Early Morning

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It is early morning, the house is quiet. I come down the stairs shivering as the chill air touches my skin. My bed was warm and comfortable, but I am eager to meet him. I enter my office, locking the door behind me. The room is dark until I turn the computer on, then the screen lights the room enough for me to see. I slip my headphones on as I log on, smiling when I see that he is waiting. He greets me, I love to hear his voice.

I relax back in my office chair as we chat a few minutes. I picture him lying on his bed while talking to me….I want him so bad. I lick my suddenly dry lips and my voice becomes more husky as naughty thoughts tumble around in my head.

I whisper to you “I want you baby”, then I stand up and slide my satin pajamas past my hips and let them slither down my legs to pool around my ankles. The cool air caresses my naked thighs as well as more moist things further up. My lips curve into a small smile when I run my hands lightly along Arnavutköy escort bayan my soft skin and I murmur appreciatively into the mic. You ask me what I am doing and I tell you.

I slowly unbutton my top, letting it fall open exposing my breasts and belly. My nipples pebble in the cool air and I cup them in my warm palms, brushing the sensitive tips. A gasp slips from my lips and I tell you how aroused I am. My hands move down my body, my long nails scraping the skin lightly. I brush my fingers across the soft skin of my lower belly…sighing as my thighs spread wider. My hands touch my thighs softly stroking the soft skin, moving closer and closer to my damp warmth. I love to tease myself, every nerve screaming to be touched.

My fingers finally reach my damp flesh and slide across the slick wetness. I moan low in my throat and arch my back as my fingers dip inside, my slippery walls gripping my finger tightly. Escort Avcılar I pull my finger out and slide it back in slowly, my hips lifting to meet my wicked finger. I want to go faster but I know it is better this way. I bite my lip as my muscles contract around my finger. I add a second finger, pushing them in deep my breath catching in my throat. I groan as I spread myself wide with my other hand, my finger teasing around my clit but not quite touching it yet.

You encourage me, your voice echoing in my head. I moan loudly as I imagine you touching me. I finally run my wet finger lightly over my swollen clit, my legs shaking and a long sigh spilling from my lips.

I inhale sharply and manage to rasp out “That feels so good baby.” My breath is coming faster now and I am squirming in my chair. My fingers continue to slide in and out of my wetness as I rub myself. I dig my heels into the carpet and lift my ass off the Bağcılar escort chair as I thrust against my fingers. Mmmm…I am so wet for you, my fingers slick with my juices and wetness dripping down my ass crack.

I lift one leg and put it on the desk, moaning into the headset. Two fingers rhythmically circling my clit while the others pump in and out of me. I am panting now, my heart beating wildly in my chest. Moans spilling from my lips, I am so close. I hear you moan and I almost cum right then….I love to hear your pleasure.

I whisper that I am close, I feel the pressure building. It feels so good, I don’t want it to end. But I feel my orgasm ripple through my belly and shoot to my groin. I cry out loudly as I start to spasm, my pussy gripping my fingers tight. I continue to pump my fingers in and out of myself wanting the orgasm to last forever. I hear you start to cum and I smile.

I tell you I want to cum again. My clit is so sensitive. I rub it lightly and clench around my fingers, I can feel another orgasm coming. My stomach muscles tighten as I begin to cum, I scream out your name wishing your cock was buried inside of me. I cant believe how good we are together…so hot and passionate. But I cant help wishing that I could touch you for real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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