Encounter with Maggie

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Jerking Off

My wife Lauren, who I’ve written about previously, is the oldest of six kids – one boy and five girls. Ages are Lauren 28, Cole 26, Lynne 22, Leslie 20, Lily 18, and Lacie 15 (yes, they did the whole “let’s name our girls all with the same first letter”).

I’ll tell about Lynne at some point; she’s the most outgoing and adventurous of the girls, and I’ve got a few stories about her. For now, I’ll talk about the time we spent the week with Cole and his wife Maggie.

Cole and Maggie got married when he was 21 and in college, she was 22 and just graduated. They got pregnant pretty quickly, and that’s where we start.

Maggie is about 5’4″, maybe around 115 pounds. Of Italian heritage, she inherited an exotic Mediterranean tan skin tone. Cole definitely married a looker. Fairly slim and athletic, she appears to be between a B and C cup, with good hips and a defined waist. The most skin I’ve ever seen on her was a canoe trip when she wore a sports bra and some small athletic shorts.

Lauren and I hadn’t seen the two of them in a few months, and made a spring trip to Florida that included three days with them in Georgia, where Cole was attending UGA. Maggie was about seven months pregnant at the time. She had reached that stage where women complain about being fat, when it’s really not being fat, it’s just being “bigly” pregnant.

We got in to their house around 10pm in the evening. Cole had an early shift before classes and left the house before 5am. I woke around 7:30 and got up to take a shower. Lauren was still in bed catching up on sleep. I left her sleeping, the only sound being the noise machine she sleeps to.

Cole and Maggie’s house was a two bedroom with one full bath. The bath could be entered from the hallway or the master bedroom. It wasn’t very large, just a toilet, sink and a shower in the corner with two glass sides.

I entered from the hallway and pulled the door behind me, locking it out of habit. I set my stuff on the counter, and took my shirt off. The bathroom had a skylight and high window, letting a good amount of light in so I didn’t flip on the light switch.

Hearing a slight creak, I glanced over and saw that the door into the master bedroom was slowly swinging open, like a door that is out of level. It must be a loose latch, and the air pressure from opening and closing the hall door broke it loose. I tiptoed over and reached for the handle to close it, hoping it wouldn’t squeak and wake Maggie up.

As I reached for the handle, I froze. Maggie was asleep on the bed a mere three feet away, on top of the covers… and completely au naturel.

I gawked at my nude sister-in-law laying on the bed in front of me.

Their bed butted up against the bathroom wall, with her head laying next to where the door opened. Easy access for a pregnant woman who makes bathroom trips in the night – just roll out and enter right there. It also placed her body on display for me.

Maggie was rolled slightly over on her right side, facing me. She had her arms tucked up by her face, her left arm resting in her plentiful cleavage and leaving her left breast in plain view. Her olive skin gleamed in the soft morning light. Her belly, stretched over the melon inside of her, rested on a small pillow. Her smooth legs were pulled up at an angle.

As with the rest of her body, her bust had grown. Laying on her side it was hard to get a true estimate, but she looked to be a D- or DD-cup. Her areola, a little over two inches in diameter, were dark reddish-brown against her tanned breasts. Her nipples were the same, except for the very tips, which were a lighter color, almost pink. Her areola were puffy, forming a mound on her breasts, and her nipples were like big raspberries, thicker than they were long (and they were probably an inch long).

I stood there for a few moments, shocked at the sight yet drinking it in. I leaned forward enough bayan esmer escort bursa to see curly tufts of dark hair between her legs, confirming her complete lack of clothing. I stepped back into the bathroom and grabbed my phone, popping back out to snap a few photos, hands shaking the whole time. I flipped it to video and slowly panned from her toes to her head, making sure to linger and get a closeup shot of her full breast.

Maggie sighed and started to stir, so I jumped back into the bathroom, pulse pounding, door still open. I didn’t hear anything, so I peered back around the door jamb. She had rolled into her back with her right arm up above her head and her left stretched out to the side.

I slipped back into the bedroom. Her posture exhibited both breasts in nice silhouette as her chest rose and fell with her breathing. I snapped a few more photos. They had a teardrop shape, nice curves at the bottom and sides as she lay. I imagined they’d look even better with her sitting up.

I leaned back into the bathroom and put the phone in my bag. I took one last, long look and pulled the door closed. Going slowly in hopes that it wouldn’t creak, I tried to pull it shut without a sound. I tried three times to latch it, but it just wouldn’t connect.

