Earning My Keep Ch. 02

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Everyone is 18+

My father had raped me last night, and I had enjoyed it. I was completely distracted during all my classes, trying to forget it and also brace myself for what would happen next. Daddy made it clear it wasn’t a one-time thing, he was using me until he felt I had paid back everything I “owed” him.

During my last class I got a text message from him. “New clothes on your bed, wear them to work be here by 5.” Guess he was putting his spare key to my apartment to good use, sneaking in to leave me clothes. I wonder if the cost of them was added on to my debt.

The clothes I found on my bed weren’t much, a strapless top, one size too small so my tits were almost overflowing and very short skirt that showed glimpses of my ass cheeks every time I moved. He hadn’t left out any undies, so I chose a white strapless bra and bikini panties for underneath. Once I was dressed, I avoided looking in the mirror and went straight to work. Walking through the parking lot, several of the mechanics in the garage whistled and cat called me, but I ignored them hoping they would stop noticing me.

Daddy was on the phone when I entered his office, but he still gave me his special extra creepy smile. Not bothering to pause his conversation, he pushed back from his desk and motioned for me to come bend over it. Silently, I go over to him and put my hands and face on his desk, bending in half so my ass is sticking out, meaning my skirt was covering nothing. A sharp slap on my ass made me yelp, then Daddy hooked his finger through the crotch of my panties and pulled up sharply making them dig into my pussy painfully.

“Sorry about the noises on my end, Terry.” He says into the phone “Just got a new office slut and I’m still training her, good help really is hard to find you know.” He’s talking calmly to whoever he’s on the phone with as he continues torturing me with my panties making me whimper. Wedging them tightly between the lips of my pussy, leaving my ass cheeks bare, he spanks me a few more times each one hard enough to make me cry out.

“What kind of dumb slut puts on panties before work?” he chides me “The point of a skirt this short is so your pussy is hanging out, easy for me to use anytime I want it.”

Whoever he’s on the phone with must be enjoying listening because my father chuckles into the phone and mentions inviting him to join next time before hanging up. With two hands free, he smacks me on both ass cheeks at the same time and tears start to fall down my face from the pain.

“Don’t you ever wear another pair of panties in this building, you hear me whore?!” he growls at me.

“Yes, Daddy” I whimper through my tears “I’m sorry!”

“I bursa otele gelen eskort know you’re sorry. You’re a sorry little whore, and I’m going to use you like one. Spread your legs!” he tells me, roughly pushing my thighs as wide as they’ll go. This pulls my panties tighter for a second, then I feel his finger pull them out giving me a little relief. That doesn’t last long at all as he reaches past me, getting scissors out of the pencil holder on his desk and uses the to cut right through the crotch of my undies. “There, those are the right kind of panties for a dumb whore like you to wear” he says.

As tears keep flowing down my face, I can also feel a trickle of pussy juice starting to drip down my thigh. Daddy must notice it as well, because he’s laughing to himself as he stands up and shoves his cock into me so hard he knocks the air from my lungs. One hand grabs my hair pulling back, using it as leverage to bounce my ass back onto him. I can hear small clicking sounds that tell me his other hand is holding his phone as he photographs us fucking.

After what feels like an eternity, I feel the tingling in my clit grow, my pussy burning with desire and I cum. My cunt is spasming uncontrollably around his shaft and Daddy just pounds into me hard a few times the grunts as his thick cum shoots into me. After the last spurt gets dumped inside me, he pulls out and pushes me to the ground so I can lick him clean.With no panties on I can already feel his cum starting to drip from me, wondering how I’ll hide it.

I don’t wonder for very long though, once I’ve licked and sucked every drop of pussy juice and jizz off him Daddy uses my hair to guide me so I’m bent over his desk like before. After making me open my legs as widely as possible, he sits back down in his chair so his face is level with my freshly used pussy.

“There was a reason I wanted you there earlier, whore. Reach back and spread your cheeks for Daddy.” he says gruffly. My hands are shaking but I reach back slowly and do as he tells me. “That’s right, slut open yourself up wide for Daddy.”

I can still hear occasional clicks and know he’s still taking pictures of me. I must look obscene, my mini skirt practically a belt at this point holding my ass cheeks open while a load of sperm dripped out of my freshly fucked bare naked 19 year old cunt. Something blunt and cold touched my pussy lips, making me jump a bit.

“Sit still dammit!” Daddy growled at me and reached down to pinch my clit hard, testing if I could obey his order. It took everything I had not to move as I groaned in pain, but I managed.

