Elmswood Academy: Road Testing

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Holly had been at Elmswood Academy for just over 3 years, she joined the ranks of girls there on the day of her 18th birthday. Not long after her arrival she found the Academy had more to it than most people thought. Not just was it the most reputable school for the training of young women but it was also home to some of the worlds most creative people working in the industry. She quickly caught peoples eyes with her love of sex toys and ability to take a long, hard pounding from fucking machines. She had recently been promoted in the Academy and given the title Miss Green, awarded in recognition of her skills with toys. Holly was now the girl who worked directly with the researchers designing new machines for the academies use and to sell to the public for profit.

Holly was very nervous as she stood in the lounge of the Academy waiting for someone to arrive. It was her first day in her new position and she was told to be there at midday and wait for someone to meet her. Holly stood slim at 5 feet 9 inches tall and had the most clear, beautiful skin and a very, very pale complexion that emphasized her dark brown eyes. She had natural ginger hair that reached the lower of her back, resting on the top of her perky bum, which curled in loops the whole way down. Dressed in her newly awarded uniform Holly was wearing nice dark green french knickers with small black bits of lace and a matching corset. Her legs were covered in black fishnet stockings attached to suspenders and a garter belt. On each of her wrists and ankles was a thin dark green metal cuffs with a crest matching a pendant on her necklace. The contrast in colour between her hair and the little she was wearing made her look like her namesake plant.

“Hello Miss Green,” spoke a man who had just entered the room, he had short brown hair and was wearing trousers with a smart shirt. “It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lawrence Taylor and we’ll be working together a lot from now on, starting immediately.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Holly replied with a stuttering voice.

Lawrence, picking up on this weekness interrupted, “Although we will be working together I am still your superior, and as such you will address me as sir, as well as following any instructions I give without question.”

“Sorry sir, I won’t forget again.”

“Good, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together. Now how about we start with a quick inspection and then I will show you our newest invention that is ready for testing?”

“Sounds good sir,” Holly said as Lawrence started to move close to her.

Lawrence put his hand on her jaw and held her head still as he looked her in the eyes and moved the hair out of her face with his other hand. Then he pressed his index and middle fingers to her lips, which immediately parted. Holly took his fingers into her mouth and began swirling her tongue round them straight away. Impressed, Lawrence lent into her neck and pushed his tongue into her ear, licking round it. “Very good, now lets have a look at the rest of you,” he said.

Taking one step back Lawrence started to feel Holly’s firm breasts. “What size are these then?” Lawrence asked.

“32C sir,” Holly replied.

“Very nice, lets see what else you’ve got going for you.” He moved, feeling with his hands, down her sexy slim body with surprisingly curvy hips. Moving one hand between her legs he ran a finger under her knicker and found her new piercing. Holly gasped and slightly buckled at the knees before regaining her balance. “My word, you are soaking wet. Why is that?”

“Mmmm… I don’t know.” Holly mumbled before biting her bottom lip.

“That’s not good enough i’m afraid.” Lawrence said as he lifted his finger wet with Holly’s cum and pressed it to her mouth, which she again opened for him as she took in the taste of herself. “Now, tell me why you are wet.”

Lawrence took back his finger and with her own cum still in her mouth Holly whispered “It’s ‘cos this is… it’s turning me on!”

Lawrence looked down her beautiful, slender legs, at her feet in sexy 3 inch heels, pausing to think before saying, “maybe it’s time for us to get started then. I will be back in a few minutes, please take a seat.”

Waiting for Lawrence to get back, holly went to sit down. Still very turned on from her brief inspection moments ago, it wasn’t long before her hands wandered into her knickers. She pushed two fingers slowly into her cunt, taking it as deep as her fingers could reach and letting them rest there. Holly then slowly began massaging her fingers in circles as she lent back sinking down in her seat with her eyes closed. Very quickly she found herself pushing harder and faster, her breathing getting much heavier. She enjoyed pleasuring herself slowly, teasing her insides and did so for several minutes before taking her fingers out and moving them to find her clit and began quickly rubbing it.

