English Roses Ch. 05

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The Aussie boy has come to England to play cricket and find a less complicated love life. Things have not worked out as he had anticipated. He is bemused and confused by English women, as he stumbles from one experience to the next.

I woke slowly on Thursday morning with a dry mouth and aching head. In that half asleep state, where you struggle to focus on what’s reality and what have been dreams. Terri was lying naked on top of me, moving her slim body up and down mine. Her small breasts, tight against my chest, her sharp nipples scratching me. The image was vivid and I moved my hand to my cock, finding it hard.

Suddenly Terri was gone and now it was her friend Mandy rubbing her much larger breasts on me. This caused me some consternation, not least because we were lying on a table in a café’. The table cloth was black checks. I wanted Terri back and I stopped moving my hand. Then Terri was standing beside me offering me a cup of coffee, saying it was alright and that I should let Mandy pleasure me. I wanted to rise from the table but couldn’t because Mandy was crushing the breath out of me.

I began to enjoy Mandy lying on me and her breasts grew larger. She wanted to lower herself onto me. Suddenly Mandy had morphed into Ness and she bit hard into my neck.

I woke with a start, hot and sweating profusely. The images of the women remained vivid. I struggled to control my racing heart.

“Just a dream,” I thought to myself, hearing rain on the roof. I looked at the clock. 9.30am.

My mind moved back to a hazy recollection of the previous night. I’d brought Mandy home. My heart sank.

“Fuck, that was a mistake,” I said out loud. “She’s Terri’s mate. I like Terri, so why’d I do a dumb thing like that.”

I had not even got to fuck her. She wouldn’t let me. Instead we had engaged in this bizarre mutual masturbation routine.

I began to relax as I recalled more of the details. It hadn’t been too bad. I started to get hard again as I remembered her breasts on my back her hand on my cock. She’d been good, but it hadn’t been entirely satisfying. There was something missing. It was the same with Ness. That emotional connection was missing. It was just sex.

I drifted back to sleep. This time it was all Terri in my dreams. Pretty, happy and chatting away.

I woke again. Terri was not here. She was up in Scotland with her father. Our one conversation since she left had been curt to say the least. My mind began to shift to the here and now. To what was more immediately available to me.

Not five metres from where I lay slept Felicity. She and I were lovers, although that had cooled of late. My thoughts now entirely focussed on her.

“She’d have arrived home from her shift at 6.30am and gone straight to bed. Mike having left for work at 5.30am, as he always did, in order to beat the traffic.”

I imagined Felicity in bed alone, soft and warm between the sheets. Her nice firm, handful sized breasts and her legs slightly parted. She wouldn’t lead me on like Mandy had and she wouldn’t look to tease and dominate like Ness. My hand tightened on my cock and I made a decision.

I got out of bed, took a swig of water and walked to the full length mirror. I was naked and admired my toned body and prominent erection. I took a deep breath and summoned up more courage.

Felicity had never invited me into her marital bed. She’d always led me to my bed. While she had never said as much, it appeared her and Mike’s bedroom was off limits. This notion of going where I was forbidden aroused me further and I steeled myself to proceed.

Mike and Felicity’s bedroom was immediately across the hall from mine. I had tip toed past it the previous night with Mandy, leading her to our unusual, somewhat frustrating sexual encounter. The rain on the roof continued.

My plan was fraught with risk and could spell the end of any relationship I had with Felicity. Countering this was my raging sexual drive, driven by memories of last night’s frustrations and the fact that sex with Felicity was warm and familiar.

I stood at her door with these thoughts swirling in my head. My passion began to rise further. I put my hand on Beylikdüzü Ukraynalı Escort the door knob and gently turned the handle.

The bedroom was dimly lit, but I could make out enough. Felicity was asleep on the far side of the double bed, covered by a sheet, a blanket bunched at her feet. I moved into the room leaving the door open. If Mike returned unexpectedly I wanted to hear him enter the house. Felicity did not stir. She’d only been in bed three hours and was most likely deep in slumber.

I moved across to the bed. The excitement of this forbidden venture was now making my balls ache. My hard cock waved about like a wand. The window was open and I felt a little chill accompanied by goose bumps. I stood by the bed and listened to her regular breathing. I took a deep breath of my own as I looked down at Felicity. The sheet came up to her breasts and I saw she wore the flimsy summer nighty with the thin straps. I could see the outline of her right breast and the contour of her slim legs beneath the sheet.

I moved forward, lifted the sheet and lay down behind her. When her breathing did not alter, I moved in closer, spooning her. I felt her warmth, as my chest nestled in against her back. My cock rested against her soft buttocks. I moved my hand to her breast, enveloping it.

Felicity took a deep breath. I froze not wanting her to waken with fright. I waited for her br4eathing to return to normal then began to lightly massage the breast, with the pads on my finger -tips. Her nipple was erect.

