Enjoying My Slave

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I checked my bag before leaving, to make sure I had everything I wanted for today’s little fun. Her parents were away for the weekend, so we decided I would come over after work on Friday. They don’t leave often, so we liked to get things going whenever we could. They’d left this morning, and had already sent Vivienne a picture of their hotel, 5 hours away.

I walked up and rang the doorbell, looking around, listening to the birds chirping on this fine spring morning. Hearing the doorknob, I turned to see her open the door. Black hair shoulder length, cheeks plump. Her breasts were fighting to be free in the tight skater dress she wore, the fabric hugging her belted waist and swishing over stocking clad thighs. Her cleavage was spectacular, it split at the base, showing an amount that would turn any head in public. She looked as I requested so far, but a more thorough inspection would be required to see if she followed my other requests.

“Thank you for coming, sir.” She said, stepping aside for me to enter.

“My pleasure.” I set my bag down and she closed the door behind me then turned around, getting down on her knees to untie my shoes. I looked and admired her cleavage from this angle, and the way her hair fell across her shoulders while bent down. It was fairly straight, and I hoped to leave it a frizzled mess by the time I was through with her.

“Stand up and put your hands behind your head.”

She complied, not instantly, but with a slow grace as she stood and raised her arms. I circled, looking at her dimples from where the dress fell over her ass, admiring her head to toe. I placed one hand on her hip and ran it up to her chest, and slid across her breasts. She remained stone faced. I cupped it in my hand and gave a squeeze, like testing out oranges at the supermarket.

“You’ve got some nice tits, you know that?”

“Thank you sir.”

“What do you think I should do with them?

“Whatever you wish.”

I gave her breast’s curve, right inside the cleavage, a pinch and she grimaced. I brought in my other hand and pressed them together, daring them to pop out of her bra. Walking around, placed both hands on her hips, and ran down her thighs. I removed them, and delivered a smack to her ass. Vivienne had a great ass. Quite round, well endowed, and my slap reverberated a few good seconds, the dress shaking from impact.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes sir. “

“What are you?”

“Your personal whore.”

I gave her ass a few gentle taps, to let her know I appreciated everything.

“That’s right, My whore. I hope you were a good girl. Did you follow all my instructions?”

“Yes sir.”

Coming around to her front, I placed my hand over her cheek and laced my thumb around her chin. Taking control of her head, I turned it from side to side, looking at half of her face scrunched up by my grip. I let go and gave her cheek two slight taps.

“Do you care if I do that to you?”

“No sir.”


“I don’t matter. I’m yours to use as you wish. “

“Good girl. I think so far you will do nicely. Now take your belt off and hand it to me.”

She did so, and I put it around her neck, leaving plenty of gap to breath, but not let her slip out. I walked with the end in hand towards the stairs. I felt a slight tug, and then nothing as she began to follow me. Not that she had much choice. She could choose to struggle, and I would enjoy that immensely, but this wasn’t one of those times. She was meek for me here, my little plaything.

I led her into her bedroom and walked up to her bed, covered in think blankets and pillows. As she approached, I stepped back and motioned for her to keep walking. Once in front, sex izle pushed her shoulders forward without warning. She flung her arms out wide the bed to break her fall as I expected, and I pulled them out and behind her so that her chest fell flat onto the bed. Now her ass jutted out against the beds’ edge and her dress hung an inch away from her thighs. Her stockings were like following a treasure map to your greatest desire, the dress hiding where x marks the spot. Holding her wrists together with one hand, my other hand began touching her ass, moving my hand in circles, breaking to throw in a few good slaps. I increased my force slowly, and let the seconds slip between so she never knew when they would land. Sometimes I landed them straight down just below the small of her back, other times I came right across her ass from the side. I watched her head, cheek to the mattress, relishing in each squirm I saw and little movement of her head from the pain.

My erection pushed into her and I knew she could feel it. But I wanted to play a little more before fucking. That would have to wait.

“Now we see if you followed all my instructions.”

I placed my hand on her thigh and, with all the care of unwrapping a family heirloom, brought it up her leg, followed the curve where thigh transitioned to ass, and up to her back, flipping the dress up with a swish and revealing her blue G-string. I smiled.

