Emmaline Ch. 02

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Emma and I ate our breakfast slowly; in no hurry to speed up our time together and happy to savor the moment. Of course, having a beautiful, mostly naked woman in bed with me as I ate breakfast was not a hard thing to take. She sat cross-legged on the bed; I reclined on my left elbow. I surveyed her sweet body as we sipped coffee and snarfed down scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked bacon.

She was wearing only the briefest pair of lime green cotton panties and white wool socks that were a bit too big for her slender ankles. Her perfect breasts hung delicately off her slender shoulders, highlighted by the firm round tips of her light brown nipples. Her fine shoulder length hair was tied up loosely over her head, loose strands hanging errantly here and there, and her big inquisitive brown eyes shone brightly as we talked.

“You are very brave to fry bacon dressed like that. You put that beautiful skin of yours at great risk,” I chided. She did have exquisite skin, as I had always suspected, and had finally gotten to confirm last night.

“I wore a big old apron in the kitchen, but didn’t think it was appropriate attire for the bedroom,” she joked, her gorgeous eyes smiling over the rim of her coffee cup as she took a sip.

“Well I entirely agree,” I said, “although you’re still a bit overdressed for my taste.”

“Then you might just have to do something about that, won’t you?” she teased.

She had the most infectious giggle and a physical allure that was remarkable: sensuous and magnetic. I could only stand her being almost naked and so close for just so long before the overwhelming urge to reach out and touch her took hold. And I could tell she felt the same. She placed the breakfast tray onto the side table by her bed, lay down on her back with her head on a pillow and turned her lovely face to me. I lay on my left side and looked at her extraordinary body draped there before me to explore.

Her smooth skin shone in the filtered morning light and her eyes sparkled with anticipation. Her lovely breasts lay slightly flattened by her prone position, but they still protruded skyward in a perfect shape, capped by her delicate smooth nipples. Her torso was toned and flat and the smooth line of her lower stomach was interrupted by the elastic band of her panties, cutting sharply across and just above the mound of her pubis. The seductive rise of her pubic bone and the fleshy outline of her labia majora were unmistakable through the tight cotton of her panties. She lay with her right leg on the bed and the other cocked up slightly, accentuating the graceful protuberance of her mons against her upper left thigh. I reached out to touch her.

My right hand drifted slowly over her body. Neither of us spoke; we just languished in the moment; me enjoying the feel and view of her perfect body; she enjoying the soft touch of my fingertips exploring and caressing her skin. My fingers grazed across her nipples, barely touching them, and I could feel her body react and move sensuously. They trailed down and across her smooth tummy, and barely floated along the bulging outline of her pudenda. I could feel the heat of her sex, radiating through the thin stretched fabric of the cotton covering her treasure.

“Mmmmmm. That feels good, Jack. You have a nice touch, sir.”

“I’m so glad you invited me to dinner last night, Em. I mean, dinner was great, but spending the evening with you, and then spending the night…. Well, it wasn’t what I had intended, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

“I did too. And, I hate to admit this, but, it was sort of what I was hoping would happen. I needed to get to know you better to see if you could play a role in something I’ve been thinking about and planning for a long time.”

My fingers continued to float along her contours. I loved the way her nipples stiffened slightly each time I drifted slowly over their pale sepia peaks. But my ears perked up as she intimated some sort of longer range plan that I was not aware of.

“Thinking and planning, huh? Sounds dangerous — almost like I’m being manipulated — totally against my own free will, I might add.”

She giggled and squirmed a little as my hand rested along her inner thigh, almost touching her cotton covered mound.

“Well, I do have a little plan, I have to say. But if I tell you about, then I’ll have to kill you,” she joked.

“My God! I’m in the clutches of a black widow,” I responded. “Well, I’ll take my chances. Tell me about your so-called plan. Tell me what you have up your sleeve,” I inquired. “Except you’re not wearing any sleeves, so perhaps you should show me what you have inside those tight little panties of yours,” I suggested as the palm of my hand cupped the full fleshy outline of her pussy mound. She laughed and squirmed some more under my touch. I could feel the faintest trace of moistness mixed in with the heat of her hot puffy pussy.

