Eden, My Fair Queen

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I asked her for her hand. She looked at me in surprise. I said, “I won’t do anything. I promise. I’d never do anything without your consent, my darling. Please, your hand in mine.” With that Eden’s face began to ease, and she placed her hand in mine.

I held her hand for a long time. The power of her fingers lingering with mine, was so intense, I almost shuttered. But it wasn’t the time for that now. I wanted to enjoy every moment, with my fair queen. Eden was so beautiful, she was a 38d-25-35. So voluptuous. I just loved her tits, her aureoles as big as silver dollars, nipples a half inch when aroused. I loved putting my tongue underneath her ½ inch erect nipples, and my mouth draping over the top, and just sucking like a newborn soul.

I’ve been watching my fair queen Eden. Watching her majesty with the oncoming offspring, for all these months. Watching her ever expanding belly grow. Even though she had the most elongated sexy belly button, I’ve ever seen on a beautiful woman. It’s now jutting out do to her offspring growing inside her beautiful belly. I love to cradle my hands around her ever expanding belly, lean my head upon it, fall asleep, as if it were me that mecidiyeköy escort impregnated her. But I am woman.

Her breast swelled do to her impregnated belly. I would love to suckle them, trying my hardest to bring fourth her sweet mothers milk. But I know how tender her breasts are right now. Soon I would watch as my fair queen goes into labor, and in a few hours delivers her baby.

A few weeks later, when she was able to withstand sex again, I walked naked, cradling offspring in my arms, and brought her to my fair queen Eden’s breast for her to suckle. I sat on the bed with my fair queen, and give her offspring to her, and watched her girl child suckle away at her beautiful breast. I too took my hand and caressed her other breast, her aureole massaged into a ½ inch nipple, then I kissed my fair queen, before I too suckled her big beautiful breast.

Laving my tongue over it’s crest, then laving the underside, leaving my tongue there. With my mouth draped over the top, as I suckle her sweet mothers milk onto my velvet tongue. My hands play about my own breast and nipples, then I take my exploring hand to my queen’s dripping wet love aksaray escort hole. And run my hand down her long pre moistened lips, before slowly parting them with my long fingers then entering her.

My finger would play about her, cradling her most sensitive walls. I inserted one finger, then two, now three. My fair queen Eden gasped when I brought my fingers in and out of her dripping wet love hole. My thumb massaging her clit as I take my fingers out of her, then push them back in. My mouth still suckling her big beautiful tit, as is her offspring, the Princess Trinity.

Before long, my fair queen Eden is bucking her hips in time with my hand. Rising her cute round ass off of the bed. Neither I nor her offspring ever leaving her breasts. My own love hole is aching for my queens touch, but alas her arms are occupied, with cradling her offspring and me, to her ample breasts. I too start bucking my hips in time with my fair queen. We are in synch with each other. Just the power alone of watching her offspring suckle her tit, and me suckling her other.

My hand exploring her now soft ocean like sponge. The sloshing sounds were enough to bring me over nişantaşı escort the edge. But I held off. I wanted to climax as my queen climaxed. Her beautiful offspring and I continued to suckle the fair queens breasts. Slurping away, hungrily. Satisfying ourselves with her scrumptious milk. Each drop melting like dew on our tongues. My hand slurping away at her beautiful cunt. The sound was a very harmonious sound. So relaxing, yet so invigorating. Sending me to new highs I never thought I could ever reach. I bucked my hips in time with the fair queens. All the while imagining it was her tongue inside of my sweet wet cunt. Lapping my every juice, extracted from me. We rose our sweet round asses off the bed a few more times, before our bodies stiffened and we climaxed. I quickly left her breast and parted my legs over the fair queens beautiful face. She then took her long snake like tongue and lapped all my juices from my beautiful cunt. Her offspring, Princess Trinity, still sucking away at her big beautiful tit. What a gorgeous sight from where I am kneeling. And what a continuous loving feeling from my gorgeous queen.

I then go back to my original position, and lean up and kiss my fair queen on her beautiful slightly swollen blush colored lips. Massaging her tit, with my hand, and taking her ½ inch nipple and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. Before me, and her offspring lay in the fair queens arms, and suckle ourselves to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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