Encounter in the Warehouse

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Martin moved quickly through the broken concrete and rusting pieces of metal. He knew that he really should not be cutting through the empty warehouses. It was private property and he was trespassing. However, there were no guards and by doing so he cut nearly twenty minutes off his journey home. He could not risk the cut through during the morning, he had to keep his uniform clean. Now it was evening, and it did not matter as his uniform was dirty from working. All he had to do was keep an eye on where he out his feet, not wanting to trip over any of the broken pieces of the buildings.
When he heard the woman’s cry he stopped to look around. The cry came again, it was coming from deep in the warehouse. Martin stood still for several seconds. When he heard the cry a third time he started towards it. Moving as quickly and as safely as he could. As he got closer he heard other sounds, men’s voices. The sounds became clearer as he got closer. He slowed and carefully looked round the wall towards the noises.
What he saw shocked him. There were three people, one woman and two men. It was obvious what they were doing as the three of them were all but naked. The two men were completely so, the woman not as much. Her clothing looked more like it had been ripped apart. As if they had been torn off. Her blouse was in tatters. Her bra hung off one shoulder, the one strap ripped apart. Her skirt was wrapped around her waist. All of which revealed a very nice Pakistani woman.

Well woman might not have been true, she looked more like a girl than a woman. He put her age as somewhere around eighteen. She had raven black hair, short styled to around her neck. Her skin was the light chocolate colour you would expect from a Pakistani. He could see her big brown eyes, as they were wide open as the one man took her hard from behind. Her ample breasts rocked to and fro with each hard thrust. Her cries were loud, sharp and desperate. Something seemed wrong about the whole situation. She did not look happy to be there. Her cries were ones of fear, discomfort, hurt. The one man was pinning her arms down, while the other man took her hard from behind.

“Take that hard cock in your cunt girl.” The man pinning her arms snarled to her as he partner thrust into her. Martin swallowed softly, watching with a mix of horror and arousal. He was not certain, but it did look like the two men were forcing the girl, raping her. He was not sure how to react. Part of him wanted too just walk away, leave them to it. He also was considering calling the cops. But this might be completely mutual and he would be putting his nose into business that was not his. Then there was the hotness of the girl. She was nice, pretty with a fit body. He could see her full ample breasts hanging under her. Her legs looked sexy, long and shapely. The man fucking her seemed to be seriously enjoying it as he took her. Martin found himself getting turned on, his cock was hard in his trousers. He put it down to how long it had been since he had fucked anyone. His sex life had been barren for several months. This was real life porn, and he was fascinated.

He shifted his position, wanting to see more. As he did his foot knocked a piece of concrete, bouncing it off a metal pipe with a clang. Martin froze, crouching down to stay hidden. The man holding the girl’s hands looked around him. Martin stayed still, not even daring to breath. The man frowned slightly, then turned his attention back to the girl. After a few seconds Martin relaxed. Watching he saw the man reach from the girl’s hands to grab her head. Dragging it up so he could glare into her face.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth whore, gonna fuck it good. You’d better suck me hard or I’ll be seriously pissed off, and you won’t like that.” He growled to her, his tone menacing. Her eyes widened sharply and Martin could sense her fear. This seemed to prove that this was not mutual sex. Martin felt certain these two were forcing her. He should be getting out of here. If they were doing what he thought they would not be happy to be caught. However he remained where he was. Watching like some sick voyeur, as the man pulled the girls head towards his groin. Forcing her to open mouth as he rubbed his cock against it. Martin gasped softly as he watched her lips sliding down on the man’s cock. Her eyes widened sharply as he pushed his cock into her mouth. Martin heard her gag softly. Watching her as the man begin to thrust forwards. Forcing his cock down the girl’s throat. Martin could hear the man’s groans of pleasure as he fucked her mouth.

“Yes whore, swallow my cock. Suck on me girl, suck hard.” He growled to her. From the sounds she was making she was trying. Martin could hear her attempting to suck on the man. The man fucking her from behind was groaning loudly. Martin watched as he came, grunting hard and pushing fully inside the woman. She squealed around the cock in her mouth.

“Yes, fuck yes you paki whore.” The man groaned, holding his cock inside her until he had cum fully. Once he pulled out he moved forwards to hold her shoulders. Pinning her on her knees as his companion fucked her mouth. Pushing his cock into her mouth. Making her swallow it deep into her mouth. Martin’s breathing grew short and gasping as he watched. The girl was gagging on the cock, Martin could hear it. Heard her desperately trying to suck on him. Between the two men the girl’s head was held tightly in place. Stopping her from being able to move. Martin was shocked by what he was seeing. More so by what he was feeling. This turning him so much. His cock gaziantep escort kızlar was so hard now it was uncomfortable. Pushing hard against his trousers. Then the man fucking her face grunted hard. The girl gave a stifled squeal which rapidly cut off. Martin guessed that the man was cumming.
Martin shifted his position, in order to relieve the discomfort his hard cock was causing him. He moved carefully, deciding that he really needed to leave. He was sure the two men would not be happy if they caught him. And he was unsure if he wanted to be around when this situation ended. He backed away, moving behind the cover he was hiding behind. Before he got further he heard the one man call out.

