Elijah Blacked My College Crush

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College is a time for sexual discovery and what I learned during my time in the dorms is that a lot of young women were discovering my neighbor in the room next door. My name is Tim and I’m your typical white guy on campus; I wear my polos, khaki shorts, boat shoes and I’m pretty attractive. I think I’ve got game and certainly have no trouble getting dates but I have a harder time sealing the deal and turning a date into a hookup. I’ve never been a woman’s “Friend With Benefits”, not for lack of trying but I guess girl’s didn’t want a “nice guy” as an FWB.

My neighbor in the room next door… well Elijah had no trouble at all finding the women for hookups and it seemed like every other night he had different freshman or sophomore girl in his bed and thanks to shitty dorm construction I could hear every bit of it. Elijah is a sophomore too and I’d describe him as a very attractive black guy. He’s cool, confident, athletic build and a handsome movie star face. Not an exaggeration, he looks like the black guy you’d expect to be cast into a movie as a romantic love interest. As it turns out on our public university campus Elijah’s game is exactly what a lot of young white women look for which works perfectly since these pretty white girls are exactly his type.

Elijah and I got along well and while I was jealous of his success I did enjoy seeing the parade of women in and out of his room and hearing him drilling his lovers through the wall. I know there are a lot of interracial relationships on campus and see plenty of white girls dating black guys on the commons but until I lived next door to Elijah I had no idea how many were lining up just to have an interracial fuck. Every few days I’d hear the tell tale thumping of a bed into the wall, the squealing of a young girl’s pleasured voice and occasionally some of the kinky dirty talk would make it through the wall.

I’d hear Elijah’s distinct voice: “mmm I’m going to ruin this pussy for white boys”

“yeah baby you like taking my black cock deep inside you? Mmm look at my black rod inside you”

“I’m gonna cream you up so deep babe, you ready for this seed in your white pussy?”

Most of the time I’d be studying when he’d have a lady over and initially I’d chuckle but eventually the sounds of sex and the visions of him fucking a hot little coed would persuade my own cock to an erection and I’d have to get myself off so I could focus again.

Every now and then I’d encounter his lovers leaving the next morning as they embarked on the “walk of shame” wearing party clothes from the night before and their hair disshevled from a wild night of fucking. Elijah did have his type, and I can’t say I fault him at all! It seemed like every girl leaving his love den was a petite 5 foot barely anything white girl, blonde, brunette, redhead whatever he was into them as long as they had pale skin. Prior to college I considered interracial taboo and envisioned a certain type of kinky girl seeking out black men but what I learned living next to Elijah was that even those innocent faced, doe eyed girls were eager to try some black cock. His sexual partners really did run the whole spectrum of freshman and sophomore girls. I saw nerdy bookworm types, athletic girls from the volleyball or track team, art girls, and just your basic Starbucks drinking white girls… and time after time they’d enter Elijah’s dorm room as curious white girls and they’d leave as obviously well fucked coeds, many surely on the way to the campus pharmacy for some emergency contraception!

All of this provided plenty of entertainment for me as I enjoyed the thought of all these seemingly good girls going bad and doing something naughty their conservative parents would disapprove of. I suppose this was all fun until eventually Elijah’s sexual prowess would hit a bit close to home for me.

I’d met this gorgeous freshman named Samantha in one of my classes and we’d frequently exchange flirty banter. She was a cute little brunette with the prettiest smile I’d ever seen. Before attending college Samantha was a star cross country runner and had the beautiful tight and small ass that runner girls are known for. I was infatuated with this beauty the moment I laid eyes on her and knew she was ideal girlfriend material.

Samantha istanbul escort and I shared were assigned to a group project together and we decided to meet up Sunday afternoon at the campus coffee shop to work on it. I’d planned to wear my signature and irresistible khakis and a new Lacoste polo to help with my seduction… maybe we’d start with the project there and I could get her back to my dorm to “study”. I had gotten all the vibes from our flirting that I could seal the deal with Samantha and was so excited to get my lips on her soon.

Unfortunately for me I had to make it through Saturday to see her on Sunday and that’s where things went off my rail so to speak. Saturday evening I worked a shift at my restaurant job and tired out I headed back to my dorm room to relax and maybe play some video games. Not long after I settled in I heard the door next door open and close and some muffled voices. I knew what that meant… Elijah’s gonna fuck tonight.

After a long day and anticipating my fun planned for tomorrow I was feeling horny myself and I decided to lay in my dorm bed closer to the wall so I could hear the encounter going on next door and get some masturbation inspiration.

Through the wall I could make out bits of their conversation and some giggling from a young female voice:

“Have you ever seen one this big before?”

“No… I’ve never seen a black guy naked in person.”

“Go on, touch it babe.”

“Oh wow, that’s so hard! I like how soft your skin feels.”

“mmm I like you stroking it, you’re making me harder.”

