Educating Pam Ch. 06

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Writers note: This is the next (sixth) chapter of my story about an affair that I had 8 years ago. All the events here actually happened. This one isn’t as long as the previous two chapters, but that’s the way it happened. And as with the other ones, there is a little bathroom play in here as well. I do appreciate all the comments received.



Somebody once said, “All good things must come an end,” and little did I know that as I left the motel after our previous day of lovemaking, fate was already slowly conspiring against us. We had exchanged the words of love for the first time and it felt good and it was real. But somehow I had the feeling that it wasn’t going to last. Not that I wanted it to end, but I just had that damn feeling.

We had our usual chats online, Thursday and Friday mornings. She told that she had a couple of very light bruises on her ass Thursday morning from the spanking I had given her on Wednesday, but by Friday they were all gone. There was the same old cutting up and having a good time as we fired messages back and forth. She couldn’t talk to me on the weekends and this one seemed to go by a long longer than usual.

Monday started off like it always did, with her giving me the count of how strokes it had taken her husband to climax during their usual Saturday quick fuck.

I saw her sign on to ICQ, and her first message was “19.”

Before I could type anything back, she followed up with, “after the first 10 I thought he was going to cum, but he kept going! 15 passed, I thought, hey, he’s on a roll! I almost started feeling something! But then it was one more, then spurt, spurt, dribble. Kiss, roll over, snore!”

As usual her comments had me laughing real hard. After I settled down a bit, we talked about the other parts of the weekend and the week to come. The subject turned to what we would do when we met Wednesday morning.

“So, what’s on the menu beside me for Wednesday? ” she wrote.

I wrote back, “I’m thinking of something involving a rubber chicken.”

Of course she wrote back, “are you bringing yours or should I bring mine?”

Damn, she was quick! I sent her a smiley and she sent one back to me.

I typed, “to be honest, I haven’t thought about it yet, but I am sure you have!”

“What’s the problem there, Mr. Expert O’Fuck?” she asked, “run out of ideas?”

I replied, “no, not at all. We have covered the basics pretty well and then some. But it might be time for a refresher course on a few, like how many times I can bring you to the edge of an orgasm, without letting you cum. I’m thinking here at least 5 or 6 times.”

I thought she would write back screaming MEAN or MEANIE, like the last time I pulled that little trick on her, but this time she wrote, “Just be sure to bring a straight jacket and have the rubber room boys on standby, because that is where I will be headed!”

Again I roared with laughter as I typed, “Straight jacket, now there is an idea. Or I could just bring some rope along.”

“Rope, oh to tie me up with? Yeah, I’m sure YOU would like that!” she sent and followed immediately with, “and then what would you do?”

I sent a smiley and said, “anything I fucking wanted.”

“You get that already! Anything and everything!” she said back.

“Everything can be a very dangerous word,” I answered.

She said, “Try me! Tell something that you would do if I was tied up.”

I said, “I could bring a couple of vibrators along and the Sunday Paper. I’d stick one vibrator in your cunt and the other in your ass. I would turn then on, sit down and read the paper from start to finish.” For some reason, she got very quiet. “Or,” I continued, “there are those two very special sensitive spots of yours that I could spend some extended time playing with.”

“Which ones are you taking about?” she asked and sent a smiley

“The ones on the bottom of your feet,” I replied and sent a smiley also.

Again she went quiet. I had tickled her feet once before, maybe for 15 seconds and I thought she was going to have a panic attack.

After a good half of a minute passed, she finally replied, “and do I get to tie you up then?”

“Not on a first date,” I replied and added, “kisssssssssssssssssssssss.”

She sent back, “kiss, kiss, kiss. Kiss my boobies, kiss my twat, kiss my heiney. Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

Once again I let loose with a loud laugh.

Finally I said, “I do have some work to get done this morning.”

“Yes, I do too,” she wrote, “I guess I will talk to you tomorrow then.”

We exchanged long kisses and her last message before signing off was “boobies, twat, heiney. Boobies, twat, heiney!”

I laughed again and went about my day. But I did toss around some ideas in my head about what we could do Wednesday morning together. Tuesday morning I got to my office at 8:30 AM. As always I couldn’t wait to talk to her that day. I turned on ICQ. But to my surprise, there was a message on there from her. I looked at the time the message was sent and it was 12:30AM.