“We know you’re there mate, you might as well come out. You don’t have to watch from the distance. We’ll let you watch from up close, heck we’ll let you join in if want.” Martin froze in place, not daring to move. What should he do now? He could not see what the two men were doing having moved. Could one of them be moving towards him right now? “Look mate, we’re not going to hurt you. And I bet you’d prefer to actually fuck this hot girl rather than wanking off later at home, wouldn’t you?” Martin hated to admit it but the man was right. The girl was hot, and he would love to fuck her. But did he want to be part of this?

“Yo, mate I can tell you her cunt is worth doing. She’s got a sweet, tight cunt here.” He heard the other man say. Both of them sounded like they were still by the girl. So neither of them were coming after him. He also heard the girl’s sharp gasp of horror at the man’s words. Martin wavered for several seconds between getting away and wanting to join in.

“She’s got a nice mouth to fuck as well mate.” The first man said. Martin found himself walking forwards. Straightening up as he stepped round the wall. The girl gasped in shock as he moved towards her. Her face a mix of surprise and horror.

“Well, well, good choice mate. Come on, you can stand here and watch if that’s what you want. Of course if you want more she’s all yours, it’s your choice.” The girl looked between the two men and Martin. Her expression horrified and fearful. Martin looked at her as he got closer. God she was hot, with large brown eyes and full lips. A nice, ample pair of breasts. Smooth brown skin topped by dark brown nipples. Her legs and ass looked just as hot and sexy. Martin licked his lips as he looked from her to the man stood in front of her.

“You’re saying you’re going to let me fuck her?” He asked, the man nodded. Martin stopped, looking down at the girl. Up close he realised she was a bit older than he had first thought, she was somewhere in her late teens. Eighteen at the youngest, possibly even in her early twenties. Her mouth was seriously sexy, naturally pouting. Martin decided on a whim he wanted to start there.

“I want her to suck me off first.” He said to the man, who nodded. The man turned towards the girl.

“You heard him whore, get your lips around his cock for him. Suck him like the paki whore you are.” The woman looked horrified, shocked as she looked up at Martin.

“We’re waiting whore, get his cock out and suck on it.” The man snarled at her. The girl gasped softly, before reaching up to Martin’s trousers. Martin looked down in amazed shock as she undid his trousers. No way was this for real. He had to be dreaming it. He was about to get his cock sucked off by this hot woman. Her hands shook as she pulled his trousers down, along with his underwear. Releasing his cock, which was rock hard. He eyes went wide as she saw how hard he was. There was a flash of fear in eyes, along with something else. A definite look of appreciation, she thought he was big.

The man stood next to him grabbed her head. Pushing her forwards towards Martin. Snapping as he did, “get your lips round his tackle whore.” The woman gasped as her face was pushed into Martin’s groin. The man rubbed her face against Martin’s cock, she gave a sharp squeal. Then Martin felt her mouth sliding over his cock. Sucking hard on him, Martin groaned at the sensation. The man pushed her head down on him. Forcing her to swallow his cock. Martin groaned deeply, reaching down to wrap his hands around her head. The man released her allowing Martin to take over. He gripped her head tight, wrapping his fingers in her black hair. He began to move, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. The sight of her pouting lips wrapped around him was hot. Her brown eyes were wide, flashing in fear as he forced his cock to the back of her mouth.

“Come on, suck on me.” Martin hissed to her sharply. She began to do it, sucking on him. He heard the sound of her gagging as she sucked on him. It was a strange, erotic sound that turned him on more. He increased his movements. Fucking her mouth with rapid hard movements. Seeing her brown lips wrapped around his cock. Feeling the head of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. He had never felt like doing this before, but could see why men would like to. It was seriously hot, having her mouth wrapped fully around him. The first man walked to stand behind the woman. Reaching down he pulled her hips up so she was stood, bent over between them. The man looked up at Martin with a dark smile.