“Well, I’m twenty-two and I’ve been very sexually active since I was a sophomore in high school. I’ve had lots of experiences with guys my age, but, as much as I’ve enjoyed the college Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort scene and the parties and all the guys I’ve been with and all, there are still a lot of things I haven’t experienced. And I want to.”

My hand drifted up to run along the edges of the exquisite lines and delicate bone structure of her face. She really was gorgeous and I was enjoying the slow seductive game we were playing.

“Okay. Go on,” I implored.

“So I’ve wanted to find a guy that I could…experiment with. Someone older and a bit more experienced. I love sex, as you probably noticed last night.”

“That’s an understatement,” I replied. She giggled again.

“But there are so many things I still need to experience and, well, I thought it would be better to find one person to explore those things with, rather than trying to do it all on my own. I’m not looking for a super long-term relationship. I’m not looking for a husband, at the moment. I just want to find someone to…explore with. Does that make sense to you?”

“Well, yes, it does. But what sorts of things? And why me?”

“Hmmm. Well, like I said, I’ve done college guys. I wanted someone older and more mature. But there were also certain, how should I say this, physical characteristics that were important to me. You passed those with flying colors.”

“I did? I didn’t know I was being graded. Like what sort of characteristics?” I queried.

“Well, I knew from attending your class all semester that you had a nice body and were in good shape. But I needed to know you were the right size for me,” she said grinning.

“Which means?”

“Not too big and not too small. Not too thick, but not too thin,” she smiled as she looked down at my cock, flopped lazily on my thigh. “Just right,” she grinned, giving my languid cock a little squeeze. Blood flowed.

“Well, thank you. I think,” I replied. She laughed.

“And, most importantly, I wanted to make sure you could keep up with me.”

I thought back to the pace of the previous night and remembered the sometimes frantic pace of our sex and her seemingly insatiable need to fuck. It all sounded like I was being recruited for what might shape up to be the ride of a lifetime.

“Where do I sign up?” I asked. She giggled as my fingers continued to trace gentle lines up and down the soft curvature of her body.

“Right here,” she oozed, as she stretched her body like a cat in heat.

“And you didn’t answer my question about what sort of things you were looking to explore. I find it hard to believe you haven’t had a ton of experiences,” I continued.

“Oh, I’ve fucked plenty of guys. This isn’t a numbers thing. There are just things I haven’t done, that I want to do. And I want to try them all with one person as my anchor – my partner, as it were.”

She looked at me deeply as my palm rested on her soft breast.

“Will you?” she asked, so sweetly. I couldn’t have turned her down even if I had wanted to.

“Well, you still haven’t told me what all these things are you want to do,” I persisted. “I mean, if you want to fuck while sky-diving at 20,000 feet or in the lion’s cage at the Bronx Zoo, then you’ll have to find another recruit,” I stated.

She feigned depression.

“Well, I guess I can take those two off my list.” She brightened. “Now will you do it?”

I wasn’t going to say no to this offer. But I still needed to know more.

“Details, Em. Details”

“Okay. I want to try a threesome, both ways — inviting a woman into our bed and then, another time, a man.” I nodded. No objections so far. “I want to try a group thing, or at least swapping with another couple.” I nodded again. “I want to go to a sex club. I want to try some light bondage. I want to fuck in public or someplace we might get caught and I want to….” I interrupted her.

“Em. I have to tell you something. I may be twice your age, but in all honesty; I haven’t experienced most of those things either. I mean, you should know this about me before you jump to any conclusions.”

I expected a crestfallen look; disappointment in my lack of wily, worldly ways. But instead I got a wide-eyed grin.

“Oh, Jack. That’s great,” she gushed.

I was confused. I thought she was looking for an experienced guide to steer her gently through the moral morass of fantasies and fetishes. I was, apparently, mistaken.

“Geez, Em. I thought you’d be disappointed in me,” I apologized.

She shushed me with an index finger across her delicious lips. She smiled so sweetly.

“No, Jack. This will be an adventure for the both of us now. I know you know what you’re doing. And I love that you’re a mature and sexually experienced man. But this way we both get to find out what these things are all about — and you won’t be judging our experiences against others. Oh, this is so exciting,” she gushed, as she clapped her hands together. Her sweet breasts jiggled.

She was seriously thrilled, and if it worked for her, it worked for me. The images of all the possible Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort connections began to whirl through my head as I looked at this lovely lady laying prone, happy, and ready.