Finally, I got it to pull and hold, although I didn’t hear a click. I twisted the lock anyway, just in case it might have held. I pulled my shorts off and put them on my bag. My briefs exhibited a large bulge from my viewing party. I stepped over to the shower, opened the glass door, and reached for the water.

Glancing behind me, I saw that the door had come open again, so I turned around and moved to go close it.

Suddenly, there was Maggie, stark naked in the doorway. We locked eyes, and she jerked her head in surprise, but made no effort to cover herself.

I said, “Oh, sorry… the door came…”

She interrupted. “We have issues with the latch. Not your fault.” There was an awkward pause, then she looked down at herself. “Apologies for my… lack of dress… I didn’t realize you were in here, otherwise… yeah. But it doesn’t look like you mind.”

I glanced down to see the tip of my penis almost forcing its way out of my briefs. I instinctively covered myself with my hands.

“Hey, you’ve seen all of me!” Maggie said, holding her hands up and spinning around, showing me her good-sized butt and causing her full breasts to jiggle. She then put her hands on her hips and cooked her head, raised her eyebrow and nodded for me to undress. “I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

“Oh, I won’t tell, believe me,” I replied. This was not something Lauren ever needed to find out about… or Cole. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down, my erection popping free and slapping against my abdomen. I picked my underwear up and placed them in the laundry bag beside my other bag, penis bobbing like a standing cobra.

Maggie stepped forward and traced a fingernail up my shaft. “Not bad at all,” she said. “Now pregnant lady needs to pee.” She shooed me into the bedroom and closed the door behind me.

I waited for a few awkward minutes, then heard the toilet flush. The shower turned on, and then Maggie reappeared, waving me in from the doorway.

She didn’t moved as I slipped in, her belly brushing into my erection as I passed sideways. I paused, expecting her to leave, but she motioned for me to get in the shower. I shrugged and got in, testing the water. The clear glass sides allowed for two-way viewing. Maggie still stood there, watching me.

I turned around and faced the wall, starting to soap up. I heard the door open and felt her brush into me. She pushed her belly into my rear and ran her hands up and down my side.

I stepped to the side, out of the water and she took my place, rinsing while running her bursa ucuz eskort hands through her hair. Water poured off her breasts and belly. It seemed like her areola had darkened and swelled and her nipples had grown even larger. She turned around, showing her smooth, round butt to me. Turning again, she took the bar of soap from me hand and started to soap me.

She started with my shoulders and back, working her way to my glutes, and sitting on the shower bench and doing the back of my legs. As she worked up and down, I felt her fingers brush into my scrotum, which sent my hard member pulsing again. She turned me around, which placed my erection right in front of her face. I looked at the ceiling as she scrubbed my legs, feeling my penis bounce in front of her. She worked her way up to my hips but avoided touching me just yet.

Maggie then grabbed my shaft and pulled it away from my body slightly while slipping her other hand to soap my abdomen and groin area. She gripped and slowly slid up and down with her soapy hand, causing me to catch my breath. She then took both hands and soaped me up rather vigorously and thoroughly.

I stepped under the water and rinsed off while she sat and watched. The awkwardness had worn off, and I didn’t try to hide anything. I rinsed and shampooed without interruption. Maggie then handed me the soap and indicated for me to do her.

I stood behind her, working from her neck on down. I knelt to work her midsection. She had her arms up, squeezing water out of her hair. Leaning over I could see the sides of her breasts spilling into sight. I spent time massaging her ample behind, which she seemed to enjoy. I soaped her calves and soft thighs, sliding my hands up the inside until they grazed her private area.

Each time I went up, she shifted and spread her stance and opened up just a little bit more. I reached around and did the front of her shins and thighs as well.

I rinsed my hands free of soap and put my hand between her legs, trailing my fingers through her wide slit. She stiffened and then started to push down into my hand. I pulled away and continued my soaping, but it was evident that she had wanted me to keep at it.

While I had it right in front of me still I kneaded her butt again. It was like working some pleasurable dough. I then moved to her sides, but was unable to fully wrap around her pregnant belly. I then got to her breasts.

I started at the sides, pressing them in to form some intense cleavage. I then slid my fingers along the curvaceous underside of her pregnant breasts. They had a slight sag due to their new weight, just enough to slip a finger-width underneath them. I grasped them and felt their weight in my hands, lifting them gently as she leaned against me, my erection pressing into her back.