The snowpiercer izle message read, “My dearest. I’m not sure that I will be around this morning to talk. My mother got very ill yesterday and I’m going back to the hospital to be with her. I probably will spend the night in her room. I will try to catch you on here sometime, even if it is for a couple of minutes. I think we should cancel Wednesday. Not that I want to. I need you so bad. I love you. Pam.”

I wasn’t upset. Life is life and things like this happen. I called and canceled the motel room for the next day. Around 9:30AM she came online. We exchanged long kisses.

“So what is going on?” I asked.

She wrote back, “She has pneumonia. I knew she had a cold, but it must have gotten worse and she didn’t say anything. She was supposed to go food shopping with one of her friends yesterday. Her friend got there and she didn’t answer the door or her phone when she called her from her cell phone. They have been friends for a very long time and had exchanged house keys in case of an emergency. So she went in and found Mom lying on her bed too weak to move and she called the ambulance.” I was going to write something but she said, “they brought her to the hospital where I work. But do you want to know, how I found out she was there?”

“Yes?” I said.

“She has been there before and I am listed as her emergency contact. But whoever was in the emergency room, didn’t know I worked in the hospital. So they called the house, which is fine. But, I did not learn, that my mother had been rushed, by ambulance, to the hospital WHERE I WORK, until I got home and found a note sitting on the TOILET SEAT LID in our bathroom, written by my wonderful, loving, ASSHOLE of a husband!” she typed.

I asked, “why didn’t he just call you?”

“Because he thought they told me at the hospital. But why would they call the house if they had already told me? What a JERK!” she sent back.

I didn’t have to see her face to know that she was pissed off, so I tried to change the subject a little by asking, “how is she doing?”

She replied, “she is stable. She should be okay but it will take a while. I slept in her room on a chair last night. I’ll probably grab and hour or two of sleep here, then I’ll go back and spend some time with her before I have to go to work. Depending on how she is doing, I might sleep in her room again tonight. I’m sorry about tomorrow, kissssssssssssssss.”

“Kisssssssssssssss,” I sent back, “you have nothing to be sorry about. Your mother is way more important than I am.”

“Maybe you don’t know just how important you are to me?” she wrote.

“I do know and I know how important you are to me. But the relationship with your mother is at completely different level of emotional involvement than is your relationship with me,” I said.

She replied, “I know you are right, just that things are so mixed up inside of me right now.”

I started, “Please read this slowly and maybe a couple of times so that it sinks in.” I wrote, “You are very tired right now, even though you may not think it. I’ve slept in chairs before and I really felt like crap the next day. You are also in an extremely emotional state right now, because of her, us, and everything else. Both of those things don’t really play nice together.”

She send a smiley.

I continued, “your mother is going to need your strength. How can you help carry her, if someone else has to carry you?”

There was a long silence at her end, then she wrote, “you are making me cry here.”

“Well,” I wrote, “if it gets the message across, then it is worth it. Now get off of here, go upstairs, set your alarm, take your clothes off and get some SLEEP!”

She wrote, “I guess I will.”

I sent back, “guess my ass. Get moving NOW or there will be a good slap heading for yours!”

She sent a smiley, then said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied, then she went off-line.

I had a service call come in from a local client and after it was done, I stopped and got some lunch. I had set my ICQ to Away mode like I always did when I left the office.

I got back around 1:00 and there was a message from her that read, “I see you aren’t here. Thank you. I really needed that nap. I’m leaving for the hospital now. I love you and damn it, I was so looking forward to that rubber chicken!”

I had a good long laugh. At least her sense of humor managed to sneak out a little through all of this. It did feel strange being at the office on a Wednesday morning instead of being at the motel with her.

Around 9:45 she came on line and said, “I was waiting for you?” then sent a smiley.

“Kisssssssssssssssssss,” I wrote back.

“Kisssssssssssssssssss,” she sent back and added, “she is doing a lot better. They are going to keep her until Friday.”

I said, “that is really great news.”

“Yes,” she typed. “But I am still pissed at the ASSHOLE!”

I wrote, “You should let it go dear. Nothing so help me todd izle good will come of being mad at him.”

