English Teacher with Colleague

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Emma had hit 40 and life had changed beyond her imagination. Her younger life had been focussed on academic achievement and getting to university, where she loved studying English, met her future husband and lost her virginity. Sex with Robert was enjoyable but with nothing to compare with, she assumed this was how it was for all, and they settled into a routine. He introduced a few little bits of excitement in, like suggestions re lingerie he liked and occasionally they watched soft porn. She sometimes reached orgasm with Robert, but not always.

Unlike her sex life, her career was going well, she loved teaching and after a few years in the state sector she took a position as a head of dept in a well-respected public school. She threw herself into her work, and Robert was immersed in his. She found herself surrounded by some very different people to her past roles, they were somehow more charismatic, confident and possibly more focussed. Meeting parents was a completely different experience, instead of the termly drudge of an evening of short appointments with parents from all sorts of backgrounds, it was an evening of proper meetings with generally high-flying parents who were keen to ensure that little Johnny or Juliet were getting value for their hard earned or often inherited money. The evening ended with wine and canapes as the senior management schmoozed the parents to keep the conveyor belt of fees running.

It was at one of these events that Emma first sensed that another HOD was flirting with her. 6 months into the role and Emma had taken on board the fact that this was a new world and had enjoyed several shopping trips for a complete wardrobe of new work clothes. Shift dresses, skirt suits, and tailored trousers were order of the day and a smart bobbed hairstyle completed the look. Simon was similar age and after some general chitchat, he complimented her on her dress and hair, and asked how she was getting home – bearing in mind the likelihood of wine, she had asked Robert to collect her when she messaged to say it was over. Simon said he was driving, and would drop her off. Knowing that Robert would be immersed in his computer programming, and would happily not turn out she agreed to Simons offer. He then passed her another glass of wine and continued to socialise.

As the evening drew to a close, Emma felt a little tipsy but remained professional and composed. The head thanked the staff for their time and the parents for the continued support before everyone drifted off. As Simon drove the 12 miles or so towards the village where Emma lived, she found herself laughing at his jokes and comments re the yummiest mummies, which ones had clearly had cosmetic surgery and which ones he had to resist the urge to gawp at. Emma mentioned one particularly attractive mum, and he replied that her breasts had grown significantly in the 4 years her daughter had been at the school. School fees and a boob job – daddy must be doing ok! Emma laughed and told him he was a bad man; he replied that yes…he was indeed. Little did she know, but within weeks she found herself embarking on a passionate affair with Simon, discovering how incredible sex could in fact be, and inevitably, getting caught and facing divorce totally on Roberts terms.

Emma managed to keep things together at work, and stupidly thought that Simon actually might want more than sex. He made it patently clear that it was over and was “just a bit of fun” and was heading off to a new job near London after the summer term. She found herself in a new, much smaller house, going solo after 18 years of marriage. She started dating online and found that whilst there were escort bursa plenty of guys keen to get in her knickers, none seemed to be bothered about anything longer term!

The positives of her situation included the fact that she had some amazing sex with several of her suitors and found that her sex drive had gone into overdrive. There was the very well-endowed German engineer, the very horny and arousing company director, and the very enthusiastic and lustful younger financial whiz kid who liked nothing better than to fuck her multiple times overnight, and before she headed off to school! After 20+years of what would now be referred as “Vanilla” sex with Robert, this was a whole new world!

Emma had a great team in her department and she tried to maintain a balance of authority and friendliness. Sarah was some 10 years her junior and she liked her a lot. She was bright and ambitious and was one of the few staff Emma confided in a considered to be a friend. Sarah had not been married particularly long and had confided that she was frustrated and bored. Emma saw parallels with her own past life and encouraged her to not get in a rut, and to enjoy life. A colleagues car accident meant that a supply teacher was needed for the autumn term. Emma interviewed several applicants and settled on Mark, a single man who was due to emigrate in January, had 6 years’ experience, and would clearly fit in. He was 29 years old and smart, confident and good looking!