My need grew stronger. I brought my knees up tighter behind hers and ground my erection into her buttocks.

Felicity began to stir. I moved my hand down her night dress, across her small bump of a stomach. The flimsy garment had ridden up around her hips in the night. I raised the hem a little more and found she wore no panties.

“No knickers in bed. For such a serious chick, you can be such a naughty girl at times,” I smiled to myself.

I brought my hand to rest on her lightly covered mons.

Felicity took another deep breath and began to move her legs and buttocks. This movement caused her to move on my cock, inflaming my passion still further. I began to move my fingers firmly, in a circular motion upon her mons. I didn’t look to push any further at this point.

She began to suck in breaths and release them slowly. All the while she moved herself against my hand. I guessed she wanted it to move lower onto her labia. I pushed my hand forward, but could go no further. Her legs were closed tightly together. She rotated her hips, stimulating herself on my fingers. Then ever so slightly she parted her thighs, allowing my three middle fingers to slip onto her swollen lips.

Felicity gave a little jerk of her head, but she was not yet fully awake. At first she didn’t look around and I could tell she was trying to process what was occurring. I felt I needed to get her further aroused, so that outright rejection of an interloper in her marital bed was less likely. I pushed my middle finger down and rested it unmoving, on her clitoris. I couldn’t locate any moisture, so kept my touch very light.

I felt her move her buttocks off my cock, so she could push her pelvis forward onto the finger brushing her clit. At the same time she became fully conscious as to what was occurring. She jerked her head around to identify her assailant.

“Oh Aus; No. This is so wrong,” she said. However her lower body showed no sign of agreeing with her summation of the situation.

“Please, No,” she pleaded quietly, laying her head back on the pillow facing away from me.

I said nothing, but moved my lips to her throat and showered her with light kisses, while my finger continued its manipulation. I felt her legs part just a little more and I proceeded with more confidence.

I moved back slightly, turned my hand onto her inner thigh and began to roll her back toward me. As I did so I moved my lips down to her breasts and found the nipple through her night gown.

My cock was now on her hip and my hand returned to her sex. As I pushed my hand down she allowed me complete access. Even so she Beylikdüzü Üniversiteli Escort was clearly compromised and her protests continued.

“Please Aus, not here, it’s not right,” the moral, logical side of Felicity pleaded. However, her body was betraying her. Her nipple remained hard under my lips and my massaging fingers had located moisture between her legs.

I manoeuvred her completely onto her back and moved to pin her. My lips found hers. At the same time, I brought my hand up to her other neglected breast and began to massage it. I continued to kiss her and she made no effort to stop me.

“I need you bad Fliss, I just had to come in and hold you,” I said, completely minimising what was occurring. At the same time I moved one leg between her thighs. Felicity just looked at me sadly, and then closed her eyes. I put my hand down and pushed her thighs further apart so I could fit my other leg between hers.

Felicity’s head may have been telling her to deny me, but her body was aroused and overruled her. I spat lightly on my hand and rubbed the saliva around my knob.

I took hold of my member and brought the head to her labia. I began to drag it along the length of the crevice between the lips, searching for her lubrication to match my saliva and pre-cum. I soon found it. Not a lot, she was far from saturated, but enough to allow me entry. Felicity had her head turned away now, accepting her fate.

I buried my face in her exposed neck and continued to use my knob as a vibrator. I ran it up and down the gap between her puffed lips. However, her legs were flat and she was far from slick. Entry would be difficult. I required some cooperation.

“Please,” I mumbled into her neck.

Felicity hesitated for a moment and then began the final surrender. She slowly raised her knees and her pelvis began to tilt upwards, leaving her vulnerable. I gently pushed forward with my hips, slipping the head inside of her. I noted her moisture was thick, like treacle and she felt tighter than usual. It was like pushing in thick mud. Penetration would need to be slow and deliberate.

Very slowly I began to work my cock in and out of Felicity. Each half inch push and withdrawal moved my cock a little deeper. She raised her legs higher and brought her knees to my flank. She was offering herself to me entirely, but I wasn’t certain how much she was enjoying it.

Slowly I moved further into her, denying myself the desire to thrust in hard. Eventually these slow strokes saw me buried to the hilt. I rested there, my balls on her butt and my pelvic bone hard against her mons. Her walls formed a snug blanket around my cock. At that moment I could not move for fear of finishing too quickly. The whole scenario of the aroused, yet reluctant wife, in her marital bed, was a huge turn on. I cleared my head and took some deep breaths.

As I hesitated Felicity took the lead and began to move her hips. I had fucked her enough times to know what this signalled. She was now moving into “the zone”. She was feeling an itch and trying her best to scratch it. She moved her hips slowly up and down, then began to rotate them, all the time moving my cock just a fraction in and out of her. Her breathing became a little more rapid. A sheen of sweat appeared on her flushed neck.