A voice quickly interrupted her, “I don’t remember giving you permission to do that. And I definitely don’t remember giving you permission to cum.” altyazı porno Lawrence had returned.

“Sorry sir. I’m really very sorry. I, well, I just couldn’t help it.” She pleaded.

“Well i won’t forget this, you will have to be punished on another day. Now though, follow me,” Lawrence said before turning round to leave. Holly followed him out the lounge through the large main door into the small reception room and then out of the main entrance to the academy. Outside was a purple volkswagen camper. “We are going to go out and give this a test drive.” Lawrence explained.

Holly was very confused as this seemed like a very normal thing to do and not at all what she was expecting. “Is that all there is to it sir?” she asked.

“Yes, that’s all there is to it… So, let’s then take a look at it.” They both walked up to it, Holly noticed the Academy’s crest painted on the side of it. Closed and hiding the interior were beautiful thick curtains on the insides of all the windows, though the drivers cabin left unchanged.

“Now, I think it is about time you remove your underwear. Though, actually you can leave your corset on,” Lawrence said. Holly looked around her for anyone looking, before quickly realising how foolish she was being. At Elmswood everyone expects to see this sort of thing around the grounds but there was something about being naked outside that always makes her feel more self-conscious. With her legs parted and bending over slightly at the waist whilst pushing her bum out she pushed her panties to the floor, which was the required way at the Academy. This left her bare cunt open to the world.

Holly had a thin strip of hair above that was the same dark ginger colour of her hair. The piercing was a small platinum ring through her clit with a matching platinum tag hanging off it. On one side of the tag her name was engraved with Elmswood Academy below it. The other side displayed the Academy’s crest and a small emerald. “You really are something special.” Lawrence said as he looked her up and down once more, before moving to the van to open the rear doors.

Inside there was a small bed and a table just behind it. Fixed on top of the table Holly silver box with a 7 inch dildo attached to a metal arm coming out of it. Holly was initially surprised but once the shock had gone she found herself unable to stop giggling. It was her ability to take long, hard fuckings that had gotten Holly noticed at the Academy, and if she was being honest she would have had to say she was disappointed with the size of the dildo attached. Holly had previously admitted, on several occasions, to being “a real size queen” and in her private life had been known for walking out on men before having sex if disappointed by their size. It would be unfair to say the one she was presented with was small, in fact it was average girth, but she loved feeling full from a thick cock stretching her insides and when it came to length she thought, up to a certain extent, the longer the better. Eager to get started Holly asked “Can I please get in sir?”

“Yes, go and lie down on the bed,” Lawrence replied. Holly quickly clambered into the back of the camper and lay down on the mattress. Following her into the camper, Lawrence began to attach straps to each of her four cuffs, these worked together to act as a seat belt and keep her safe in case of any accidents. He then slid the table along specially built grooves in the floor until the head of the dildo was waiting at the opening of her cunt.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this,” Holly said with a giant smile.

“I’m sure you will.” Lawrence assured her as he pressed his fingers to her still wet pussy, before reaching for lube and applying it to the plastic cock. He then continued, “In the case of a crash, however small, this will immediately move backwards, preventing it from harming you. Now I suppose you are anxious to find out exactly what’s going to happen to you?”

“Yes sir.” Holly replied.

“Well,” he began, “this machine is connected to the camper itself, in such a way that the machine begins to work as the camper starts to drive. The speed at which the machine works is proportional to the speed of the camper. The speed the van must drive so that the machine is at full power can be easily adjusted to allow for different intensities. You will see as it works but, basically, the faster i drive, the faster it fucks you.”

Holly, who had been struggling to keep up with the explanation, was now very excited by the prospect of what was to come. She was now at the country’s leading training academy getting to try original Elmswood Academy sex toys and was the envy of every girl. “Can we get started now sir?” she asked and Lawrence nodded.

Lawrence turned to leave the van before looking at Holly. “Enjoy,” he said simply. The rear doors slammed shut. Holly realised it was finally about to happen as she braced herself for the machine. Lawrence got in the drivers seat and started the engine.

The intercom came on and amatör porno Lawrence said “I’ve set the top speed to 60mph.” The car rocked forwards just as Holly felt the tip of the cock push through the entrance of her wet, eager cunt.

