Early Morning Ex Sex

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I was woken suddenly, swearing under my breath. Another four in the morning phone call. I’d stopped answering them a while ago, as it was always the same shit. My ex, Jo, was lonely and probably drunk or high, wanting to tell me she still loved me, berate me for being a shitty person, or some combination of the two. I’d received three such calls the previous weekend, each more incoherent than the last – she’d clearly been on a bender for her nineteenth birthday.

I let the phone ring out, and had just dropped back to sleep when it started up again. “Goddamn it!” I snatched the handset up, not even bothering to look at the display. “What is it?”

I probably sounded more weary than pissed off, and there was a pause before Jo responded. “Are you alone?”

“Of course I am, why are you waking me up?” I looked at the clock – half past four, even later than I’d thought. I’d only had a few hours of sleep.

“I’m coming over.” It wasn’t a question, more a flat declaration. “I’m getting in a cab right now.”

I started an angry response, but she’d already hung up. I sighed again, briefly entertaining the thought of calling her back, but I knew it would be pointless. I threw a shirt and some pants on, and had just headed out to the lounge room to wait when there was a quiet, deceptively polite knock on the door. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I swore again before throwing the door open.

Jo wasn’t all that unsteady on her feet, and although she’d been a little liberal in her application of eyeliner, there was nothing about her bearing that made me think she was all that inebriated. She’d grown out her previously auburn hair, and had it tinted a few shades darker since I last saw her. She was wearing it loose around her shoulders, and I found myself irritated by how much it suited her, and how pretty I thought she looked. Plus there was the fact that as pissed off with her as I was, I still had to admit that the girl had a body that would make the Pope kick in a stained-glass window.

“Hi…” she said breathily, one of her stilletto-heels slipping over the threshold into my apartment. She’d obviously come straight from some nightclub. Jo was quite busty for having such a petite frame, and the barely-there black dress she was wearing showed off her ample curves very nicely.

“Hi yourself.” Although I’d promised myself I was going to be strong in this situation, one look into those beautiful eyes turned my resolve to mush. “What… what can I do for you, Jo?”

“Well, I was out with some friends, but… I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and…” She trailed off, wide-eyed and innocent, her lovely mouth partway open. She was one of those girls with the ability to turn on a sexy, smouldering vulnerability like she was turning on a light, another one of her annoyingly irresistible traits.

“You shouldn’t be here,” I sighed, not wanting to be too hard on the girl. Despite how things had worked out, I still had a soft spot for her. “You can come in, but I’m gonna call you a cab, okay?”

“Please, please let me stay! Look, if you let me stay here tonight, I’ll… I’ll do anything you want.”

This raised an eyebrow, and stirred something else. “Anything?”

“Of course,” she purred. “Just please let me stay?”

“I… we… we really shouldn’t be doing this.” I stammered a few more protestations along these lines, but we both knew that I’d caved. She stepped into my apartment, a barely concealed look of triumph on her pretty features. I closed the door after her, and had barely shut it when I felt her body pressed against my back, her hands sliding down to meet in front of my waist. I turned, looking down into her upturned face with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re not wasting any time.” Jo was nearly a whole foot shorter than me, and she had to pull me in for a kiss. Our tongues entwined briefly, before she stood on the tips of her toes, her lips to my ear.

“I want you in my mouth.” Her assertion turned the next few minutes into a blur as we almost raced to my bedroom. I had her dress in my hands, removing it so quickly I was afraid I’d tear it in two, as she unbuttoned my hastily thrown on pants. I wasn’t entirely surprised to find out that she was naked under the dress – there’d be many nights when we were dating that I’d gotten her home to find that she’d been completely bare under whatever sexy outfit she’d been wearing.

Jo had never been afraid to take charge, and tonight was going to be no exception. Cebeci Escort One of her slim hands pushed me back on the bed, before she climbed onto the mess of sheets alongside me. She took a small tube of lip-gloss from her purse, flashing me one of her trademark winks before unscrewing it and starting to spread it across her ample lips. I’d heard of girls having “DSLs” before, but I’d never seen a mouth as perfectly created for sucking cock as Jo’s. Finished with the lip-gloss, she smacked her slippery lips together and pouted, running her tongue over her teeth as she looked at me. She gave me another wink and a wicked grin, cooing softly as she leant down to take me in her mouth.

Planting a teasing kiss on the tip, she wrapped her cool fingers around the base of my shaft. Giggling a little, she stroked me gently, almost imperceptibly up and down, teasing me until I was just about bouncing off the mattress. My groans of frustration turned into a sigh of pleasure as her warm, wet mouth engulfed the first few inches of my shaft, her tongue rubbing the sensitive spots underneath the head. She started jerking me a little harder, lips smacking around my shaft as she closed her eyes and lost herself in the sexy act.

I knew from experience that Jo was all too happy to swallow, but that wasn’t really what I had in mind. Gasping as my cock started to throb, I reached down to entwine my fingers in her long hair, pulling her off me quite roughly. She gave a small cry of pain as I yanked her into a sitting position, then gave me another one of those lingering looks, equal parts tenderness and super-vixen. Her long hair fantastically tousled, she placed her hands on my chest, nails digging into my pectorals as she clambered forward.