My fingers grazed down and over her cotton clad cunt. It was like a little furnace and warmed my hand as I cupped her mons. I squeezed, ever so softly and felt her lips below moistening under my touch.

“Em. I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

I massaged the molten flesh cupped under the palm of my hand.

“And as guides go, you’ll find my rates very reasonable,” I continued.

“Oh my. How will I ever pay you off,” she sighed.

I felt her hips lift off the bed slightly to press against my palm. She smiled and I leaned in to kiss her. Her soft lips opened and I could feel her tongue probing gently for mine. We kissed tenderly, our passion building slowly as she spread her legs slightly and let my hand nestle against her gathering wetness. My lips trailed away from her mouth and down along her graceful neck, nibbling, heading south along the slope of her generous breasts. She arched her back to feed her nipple to my lips, as my hand slipped under the elastic of her panties and my middle finger slid down into her slick groove. She caught her breath and let out a deep moan as I rested my finger on her swollen clit and wiggled it, ever so slightly.

“Yessss,” she whispered.

I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked, as softly and gently as I could. She reached to the swell of her hips and pushed her panties down. I assisted with their removal, sliding them down her lean smooth thighs, before returning to the task at hand.

I’ve always been a very tactile person, and love touching a woman, using my fingers as a source of her pleasure. I’ve been told that I’m very good with my hands, and certainly some women respond to manual stimulation more than others. Emma was in the former category. I could feel, as I caressed and stroked, her positive reaction to my manual maneuvering. She purred like a cat under my touch and her whole being writhed in appreciation. Her body was in constant motion, and she lifted and humped her hips to meet my hand and encourage me to explore her further.

Her pussy was now soaked, steaming hot, and flowing with her natural lubricants. I explored from her clitoral shaft all the way to her asshole, every inch of her sex open to my tender touch.

“God, I love your fingers, Jack,” she cooed as she reached down to lightly grip my shaft. “You can touch me all day, baby.”

She stroked me lightly, almost absentmindedly, as my fingers probed deeper and began to focus in on the throbbing center of her sex. My fingers slipped easily in and out her slick folds and her hips ground to meet my digital display of affection. The pad of my middle finger began to trace soft circles around the protruding slick nubbin of her clit. She clutched me tightly as she let the sensations wash over her body.

“Oh God, Jack. I need your fuck. Give me your cock, baby! Now!” she seethed.

Not a request I could deny at that particular moment. I positioned myself between her legs, agog at the amazing view below me: her pink wet pussy spread open and ready for my cock. I lifted her legs up so her calves were resting on my shoulders. She was panting with anticipation as I placed my cock at her swollen opening. She was so wet; I knew I could have slammed home to the hilt in one fell swoop. But I chose to slide in slowly.

I slid just an inch or two of my stiff dick into her waiting wetness. She gasped as I began to rock back and forth, only giving her a teasing sense of what was to come. I felt her grab my ass to pull me in deeper.

“Come on, Jack. Don’t tease me. I need you to fuck me!” she claimed through gritted teeth.

I ignored her request to go deeper, but I did start pumping faster. I could feel her cunt opening up to my prick and, inch by inch, I began to ram my cock in a little deeper with each stroke. Each inch elicited a deeper groan and then, finally, I plunged deep and began to fuck her with long thick strokes that had her reacting vigorously and vocally.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried to the rhythm of my pounding penetration. The bed was banging against the wall and the sound of my hips slamming into her ass and the backs of her thighs made a wet fleshy slapping sound.

“Fuck me, Jack! Fuck me!” she hissed into my ear as I almost pulled out with each outward stroke, only to bury my shaft deep inside her open cunt with the next downward thrust. I began to hump in double time, going in and out so fast, she held on for dear life. I couldn’t keep this pace up for long, but I wouldn’t need to. I felt her clutch me tightly and suddenly go silent. And then she screamed.

“Fuck!!” I grunted as I felt my huge load of cum explode into her deepest caverns. And as I pumped her full of hot semen, I felt her pussy clench and spasm on my pounding dick. She milked me for all I was worth, and after five or six strong spasms of cum, our wasted bodies collapsed Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort in a sweaty heap on the soaked sheets.

She curled up against me and swung her slender thigh over mine.