Slowly moving at first the camper drove along the path leading out the grounds. The cock slowly pushed its way deep inside her, until its entire length was buried in Holly’s cunt. It then slowly started to slide out of her, leaving her feeling empty. It was a short lived feeling though as it began to slide inside her again. The cock thrust deep into her several times before before Holly began to notice it slowing down. Holly couldn’t believe the effect it was having on her, it had only started moments ago but she was already breathing heavily. The camper approached the Academy grounds exit and turned left onto the road. Very suddenly Holly felt the cock spring into action as it started pumping deep inside her. The sudden change took her by surprise and as the camper picked up speed she was amazed to find herself already close to cumming.

Through some speakers in the back of the camper Holly heard Lawrence’s voice. “We are going to drive around for a while before heading to Ferryvale, then we will make the short journey back to the Academy,” Lawrence said.

This was lost on Holly as she started trying to push herself down onto the cock fucking her, struggling against her restraints. “Oh god! I’m close.” she screamed. Instantly Holly started shaking as an orgasm ripped through her body. Lawrence glanced in his rear view to see Holly moaning with her mouth wide open. Holy’s cum was dripping off the cock as she came from the intense fucking. The camper accelerated as Lawrence pushed down on the accelerator causing Holly to shout “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” as all her muscles contracted and her cunt clamped onto the cock inside her as Holly’s orgasm began to subside. Left sweating and motionless Holly lay on the bed trying to recover with the machine still fucking her hard before Lawrence slowed the camper before pulling over at the side of the road, just outside Ferryvale. “How was that then?” Lawrence asked Holly as he turned round to look at her.

Holly didn’t reply at first, she lay there trying to catch her breath before looking at Lawrence and smiling. “That was really intense.” she finally replied, still breathing heavily.

“Well i’m glad to hear it, though it never made it up to full power.” He said, “I think we are going to need to lower the top speed now. I think that 30mph should do fine as we will be driving through town.”

Lawrence then turned back round without listening to Holly as she started to ask “Please can we wait here for a little bit longer sir? I’m still out of breath.” The engine started again and Holly knew her words were falling on deaf ears. Again the camper slowly moved off and again Holly gasped as she felt the machine slowly push the cock deep inside her.

The camper had just made it into Ferryvale and Holly was panting heavily. The machine had been fucking her faster than it had before a before. Holly was getting so short of breath and was worried she had met her match when it started slowing down. “We’re getting caught up in traffic.” Lawrence said over the intercom, “I may just change a few settings, now let me see.” Only a moment after he finished speaking the fucking machine burst into life taking Holly by complete surprise.

She wailed as the machine furiously fucked her now reddened cunt. Fighting against her restraints she felt possessed as the cock pounded her and then as suddenly as it started she felt it slow down to a stop. As soon as she was able Holly asked Lawrence “What have you done? That was so good.”

“Sir.” Lawrence finished, before adding, “I changed the top speed to 10mph as we are going to be stuck in traffic for a while. Before it slowed down it was going at it’s fastest.”

Holly was just about to reply when the camper pulled off, causing her to bite her bottom lip. As they tailed the traffic in front Holly was brought closer and closer to the edge of orgasm, with the machine fucking her at different speeds all the time, constantly speeding up and slowing down. It was only as Holly started shouting that Lawrence’s attention was drawn to the back of the camper, just in time to witness Holly cum as she arched her back and pushed herself onto the cock. When she finally stopped shrieking Lawrence slowed the camper once more and pulled over at the side of the road right in the centre of town. He sat silently for a moment, giving Holly a chance to recover before leaning forward to the dashboard of the camper. His hand reached to and pressed a blue button.

The curtains to the camper then began to open, revealing Holly, mostly naked, to the outside world. The camper had already drawn attention as it made its way through town. The academy was only a 5 minute drive away and everyone who lived locally knew it and its crest well. The curtains opening only helped to further people’s curiosity amatör porno and it wasn’t long before several people approached it to have a look. Lawrence then reached to the dashboard again and twisted a dial clockwise as far as it would go. Holly could be heard screaming by everyone around as the machine instantly started fucking Holly at maximum power. Beyond curious, every onlooker ran to the camper’s windows to find on display a beautiful, bound girl being fucked by a mechanical cock.

