Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 01

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Note: The author recommends that you read ‘Ginger Fabulously Taken’ before reading Chapter One.

Emily Goes Home — Ginger Comes Out Ch. 01

By A Vixen Literally©

*** Week One ***

I cried nearly the whole way on the flight home. I was conflicted, confused, tired, in love, lonely, and horny. Julia had turned my life upside down. She was going home to her wife; I was going home … no, not ‘home.’ Asshole had my home. I was going to my furnished, crummy, cracker box one bedroom apartment — alone. Oh my god, that woman had done the most wonderful things to my body. She was right, of course — I did know. I had simply not done … made love with another woman. It was amazing. I suppose that’s why I cried. I smiled. I knew in my heart I would find a woman.

Was I writing off men? Forever? Oh hell, I don’t know. I just left my first lesbian (gulp) experi … no, romantic liaison. Yes, that works. Umm, am I? I smiled. Now that’s for sure why I called myself confused. You’re completely right about that Ginger. Saying that brought warmth to my pussy. I love that Julia called me that. Asshole never did. Milly was his nickname for me. I hated it — loathed it. I am Ginger now … I think I really like her. She is one sexy woman — Julia sure did think so. Wow, her Sheri sure is one lucky woman. Hmm, my layover is in Chi … NO! Yeah you have her card. You will not use it. Yeah, I know, it’s just that … Hush you! Yeah, yeah, I know, those pheromones are flying into each other at the speed of — umm, lust. Never in my forty seven years have I been so thoroughly fucked. I shook my head at that thought. Oh yeah, there was that one night. Yeah that one; and it was Julia’s story that got you that night!

Thankfully the layover at O’Hare wasn’t too long. I was back in Dayton and at the bandbox in a couple of hours. First order of business: food. I never knew sex created that sort of … oh god. Two words came to mind — hunger and appetite. Thank you Julia! My every thought is about sex. Brown eyes shimmered with joy under jet black hair. I shivered.

Did I mention the dark-haired flight attendant on the flight from Chicago to Dayton? Yum. Julia! Coincidence? Nope.

The server at the diner? Young, slim, and blonde — oh my, Ginger, you are not the woman you were a couple days ago. I kinda spit up my Sierra Mist. Emmy, the name tag said, thought I was choking — yeah, with laughter. I thanked her as she cleaned up the splatters. My word, look at how those things move as she wipes. Yikes! She caught me staring at her breasts. She smiled. Not just my hair is red; I ate quickly. Emmy brought the check. Oh my god! She wrote ‘Call me’ beneath her phone number. Can this be real? I made some sort of smile as I hurried to the cashier. I thought of Julia as my vibe took me away to dreamland.

If you live and work in southwestern Ohio you are more than likely to work for one of the many Fortune 500 companies in the area. I work in marketing for Iams, part of P&G. It’s one of the great American success stories. If you’re at all interested in stories “Dream No Little Dreams,” by Clayton Mathile, the driving force behind Iams, is a wonderful book.

I showered Monday morning, dressed, did all the girlie morning things, grabbed a coffee and muffin at Dunkin Donuts and headed in to work. First order of business – find a decent place else to live. Second order of business – think about using the word lesbian to describe Ginger Butler. My married name was Emily Sue Rogers. I am Ginger Butler (maiden name). And I will be sure to tell the lawyer that I want it back. I thought about the waitress last night. Oh my god! I laughed the whole way from the parking garage to my desk.

Everybody looks different today at work. This is amazing. I put my purse down on my desk and took out my contacts. Okay, I wasn’t seeing the world through rose-colored contacts. I wonder how Julia’s doing today. Without them I wasn’t seeing much of anything other than fuzzy, blurry things. Several from the department were at the weekend seminar.

As I put the contacts back in, Tammy, one of my co-workers, chatted a bit about it. Yeah, it was good. No, I was just busy. She had a good time, apparently – her husband was there with her. I smiled. Asshole was probably busy fucking Bunny or whatever the hell her name is. Me? Yowza! Does Julia miss me? Tammy and I talked about all this as we headed to the small conference room in the corner. A Monday confab about the conference. Our boss gave a summary of the weekend. Tammy and I each gave reports about the specific topics we’d been assigned. Whatever — it was okay. Where are the gay bars around here? Why is Tammy staring at me like that? She’s married. Yeah, so were you. Oh my god that’s right. God, what’s going on with me today?

I finished my little speech, a few people asked questions fatih escort and we all headed back to work. Tammy grabbed me by the arm. “Are you okay? You look … different!” I blinked a couple of times. No, it’s not concern in her eyes. Confusion?