“This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this,” she sent back, “I didn’t really say anything the last few times but this time!” And immediately followed with, “Panties to bed for a MONTH!”

I sent a smiley and answered, “I could be wrong, but it probably isn’t the first time.”

She sent a smiley back and wrote, “NOPE!”

“And won’t be the last?” I asked.

“NOPE!” can back from her.

Figuring it best to change the subject, I said, “Did you get some sleep last night?”

She said, “yes. Since she was doing better, I just came home after I checked on her.”

“That’s good,” I replied.

She must have looked at the time, because she wrote, “I should lying in bed with you right now with my pussy all warm and wet from your love,” and sent a smiley.

“I know,” I typed, “but just think how much more there will be the next time.”

“Yeah,” she said, “but I have a question, and damn it, I expect a serious answer!”

“Oh boy,” I thought, “here we go again.”

“Yes?” I replied.

“I want to know about this fucking CHICKEN!” she answered with a smiley.

I let loose with a loud laugh. Damn, she was funny. The rest of the conversation was pretty light stuff. After we were done talking, she was going to take her shower, get dressed for work and then go over to her mother’s house to check on things there. We exchanged our words of love and our usual long kisses.

Her parting comment for the day of course had to be, “bok, bok, bok.”

I started laughing hard again. So hard, that when a phone call came in, I had to let it go over to the answering machine because I couldn’t catch my breath in time. She was back on line at 8:30 Thursday morning. Our chat started off like it always did with long kisses. We talked a little while about her mom. She was a lot better and was looking forward to getting out of the hospital.

Then she asked, “any plans for Saturday?”

Which was a little odd, since we normally talked about that subject on Fridays, but I said, “nothing special. I’ll come here to the office for a little bit in the morning. I have a few things that I should get done around the house in the afternoon. You?”

She said, “When I get really stressed, I like to go by myself for a long drive. Maybe stop at a park, walk for a while, and then just sit there collecting my thoughts. I’m thinking I will do that on Saturday morning.”

“That sounds nice,” I said back.

It got quiet at her end for a good 20 seconds or so, then she asked, “do I have to send you a written invitation?”

“You want me to come along?” I asked, still not getting what she was hinting at.

Again it was quiet at her end for a while.

I was still trying to figure all this out when she sent, “You are fucking invited to meet me at the fucking motel on fucking Saturday morning!”

“Oh,” I said, “NOW I get it!” and sent a smiley.

“Finally!” she wrote back.

“What time?” I asked.

“I can be there for 8:30,” she sent back, “if I don’t take a shower. I might stink a little.”

I laughed and said, “I don’t think I would notice if you did, and that is fine with me, the time and the stink!”

She sent a smiley and said, “I’ll be wearing jeans. And a bra and panties. He usually sleeps late, but just in case.”

“Whatever is best for you dear,” I answered, “as long as they aren’t the same panties you wore to bed!”

“Just for saying that, I might!” she fired back and then added, “I need you so bad, my love. Kissssssssssssssssssss.”

I answered, “I need you too, my love. Kissssssssssssssssss.”

After a little more small talk, we finished up for the day with another round of kisses. It was a little after 9:00 AM.

But instead of her usual wisecrack as a parting comment, she wrote, “47 hours until I have your love inside of me again.”

I was a little surprised but that’s the way she was. Totally unpredictable. I called and got the room for Saturday. Fortunately no one else had it reserved.

And it didn’t surprise me when I turned on ICQ the next morning, there was a message from her, sent at 12:30 PM after she got home from work that read, “42 hrs and 30 minutes until I have your love inside of me again.”

She didn’t get on ICQ that morning until around 9:30.

As soon as I saw her on line, I wrote, “that was a nice surprise.”

“22 hrs and 30 minutes until I have your love inside of me again,” was her first comment of the day. Then she wrote, “I’m sorry I’m late. I took my shower early and got dressed. I have to pickup Mom at the hospital this morning. One of her friends is going to stay with her today and my sister will check on her tonight.”

“I understand dear,” I replied.

“Another one of her friends will come back over on Saturday morning and I’ll stop by in the afternoon,” she sent.

“It is nice that sokağın çocukları izle she has a lot of people that care about her,” I said.

“She deserves it,” she answered, then said, “I must be going. Don’t be late tomorrow. Otherwise I might just pay for the room myself and get started without you!”

