUV, along with her mother, and they headed in the direction the rescue team would come, a modest sized town almost 50 miles to the west. There was no room for me so I waited, unable to walk or move my smashed shoulder.

It took another 35 minutes for the state police to arrive. They had met the SUV about halfway to town, along with the rescue helicopter, moved the girl into it and transported her to a hospital, more than 80 miles to the southwest. The officers said that there was a clinic in town 50 miles away and they would take me there to see if the doctors could help me. After a struggle, they got me into the back seat of their car, turned on the siren and sped away.

Still it was 30 minutes before we pulled up to a building that would have just been a standard doctor’s office back home. I saw Clinic on the faded sign but couldn’t read the rest. The officers got me into a wheel chair, though not without a lot of teeth gritting, wheeled me inside and helped me onto an examination table. It was strange, though, because instead of pulling out an extension to put my legs on, the nurse pulled out stirrups for my feet. She shooed the officers out and set about to work on me, Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort sticking a thermometer into my mouth and wrapping a blood pressure cuff around my right forearm. When she straightened my arm out and pulled it up so that her generous size right tit was in my hand while she pumped up the cuff, I took another look at her. She wasn’t bad looking, a little on the pudgy side but I wouldn’t have kicked her out of bed if the opportunity presented itself either. Involuntarily I felt my hand jump under the soft roundness of her flesh. Was that the hint of a smile I saw on her face?

She pumped it up again and listened and I groaned as my fingers moved slightly. I was disappointed when she took off the stethoscope and put away the cuff, mumbling something about it being close to normal. She went around the table and gently probed my left shoulder. I winced in pain and she said she’d have to cut off my shirt. I said that was okay and she went to work, twice putting my left hand on her right hip as she cut. I could have sworn that she was horny. Then to get the shirt out from under me, she had me put my good arm over her shoulder and together we pulled me up. Our faces pressed cheek to cheek and her boobs rubbed my chest as she dragged my ruined shirt off the table and then eased me down. It hurt … so good. Amazing what anesthetic a touch of sexy flesh can be!

There wasn’t much she could do with the shoulder until they X-rayed it to see if anything was broken so she gingerly checked on my left thigh. Although she tried to be gentle, her fingers hurt like hell. Still there is something about a woman’s fingers probing near one’s genitals that bring other thoughts to mind and this was no exception. I began to get a monster erection and my mind temporarily forgot about the pain. Then she said that she’d have to take off my jeans and asked if she should cut them off too. I hated to lose a good pair of jeans so I asked if we could just take them off. She agreed, unbuckling my belt, opening the snap and pulling down the zipper. However the swelling in my side proved to be too much and she had to cut them off. Once again, my thoughts were on something besides my injuries when her hands worked the scissors up until she touched my crotch.

The nurse began to work my pants down, a little at a time, as I rolled from side to side, then I lifted for a couple of seconds so she could pull them down to my knees. I got my right foot up and the jeans came off but she had to lift the left one herself and slip them off. When she put my foot back in the stirrup, she was staring right at my throbbing erection as it pushed my jockeys into a massive tent. “My, we seem to have awakened the giant.” I didn’t know what to reply so I just grinned stupidly.

She began a visual examination of my leg, starting with the outside, then moving to the inside. There was some blood from some minor cuts and one not-so-minor and a huge bruise that could be still bleeding internally. Gently her fingers probed to check the condition of my leg, up to the point that she had to move my package to the side and I nearly lost it as one hand held my genitals to one side and the other continued to probe. My cock grew stiffer and stiffer and the nurse let out a soft whistle. She said “At least one part of you seems to be very, very healthy, honey.” I could only grin again.

She said “I’m going to get radiology in here to make some pictures. I’ll be right back.” She walked out of the room and closed the door but I could hear her talking to someone. She said “We need pictures of his left shoulder and left thigh. And you wont be able to keep this guy’s penis out of the picture. He’s huge.” There was a further exchange of words but I couldn’t hear the rest, as they were apparently walking away.

A few minutes later, the nurse opened the door and said “This is Rita.” The radiologist wheeled in a portable x-ray machine. No sooner had she seen my boner than she exclaimed “Whoa!” She brought the machine over and fussed with putting it in just the right place, having to push my cock out of the way several times before she got it just right. Then she changed the angle of the machine and went through the process all over again. Finally she was going to take one from the middle out and she had to ask the nurse to hold my cock. The nurse jumped to the task and somehow my jockeys wound up under my scrotum, no longer covering anything. Even when the technician moved the machine to my shoulder area, the nurse held onto my dong, not that I minded. I never noticed any pain as the tech shifted me to get the plates in place. The nurse had even started to absentmindedly stroke my shaft and play with my balls.