“I’m just fine thanks, Tammy, really.” Anything to shut her up. “I don’t sleep all that well in hotels.” She shrugged; we walked back to our desks. I put my folder down and headed to the ladies room. I needed to pee; I needed to be alone. I sat with my head in my hands. My sister Jenny lives in St. Louis. I’m three years older. She and her husband David have a nice life — 3 kids, 1 in college, 2 in high school. Will she be okay if I tell her? I honestly don’t know.

I finished and wiped. Did Sheri shave Julia this morning? Maybe I should try it. Is that part of being … say it! Am I a lesbian? I sniffled as my eyes filled. I have no idea. Does having an affair with a woman count as a lifestyle event? Or was it just a weekend fling? God, she was fabulous. She let me fuck her too — twice. My god that was so sexy! I looked in the mirror. It’s still me, right? Everyone will still call me Emily — except Julia and me. I’m jealous. It’s Monday kiddo. Get a grip. I stuck my tongue out. Nyah! I threw the paper towel at the hole in the wall and missed — fuck it.

I walked back and stuck my head in George’s office. “You busy boss?” He waved me in.

George Dillon is kind of cute. He was some sort of jock back in the day. Good guy to work for; smart too.

“George, is there a lot going on today? If not, would it be okay if I cut out after lunch. I’d like to find a real apartment?” He knew about the separation; Tammy did too. Jenny told me she’d come visit if I wanted her to.

“No Emily; today would be okay. You have somebody you can call?” Uh, sort of … and it’s Ginger. (Inside voice)

“Yeah, kind of — it’s more of a friend of a friend. If you have someone you’d recommend that would be great.”

He was already scrolling through his phone. Yeah, he’s one of those — iPhone. He raves about the damn thing like it’s his wife … who, by the way, is a babe! Lily Russo. He gave me the name of the agency she worked at and wrote her name and number on a Post-it note. Local — cool! Yes I could use his name. I smiled gratefully and thanked him.

He said, “Good luck; in fact, go ahead and go now.” Wow!

“Thanks boss. See you tomorrow.” I told Tammy what I was doing — she nodded. She was still staring at me. Oh honey, if only I could tell you. I called Lily on the way to my car. Yes, she could see me. Did I know where the office was? No — she gave me directions. Probably twenty minutes away.

“Okay, see you in a little bit. Lily, so you know, I’m looking for a one bedroom apartment.” I heard the smile. Uh oh.

At the office, the receptionist buzzed Lily to tell her I was here. She breezed quickly down the corridor and came to me with a big smile and a bundle of dark brown hair that sat, fashionably, atop a sweet, round face that had brown eyes, thick, long lashes and full, luscious lips painted a not-too-bright red. Did Emily look at women that way before last weekend? Oh god, look at those legs. She was every bit of 5 ft 8 and had legs that … oh somebody help me.

She coolly appraised my (likely) confused, flushed look. “Come back to my office Ginger.” Ginger? Had I called myself that when I spoke to her? Oh lord. “We’ll talk a bit about what it is you’re looking for?” What? It’s an apartment. Do I have a sign that says, ‘I slept with a woman this weekend?’

As she handed me a cup of coffee, Lily said, “Now then, Ginger, let’s see if we can’t find you just the right place to live. Tell me a bit about yourself. Are you from the area or just move here recently?” Smooth. I told Lily about Emily. The marriage (27 years — child bride), the breakup, the fabulous weekend with Julia — not that last.

“How far along is the divorce?” He’s not dead — yet.

“I don’t know; with no kids, it shouldn’t take long.” We talked about a condo. “I have no money, thanks to asshole.”

She had the grace to laugh. “Does ‘asshole’ have a name?”

“Bill, William Rogers.” I told her about his job, his money, how he took all the money out of our joint account – after he had the locks changed. She held me as I cried rather pathetically. Was it me imagining things again or did she hold me just a wee bit too long? She smiled sweetly as she handed me a box of tissues. I didn’t want to look in her eyes to check.

She patted my hand. “I’ll help you with this Ginger.” My confusion must have shown. “We’ll find you something and make it work.” Oh okay. “I think we can find a condo and write a contract that allows you to pay rent and have it count toward a down payment — with the rest once the divorce is final.” Oh! “You make enough and, if your credit is okay, it should be fairly easy to get a mortgage istanbul escort you can afford.” Oh my! “So how about you give me your Social and some work history, let my people do a credit check, and you and I go out to lunch.” What time … oh dear, it’s nearly noon.