Holly was completely taken by surprise as the cock pounded her, tingling feelings surged through her body. Still tired from the previous orgasms, she was unable to do anything other than simply lay there and take the hard fucking. It was only then that Holly noticed her onlookers and felt immediately embarrassed. Feeling utterly helpless from being put on display she became aware of the predicament she was in. Holly had never been a fan of sex in public and this was more extreme than anything she had experienced before. She couldn’t help but feel ashamed as she felt herself begin to drool down her chin. The feeling didn’t last long though as she was still being fucked and it wasn’t long before Holly felt herself close for the third time.

Holly began to shake and gave a long low moan. She was cumming again and couldn’t believe she was still taking such a hard, fast fucking. Unable to move she lay shaking, pulling against her cuffs. With a long, loud moan Holly struggled to scream out “Aaaargh! Fuck Me!” All thoughts of everyone watching her had gone from her mind as she closed her eyes and felt the sensations fire through her whole body. It was at this moment that she suddenly squirted all over the interior of the camper, even getting a small amount on one of the windows. The onlookers cheered as her orgasm took control of her body, throwing her limbs around as much as her restraints would allow. Holly squirted again several more times as her movements began to slow, till she was left panting but motionless with the cock still firing inside her. Lawrence reached and slowly turned down the dial back down till the machine was completely still. Everyone who had been watching this couldn’t believe what they had seen. Lawrence too was very impressed with what he had seen, watching her cum in his rear view mirror and getting his first chance to see what she was capable of he couldn’t believe his luck. Holly was fantastic and Lawrence couldn’t wait to get back to the drawing board to think of more toys to test on her. lawrence got out of the camper to give Holly a chance to recover, a proper chance this time though. It was only then that everyone around even realised a driver existed and Lawrence quickly found himself answering their questions. Glancing into the van to check on Holly he noticed that she had already pretty much recovered and was now looking pretty horrified at the few people around the van still looking at her. It was then that Lawrence knew she had enough left in her for him to make her last ride interesting.

The traffic had now died down, as had the crowd and Lawrence thought it was time to leave. Getting back into the camper he turned to talk to Holly. “How are you doing?” he asked.

Looking up at him, Holly swallowed to clear her throat before saying “Yea, pretty good sir.” and she gave a small, knowing smile.

“Are you ready to go then, little slut?” Lawrence asked, smiling back.

“Yes please sir.” Holly replied, she loved it when peopled called her dirty names.

“OK good, we’ll get going then. I really can’t believe how well you’re taking this, you must have been born for fucking.”

“God I hope so,” Holly said, with a very feminine giggle.

“Oh, and one last thing. I’m turning off the intercom between us for the journey home, I need a bit of piece and quiet. Neither of us will be able to hear the other, but don’t worry, it’s not that far till we get back and I will be able to see if you’re not ok.” Before giving her chance to reply he pressed the button that turned the intercom off.

“Eerm, sir, is that definitely going to be ok?” Holly asked. There was no reply. “Sir, are you listening to me?” The engine turned on and she realised he had already turned the intercom off, it was too late.

The camper pulled off and Holly immediately knew something wasn’t right. The machine was fucking her so fast already. She then realised that Lawrence hadn’t adjusted top speed from 10mph. Now the traffic had cleared up she was going to be fucked on full power all the way home. Her still very wet pussy, red raw from the long fucking, was taking another hard pounding. “Lawrence!” she shouted, “Stop! Help! Fuck! Me!” With all her nerves still tingling from before it took only a minute before she was close to cumming again. Holly couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw herself squirt again as another orgasm ripped through her body.

Holly began to go into subspace as her eyes lost focus. Shuddering as she came, unable to think about anything other than the feeling between her legs. She moaned so loud as she started cumming again almost immediately after the one before finished. Another three orgasms fired through her before the camper finally pulled to rest in the garage of the Academy. Lawrence got out to untie Holly, who he had been watching cum beautifully the entire drive home.

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