The appeal of accommodation on site and decent money to save for his emigration saw him move 150 miles and take the job for 3 months. He fitted in well, the pupils liked him, and he certainly brightened up the mainly female English Dept! Emma could see that Sarah was getting the hots for him and Mark was clearly flirting with her in a very subtle way. Emma and Sarah would meet for drinks on a friday night every couple of weeks and Emma teased her about the fact that she clearly wanted to “fuck” Mark. Sarah admitted that she did fancy him, but that he was clearly a bit of a ladies’ man and would soon be heading down under. At the end of term, it was agreed that there needed to be a leaving do for Mark since he had fitted in so well. As usual this would be a meal for the whole dept, and then the younger ones would stay on and the older members would head home. On nights out, Sarah often stayed over at Emma’s, and they got ready and had pre drinks before heading into town. Emma found herself encouraging Sarah to have some fun with Mark, saying “if I was 10 years younger I would.” Sarah was a little coy, but emerged from Emma’s spare bedroom looking amazing, in a silk top and fitted skirt with her legs well on show. Emma teased her and told her she was welcome to bring Mark back and give him a proper send-off later!

As the evening progressed, it ended up with the three of them slightly worse for wear, and Mark needing a taxi 12 miles back to his accommodation at school. That proved to be impossible, and Emma suggested he come back with her and Sarah and get a lift in the morning. When they arrived in, Emma headed straight upstairs and winked at Sarah as she left them on the sofa.

Emma stripped and got into bed and could hear them chatting and giggling downstairs. This was followed by silence, and she found herself getting horny at the thought of what they might be doing. She then heard movement and two sets of footsteps on the stairs and Sarah whispering “shh…you’ll have to be very quiet.”

The spare double room was along the landing and despite not being able to hear anything, Emma found herself touching herself as she imagined what Mark was doing to bursa merkez eskort Sarah and vice versa…she soon climaxed and dozed off, before being woken by the sound of the front door closing and as she looked out of the window she saw a taxi leaving the cul de sac. Mark had clearly done the deed then headed off into the night! Emma pulled on her short silk robe and headed off to see Sarah and quiz her re her night! She walked in expecting to find Sarah in bed, and instead found Mark lay naked sporting a very big and very hard cock! Emma froze and apologised as he stopped masturbating and covered up with the duvet!

“Where’s Sarah?”

“Well we were getting on fine but then she got an almighty guilt trip and we stopped, she managed to get a taxi and has gone home!” “I feel really bad for trying it on with her, but i didn’t push it when she wanted to stop.”

Emma sat on the bed, not quite comprehending the fact that she was sat nearly naked with a man 13 years her junior, whose penis she had just seen as a result of another colleague deciding she couldn’t go through with what was likely to have happened. Emma was feeling horny, and asked “How far did things go?”

Mark was worldly enough to spot the signs and said, “We kissed and started touching each other and then came upstairs, she was really turning me on and then got in a panic.”

He went on to say how they then chatted until she said she had to go and got a taxi. “I was feeling rather horny, hence the state you found me in when you walked in – I’m sorry, I just needed to cum and then sleep.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t get the send-off you hoped for from Sarah” Emma looked him in the eye and thought “what the hell.” as her hand slipped under the duvet and found his cock…still showing signs of life.

“As your line manager for the past 10 weeks, I feel I should make sure that you leave your post and the country with fond memories”

Emma leant forward and started kissing Mark and soon felt his hands under her silky robe. His cock was growing nicely, and she suggested they move to her bedroom. Emma lay naked on her bed and admired Mark’s toned young body and erect penis. He kissed her breasts and moved down to lick her pussy. As much as she loved being licked, it was already soaking wet from her earlier self-pleasure and the sensation of playing with his gorgeous hard cock. She had one thing in mind and that was to have that cock inside her. As his tongue probed her wet pussy, she ran her fingers through his hair and said “Mark…just fuck me now!”