“Let’s spit roast this little whore.” He said, Martin wondered what he meant for a moment. As the man pressed his cock against the woman’s pussy Martin realised what he meant. The man thrust into her with full force. Making her squeal sharply and pushing her into Martin. Martin pushed forwards to force his cock as far down her throat as he could. Her squeal ended sharply as she gagged on him. If having her sucking on him had been hot then watching her being fucked while she had his cock in her mouth was thermonuclear. The man was driving in hard and fast. Pounding her pussy fully with his thrusts. Martin held her head tight as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. Hearing her sucking, gagging on him, while crying out softly with each hard thrust into. Her cries were sharp, less a sound of pleasure than of almost pain. The man was seriously fucking her hard, ramming into her with forceful thrusts. From the sharp cries of sensation that the woman was making it was not comfortable for her. Not that it stopped Martin, he knew that made him a monster but this was too sexy to stop. He was close to cumming, he could feel it building in his groin. That familiar build-up of pleasure and tension. Holding her head tightly he pushed in and out hard.

“Suck hard whore, you’re gonna have my cum right down your throat.” He snarled as his orgasm grew to breaking point. With a sharp groan he emptied his cum into her mouth. Pumping it to the back of her throat. Her cries ended sharply as she swallowed desperately before his cum choked her. Martin held his cock deep in her mouth, groaning as he pumped every drop of cum into her mouth. Making sure she swallowed every drop before he pulled back. Leaving her to the man taking her hard from behind. He was pounding her hard, continuing to pound her pussy. Reaching up he grabbed her by the neck, pulling her back into his thrusts. She cried out, sharp, desperate sounds.

“Fuck, fuck, yes you whore feel it in you. Take my hard cock in your tight cunt.” The man hissed as he rammed in and out. She began to squeal softly as the assault continued. Her face screwed up in stunned discomfort. The man’s face showed how much he was enjoying taking her. He was grunting and gasping hard with his thrusts.

“Please, please unnn god please.” The woman was gasping rapidly. Her word desperate with the power of his thrusts.

“Ohh fuck yes, fuck, take it all you whore.” The man cried out as he drove into her hard. Holding himself in her pussy as deep as he could. From the expression on his face Martin guessed he was cumming. He really could not wait to be buried inside her pussy, wanted to know how it felt fucking her hard like that. The man pulled out of the woman slowly, breathing hard. She sank to her knees, sucking in air hard. Her face streaked with tears and her eyes red. Martin was about to move round to replace the man when the other man pushed something into his hand. Martin glanced down and saw a tube of sex lubricant. He looked up at the man in confusion.

“Thought you might want to do her little ass, as you’ve missed out on being first with her cunt. This’ll stop you hurting your cock” The woman gasped sharply and looked up at them with wild eyes.

“Oh god no.” She hissed in a horrified voice. Martin looked down at her in wonder, fucking her ass. It was not something he had ever done before, but had wanted to. Now here he was being given the opportunity to do this hot Pakistani woman in the ass. She was shaking her head, her eyes begging him to say no. Martin looked up at the man next to him.

“Ok, sounds good.” He said to him, the woman gave a sharp gasp. The man nodded and moved to grab the woman’s arms. Pushing her down onto her front. She shook her head sharply, in denial Martin guessed.

“Please, god please no.” She hissed sharply, Martin ignored her. Moving to kneel behind her, pushing her legs apart. He squirted the lube onto his cock, covering it all over. Then he moved to bend forwards over her. Reaching down to part her ass cheeks. Looking down her guided himself to the soft pale entrance to her ass. “God, oh god, oh god.” The woman was gasping softly as she felt him pressing against her entrance. Martin pushed forwards, feeling her ass stretching around him. Her gasps stopped sharply as she felt him pushing in her. Martin grunted at the tightness of her ass. Bracing himself he thrust forwards hard. Driving himself into her ass deeply. She screeched sharply, arching her back up. Martin pulled out and drove back in. Feeling her tight ass stretching around him as he drove deeply into her.

“GOOODDD UNNNNN.” She screamed with each thrust. Martin grunted in pleasure, her ass felt so hot around him. Tight, warm, stretching around him as he plunged deeply into her body. The one man was pinning the woman’s arms down as Martin rested his body on her and drove hard into her.

“That’s it, do her ass hard. Take her like the whore she is.” The man was urging. Martin grunted with the exertion of ramming in and out of her hard. Taking her ass as fully and as deeply as he could. Each thrust drove himself totally in her. Burying his cock right to his balls in her ass. She screamed sharply with each thrust. Shuddering under his body as he pounded her ass.

“Oh yeah, make that whore scream mate.” The one man was saying. Martin barely heard him, he was focused so much on doing her ass fully. Enjoying how it felt to be buried so deep and so hard in her. Her cries grew shriller, but lower in volume. Becoming small shrill mews of desperate feeling.

“Fuck me, she’s so tight.” Martin grunted through gritted teeth as he rammed in and out. Pounding her ass with a punishing speed and force. He could feel her body rocking, arching under each thrust. Martin wrapped his hands in her hair, pulling back on her head as he rammed in again and again. Grunting hard as he enjoyed her tight ass. All too soon he was building towards a second orgasm.

