Early Morning Escapade

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My husband and I live on a medium size farm. I don’t want to mention the province for fear of being recognised. We farm with a wide variety of crops. In addition to the crops, we also breed a certain type of pig, one of the larger types. We also have a few horses for our own entertainment and also for use by the few friends that visit us occasionally. Our neighbour had a son of about 18, Gary, who visited us regularly. My husband often joked that this young man was more interested in me than in the horses. I occasionally teased him to watch his reaction and I noticed the bulge in his pants when he looks at me. He must have had a glimpse or two of a panty or a cleavage. I do not take extreme care around the house when I bend or sit. I once told him, while my husband was present that he should take care of me when my husband goes away, just to see the blush on his face.

My husband and I have been married for just over a year and sex was still very much part of our daily routine. I must add that we sometimes burn a few tyres during a love session.

My husband had to attend a 5 day seminar away from home. We woke up early Monday morning for him to be able to leave by 05:00. With the separation in mind, we tried to make up a few sessions that will be lost. We had passionate sex and I was wet all over. I only put on my night dress, which was a see-through anyway. I did not even think of wearing panties because I was not going anywhere. After all the goodbuys and a little fondling which left me quite worked up and dripping. I went with him to the gate about 550 yards from the house to close the gate behind him and see him off. I only realised that I’m half naked when I turned around to walk back!

The horses were grazing in the enclosure next to the road. One of the mares was in season and being attended to by the stallion. I saw the stallion hanging out and getting ready to mount. I was always amazed at the size of a horse’s tool, and the way he manages to penetrate the mares with such ease. I stopped to watch the proceedings and as the stallion mounted, my imagination Küçükköy escort started to work overtime. Remember, I was still worked up from preceding actions, and the thought of a huge penis inside me had me almost frantic. When the stallion withdrew, I could see the juices dripping from that huge penis. Knowing that the next mounting will only be a while later, I turned to walk on, but decided to just look in at the pigsty while I was passing. It was still early with no people in the vicinity, so I was quite safe from being seen walking around half naked.

As it happened, one of the sows was also in season, and mating was in full swing when I stopped at the low gate to look. The expression on the boar’s face reminded me of a cat in a cream factory. Pigs normally mount and dismount without delay, but sometimes it seems as if they know exactly what they are doing, and stay on the job for a little while, pumping a bit, stop to stare, pump a little, stop again, pump again, until they eventually get off. Quite human, I would say. The corkscrew penis of the boar slid in and out effortless. The sow arched her back every time the boar strikes the home limit. As I watched, I became so involved that I started moving my hips back and forth in unison with the sow, as if I’m being fucked. I was as wet as can be. I felt the juices running down the inside of my thighs.

The boar dismounted and walked in my direction, probably expecting something to eat. He must have smelt the love juices when he got close enough, because he lifted his snout and sniffed, then came closer. The boar pushed his snout through the bars and sniffed my crotch. I pushed my hips forward, not expecting anything to happen. It was more a reflex movement, although I think that the state I was in contributed to the action. The pig pushed his snout under my short dress and touched my cunt. A shudder went through my whole body and I almost cried out loud. The next moment, the boar started licking my cunt. I pushed forward to offer more. The narrow tongue caught my clitoris, Mecidiyeköy escort bayan which was swollen to the full at that stage. I almost climaxed!

The pig turned away to look at the sow, and I knew I was going to witness another round. It seems as if the boar got as worked up as I was because he mounted with a purpose. He fucked the sow like I’ve never seen before. In my imagination, I could feel a penis inside of me, vigorously pumping. I leaned forward to try and touch the boar’s penis. I just wanted that wet, slippery feeling in my hands. I did not realise that my bare bottom was up in the air while leaning forward. I was also so much focussed on my lust that I did not hear or notice any movement around me. I only felt something hot and hard being pushed against my vaginal lips. Before I could move, it slid inside me. I pushed back to receive it all. My body reacted, my mind did not. All I thought about was the penis I craved for is inside me, and it feels damn good. By the sound of his breathing, I realised it was Gary, but there was nothing I could do to stop this. At that moment I did not want to stop it, I was enjoying it too much. Gary was by no means small, he had a penis that would be envied by most. He filled my cunt to the brim.

I think Gary must have watched me for quite a while. He knew my husband was leaving that morning, and he was probably hoping for just this to happen. He must have been as hot as I was if not more, because he climaxed within the first few strokes. He got hold of my hips and pushed his pole to the limit and kept it there when he shot his hot load into my pussy. As the shuddering subsided, he started to withdraw. He was still as stiff as a lance. When I turned around, he started to apologise. I pulled him closer and opening my legs, I lifted my nighty to expose my sopping wet cunt. I did not reach an orgasm, and I wasn’t stopping until I also had my share. Gary touched my fanny with his hands for the first time. I could feel him trembling with anticipation when his fingers slipped Escort Merter into my fanny. He felt the swollen clitoris and gasped. This must have been a dream come true for him. He started to rub my clit slowly. I tried to follow his hand when he pulled it away. I thought he was going to stop, but he was just changing position to use his penis instead of his finger.

I looked down onto this huge penis, still covered in his own cum. I took his penis in my hand and pushed the foreskin back. He almost pushed it through my hipbone as he thrust forward. I guided his penis to the entrance. He did not need any encouragement. He felt the wetness around my fanny and probably saw the cum still dripping out and knew that penetration was going to be easy. I cried out when he entered me. I pushed forward to encourage the penetration, but he was holding back. I grabbed him around the buttocks and pulled as hard as I could. He gave way slowly and pushed deeper and deeper. I relaxed and leaned back to take it all. When he pulled back to start pumping, I knew I was ready to come. The next moment he grabbed me by the waist and started pumping furiously. I came within seconds, screaming as my muscles contracted in spasms. Gary also reached a climax and together we pushed and shuddered until finally all was over.

We walked home without talking. My plan was to have a shower, get dressed and continue with the day, but Gary had other plans. As soon as we entered the house, I walked straight to our bedroom, thinking that Gary will use the other bathroom to wash. When I turned around, Gary was against me, stroking my upper arms gently. We embraced and kissed, a long lingering kiss. Gary’s hand moved down slowly as we kiss and rubbed my fanny. I could not control the trembling. It felt as if I was trembling inside my tummy. Gary lifted my dress over my head, and I was completely naked. I released the catch of his trousers and it dropped to the floor. His briefs had a bulge inside that reminded me of the stallion earlier. He took his shirt off and then pulled down his briefs. When released, his penis uncoiled like an angry cobra and slowly stood to attention. I took a few steps backwards and lied down on the bed. No more foreplay was necessary. We just fucked. For the next few days, we enjoyed a few encounters, and even until today, we occasionally get an unexpected opportunity to have a decent fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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