Lily’s a realtor; everybody knows her … or, she knows everybody. Seemed like every other table she was saying hello to one person or another. Hmm, they seem to all be women. Ginger, shut up. Yeah. What did Julia have for lunch? Lily is cute — and very persistent. Did I have any idea where I might want to live? Chicago. No, I really don’t. I guess the bad thing about being somewhere, with someone, for so long is when that ends you’re a bit adrift. A bit? After that weekend? I know, shut up. I had what Lily ordered — a salad. Whatever. Oh my god, I slapped Julia. My eyes filled.

“Are you all right Ginger?” I gulped back the boulder in my throat and nodded as I played with my food. I wanted to hurry home, bury myself in a pillow and cry. “This divorce thing doesn’t seem to be doing you a lot of good honey. It’s awful. I wish there was something I could do or say.” I thought about what Julia had said. ‘Don’t fall into bed with the first person who crosses your path.’ Yeah right. She had Sheri and I have my vibe. I ate my salad. What would I do if Lily kissed me? Who am I kidding? I looked and am acting like a complete mess. Why would she even bother with me?

“Do you want me to just pay the bill and take you to a hotel for the afternoon?”

No! She didn’t say that. I looked at Lily. Huh? She did, didn’t she? There’s lust in her eyes. Oh my god! I grabbed my purse, got up, and walked to the door. My head was down, my eyes burned with tears. I didn’t know where the hell I was or where my car is. I stood there feeling like an idiot.

“I’m sorry Ginger. You just looked so forlorn. That was totally unprofessional of me. Let me take you back to the office.” Forlorn? Twice? In a matter of days? Is it an invisible tattoo or was it something far deeper and unknown?

I kissed her. Right there, in broad daylight, on the street, I kissed her.

Twenty minutes later we were in a motel. I was taking her clothes off and she was smiling. I don’t even know how old Lily is … looked like maybe late thirties. Bi? Gay? I just know this — the way she acted, I think I taught her a few things. She was limp, moaning, panting, and I needed more. I fucked her until she begged me to stop. I did. She slept for a couple of hours. Those legs I gawked at — oh lord, I loved them. No really, I did. It was dark when she woke up … no, I woke her. We started again. She, um, had a few tricks up her sleeve. I licked … um, liked them. We lay quietly in bed.

I told her bits and pieces of my weekend. She smiled, giggled and gawked into my neck. She snuggled closer. “Wow!” Uh huh. That’s my Julia. Wow! She’s not your Julia, Ginger. Oh! Right. Yes, Lily is bi, single, 42, and had broken up with someone about three months ago. She cried a little about that. “He was special, at least I thought so.”

“Lily, if I may ask, are you like really bi? Or do you prefer one to the other?”

She laughed. “Ginger, you know the old saying, ‘Doesn’t matter; it keeps my weekends full.'” We both laughed. She did admit that, at this point in her life, she preferred the company and touch of a woman. Oh? “I don’t know. At least in my experience, it’s easier. A woman loves you with no agenda. She’ll do just what she knows you want for as long as you want and she knows that, when you’ve had your fill, you’ll do the same to and for her.” Oh god yes! “It is nice to have a good, hard dick fill me up now and then. And they’re so cute and pathetic … they’ll do nearly anything you want to get what they want.” True that! I would have to think about that. Asshole had done neither for way too long. But we were married. An engagement ring: the gift that keeps on being taken. You’re way too bitter, Ginger. Your point?

“So my little whirlwind, how about I give you a good going over before we leave?” Her smile was so cute and her brown eyes were so soft. The going over was over and over — and over. Yum. The shower? Uh huh! It was after ten when she dropped me off at her office — where my car was. “Don’t worry about it kiddo. A few of the women in the office are more than just colleagues.” Oh? Yes, she would call me in the morning at work with a few ideas. Yes, we could meet Wednesday, after work, to go over a few things. We both giggled. This is what it was — lovely. We would do the ‘find me a place to live’ thing. After? More giggles. I have to admit I felt very lucky to have met someone as nice as Lily. I just knew she really would do her best to find me a nice place to live. The other? We’ll see.

God she kisses good! (mickey soft wants me to say well.) I was humming like a tuning fu … fork. I felt like I did taksim escort in the cab on the way to the airport … oh my god … yesterday! I closed the door behind me and locked it. I leaned against the door. What a day. Julia, Julia, Julia, what did you do to me? I set my alarm and fell into bed. I don’t even remember falling asleep.