“You’re a good girl, you know that?”

“I want to be a good girl for you. Thank you SIR!”

I knew what her response would be and gave a hard smack on her ass right before ‘sir’ came out.

“You like that?”

“Yes sir” she said, meekly, half into the mattress


“I have no control and I like to be punished, sir.”

“Don’t move, put your face into the mattress.”

She did as I ordered. I stood up, and got out my phone to snap a few pictures of her face down and ass presented to me.

“Wiggle your hips for me.”

There are so few things I love more than a woman obeying my commands. And this was heaven on earth as her hips swayed from side to side, ass dancing like an afternoon treat. She was mine, she would obey my commands and perform for my pleasure. I walked up and grabbed her hips, and she instantly stopped. I began to kiss her sides over the stockings, planting my lips slowly so she felt me work my way north along her body. Reaching her ribs, I reached up to grab her hair and pulled her head back, pressing myself against her ass.

“Take off your dress.”

Her arms grabbed her dresses hem and she brought it up to her head. I let go and watched her head fall before she kicked in her core and held herself up long enough to pull it over her head, revealing her shoulder blades and blue bra. Not waiting for her to finish, I brought my lips to her shoulder and kissed, covering every inch of them, meandering my way lazily up to her neck and continuing to plant my lips on her skin, pulling her hair from side to side when I wanted to reach lower on her neck.

“Kneel down and put your arms forward.”

I took her stockings and wrapped them around her wrists before tying them off, with a bight to untie quickly just in case. I admired my work. Vivienne sat beside the bed, knees together, breasts heaving in her bra, wrists lightly resting on her legs.

“What do good girls do for their masters?”

She didn’t even look up. “They suck dick sir.”

“Well then what are you waiting for?

Her hands began to fumble with my belt. Of course I wouldn’t untie them. I liked watching the struggle, knowing what pleasure awaited me when she was through. And she liked to tease me. She brought her head in and kissed my cock alt yazılı porno over my pants, rubbing its length before pulling down my pants, and then licking her tongue out along its head over my thin underwear. I felt my cock spring free, she’d used her hands on one side of my hips and her teeth on the other to pull down my pants. I watched as she planted light kissed on my cock, and then began to go farther and farther each time, until she was deep throating my entire dick, head bobbing back and forth.

I let out a sigh of contentment. I didn’t want to lose this moment. “Smile for the camera!” She looked up while I snapped a few pictures, but didn’t stop sucking. Tits forced together from her arms bound, sitting on her heels and my cock in her mouth. There literally is not better way to spend a Friday night.

I pulled my hips back, and she leaned forward to keep performing her duties earnestly. I pulled my shirt off, and tossed it on her head.

“Stop.” She ceased her lovely worship, but knew better than to try and move the shirt off of her head. I took this time to take off the rest of my clothes. I walked around her slowly, pawing at her and there.

“I don’t think we need this anymore.”

I unclasped her bra and tossed it to the side. Her tits really were magnificent, and it took me a moment before I began to actually play with them, grabbing first one then, the other, both. I toyed with her nipples, circling them and pinching, slowly increasing my force. She let out a yelp and I pinched them hard again, twisting.

“What are you?”

“Your slut sir.” Sir came out in a high pitch as I smacked her ass with one hand and twisted in the other.

“Good girl.”

I placed a pillow on the ground, then grabbed her hair over the shirt and pulled her forwards onto it. She resisted at first, then let me take control and pull her head down.

“Where are your manners?”

Immediately she straightened herself out. Head down and to the side, ass directly in the air and her knees underneath. I walked over to the bed to grab a few more pictures with my phone, then settled down just behind her a few feet.

“Before you reward, you need to be punished.”

“Yes sir, I deserve it. Punish me however you see fit.”

I grabbed my belt and let it strike across her ass, watching her entire body quiver as she held in a yelp.

“Count them.”

I released another strike.

“One.” I struck again. “Two.” This time I wanted to see if she would cry out, and I felt her ass up with my hand for a moment, then brought down the belt just as I removed my hand. She let out a satisfyingly high pitched three. Circling her hips, I traced her g-string with my fingers, lacing them underneath and pulling the g-string up a little more, just to remind her who was in control.