“Not bad whore, if you don’t keep up the bursa eve gelen escort bayan good behavior though I’ll have to punish you.” With that threat, the cold object was shoved roughly into my pussy. It wasn’t very long but rather wide, and felt strange inside me as he twirled it around a few times before pulling it out again. “Just needed to get it slicked up a little first.”

That was all the warning I got before he shoved it up my tight asshole. Unable to help myself I let go of my asscheeks and tried to scramble over his desk away from the intrusion. Of course before I got far he had both his hands on my hips and pulled me back where he wanted me, pinning me to his desk with one hand between my shoulders.

“What’s the matter, Bethie? Not a fan of butt plugs?” Daddy taunts me while he uses his free hand to wiggle the plug inside me.

“I’ve never let guys touch my butt before.” I mutter, embarrassed to be talking about this even in these circumstances. This apparently was a good answer though because my father started laughing and pressed up against me from behind, using his pelvis to grind the plug harder into me.

“Well then, when I fuck it later that will be a first too. Now stay still for a minute more.”

Plug still in my ass, Daddy takes the two end of my panties where he cut them open and ties them into a tight knot. When he’s done the panties are too small, riding up my asscrack to rub against the plug ad the knot is right next to my clit.

“There, that’s perfect. Now I’m guessing since you were dumb enough to wear panties, you have a bra on as well. Stand up, turn around and remove it for me.” Daddy is determined to make me into a total slut it seems.

Once I’m braless he takes a minute to pinch and bite each of my nipples to make them hard, then puts them back into my shirt and tells me to go get some work done and be ready to leave for dinner by 7:30 with him.

The next two hours are excruciating. Every movement makes my clit and asshole throb, and I feel like everyone is watching me and knows what’s going on. My father periodically brings me files, taking a few seconds to pinch my nipples through my shirt with no one looking, wanting them to stay hard and poking through my shirt.

Finally he tells me it’s time to leave and we get into his Durango and drive to 45 minutes to a crappy bar on the side of the highway. Before we go in he makes me take off my panties and spread my legs so he can take pictures while I rub my already swollen clit.

“You’re such a little slutbag, Beth, rubbing your pussy and getting all wet like that with your father watching you. Are you bayan eskort bursa going to cum too? Have an orgasm in front of me and get that nasty pussy juice all over my car seats? Go ahead, show Daddy what a filthy little fucking slut you are!”

I’m so wet and horny two minutes is all it takes for me to cum, grunting a little with my orgasm, trying not to scream because I’m worried someone will hear me. Daddy’s prediction was right and I left a large spot of my cum on the seat, which he made me lick while kneeling on the floorboard. Once he’s satisfied I’ve cleaned up after myself, we head inside the bar and sit at a booth towards the back. We end up on the same side, and while he sits normally, he makes me sit sideways with my knee on the seat, hiking up my skirt and leaving my legs open.

When a gruff looking older woman comes over, Daddy order for both of us while casually rubbing his hand up and down my bare thigh making sure the women sees what he’s doing. I just stare at the table and try not to think about how slick my pussy feels and how turned on I’m getting even though I’m disgusted that my own father is treating me like this. Once we’re alone he gets his phone out, taking more and more pictures.

“You know I’ve been sharing all these pictures, don’t you Beth? Posting them on filthy websites telling strangers on the internet what you’ve been doing with me. Maybe you’ll end up famous for it. Famous for being your father’s own personal cumrag.” Daddy is tells me during his very public photo shoot of my very private areas.

He isn’t being quiet or subtle about any of this, and a few of the people at the bar have paused to watch us. None seem upset, but several seem interested. A few keep their eyes on us, which adding to both my disgust and the wetness in my cunt. Finally our meals show up, along with two beers. The waitress slams most of it down on the table before telling my father a few men are asking what I cost if he’s interested in making some cash, then walks off.

His eyes light up and he tells me to drink my beer and finish it. I struggle to swallow the bitter fizzy drink down, and once it’s done put the glass on the table only to have him hand me his beer as well. By the time I finish that one I’m lightheaded and in no shape to ask questions when Daddy pulls me out of the booth and back to the men’s room.

“Get down on your knees.” he growled at me, forcing me to kneel on the dirty tile floor then takes his dick out and uses it to slap me on the face while talking to me. “You suck every dick I tell you to, or I’ll beat your ass and leave you here for these men to use however they want. Understand, whore?”

“Yes sir” I whisper, terrified of what may happen.

“Good. Now, you’re a smart girl Beth, tell me something. If your rent is $800, and I charge ten buck a face fuck, how many cocks do you have to suck before you’ve paid your rent?” Before I can answer he pushed the head of his own cock into my mouth and begins roughly shoving into my throat. Guess I’ll be having a long, hard night.

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