When the technician finished, she said that she would go process the film and she pushed the machine out into the hall, pulling the door closed behind her. The nurse turned to me and said “Honey, we’ve got to do something about this thing. Do you mind if I take care of it?”

I said “No, please, do whatever you have to do. Its beginning Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort to feel uncomfortably hard.”

The nurse kicked a stool over beside the table and nimbly climbed up on it, carefully swung a leg over my torso and positioned herself above me, using the side pull-out to support her right foot. Pulling the skirt of her white dress up to her waist, she revealed a beautiful patch of curly brunette hair where her legs met. Careful to keep from touching my thigh or shoulder, she lowered herself onto my flagpole and watched the whole thing disappear into her pussy. I could feel her internal muscles clasp my schlong and release it, then repeat the process over and over. With my good hand, I reached for her boob and this time, she quickly opened the buttons of her uniform top and unhooked the front-fastening bra, letting me feel the soft, smooth skin of her perfect titties. She whispered “We may not have much time, honey” and began to jog her ass on my staff in short quick strokes. Still it took nearly 10 minutes for me to reach an explosive climax, flooding her pussy with my cum … just as the doctor and the radiologist came into the room with a big brown envelope of developed film.

The doctor, spotting the nurse riding my boner, said “Oh, Nancy, you’re not hurting our patient are you?”

“I don’t think so, doctor. I was just trying to administer a little pain killer.”

“Well, from the looks of the smile on his face, I would guess that you were successful.” She turned to me and said “Well, Mr. Ben Hayes, I hear you are quite a hero.”

“Just doing what I could to help.”

“I don’t think so. I think you went beyond the call of duty. Not many people would have done what you did for that girl.”

“Well … I’m just glad I was there where I could help.”

She slipped four x-rays from the envelope into a viewer on the wall. “Well, we don’t see anything broken, so it looks like you’ve got some really bad bruises. These are the views of your thigh and there are no breaks shown.” She replaced them with four new shots. “These are the views of your shoulder. It looks like the same thing … nothing broken but some nasty bruises. I think you’re going to be really sore for several days, maybe too sore to do much moving until you do some healing. There is still the possibility of internal bleeding and we need to keep an eye on you for at least the next 24 hours, maybe longer, just to be sure. After that, you’re going to have to take it easy for a while and get back into your normal routine over a period of a week or two.”

“Wow. Will I be able to stay here?”

“Here? I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. You may not know. Our facility is a obstetrics & gynecology clinic … strictly for women. However we’re the only medical facility for some miles because the local internal medicine doctor is on vacation. That’s the problem with getting hurt in a sparsely populated part of the country. We really don’t have a place for people to stay overnight.”

“Oh. Okay. How about a motel?”

The doctor was standing beside me and her hands had been resting on my stomach. Almost as if they had a mind of their own, her right hand slid down my side and curled up into my crotch, cupping my balls. “No, I wouldn’t do that to you, Mr. Hayes. You really need to be under the watch care of medical personnel. There’s not another place that can take care of you within a hundred miles. No, here’s what we’re going to do. My living quarters are in the back. There’s just a couple of rooms but it’s not too bad. Sheriff O’Day is getting a hospital bed out of storage and he’ll have a mechanic check it over and bring it here by closing time today. We’ll get you on it and wheel you back to my rooms. Nancy, Rita and I will take turns taking care of you until you’re better and can fend for yourself again. Our receptionist Paula and office manager Tiffany will also pitch in. For right now, just relax here until we get the bed, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan, doctor. Thank you for all you’re doing.”

“No problem, Mr. Hayes.” Then she took hold of my erection. “Does this thing get painful?”

“Well … yeah, sometimes. If I can’t get some relief.”

“Okay. How about if we take care of it like Nancy did? Will that be all right?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

“Okay.” She turned to the others. “We’ll take turns. I’ll get this one. You two go ahead with normal chores. Nancy, plan on checking on Mr. Hayes every few minutes for the rest of the day, okay?”

Nancy and Rita left the room while the doctor shed her white jacket, slacks and sweater. Under it all, she had a great body … I guessed at 37D- 24-38, probably 35 to 38 years old. She doffed her panties and bra, used the footstool to climb onto the table without touching me, and very carefully guided my cock into her wet pussy. I was a little surprised at how easy I slid up into her channel … did that mean that maybe she was just as horny as me?