Oh God, Lily thinks my name is Ginger! What’s she going to think when she sees my credit report? This was my first thought when I woke Tuesday morning. You may laugh. I’m not lying. What’s Julia doing? Probably same thing you did last night. I blushed … and I was alone in my bed. I hummed in the shower, singing a song that was my mind. Why this one? ‘No More I Love You’s.’ Annie Lennox is one of my favorite voices. Poor thing; be well!!

Be right back. The UConn-Notre Dame women’s basketball game is down to the wire. Hey, a girl has to have her fill of watching the young, lean, athletic lovelies doing what they do.

Where were we? Oh yes, songs … ROFL. ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive!’ Jon, how did you know? Call Pauley Walnuts and have Asshole buried somewhere. I giggled in the shower. I like writing about my life. Hope you like reading it. A little too much wine? It’s late on a Saturday as I write and it hurts no one.

Oh my god! iTunes is playing ‘The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me.’ Julia! Ginger, please don’t do this to yourself. I know. Oh great — Colin Chin’s ‘Farewell to Innocence.’ I’m laughing. I give up. My iTunes playlist is conspiring with the world to reduce me to a puddle of … laughter and tears.

Right, it’s Tuesday. I have to get to work. So I do those things we do and head to the office. My brave new world? I miss you Julia. Enjoy your life and your wife. I’ll find my way somehow. I parked, walked, and the day began.

‘Clocks.’ The day dragged on and on. I was my usual productive self. Only it was a very new me in a very familiar setting. My center was off — a lot. ‘Steel Bars’ – oh my god! I had, I believe, broken through them, never to return. I wasn’t sure yet where it would lead me but it felt like it would be good. Yes, I was absolutely certain of that!! I did a bunch of tasks that my job required and thought of Julia and Lily and Asshole. Who are you Emily? Other than your one-night stand — umm, which one? I had to find Nora. Nora, my BFF from way back. Yeah, I’ll call her.

“Hi kiddo … can you, please, please, please, meet me for dinner tonight?” Yeah, the tone was pleading … I was pleading. She knew. Our’ usual’ place at 6:30 pm. No, I’m not telling you where. You’ll come look for me sure as I’m sitting her telling you my story. That’s why she’s my Nora. We tell each other everything. God she’s gonna shit a brick!! Giggle.

“Ya know what Emmy, I’m not completely surprised.” What? Nora smiled. “You were so miserable with asshole for these last few years I just had a sense — wherever, whoever, you would … whatever.” Oh my god.

“So you knew all along I was gay?” Just throw the fucking cards on the table. Nora’s green eyes got very wide.

“Of course not … but you were vulnerable honey. Even you had to have known that!” I cried a little. She let me.

“She saw me fiddling with my wine glass.” Nora smiled and nodded. I had to laugh. “And here I thought I was being the mature adult.” Her eyes smiled. “Bitch!” She knew.

“I love you too you slut.” God my pussy is so wet. She must have seen it in my eyes; she shook her head. “Don’t even.”

I laughed so hard I wet myself. She’s okay with it. Why had I wondered? We had dinner and a bit too much to drink. I told her about my new name and why. She giggled but she liked it. Oh good! I think the saying is: ‘A friend is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you.’ Nora is my friend! She did gasp when I told her about Lily. That shocked her a lot. Well, that’s fair. I was shocked too. We talked about it more. I knew what she was thinking, I think.

What she said was, “Honey, just be careful — not too much too soon; please.” She’s right. She laughed when I told her I’d told Lily my name was Ginger. We gabbed some more. It was later than we had planned, as usual, when we finally left. We hugged and kissed like always. I told her I loved her to pieces, which I do. I thanked her for allowing me my last minute dinner. She smiled warmly and said, “I love you too. For you – any time.” My friend Nora.

I sat quietly in the dark with a glass of wine, thought about the day, and had a fab nights sleep.

Wednesday, February 1st — hump day. Don’t even think about sex. My head hurts. Dumb ass didn’t take any ibuprofen before falling asleep. I threw two back with my mouth wash – brilliant huh? The shower was cold. UGH! I needed it. Thankfully the coffee, muffin, and a full day of work were enough to keep my mind off tonight — and Lily.

Tammy? She didn’t quite know what was going on with me and I could tell with my spidey sense that it bugged her no end. Whatever chickie! I played it straight up with her … not a blink of a hint.

George wandered past my desk. “Did you meet Lily?” Fountains flooded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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