“You don’t have to go anywhere today — do you?” she queried. She put her head on my shoulder and ran her hand up and down my torso.

“I did. But now I don’t,” I replied. She smiled. “But can I assume lunch and dinner will be served in the same inimitable style?” I asked, arching my eyebrow

“I think that can be arranged,” she said.

I rearranged myself on my side so I could look into her beautiful eyes. Our hands rested on one another as we talked.

“So where do we start, Em?

“Well, I was thinking,” she cooed. “Actually I think it would be a good idea to just spend a week or two, just you and me, getting to know one another better. I mean, I feel like I know you and all, but, well, you know what I mean.”

She was a very perceptive young lady and it certainly made sense that if we were going to explore all the sexual options she’d outlined, we should be very comfortable in our own sexual relationship.

“I think that’s a great idea, Em. Really. And you know, I’m happy to follow your bliss here. But you should know I’d be perfectly happy to just fuck you as much as possible. I’ll explore any avenue you want. But know that, at the core, I want you.”

She smiled tenderly and touched my face.

“That’s so sweet, Jack,” she said, looking deeply into my eyes.

We talked for the next half hour, throwing out ideas on how to pursue some of the fantasies she had outlined. She told me about a friend of hers, another female student, whom she thought would be fun to bring into bed with us. The description of her friend, Althea, held great promise. Emma had met her on her dorm floor sophomore year and they had struck up a friendship. She was a petite, but curvy girl of Greek descent. She was very bi, and had tried to recruit Em to join her and her boyfriend one night. Em had declined, but knew that Althea was still interested in pursuing some sort of sexual union.

“Well, we can add her to the list, I think,” I said. “I love small tight women.”

“Do you, now?” Emma said. “Well we’ll just see what we can do about that.”

“And I have an idea to throw into the mix, I think.”

She looked at me with bemusement.


“Well, I have this old friend from college who lives down in Greenwich. Very well-to-do lawyer now, and played the field for many years. But he married a younger woman a few years back – not as young as you, in her early thirties — and he’s always shared the fact that they have a fairly open relationship and have explored swinging on a limited basis. He’s tried to lure me in a few times since my divorce, but I’ve never followed through. But I would bet we could spend a weekend with them at their place. There would most definitely be some chemistry. He’s a very handsome guy and, as you would imagine, his wife is a stunner.”

Em smiled. “Sounds like you might have an ulterior motive. Well, add them to the list. It sounds great to me.”

She reached down to squeeze my cock, which was beginning to stir again with the combination of her gentle grip and the nature of our conversation.

“Can you imagine what it would be like to watch other people fuck? Or to have other people watch us fuck? Or mix things up? Oh my God, Jack. It could be so hot.”

I could tell she liked this idea as her hand began to urge be back to erection. I watched her slender fingers work their magic and felt the blood flow lift my cock up off my stomach and back to rigidity.

“What do you say we take a shower and pick up right here in ten minutes?” I inquired.

“You are a dirty boy. Let’s go clean you up.”

She bounded out of bed, her full natural breasts bouncing innocently as I followed her wiggle to the bathroom. I was fully extended and stiffly vibrating as we entered her generous master bath. A full glass shower sat to one side with a rain head faucet extending out of a fully tiled ceiling.

Em reached inside and started the shower and adjusted the temperature, her breasts wavering seductively as she leaned into the enclosure.

“I like to stick with my routine, you know,” I joked.

“Well this may be part of your routine, but I can assure you the rest of the day will be anything but,” she responded.

“You promise?”

She smirked, grabbed my hand and pulled me under the shower. The water cascaded with excellent pressure down on our bodies and Emma immediately soaped up her hand and reached for my dick.

“We’re gonna make certain parts of you extra clean, Jack,” she stated as her soapy hand reached underneath to cup and massage my balls. I reached for the soap myself and began to run the bar all over Emma’s sweet body. Her nipples came to full attention as I ran the soap all over her luscious contours.

I returned the bar to the soap tray and used both hands to knead and slide my hands over Emma’s curves, while she busied herself doing a soapy stroke up and down the length of my erection. The more we moved our hands, the more the sudsy bubbles encased our bodies. I loved the feel of her breasts as I slid my hands over their soft slippery flesh. I felt Emma’s hand slip down low and underneath, massaging my balls and going even further to tease the soapy sphincter of my asshole.

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