“It’s so different looking Elijah, I’ve seen them in porn but in person it’s so…”

“mmm babe so you like it?”

“Yes! It looks so dark in my hands. I’ve always been so curious what black guys looked like.”

“yeah babe, you’re not alone…”

Then there was some giggling…

“Yeah my girlfriends said that black guys look really hot and can be a lot of fun… you can thank them! They gave me the courage to come out tonight.”

“mmm I’m very grateful!”

“I’m not some slut that hooks up with guys all the time you know… it’s just that…”

“I’m black?”

“Well err umm… it’s not just that… you’re cute.”


“I’m really curious what it’s like…”

“What it’s like to be with a black guy?”

Some more giggles… “Well yeah, I want to give it a try if you do too.”

“mmm babe I’m happy to help you learn, maybe you should try sucking on it.”

I heard some sucking through the wall after snooping on this eye opening but erotic conversation. I was now fully aroused and decided to take a moment to find some porn to go along with this. What better than some interracial so I visited my goto tube site and found something from the site BLACKED. This will do!

Through the wall I heard some movement and some subtle male moaning from what was obviously a pleasurable blowjob.

“yeah babe try to take more of it…” more giggles and slurping… “I’m not sure I can, it’s so big!”

“Take your time babe!”

On the screen I watched as the BLACKED video loaded up and showed this beautiful petite brunette with soft b-cup breasts enter the screen. Now this is my type! This what I like to see! I’ve turned the volume down so I can’t hear the dialogue in the video since I have real entertainment through the wall.

“mmm yeah babe! I think it’s my turn to try your sweet pussy.”


I heard more rustling through the walls as clothes came off and then some gentle female moaning.

“yes, oh yeah right there.”

In the video I was watching a large black figure entered the scene and seduced the beautiful pale skinned brunette. It was intoxicating to watch and hear the sounds from next door synchronized to the couple on the screen. I loved seeing this large black porn start tongue lashing this tight white pussy and imagined similar action was happening just a few feet away from me.

“oh yeah, don’t stop! Don’t stop Elijah! Yes!!”

Yep, this coed next door was really getting her pussy eaten. Elijah was obviously a very talented lover!

Almost on cue as the video showed the two lovers repositioning to escalate their sexual encounter Escort Anadolu Yakası I heard more movement through the wall.

“Elijah I need you in me!”

God that voice was so sexy and so familiar sounding… I wondered if I knew her.

“Yeah babe you’re soaked, this white pussy is more than ready.”

“mmm I’m so turned on right now Elijah! Your tongue was incredible.”

“Thanks babe, a fine woman like you can sure motivate me.”

I heard more rustling and a drawer open and close.

“Are you ready to have your first black cock inside you?”

“yes oh god yes!”

“Do you want to help me with the condom?”

“I’m on the pill, we don’t need one if you don’t want one.”

Oh damn, this girl was a naughty one! Her first black lover, a one night stand and she’s going raw. Jesus Christ, college girls! Meanwhile on the screen I watched as the couple positioned themselves for their coupling.

“Naw girl we don’t need a rubber but I’m gonna cream up that white pussy tonight.”

“mmm yeah, that sounds so naughty!”

I’ve never cum inside a woman before and my lucky neighbor just got the consent of yet another coed to inseminate her!

“Babe you are a thirsty one! I’m gonna change your world tonight.”

“I want it Elijah, I want you to black me! Please go slow though!”

Holy shit was this hot and I was watching on my laptop as this well endowed porn star lined his own throbbing black cock up to a velvety soft and creamy white pussy.

“mmm babe you are so fine, I gotta record this!”

“Elijah! Not my face okay!”

“This is just for me… just for us… you’re going to want to get off to seeing yourself blacked for the first time.”

“Mmm that does sound hot. I can’t believe I’m going through with this!”

On my laptop the large black cock was pushing it’s thick head into the beautiful woman’s tight little pussy. I was so aroused at this point and gently stroking my cock so as not to trigger an early orgasm.

“Mmmph! Ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh yeah babe, you’re white pussy feels so good. Damn you are so tight!”

“Slow! Please! Slow!” Jesus was this so hot! I watched on screen as white labia stretched around this big black cock and I could imagine that’s exactly how it looks next door.

“Mmm look at that pussy of yours swallowing my black cock.”

“Oh god! It’s beautiful! I want a photo of that!”

“mmm me too!”

God they were basically making a porno next door! I need to find a kinky chick like this one day!

“mmmph more I’m ready for more!”

“Almost there babe! Open those white hips of yours wider.”

There was a slight and sudden slam of the bed against the wall.

“Ahhhhhhh, oh shit! Oh my god I’m cumming! Oh fuck! You’re all the way in!”

“mmm yeah! Take my black cock deep!”

“I’m so fucking full!”

“You like being filled with black cock?”

“Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me Elijah!”