As she straddled me, I slipped my hand down between her thighs, surprised at how wet she already was without me doing a thing. I slipped a single digit into her wet passage, feeling her jolt as she leant over me, her large breasts pillowing against my chest. Sliding my finger in and out of her tight wet pussy, I held her close to me as she gasped, leaning up to kiss her lovely neck. She reached down gently, batting my hand away and moving down until the head of my erection pressed against her slick opening.

With a thrust of her hips, she took my entire length inside her, enveloping my cock in her slick embrace. We cried out together, and I could feel her heart beating against mine as we lay chest to chest. Mewing with contentment, she leant back to sit astride me. Her eyes were screwed shut, her lovely slim hips jerking up and down as she impaled herself on my cock. One of her tiny hands rested on my thigh, the other slid up her flat, well-defined stomach to knead one of her breasts, pale fingers pinching and tweaking the nipple. Her pussy was slick and tight around my cock as she rode me, and she seemed to be concentrated on nothing but her own pleasure.

She picked up the pace after a few minutes of using my thick cock like a sex toy, both hands moving back to rest on my thighs as she bounced herself up and down. Reaching up I encircled her slim waist with my arms, pulling her down on top of me before rolling us over. We humped on the bed like a pair of animals, our lips finding each other, tongues wrestling wetly as our hips bumped in perfect synchronisation. Gasping as I felt my balls start to tingle, I slid out of her dripping-wet snatch, leaving her hissing in disappointment. She picked up on what came next quickly, however, squeezing her perfect tits around my thick member as I straddled her mid-section, the throbbing head caught in the valley of her cleavage.

Making the most of her natural lubrication, she looked up at me with desire through half-lidded eyes as I fucked her ample chest. Sliding the tip from just above her belly button to just below her chin, she leant down to plant small, darting kisses on the tip with each thrust, my cock tingling both from the friction of her cleavage and the attentions of her pretty mouth. My climax was hardly explosive, but very pleasant, moaning as she finally sent me over the edge, dropping a thick, sputtering load between her tits and across her well-defined collarbones. Sighing with release, I sat back a little, stroking the last few drops onto her flat stomach.

We both lay back on the bed, gasping for breath before sharing one last, long kiss. While she slipped off to the bathroom to clean herself up, Kolej Escort I fell asleep almost instantly. By the time she towelled herself off and returned, I was just conscious enough to register her slim, naked figure slipping into the sheets beside me, her freshly-fucked breasts pressed against my back.

When I woke up, it was a few hours later. The first thing I registered was the grey dawn light coming in through the window, followed by the realisation the Jo was doing something extremely pleasant to me under the covers, her glossy lips sliding up and down my morning wood, tongue fluttering against the head.

“Now that’s how you wake a guy up.” I laughed, reaching down to run my fingers through her hair.

“Mmm, I can still taste myself on you.” She giggled, stroking my shaft as she slid up to face me, her body tight against mine, both of us luxuriating in the feel of skin against skin.

“So is that the first time you’ve tasted pussy?” I raised an eyebrow, interested to see her response. She blushed and gave me a scandalised look, not giving anything away.

“Now I’ll never tell!”

I slipped my arm around her shoulders as I turned toward her, my erection pressed against her hip. “I think you know what else I wanna do.”

“Um… what is it?”

“I wanna hear you say it, Jo.”

She sighed and bit her lip. “Do you want my butt?”

I nodded by way of reply. Still biting her lip nervously, Jo kneeled up on the bed, leaning over to rummage for the lube I kept in a drawer. Finding it, she unscrewed the jar and examined it for a second. I smiled as I realised she was trying to see if any had been used since the last time she’d offered me her ass.

Climbing back onto the bed, Jo scooped some of the lube out and slathered a generous amount onto my raging erection. She stroked me up and down slowly, methodically coating every inch of my cock with the slippery substance. Satisfied with the job she’d done, she turned her back to me and leant forward, reaching back to massage some of the lube into her tight asshole. She sighed as she relaxed, not putting on as much of a show as she normally did when greasing up her asshole. I smiled to myself – the thought that she was doing this just for me was ridiculously exciting.

Moaning with the sensation of my hardness sliding into her ridiculously tight asshole, Jo moved a hand between her legs, teasing and playing with her wet pussy, seemingly desperate to extract every possible ounce of pleasure from the buttfuck. She yelped a little as I bottomed out, my balls rubbing against her supple rump. It felt like I was buried somewhere up behind her bellybutton, her petite frame taut around my swollen member.

“Just hold still for a second, please baby.” Her voice was strained as she gasped for breath, and I felt her sphincter start to relax around my throbbing shaft. She exhaled, her breathing hoarse before her anal ring tightened around the base of my cock. Relaxing again, she slid forward slightly, before snapping her hips back, crying out as the ridges of her ass muscles tensed instinctively around my shaft. The feeling was exquisite, like dozens of tiny fingers encircling and milking my cock.

