Eighteen and… Caught! Ch. 02

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Her door opened up with a resounding thud against the back wall and he watched as Kylie turned his way in shock. Keeping the scowl on his face he smiled to himself inside. Wearing just a tshirt and panties he couldn’t deny that she truly was beautiful.

“So you think you’re all grown up now? Able to suck cock whenever and where ever you want?”

He stalked into the middle of the room and Kylie started to visibly shake. Her fear showed into the deep depths of her perfect blue eyes but underneath there was something more. Something he hadn’t expected. Heat.

“I told you it wasn’t like that.”

“Tell me Kylie. You have everything you could possibly want and more. Why exactly are you behaving like a slutty little bitch?”

He saw the slight upturn of her mouth before she could stop it. It pissed him off.

“Well? Are you going to answer or do I need you to show me how you were caught?”

“Daddy?” her voice was nervous.

“Don’t bother talking. Just get your grown up arse over here and show me how you were caught.”

She shook her head and tears formed in her eyes. She’d wondered of course what it’d be like to be with her stepfather but not this way. Not like this.


As the first tears fell down her face Kylie knelt in front of her father.

“God you’re such a slut. A filthy little slut.”

Kylie’s head dropped down and the tears flowed freely. He was right. Well almost. Yes she knew how to give a blow job but going the whole way was something she’d only done once and it wasn’t anything memorable.

“Is that really how you were found? I’m sure your mother said you were sucking on a dick. Do it.”

Her head snapped up quickly as she obviously thought she hadn’t heard him properly. Heat rushed through her and her panties started soaking up the moisture forming between her legs.

Kevin stood with his arms folded and bursa escort bayanlar a determined look on his face.

“I said do it. Take out my dick like the slut you are and suck it.”

“Daddy” she whispered in horrified wonder.

“Don’t speak. Suck!”

Kylie’s hands moved to the button and zipper on her father’s jeans. His dick bulged out and she gulped. Even at the semi hard state he was in he was so big!

“Go on. Put it in your mouth. No fucking teeth either if you want to sit down tomorrow.”

He suppressed the moan that threatened as her mouth opened wide and she leant forward and took him in.

He held himself rigid and waited for her to start moving. Her lack of movement pissed him off.

“Stupid slut! You obviously know how to suck dick. Do it properly!”

Her tongue swiped over him tentatively and he hardened even more. His teeth clamped together as her mouth took on new purpose and started to suck him with vigour. He shuddered and grabbed the back of her head. He pushed his dick into her mouth and grinned as she gagged when he hit the back of her throat.

“You like being face fucked? Well guess what. Daddy’s going to fuck your face as hard as he can. You’ll be begging me to stop so you can breathe and I won’t. I’ll fuck you until I’ve had enough.”

Being a man who was true to his word he used her hair to ram himself into her throat over and over again. Her gagging and whimpers spurred him on and he got faster and faster. Her hair wrapped around his fingers as he held it in his fists. He loved this!

“Play with Daddy’s balls sweetheart” he hoarsely ground out.

Her sweet mouth took him in while her tiny hands cupped his balls and squeezed them.

He felt the moisture from her mouth soaking his pubic hair and loved it. Her sobs were becoming moans as he fucked her filthy mouth.

God bayan sarisin escort bursa he felt empowered! It was that power that drove him to the edge. He wanted to cum down her throat. He wanted her to drink every last fucking drop of his cum. He felt the build, the raging within and knew that he was close.

“Daddy’s going to cum soon and you’re going to take it all. Spill even a drop and I’ll pound your arse. Is that clear?”

He knew she couldn’t answer. The grip he had on her and his dick in her mouth made it impossible but fuck if he didn’t love the chance to punish her further. He wrenched her hair until he felt more than heard the scream around his dick.

He exploded in her and held her as his spurts pulsed down her throat and she drank him down eagerly. God this felt good!

He looked down at the top of her head and realised that her body was moving. She had her hand between her legs, panties pushed to the side and playing with her pussy.

Oh she’d have to wait before he let her cum and he pulled his still semi hard dick from her mouth and leant down and pulled her arm away from her body.

“You’re a filthy little slut Kylie. We have two days before your mother gets home and in that time I’ll be making sure you realise that filthy mouth of yours belongs to your Daddy only.”

He let go, stepped away and she fell back onto the carpet. Her breaths heaving as he did up his zipper. Her eyes were wild, angry and full of passion. A vicious kitten ready to strike.

“Stand up.”

Kylie stood angrily in front of him and stepping forward Kevin pulled her into him and lowered his head. Kylie gasped at the gentle way Kevin’s mouth moved over hers and welcomed the probing tongue that sought hers.

Her arms moved up tentatively and wrapped around him while Kevin’s hands roamed slowly across her back bursa evi olan eskort and to her front.

He pulled away from her with great reluctance and dropped his forehead to hers.

“I want you Kylie. God I want you.”

“I thought you just had me.” Kylie’s voice cracked and Kevin felt the stark pangs of regret and shame.

“Shit sweetheart. I’m sorry. Are you ok? I..” his face reddened as a gentle hand moved a sweat soaked lock of hair from her face “I kinda lost it. Does it hurt?”

He felt bad but he really wanted her to say yes.

She nodded and inhaled quickly as her stepfather swooped down and lifted her in a bridal hold. He carried her to the bathroom, sat her on the toilet and ran the bath.

Gentle, caring hands removed her tshirt and panties before helping her settle down in the bubble covered water.

“Soak for a bit. I’ll be back shortly with something for your throat and take care of you.”

Her affirmative nod as se soaked in the warmth of the water had him standing and walking to the door.

“I want your phones and I’ll be changing the internet password. This weekend you’re Daddy’s and I don’t want you distracted. Oh and there’s no need for too many clothes so don’t bother getting dressed up. A tshirt will do.”

Kevin left the room with a huge grin on his face. He planned to enjoy this weekend and the ideas were forming in his mind and he was soon thinking of the ways he could bring them both pleasure. He would never ever have thought he’d be fucking his daughter but now that he was he was damn glad that Kylie had a filthy mouth. He also knew he was going to have to have a real conversation with her about her behaviour.

Kylie’s mouth ached. Her throat felt like sandpaper had scoured over it, her head felt raw from her hair being held but lying there with the bubbles surrounding her she was mesmerised in the thought that she’d actually sucked her stepfather’s dick and kissed him… and they were alone for the whole weekend!


A/N The 1st chapter was short because with that and this ch it was too long for the program to accept as a copy/paste. This is my first story posting on here and I thank the people who give words of encouragement.

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