I watched on screen as the brunette took deep and powerful strokes from her lover as the bed through the wall slammed into our shared wall. My white cock throbbed in my hands as I imagined mere feet from me was a gorgeous white girl having a nearly spiritual sexual experience with her first black lover.

“Is this what you wanted? Are you glad you gave in to your curiosity?”

“Oh fuck yes! Elijah you feel fucking incredible in me.”

“You look beautiful filled with my cock babe! You like the vanilla chocolate swirl we got?”

“Hell yeah! Give it to me!

The bed increasingly slammed harder and harder into the wall as the two lovers rutted like animals. In my BLACKED video the two coupled lovers were slamming hard into each other as well, white legs dangling in the air around this muscled black man’s body. I could only imagine how hot Elijah’s lover looked with her legs flopping around in the air. I was getting that familiar feeling in my balls that I was about to cum and the frantic pace next door let me know they were close too.

“Oh babe my balls are aching for you.”

“Elijah goddamn you feel so good! I can’t stop cumming on you!”

“Babe you are soaked but I gotta cum soon too! Where do you want it?”

“Fuck Elijah, cum Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort inside me! Cream my pussy for the first time!”

“Oh shit girl, first time?”

“mmm mmm yeah, first… time… raw…” she moaned out in between thrusts.

Holy shit! This girl really was getting blacked tonight. My cock throbbed in my hands as I watched the porn on the screen as those lovers got closer and closer to their own satisfying conclusion.

“Oh damn girl! I’m going to paint this little white pussy with cum so deep!”

“Yeah Elijah fill me up! Cum in me! I want it! Give me your creamy seed!”

The bed slammed hard into the wall startling me and forcing my hand down my cock harder than I expected, I was beyond the brink and my white cock began ejaculating spurts of hot semen all over my chest. Meanwhile on the screen the two coupled lovers were climaxing and I watched as the actor’s balls throbbed and pulsed as he too let loose a torrent of semen into a white woman.


“Yes! Yes! Give it to me!”

“AHHHHH! I’m gonna cream that whole womb of yours.”

“I feel it! Oh my god! I feel it pumping into me! This is incredible! It’s like a hot firehouse inside me!”

“Yeah! You like that black cum? You like having your pussy claimed by a big black cock?”



My own jets of cum stopped pumping out and the video flashed BLACKED at the ending credits. Wow, that was incredible I thought, bravo too my neighbor for that.

I drifted off to sleep and had more dreams about the coupling I watched and the sounds from next door. The next morning I woke up recharged and ready to hit the gym in preparation for my big study date with Samantha. As I headed out the door and walked down the hallway the door next to mine open and closed. I knew what that meant! Walk of shame time… who could it be, what pretty little white thing had Elijah pumped full of black cum last night?

I slowly turned around and then… I was stunned. It was her! It was Samantha! Jesus Christ I had jizzed myself listening to my own crush get blacked by Elijah only feet away from me. I awkwardly searched for something to say.

“Oh hey Sam!”

“Tim! Hey I just dropped over to grab a few things for later. We’re still on for group project today? 3 PM?”

“Yep!” is all I could muster.

“See you then!”

She was wearing her party clothes from the night before and her normally neat and well done hair was in a sloppy ponytail. I watched her from behind as she walked down the hall admiring that tiny little ass of her, looking closely I could see a creamy wet spot forming on the crotch. Damn! Elijah really did seed that pussy! She’s still leaking his cream out today!

Like any dude that has seen his crush get claimed by another lover I was heartbroken. I went back to my room and sulked. It was so weird… I was heartbroken but horny! My cock was rock hard but I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. I did my best to pull it together for our study time.

Samantha and I met up at Starbucks and went over the project materials. The whole time I was a bit spaced out and she seemed exhausted. Neither of us was able to function properly and we kept losing track of our notes. In an unusual coincidence of timing Elijah walks in and passes behind Samantha. He recognizes her and gives me a wink and thumbs up but she doesn’t see him at all.

We end up wrapping up our unproductive studying session and agree today is just too exhausting to be productive.

Later on in the dorm I bump into Elijah and he asks me about Samantha.

“I didn’t know you knew her…” “Yeah we’re working on a project together.”

“She’s a fine girl man I think you should work on more than a project with her. “

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah man… Can I show you something private?”

“Of course dude, we’re bros!”

Elijah pulls out his phone and shows me a photo of a naked Samantha laying on his bed with his large black rod laying along her pink slit.

“She’s a kinky one man! Definitely should bone up on the studies with her if you can!”

“Damn dude that’s amazing. Can you send that to me?” I can’t believe what I’ve just asked but I need to study these photos closer.

Elijah smiles, pauses… “I shouldn’t man… but bros and all I’ll send you a few to enjoy!”

For the next week my cock was raw from furiously jacking off and ejaculating to my crush getting her sweet and innocent little pussy blacked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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