The doctor was careful but relatively quick, at least until Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort I eased the middle finger of my right hand between us and found her clit. She gulped in her breath and then resumed her pace but two minutes later, she tossed back her head and whispered “I’m cumming, baby.” She held perfectly still for a half minute then leaned forward and eased down to the right side of my chest. I hugged her and kissed her cheek and face until she recovered enough that she pushed up on her hands and began rocking forward and back on my cock, much slower than before but much more sensuous for some reason. I trailed the fingers of my right hand over her body, frequently fondling her breasts while she did the real work. She climaxed again just a couple of minutes before my balls exploded and splashed the walls of her cunt with my sticky white cum. Once again the doctor lay on my chest, too spent to dismount. For the first time in my life, I kissed a doctor on the lips, swapping spit with passion for several minutes.

Finally she sat up and gingerly swung over me and off the table. I said “Thank you, doctor. That is so much better.”

She smiled and said “Well, thank you, Mr. Hayes. I have to say that you feel really good inside me. Why don’t you just call me Evelyn. It sounds so much nicer than doctor.” She started putting on her clothes.

“All right, if you call me Ben or Benny or Hey, you.”

She laughed. “Okay, Ben. Nancy will check on you shortly.”

Ten minutes later, Nancy came in with a glass of ice water and a straw, which she held for me until I had emptied the glass. She asked how I was doing but her hands were both fiddling with my genitals. However she seemed to remember that she had something else to do and she left the room, looking a little flustered.

It seemed like I was alone forever but the clock said that only 12 minutes had passed before Rita came into the room again. I had been thinking about the doctor and my dong was pointing straight up again. She grinned when she saw it and said that it was her turn to take care of it.

Rita was the heavy weight of the group, weighing probably 160 pounds, with probably 15 pounds in each of her tits. They had to be EE and maybe more but still were fairly erect in spite of their weight. She had a pretty good figure, just a little more of it than the other women. She had more trouble getting on the table than Nancy or Evelyn but I helped her with my good arm and she settled down on my schlong without hurting me. I asked her to lean over me for a bit and let me suck her tits and she giggled and complied. After several minutes, she whispered “You’re prick feels really good, honey. I’m going to have to sit down on it. Let me know if I hurt you.”

She sat back and hurt wasn’t close to what I felt. It was wonderful and my brain nearly overloaded with pleasure. She began to squeeze and release, squeeze and release and I felt magnificent. For a while, I fondled her left tit while she worked, then I slipped my hand between us and fingered her clit for a few minutes. Rita began sucking in her breath every few seconds as my finger sent electric shocks coursing through her body until she tossed back her head and said “Oh, baby, oh, baby, oh, baby, I’m FUCKED!” She held perfectly still for a few moments, then her eyes flew open and she whispered loudly “I didn’t SAY that out loud, did I?”

When I grinned and nodded, she ducked her head and grinned before starting to pump my cock again. After a bit, she clamped down on my cock and kept up her movement, giving me the effect of masturbating, until my balls contracted and started spitting cum. She had her eyes closed and didn’t seem to notice as she kept pumping, the expression on her face indicating that she was really feeling it. She pressed her pubis downward against me and then she seemed to explode. She stopped the pumping motion and replaced it with her ass banging rapidly up and down on me, causing a mixture of pain from my thigh and outstanding pleasure in my balls as they sent the last of their liquid fire up my shaft. Rita suppressed a scream by biting down on her lower lip, wiggled her hips from side to side and then fell face down on my chest, spent from her efforts and the results.

After a few minutes rest, she raised her head and apologized. I asked why and she said “I’m so sorry I forgot that I was supposed to take care of you. Instead I only took care of me.”

I pulled her over so I could kiss her open mouth and said “No, sweetheart, you took care of me very well. Just don’t let my cum leak out of your pussy.” Then I kissed her again. When I let her go, she looked delighted with herself as she climbed off, dressed and left. I felt pretty good. I just relaxed and soon I was asleep.

Forty minutes later I awoke with a throbbing pain in my left thigh and a throbbing pain in my left shoulder and a throbbing in my third leg. Just seconds later Nancy came in quietly, saw that I was awake and asked how I was feeling. I told her and she took a pain pill out of a bottle on the counter, helped me sit up and swallow the pill with some water. She said they’d take care of the other throb but left the room. Almost immediately, it was opened by a short dumpy middle aged woman who introduced herself as Tiffany. She said “I hear you’ve got a little problem that I can help with. Looks to me like its not such a little problem, honey.”

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