My resting had done the trick and my juices retreated for the moment. I withdrew entirely before pushing back in. Then I repeated the stroke. Felicity’s fluids became increasingly slicker, while her hands went into my hair, grabbed tightly and pulled my lips to hers. She raised her thighs still higher.

Now we found a rhythm. I withdrew slowly before punching into her, in a matter of fact way. I knew Felicity liked to be fucked in this manner. She reacted as I thought, pushing back, causing her buttocks to slap against my hips with a loud smack.

The sound echoed around the room and through the house, as I fucked her in this slow deliberate manner. It was the loud, unmistakeable sound of coupling. Smack; pause; smack; pause; smack; repeated over and over. Felicity’s breathing got louder and louder as the smacks began to come closer together. Beylikdüzü Vip Escort I knew she would come and I pulled up to watch her. Still she reached up to cling on tightly to my hair.

We didn’t speak a word, but as I looked down at her it flitted through my mind that this was how sex should be. No teasing or smart words, no denial and mixed messages. Just good, old fashioned, fucking.

Finally, with a loud moan Felicity went over the top, taking her full pleasure from the carnal act she had wanted to deny herself. I felt her vagina contract around my cock. I thrust into her one last time and released myself deep inside of her.

Our orgasms were intense and I thought she was going to rip some of my hair out. My spurts died away, but still I felt her continue to contract on my cock. When gradually her orgasm subsided, I slumped onto her breasts and we both relaxed into sleepy, post coital bliss.

For many minutes we were unmoving, my shrunken cock inside of her. Finally, I lifted my torso off her. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, expressionless.

Felicity lifted her head, closing her eyes again and I bent my head to kiss her. It was a long passionate kiss that you can only have after mutually satisfying, familiar sex. When we eventually broke it off, I slipped out of her.

“Christ Aus, what are we doing?” she said sadly.

“Fuck it was bloody incredible though wasn’t it,” I replied, completely missing Felicity’s deeper meaning. She was questioning what we were doing committing adultery in her marital bed. Later I would realise that. By keeping it in my bedroom and very limited, she had drawn a wall between us and her marriage. Now that wall had been well and truly breached and she had to face up to, what was for her, an unsettling truth.

Felicity began to silently weep. I had never seen her even close to tears and found it a little disconcerting. I tried to be consoling.

“What’s the matter,” I said while stroking her hair. “It was alright for you wasn’t it.”

“Get out Aus, just get out,” she replied as the tears continued to flow.

Crying women make me feel very uncomfortable, so I quickly got up out of her bed and moved to the door. When I glanced back she had rolled back onto her side facing away from me, much as I’d first found her. I walked out and shut the door.

I went back to my room and lay down on the bed, my limp dick lying across my thigh. I reached down to my jeans and pulled the phone out. I’d switched it off when bringing Mandy home. As I waited for it to warm up I thought of what had just occurred. I felt guilty, especially for making Felicity cry.

“But she’d enjoyed it. She felt so soft and warm. Proper, no nonsense sex, the way it should be,” I thought to myself, beginning to drift off to sleep.

Suddenly the buzz of a message startled me back to full consciousness. Then another and another.

“I’m a popular boy,” I thought cheerfully to myself.

“Hi Aus. Back in 2 days. C u pub on Sat nite. Miss u. T xxx.”

“That’s nice,” I thought, closing my eyes and thinking of pretty, slim Terri.

I’d been upset with her for going north without telling me, but now she was coming home and she sounded excited about that. I could forgive her easily enough. She was a great girl. I wanted to see her.

“Could I fit in both Terri and Felicity? Sure I could.”

The next message was from Wendy.

“Thanks for helping me out last night Aus. That was sweet of u. My hard knight in shining armour. Wendy”

“Hmmmmm,” I thought. “What to make of that?”

I didn’t know what was going on with Wendy or with Wendy and Jack. However, she was beautiful and had indicated last night that she was available. I knew I wanted to fuck her and my cock stirred at the thought of this.

Then Mandy’s name came up and my spirits sank.

“Hi Aus. Loved last night. Let’s not tell Terri. Ok? Mands”

“Jesus,” I thought. “There she goes again, mentioning Terri? She’s the last person I would want to be telling about last night.”

I was really starting to get pissed off with Mandy now. Last night had been a major mistake on my part, I knew that. She’d led me along with the promise of sex and then only delivered about a half of the unspoken bargain.

“They’re not easy to follow, these English birds,” I thought. “But it had been nice with Felicity and Terri’s coming home. I need to move things along with Terri.”

I shut the others out and let Terri invade my thoughts. I drifted off to a contented sleep.

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