“Kissssssssssssssss,” I typed, then added, “now that is something I would like to watch some time!”

“Kissssssssssssssss,” she wrote, and added “Maybe!” before she went off line.

For being late in the fall, Saturday was going to be really nice day. It was a little cool in the morning when I left, but it was supposed to get up over 60 degrees by the afternoon. As I pulled into the driveway of the motel, I noticed her car parked in front of the room. She was watching for me and waved. I went to the office, paid for the room, and drove up there. She got of her car and waited as I pulled in and parked.

“Were you waiting long?” I asked, knowing that I was 5 minutes early.

“Just a few minutes,” she said as she walked to the door.

She had on a short gray wool jacket that came down to her waist, a nice looking pair of blue jeans, low white sneakers and white socks.

“Socks?” I asked as I unlocked and opened the room door.

“Camouflage,” was her answer with a smile, as she went in and I followed.

I closed and locked the door. Slipping the room key in the pocket of my jeans, I moved closer to her for a first hug and kiss. But she had other ideas.

“I’ll race you to see who can get underdressed first!” she said with a giggle.

“No fair,” I said back, “I have my work boots on today!”

“Too bad,” she replied as she peeled off her jacket and tossed it on a chair.

She already had her sneakers and socks off by the time I sat down on the bed and started fighting with my bootlaces. She had on the same ribbed turtleneck, that she had worn when we had met face to face for the first time over breakfast.

“I’ve seen that one before,” I said, as she peeled that over her head.

She was facing away from me as she unzipped and pulled down her jeans. I noticed that she was wearing something other than her usual plain white bra and cotton panty combo.

“Turn around,” I said, “those are new.”

She turned, lifted her arms and put her hands behind her head so I could get a better look. What had first caught my eye, was the fact that the back of panties was made of a slightly sheer material and I could faintly see her ass crack. That extended around to a satin like front panel that went from the waist down to the crotch. The panel was trimmed in lace. The panties were a French cut style, riding high up the sides of her legs. Of course her full bush of pubic hair stuck out on both sides. The panties and bra were a flesh color and were a matched set. Her big nipples were making noticeable bumps on both bra cups.

“You like?” she asked.

“Hell yes!” I replied.

“I was in the mall the other day and went into the lingerie store. I figured it was time to upgrade my wardrobe a little,” she said with little smile as she lowered her arms.

“No thongs?” I asked and smiled back.

“My daughter wears those things,” she said wrinkling up her nose, then added, “the only thing I want crawling up my ass is sitting on the end of that bed!”

I laughed but by then I had my boots and socks off and had unbuttoned my shirt while we were talking. I peeled that off, stood up and opened up my belt and zipper.

“No fair!” she yelled, as she fumbled around the back of her bra looking for the hooks.

“It’s in the front!” I said as I lowered my pants and underwear at the same time.

“Damn it,” she said, “I forgot!”

I laughed as I got my legs free of my jeans. I turned around, flipped the bed covers off quickly, crawled on and laid on my side as she was working the panties down her legs.

“Just you wait!” she said as she tossed them on the chair and then crawled in the bed next to me.

“For what?” I asked.

She smiled and then placed her arm around my shoulder and we kissed. Slow and easy to start but then as all good kisses go, it got hot and steamy. I played with her breast and nipple for a little, then slid my hand down toward her pubes.

She reached down, gently stopped my hand, and said, “I want you.”

I said, “you have me dear.”

“No, I want you,” she said again as she rolled on her back and spread her legs wide.

I sat up and moved down between her legs so I could eat her pussy.

She reached down and lifted my shoulders up and said again, “I want you.”

Finally getting the idea of what she was talking about, I moved up, placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, and then slowly pushed in. She always was wet and today was no exception. I leaned forward and we kissed as I slid my cock in and out a few times.

The kiss ended and I moved my head back from her face a little. She closed her eyes and I felt her cunt clamp around my cock as it was sliding back into her. She had done this before, but never this tightly.

“Somebody has been practicing,” I said quietly with a little smile.

She opened her eyes, smiled a little, and as I was sliding back out of her cunt, she clamped down again. This went on for a few more stokes in and out. It felt really great, but it was also starting to get me too close to the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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