He moved up her body and she felt the tip of his erect cock against her well-trimmed pussy. The joy of a virile young cock, no need to hold or guide it in…it was rigid and in no time, she felt her tight pussy being stretched as her slid inside her…

She wrapped her legs around him as I pinned her down and drove his hard cock deep into her hungry pussy. God he was good….6 months ago he would have had a very inexperienced and timid lover, but thanks to several months of online dating and some pretty horny guys, she knew exactly how she liked to be pleasured and fucked, and also knew exactly how to excite a man.

“Fuck you’re tight” Mark exclaimed as he filled her with his gorgeous cock.

This was a frequent comment, and Emma liked the fact that her lovers told her this. Robert was a virgin when they met, and in fairness every cock that she had taken in the time since her first extramarital fuck with Simon, was significantly bigger than Robert’s! She had a nicely toned body and seemed to be able to grip a cock with her pussy muscles which men bursa sınırsız escort clearly noticed!

Sex with Robert was usually in the missionary position or with her straddling him – as she tried to get more penetration. He subsequent lovers had her in many positions and she found that she enjoyed them all, but especially enjoyed being taken from behind facing a mirror. This felt saw raw and erotic, and she loved being able to see a man’s face as her climaxed!

Mark was enjoying the positive response to every thrust and also clearly enjoyed the fact that his boss of the last few weeks was actually significantly hornier than he’s ever imagined as he fantasised about a number of the female staff at school!

“What’s your favourite position?” he asked as he teased her before plunging his cock back inside her.

“I love it from behind…. but I want to see your face.”

He noted the full-length mirror in the corner, and she positioned herself on all fours facing it. He held her hips and she felt his cock enter her again…the sensation was incredible, and it somehow felt even thicker than when she was lay on her back with him on top. She pushed back against him as he fucked her hard and felt her orgasm building. In seconds she was wailing as she came on his cock, her pussy walls pulsing as he pounded her before withdrawing and cumming over her bare bottom.

“Fuck you are good Mr Slater!” she started laughing as he wiped the copious deposits of semen off her skin.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone about tonight!”

“Of course not.” he replied. I am very discrete…

It was now 3 am and they were both wide awake. Despite just having one of the top 3 sessions of her life, Emma was still horny, and they were soon kissing and her hand was tasing his cock back to life. It was hard again in no time, impressive…

“What would you like me to do with this Mr Slater?”

“What would you like to do with it Mrs Stevens…?”

She smiled and moved down and took his cock in her mouth…he groaned with pleasure as she licked and teased the tip before placing her wet lips around it.

This was another of her discoveries – she occasionally went down on Robert, she didn’t mind, but he wasn’t bothered, so it had never been a big thing in their marriage.

Simon was a more confident lover and he encouraged her to develop her cock sucking skills, to the point of allowing him to cum in her mouth. In fact, since many of their encounters were in his or her cars, with limited time, their sessions would usually involve kissing, him teasing her nipples, then sucking her nipples as he fingered her (he was very good!) until she reached orgasm. She would then repay the favour by sucking him and found that his response really aroused her. The feeling of being able to make a man really hard, and even make him climax with her mouth turned Emma on greatly. Her German friend loved “Fucking her pretty little face” as he reminded her as he held her head before shooting copious amounts of his semen down her throat! She had been taught well and Mark was the beneficiary of her experience.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like this Mrs Stevens.” Your husband was a very lucky man…

Emma smiled and replied, “Let’s just say these are skills I have developed more recently!” before taking his cock deep in her mouth and feeling him throb. She wanked and sucked him as he lay back moaning, her fingers caressing his smooth cock and balls.

“I’m going to cum if you keep doing that!”

“I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t!” She replied, before upping the tempo until she felt his cock start to pulse and his whole body tense as he came in her waiting mouth. She kept sucking and licking until he was drained and then moved to kiss him and whispered “I hope I have made up for your earlier disappointment Mr Slater”

He looked at her and smiled and just said “Fucking hell you are one sexy lady!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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