I went up to ten, watching her squirm more and more with each hit as the belt made contact with her skin.

“Do you think you’ve been a good girl?”

She responded by shaking her hips from side to side, swaying her ass for me. I leaned forwards and put one hand on her upper ass, sliding my cock across her outer thigh. I liked the toying, she knew what was coming, but she wouldn’t get it immediately. Letting myself fall onto her, I reached around to grab both her tits and grope them, feeling their roundness and rock hard nipples. My dick across her ass, I felt her push into me, grinding against my groin, desperate to be fucked.

I straightened up and with, what I hoped was agonizing slowness, pulled her g-string down over her ass to her knees. Positioning myself against her, I prodded ever so gently as one last bit of fun, pushing my head against altyazılı sex izle her clit. She moaned, and I grabbed my dick and guided it into her, and began to rock back and forth fucking her, using my hands on her hips to guide me and control her.

I kept up this gentle rhythm, enjoying myself as I used her. I increased temp and decreasing, going as far into her as I could, then only a few inches to leave her wanting more. It felt so good, so tight. Each stroke was like heaven on earth. I had her tied up for my pleasure. I grabbed as much of her around her hips as I could and squeezed It for grip as I sent myself into her, flesh against flesh.

Reaching down, I pulled the shirt off of her and grabbed her hair. Much as I liked having her oblivious to surroundings as I had fun, there is a time and place. Now I wanted her to see as I fucked her, the back and forth movement, look at her own tits hitting her chest as they swung. I leaned back and pulled her up with me, so her tits thrust forwards and I maintained control with a hand around her chest grabbing her tits and another on he throat.

‘Who’s in charge” I asked her, stopping my fucking.

“You sir.”

“What can I do?” I twisted her nipple hard, eliciting out a yelp.

“Anything sir,” She gasped. “I’m your fuck toy.”

I placed my fingers against her mouth and she obliged, sucking on them enthusiastically as I resumed fucking her I grabbed the belt still on her neck and pulled gently, watching her body tense and head rise to accommodate the new force.

“Who’s dirty slut are you?”

“I’m your dirty slut sir,” She moaned.

“Well then slut, I think your mouth has a job to finish here.”

“Yes sir.”

She began to pull forwards and get my dick out of her, but I held the belt tight and she quickly fell back onto me. I spanked her ass hard twice and she flinched as I savored the feeling of her contracting while I was inside her. For good measure I reached forwards to grab both her tits and play with them.

“That wasn’t being a very good girl. Do you want to try again?”

“Sorry sir. I’m a stupid whore. Please, can I suck your dick now and swallow your cum?”

“Good girl. Get to it.”

I let the belt slack as she turned herself around and took my cock into her mouth, bringing her head back and forth, sliding her tongue all around. Suddenly she pulled her mouth off with a ‘plop’ and looked up at me.

“Sir, I can please you better if you untie my hands.”

I looked down at her. Her hands cupped my balls and fondled them as she gazed up, level with my dick and gently rubbing her face against my thigh.

“Please untie my hands so I can use them to get you off sir and swallow your cum. I’ll do whatever you want.”

She kept looking into my eyes as she too my dick back into her mouth and brought her arms down, to then press her elbows together and squeeze her boobs up, knowing I liked the look. And I did. Her G-string around her legs still, tits out and sucking cock in front of me. I loved the look.

“If I untie your hands, are you going to be the best whore you’ve ever been”?

She pulled her lips off just long enough. “I’ll be the perfect whore sir and do whatever you ask of me.” Straight back onto my dick, muffling the last few words.

I felt satisfied, and snaked my hand into her hair and gave a quick grab and pull into me.

“Don’t stop.” I ordered. She mumbled an ‘mmmmhmmm’ and kept sucking. I reached down and untied her hands, and before I had straightened she added her hands to the blowjob, creating one long pleasurable sensation for me.

“Get ready to swallow girl.”

A muffled yes escaped her lips as she continued to serve me. I grabbed her head and pulled her into me as far as I could as I erupted, shooting spurts of cum into her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

“Good girl. Go wash up.” I said, patting her cheek while she kneeled in front of my cock.

“Thank you sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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