“Fuck, gonna cum in your ass, gonna fill it good.” He hissed in her ear as he felt himself rushing towards his orgasm. She gasped sharply and moaned at the thought. “Yes, yes, here it comes whore, here it comes.” He said, driving hard into her as he came. Pumping his cum deep inside her ass. She hissed and shuddered under him as he came. Martin pushed himself as deep inside her as he could, emptying himself fully inside her. Then pulled out quickly, shifting back and pushing up off her.

“You guys have to do that, she’s got a hot tight ass.” He said to the two men, they both nodded.

“God, no, please no.” The woman said in a small voice. The first man moved forwards, taking the lubrication of Martin. Quickly he covered his cock with it and moved to lay on the woman. She hissed and gave a soft sob of despair as she felt him moving. The man thrust into her hard, making her squeal hard. He began to take her ass with the same forceful thrusts Martin had used. The woman’s body shook under his hard thrusts. She cried out in a shrill tone. The second man held her down while his friend took her ass. Martin watched, his cock hardening rapidly at the sight. The man doing her ass was ramming in hard, making her squeal and cry out. He was grunting hard, both hands now in her hair, pulling back on her head.

“Unn god, oh god.” The woman grunted with each thrust. The man groaned as well, holding himself in her as he came. Martin waited for him to pull out then moved to twist her onto her back. He moved between her legs, guiding himself to her pussy. “Oh god please.” The woman gasped as she felt him pushing at her. With a full thrust he rammed inside her. Driving his cock deeply inside her. She was so wet and warm. He pumped forwards, thrusting in and out hard and fast. Reaching up he cupped her breasts, digging his fingers into them as he pawed her firm round breasts. They were so firm and shapely that he pawed hard at them.

“Come on whore, you’re gonna swallow my cock.” The second man said as he grabbed the woman’s head. Twisting it round and pressing his cock against her lips. With a startled gasp she opened her lips. The man pushed forwards, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth.

“Fuck her mouth like the whore she is.” The first man said, urging his friend on. Martin watched as the woman’s mouth was taken so hard. The man thrust in hard, pushing his cock fully into her mouth. He heard her choking on the cock in her mouth. The sight and sound added to his own lust. He dug his fingers into her breasts and began to ram in hard. Taking her as forcefully as he could. The woman squealed around the cock in her mouth, before being choked again as it was rammed down her throat.

“Come on, yes take it bitch.” The man snarled as he drove into her throat. Pushing his cock right down her throat and holding it there. Martin slammed in hard, smashing his cock into her body. He felt her body shuddering and rocking hard. The man began to thrust in and out again. She choked on his cock as he pushed it down her throat. Martin pounded her wet pussy hard. Pawing at her firm breasts with his fingers. The man fucking her mouth and Martin began to grunt as they both built to their orgasms. Martin driving in and out of her pussy harder as he rushed towards his release. The man grunted and dug his fingers into her hair.

“Swallow it whore, swallow all my cum.” He hissed as he emptied his cum into her mouth. She gagged on him and Martin saw the man’s cum seeping out of her mouth. Then his attention was focused on his own orgasm.

“Fuck yes.” He snarled, ramming as hard into her as he could as he came. Pumping his cum into her body with deep shuddering groans of pleasure. The woman moaned sharply as she felt him cumming in her. Once he had emptied himself inside her he pulled back. The man who had just cum in her mouth was still holding hair. He dragged her up to her knees.

“Jesus you really should look at yourself. You look just like the whore you are. All fucked, and with cum on your face.” He snapped to her as he began to drag her across the warehouse. She staggered to her feet, stumbling alongside him. Martin followed them and saw they were heading towards a dark van that had been hidden from his sight behind a wall. The woman was pushed into the back of the van by the man. He clambered out, closed the doors and moved towards the driver’s door. The other man went round to the passenger side and pulled something out. Then walked back towards Martin, who saw he was holding a wad of cash. He held it out to Martin.

“We’ve been paid for this so you should be too.” He said, Martin blinked.

“Paid, someone paid you to rape her.” He said in a shocked voice.

“Yes, she did.” Martin looked at him in amazement.

“She paid you to do that?” The man nodded.

“You really didn’t think this was real did you. If it was you’d not have been anywhere near us. We do this for a living, we work for a company who provides sexual fantasies. You’d be surprised how many women want the rape fantasy. Hers was to be taken by a few strangers. You arriving was just luck and helped with the fantasy for her. So here you take the money and continue on your way.” Martin reached out to take the cash. There looked to be a few hundred pounds in Twenties. The man turned back to the van then stopped and turned back to him. He handed him a card. “Take this, you were quite good at this. If you feel like earning a living at this call us.” Martin looked down at the card wondering as the man returned to the van and it drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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