Sliding my hands up, I cupped her breasts, felling her hard nipples pressing into my palms. Maggie reached up and grabbed my upper arms while I groped her motherly bosoms. I lathered some soap onto my hands and paid much attention to her breasts, rolling her erect nubs in my fingers and tracing the mound of her areola. She wiggled her butt against my hardness as I soaped her. I pulled back and sat on the bench, turning her around to get her belly.

When I finished soaping her belly, I pulled her under the water flow and helped rinse her off. Her extremely erect nipples had turned a lighter shade of pink, standing out from her puffy dark areola. I grabbed them between my index fingers and thumbs and pinched them. She grabbed my hands and pressed them into her breasts.

She turned abruptly around and pushed me onto the bench. She backed up and sat in my lap, then reached and grabbed my penis and moved to place it inside of her.

It had been all fun and games up until now, but I didn’t have any intention of going that far with my sister-in-law, especially bursa anal yapan escort with my wife on the other side of the wall. I stopped her. “This is as far as we should go,” I said. She huffed in both irritation and acknowledgement.

Maggie then stood and placed her foot on the bench between my legs, handing me some gel and a razor. “The least you can do is to help a pregnant woman out, then.”

I lathered her legs up and shaved them, her bush and vulva on display in front of me. She then offered her armpits, which I took care of as well, holding squeezing her breast with my free hand while I worked.

Maggie sighed, then took my hand and placed it in her groin, prompting me to rub her. Since I wasn’t going to give her what she really wanted, I obliged, sliding my fingers in and out and through her. She grunted in approval, placing her arms against the wall above my head and leaning towards me, dangling her heavy breasts before my face. I took advantage of the pose and licked her nipples while I fingered her.

She didn’t last very long, chest and stomach heaving as she orgasmed. She stood back and grinned. “Thanks, I needed that.” she said, then knelt in front of me.

Before I knew what was going on, Maggie had my penis in hand and was licking up the shaft. She then proceeded to place her lips around the head and swirl her tongue. Lauren never did this, so I was unprepared for what came next. Slowly, Maggie took me in her mouth and proceeded to work up and down while squeezing and twiddling with my sack.

Already worked up from the other activities, I soon felt like I was about to lose it. She must have sensed it, because she pulled me out of her mouth and started to stroke my shaft rapidly with her hand. Momentarily, I exploded, sending pearly ropes all over from her chin to her breasts.

Slowly it subsided, and she slowed her stroking. As my semen dripped off her breasts, she took my now limp penis deep into her mouth and slurped to the head, finishing with one last tongue twirl.

We both rinsed off again, and I left the shower to dry off. I quickly dressed, and picked up my bag. Maggie turned the water off and stood in the shower doorway. “Remember, our secret,” she said.

“You betcha,” I replied.

“These pregnancy hormones… they make strange things happen. Lucky for you, I guess.”

In case Lauren was up, I asked Maggie to exit the bathroom, then reenter and turn the water back on in the shower. That way Lauren couldn’t suspect why we both had wet hair yet the water only ran once. Before I left, Maggie gave me a long kiss, her breasts bouncing as she dropped from her tiptoes. She turned around and sashayed into the bedroom, butt jiggling as I watched.

Once the door closed, I went out into the hallway. It didn’t sound like Lauren was in the kitchen, so perhaps she was still in the bedroom.

I heard the bathroom door shut and the shower turn on as I turned the door knob on the guest bedroom. Lauren was standing there, holding a shirt to her chest. I had come in on her changing.

Satisfied inwardly that our accidental rendezvous was undiscovered, I closed the bedroom door. Lauren let the shirt drop as she began to fold it, exposing her pert little breasts (this was before her growth during the first pregnancy). I went over and tossed her on the bed, pulling her shorts and panties off for some internal action.

We spent the next two days with Cole and Maggie, and neither spouse knew what had transpired. Maggie didn’t say anything until the morning we left. Cole was gone early again, and Lauren hopped into the shower right after Maggie got out.

Maggie came into the kitchen where I was drinking coffee, with a towel on her head and wrapped in a robe. She sat down and we chit-chatted for a minute or two while we sipped. She then got up and opened her robe to show that she had nothing on underneath it. “Figured you’d like one last look,” she said as she covered back up, then sauntered back into her bedroom.

Maggie had a baby boy two months later. In the years since then, she hasn’t verbally said anything about that incident, just a few knowing looks at family get-togethers when discussion turned to us visiting them.

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