Emily’s Second Electro Experience

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He didn’t feel it was necessary but had agreed as a gesture of good faith so he locked his genitals in the clear polycarbonate chastity device and secured it with the key in the luggage lock. Ten minutes later she had pressed the door bell button and taken two steps backward. He answered the door in less than twenty seconds dressed in a maroon bathrobe. “You know what to do,” she said lightly. He drew a set of black handcuffs from the robe’s pocked, turned away from her and cuffed his hands behind his back. She moved forward and checked the cuffs for tightness then told him to move to the center of the living room. After closing and locking the door she dug in her purse for a second miniature padlock. Clamping it between her teeth she opened his robe and substituted it for the one with the key in it. “Can’t fuck me now.” she murmured as she dropped the small keyed padlock into her purse. She removed his handcuffs and deposited them into one of the pockets of his robe.

After accepting the cold bottle of sport drink he offered she sauntered over to the dining table which held a number of items he had called ‘electrodes.’ Previously he had explained that the sport drink would insure that her electrolytes would be in balance to maximize her nerve tracks. Rocking back on her heels and crossing her arms she assumed a hip-shot posture. Scanning the dining table she asked, “Which one you gonna shove up my ass?”

“The silver football with the black insulation on the shaft,” he replied as he moved next to her.

“That doesn’t seem too bad.”

“You will hardly know it’s there until it is energized.”

“And I suppose that big, fat one gets plugged into my pussy.”

“Yep, you will feel filled. A lot of women seek that because it is familiar…sorta like an electric cock.”

“Eeew, she gushed as a blush crawled up her neck and glowed from ear to ear. “I’ll be right back,” she announced as she turned walked down the hall, the key to his locked cock cage in her hand. altyazılı porno He liked hearing her high heels click on the hardwood floor. She was back in less than a minute holding the hem of her dress in both hands. After she stopped in front of him she raised the hem to under her chin.

He stepped back gazing at her finely shaped legs and slim hips. From the table he obtained two very short plastic straps with an ID badge clip attached to each end. Moving behind her he attached one clip of each strap to the hem of her dress about a foot apart. Using the straps as handles he pulled the back of her dress up until it was at the nape of her neck. The short plastic straps became shoulder straps after he attached the two free clips to the dress hem she was holding under her chin. Until that moment she didn’t realize how restricted her hands and arms were, trapped inside her dress.

She closed her eyes when she felt his fingers hooking inside the narrow strip of taut fabric of her bikini panties at the point of each hip. He worked the black panties down her thighs being careful not to catch them on the elastic tops of her thigh-high stockings. When her panties were around her ankles he stretched them forward and worked them under the toes of her high heels. She could feel the hardness of the cock tube locked on him when he got her in a bear hug.

“Small step,” he directed. “Other foot, small step.” The lace panties convulsed into a black ball on the floor.

She couldn’t help smiling at the grand irony of her situation…standing bare hipped in front of a man she hardly knew about to experience erotic electro-stimulation for the second time in her life. He had told her this time would be quite different because the electrostimulation would take her all the way to orgasm.

She watched in anxious fascination as he coated the silver football electrode with a clear gel as she sat on the couch. “Swing you feet up onto the couch and lie back,” he said. She zenci porno obeyed when he told her to roll away from him toward the back of the sofa. She knew she was about to be invaded. The 2-inch long spout of the plastic syringe entered her slowly and then she felt the surge of cool gel inside her rectum. Within a few seconds the silver football had been pushed into place some 2 inches beyond her anal sphincter. She recognized the rattle and rip of aluminum foil being freed from the roll and realized it was under her butt when she rolled onto her back. “You won’t feel that one at all because it is so much larger than the others,” he commented as he attached an alligator clip to a doubled over corner of the foil.

He plugged the other ends of the wires from the foil and butt plug into a gray box with four knobs. She heard a click come from the box and felt a flutter deep in her pelvis. The rhythmic flutter came and went in a repeating pattern and began to grow in intensity. “You’re in charge here. Let me know when you want me to stop the power ramp up,” he told her.

“Okay,” she breathed in a slightly quivering voice.

“Bend your left leg a bit and put your right foot on the floor.” he directed. He had another syringe in one hand and the fat silver pussy plug in the other as he sat between her legs. Suddenly she was pinned in place. His back was against her bent left leg and her right leg was trapped under his thighs.

It was pretty much of a repeat as he coated the plug with gel from the syringe and injected the balance into the cavity where the plug was then inserted. He busied himself attaching wires from a blue and gray box about the size of two packs of cigarettes laid side by side.

She felt a mild buzz deep in her groin then it subsided. A tentative smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. “Like that?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed, “Give me some more.” She almost vomited the words.

“How’s that?

“I’m aldatma porno really surprised…I like you up my ass…more!

The intensity grew and made her gasp. It was only her breath that caused the noise to come from her throat although her mouth was moving as if she was forming words. The teasy rhythmic buzz deep inside her was joined by a slow thrusting near the entrance of her sex slit. The power and speed of the thrusting increased and her mouth changed to the shape of an O and she began grunting, “Eh, eh. Ehh, eehhh!” Her hips were bucking to the rhythm of the thrusts. A white foam of saliva was forming on her lips quite like the thick juice that was oozing from her cunt.

He could feel himself growing inside the chastity cage that contained his genitals. He wanted to fuck her but knew he had to concentrate his electronic alter ego on her rising excitement.

The intermittent buzz in her bowel subsided for a few moments while he changed one wire. It was now plugged into a socket in the end of a plastic handled wand with a thick stainless steel shaft ending in the shape of an open eye. After ejecting a liberal gob of conductive gel onto the semi-hard lump at the head of her sex canyon the eye of the wand was resting directly over her still-hooded clit. The buzz resumed. There was no change in the tempo but the buzz slowly morphed to a smooth hum while it became steadily stronger, moving her toward the inevitability of orgasm.

“Oh, oh,” she said as the thrusting inside her became more insistent. “Yoooo gonna make meeee come?” she growled from the back of her throat. The hot hum of the steel wand moving slowly back and forth across her swollen & wanton clit became unbearable. The wave of orgasm crashed down on her and she announced it with a gurgling scream. He watched her gasp for air until her eyes began to close in unconsciousness before he shut down the power box lying between his legs.

Twenty minutes later Emily had reassembled herself and was sitting behind the wheel of her car waiting for the signal to turn green. She thumbed a couple of buttons on her cell phone and put it to her ear. After a few seconds her eyes widened slightly and she said, “The key to your cock cage is under the jewelry box on the dresser.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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