Encased Ch. 01

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You arrive by taxi at the address that I gave you. The house is large and almost dark – there is one small light visible over the front door. The taxi leaves and you head up to the door.

As instructed, you open the door and find yourself in a small entry way. You close the door behind you and hear the lock click. There is a small screen in front of you with a speaker. A voice, altered so you can’t identify it, says simply


‘I am here as instructed’ you reply.

‘Move closer to the camera with your identification.’

You move towards the small camera mounted in the wall and hold your drivers license next to your face as you had been told.

‘Why are you here?’

‘To serve.’

‘And you know what it means to serve here?”

‘Yes’ you reply.

The voice says ‘tell me.’

You do not respond immediately.

‘If you do not respond immediately, we will believe that you are not here of your free will and you will not be permitted inside.’

You respond quickly.

‘I am here to serve in anyway that I may. I understand that I will be used in a sexual manner but both men and women. I will be displayed and bound, and will have no control. I may be beaten.’

‘And is this something you do freely?’


‘And do you understand that this is being recorded as proof of your consent?’

‘Yes, I understand.’

‘Remove your clothes and place them on the shelf to your left. Once you have done so, you may enter.’

You quickly remove your clothes and place them neatly on the shelf along with your identification. You enter through the small door. As it closes behind you, you hear the lock click loudly. The sound has the intended effect.

The room is dark except for one light on the ceiling creating a small circle of light on mobil porno a pillow.


You comply.

You are blindfolded.

You feel the collar, thick leather, around your neck. It is tight, forcing your head up high and making it just a little bit hard to breath. Your hair is pulled back into a tight pony tail high on your head so only the very tip of your hair caresses your back.

You are pulled up to your feet, not roughly but clearly with a purpose.

A leash is clipped to your collar and you are led forward. Blindfolded, you follow haltingly. You are stopped in front of a door, it opens and you enter.

Your arms are pulled over your head, wrapped in leather, clipped together and attached to a rope from the ceiling. You feel yourself being stretched as your feet leave the floor and you dangle by your wrists.

You do not know how long you have hung by your wrists but the burning in your shoulders has faded into the background. You remain blindfolded but hear someone approach and feel yourself being lowered.

Your legs are spread and you feel something being inserted into both your pussy and your ass. Your legs are pulled back together as you continue to be lowered. Your feet are held together and, as you are lowered, you feel your body being slid into something that is tight to your skin. As you are lowered you feel this sleeve slide up over you ankles and calves, tight to your thighs and up over your hips. Your feet touch the floor and you are laid out flat on the floor, your legs already encased in the sleeve.

Your arms are unbound and pulled down to your sides. The body sleeve is pulled up over your arms and chest to your shoulders. You feel a mouth piece – something like a scuba mouth piece – being inserted into your mouth as the body sleeve alman porno is pulled up over your head.

You are rolled over on to your stomach as the sleeve is fastened in the back.

You are now completely encased from head to toe, your arms bound at your side. You are blindfolded and the hood of the body sleeve covers your ears so you can hear almost nothing. Your nose is covered as well. You can breath through the mouth piece which is your only interaction with the world.

You feel yourself start to sweat and feel your sweat pooling inside the slick body sleeve which you now realize is rubber. The suit is tight enough that you can be lifted using rings attached to the side of the suit. When this is done you are suspended, almost flying, and do not feel where the ropes are attached there are no pressure points, the force is evenly spread across your body.

You feel yourself suspended, head up, to something that rolls as you are transported out of the room to where, you do not know.

Encased in the full body rubber sleeve you are rolled into an elevator and feel yourself going down. The door opens and you are rolled out. You feel yourself being moved and hear voices around you but cannot understand what is being said.

You are lowered and feel your toes, pointed inside of the sleeve, enter water. It is warm, not hot, as you are lowered deeper and deeper into the water. You feel it rise across your thighs and hips, belly and chest and over your heard. You are now completely submerged. You draw your breath through the mouthpiece which has obviously been attached to a hose outside of the water. The sensation of isolation is complete – you are suspended in water well over your head, floating without the ability to hear or see, and can feel nothing except for the rubber alexis texas porno body sleeve against your skin. Soon, you do not even feel this, you feel nothing except your skin.

You remain submerged for you do not know how long. You feel the vibrator in your pussy start to move, slowly at first. It is not vibrating as a normal vibrator would, but is slowly rotating inside your pussy, exploring the insides of your pussy. It twists as it rotates, changes shapes expanding and contracting, reaching deeper inside of you. You feel the movements inside of you and transmitted to your clit by the rubber sleeve and the surrounding water. Shortly, the vibrator in your ass also starts to move, expanding stretching your ass, moving deeper inside of you as it opens you wider and wider.

You are floating in the warm water, completely encased in rubber, suspended, filled, reveling in the sensations when your air is cut off. You feel your lungs strain for air and try to struggle. You cannot move, completely encased in the rubber sleeve, you are helpless. As you start to feel light headed, the air is restored and you breath deeply your chest straining against the rubber that encases you.

The vibrators inside of you change – you feel something, but at first you can’t tell what it is. There are small shocks, almost like static electricity, coming from the vibrators in both your pussy and your ass. The shocks increase in intensity until you draw a deep, sharp breath from the pain. In the middle of this breath, the air is cut off again and the shocks inside your pussy and ass increase in intensity.

You quiver, suspended in the water, feeling yourself getting more and more lightheaded, almost fainting from the combination of the sensation inside your pussy and the lack of air, when the air is restored.

This goes on for how long you do not know. You feel your sweat rolling off of you and coursing through the rubber suit, feel your body tense and release from the shocks and twitching of the vibrators and lose all track of time and fall asleep, suspended in the water.

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