It had been about two months since we’d last played this game, and although she’d been no slouch before, her skills at taking it in the booty had increased seemingly tenfold. I realised that she’d obviously practiced a little, and the girl was now well on her way to becoming an absolute mistress of anal sex. The sight of my thick cock buried in her backdoor had my sperm on the boil, and I closed my eyes, trying not to hear the sexy, almost kittenish moans and sighs escaping her throat.

She shifted her young body around my cock, hips moving in small figure-eights as she climbed her tight booty up my shaft slowly, cool air hitting the few inches at the base of my cock as she did so. She still cried out every time she pushed back against me, her buttcheeks hitting my groin with an audible smack, but she was clearly getting more and more accustomed to the feeling of my shaft filling her asshole. My hands found her hips as we caught a slow, rolling rhythm, and she looked back over her shoulder at me, teeth bared in lust.

“Fuck me baby,” she wailed, grinding herself back against me, her fingers flying in and out of her pussy. “Just fuck my ass.”

I picked up the pace as soon as the words escaped her lips. She was Yenimahalle Escort almost screaming with every thrust, writhing underneath me as I used her young asshole for my pleasure. Her ass tightened as she neared her own climax, crying out in equal parts pain and pleasure. Split seconds from flooding her young ass with my cum, I slid my slippery prick out of her now-gaping pucker, one of my hands sliding up between her shoulder-blades to pin her to the bed. She kept moaning, convulsing now as she rubbed herself into an orgasm, tossing her long hair back and forth.

“Oh Jesus fuck!” She cried out as her fingers flew in and out of her pussy, my own hand wrapped tightly around my thick cock, sliding up and down, the head pointed at her bubble-butt. With the final stroke I almost collapsed forward, as a torrent of my seed painted her asscheeks, pooling warmly in the small of her back.

She slumped forward, her flushed features buried in the bedsheets as I lay back, sighing contentedly. Both of us basked in the afterglow for a few minutes before she looked over her shoulder at me. “I guess we should take a shower.”

The only answer I could give was a nod. She stood, tottering a little on unsteady legs. I caught her in my arms, steadying her before guiding us towards the bathroom. Letting her step into the tiny shower cubicle ahead of me, I had a chance to admire my cum smeared across her back and ass, now trickling down her slim thighs.

Chest to chest in the shower, our mouths found each other as we stood under the hot spray. Squirming against me as we made out, her hand slid down between us, finding my shaft and gripping me loosely. She started running her fingers up and down slowly, teasing me back to full hardness. As a girlfriend, Jo had been mean-spirited, deceptive and jealous, but damn, the girl certainly knew how to handle a cock.

After a few minutes of this, my hips were moving in sync with her sexy handjob, my balls rubbing pleasurably against her taut stomach. She tightened her grip slightly, and I began moving with a bit more intent, fucking her firm fist. Determined not to blow my load on her stomach, I broke off the kiss, shoving her hand away a little roughly as I turned the shower off and lifted her almost bodily, bending her over the bathroom counter.

Her asshole had clenched up again after my earlier attentions, but it opened up quite easily when I pushed my cock against it. Realising what I was about to do, she cried out, thrashing her hips in an effort to dislodge me. Pinned against the counter, standing on tip toes, her ass had nowhere to go but to push back against me.

“Please baby, I’m always so tight after I’ve done that once,” she whimpered, her young body tense, hair slick against her wet, beautifully arched back. I murmured something reassuring, grinding my hips into her as I goosed my cock back up her still-slippery asshole, inch by painstaking inch. “Can’t you… can’t you just fuck my pussy?”

Ignoring her pleas, I placed my hands on her buttcheeks, spreading them with my thumbs to admire the sight of her tight rosette being penetrated for the second time in an hour. Easing my hips back, I snapped them forward, eliciting a cry of pain as I started to hump her tight butt. Despite her protestations, she started fucking back against me, her tiny fists drumming on the bathroom counter. She seemed to have a little less control over her rippling anal muscles this time around, screaming as her butt clenched involuntarily with every thrust.

“Jesus, you are tight!” I closed my eyes as her twitching ass brought me to the edge, burying my cock up to the hilt as I came, balls aching as they turned themselves inside out. A few drops of seed leaked out around the site of the anal fuck, but I didn’t have a great deal left to shoot – the girl had wrung me dry!

“Was it good, baby?” Jo panted underneath me. I gave her a gentle swat across the butt by way of reply, before sliding my exhausted prick out of her tightest opening, wrapping a towel around myself and leaving her to finish her shower. She came out after a few minutes, freshly scrubbed, wearing her dress and obviously ready to head off. She didn’t meet my eye until after she’d retrieved her purse, giving me a brittle smile and a kiss on the cheek before breezing out into the dawn. I couldn’t help but grin as I saw how awkwardly she was walking.

I saw her again the next weekend for a little bit more of the same, then she dropped by during the following week. After that, her visits were a little less frequent, and eventually stopped altogether. We never really discussed our arrangement – it didn’t really seem like the kinda thing you should question or look at too closely – but for a few weeks, breaking up seemed to be the best thing that ever happened to our sex life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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