Enough Chapter 23

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A month later I was in Rio De Janeiro with Master Garcia training at a Ju Jit Su Academy that he had worked with several times. It was evident quickly this was a no-nonsense training facility. After my morning workout with weight, I would then train on and off for twelve to fourteen hours with three different teachers. I was being force fed Ju Jit Su and MMA at a rapid pace.

I was living with Master Garcia in a home he owned in the city. His sister lived there as well and she was a very nice lady and an excellent cook. Although we had a language barrier, we always figured each other out.

I still had not receive one phone call from Lexie and perhaps she did not even realize I was gone. I had spoken to Jennifer a few times but not since I had arrived in Brazil. According to Jen, Lexie was not seeing anyone else as far as she knew. Jennifer admitted she tried to talk to her daughter a few times, but Lexie refused every conversation attempt.

When you’re training fourteen hours a day, six days a week the time flies by. I had been in Brazil for over four months when Master Garcia finally approached me with his idea. There was an MMA event being held in Las Vegas in two months. They were looking for some new blood in the light heavy weight division. I would have to lose a little weight, but it was possible. Apparently, according to Master Garcia and my teachers, I was ready. The only way to see where I was really at was to fight in an all-out contest. I would receive ten thousand dollars to fight and another ten thousand if I won. Not a bad payday for an event that was over in twenty minutes. I took a few days to think it over but I agreed.

For the next month, I fought anyone that they brought into the gym. Several guys had fought in the United States before. I had beaten most of the competition with only two legitimate losses during that time. Two weeks before the fight they eased up and stop bringing people in. We were heading to Las Vegas the following day, and everything had been set. I was in bed that night when my cell phone rang. It was Jennifer once again.

“Hey Chris, I wanted to let you know that Lexie stopped by your house a few times. It seems that they need you to testify in the case next month. No can seem to find you.”, Jennifer laughed.

“I’m in Brazil right now Jen. But no one has called other than you.”, I replied.

“Why are you in Brazil?”, she asked.

“I came here with Master Garcia from the gym. I have been training with three new teachers in MMA.”, I explained.

“That Octagon thing …… UFC?”, she asked.

“Yes, sort of like that. In fact, I have a fight in Las Vegas in two weeks.”, I answered.

“You’re kidding?”, she shouted.

“Nope, it will be on television as well.”, I explained.

“Oh, please call me so Jim and I can watch it.”, she begged.

“Sure, no problem.”, I promised.

Before I could blink an eye, I was weighing in on stage in Vegas. I weighed in 203.6 pounds out of a maximum of 205 pounds. My opponent Jorge Gonzalez weighed in at 192.8 pounds. He tried to stare me down the entire time which I thought was quite amusing. I had a good time on stage laughing and joking with the MMA people. I really thought this would be a once in a lifetime thing for me, so I wanted to enjoy it.

I had called Jennifer and told her the time and channel that the fight would be carried. I would be the second fight of four bouts. I was sitting on the training table getting my hands taped for the fight when Master Garcia and Leonel Chacon, my teacher came in. They went over everything again making sure I understood. There would be three five-minute rounds with a minute between each round. The only way to win an outright decision was to get your opponent to tap out or you had to knock him out. If the fight went the distance, the judges would pick the winner.

Several minutes later, they gave me a black satin hoodie with my name of the back. We walked together to the entrance and stood waiting. Finally, the music started playing and we began walking in a straight line to the ring.

“Now approaching the ring in his first UFC competition fighting from Dallas, Texas weighing in at 203.6 pounds, Chris Williams”, the announcer stated.

I climbed in the ring to very light applause and went over to my corner and began talking to Master Garcia and Leonel. The announcer started in on my opponent.

“Now approaching the ring with a record of twenty-one wins and two losses fighting from Sao Paulo, Brazil weighing in at 192.8 pounds, Jorge “The Judge” Gonzalez.”, he announced.

I couldn’t help to think how does a guy get a nickname like “The Judge”? The referee called us to the center of the ring and once again my opponent started his stare down technique. I couldn’t hold it in as I broke out laughing. When the rules had been explained and we touched gloves, he leaned in slightly towards me.

“I fuck you up now……”, he said in broken English.

I went back to my corner and received last minute instructions. I then stepped up to my mark as the referee asked if we were both ready. We both nodded in turn signaling we were ready.

“Let’s get it on.”, he yelled, signaling the fight had started.

We each circled each other a few times before Gonzalez threw a wicked right leg into my thigh. I had to admit, it was the hardest strike I had ever been hit with. He followed up with a couple of right-hand jabs which I deflected easily. He then made an attempt at another kick which I was able to trap his leg with my arm. He was now on one leg as I pulled him toward me. I landed a solid right hand to his face which staggered him for a minute. I dove down at his waist and took him down to the ground.

I quickly positioned myself to his right side as I heard Leonel screaming at me for the arm bar. The arm bar was basically a joint lock that I had been taught. I quickly moved across his chest and placed my legs there. One of his arms was between my thighs with the elbow joint against my hips. I took the second arm with both of mine and placed his forearm on my chest. Once the arm was locked, I leaned back and arched my hips. This hold created intense pressure in the elbow joint. Even though he resisted, I knew I had him beat. If he did not tap out soon, he was risking torn ligament and tendons in the elbow joint.

Several seconds later, he began tapping on the mat as the referee quickly stepped him. I released him immediately as I had been instructed to do. I rolled over and got up immediately going over to my corner. Both Master Garcia and Leonel Chacon were elated with my victory.

After a few minutes the referee called us both back to the center of the ring one on each side of him. The announcer stepped back into the ring and grabbed the microphone.

“At three minutes forty-eight seconds in the first round the winner by submission from Dallas, Texas ……… Chris Williams”, he announced, the referee holding my hand up.

Master Garcia and I returned home two days later. I took a taxi home from the airport and arrived about two o’clock in the afternoon. I unlocked and went inside and dropped all my luggage in the living area. I had a slot in the front door for my mail, so I went in the hallway and retrieved it. All of my bills were on direct pay, so it was mostly junk mail. Also included with the mail was a card from Detective Gautreaux with the police department. Written on the back of the card were the words “Call me” written in ink.

I sat down on the sofa and called the number listed as his cell phone. He answered after about four or five rings.

“Detective Gautreaux, this is Chris Williams. I just got home and saw your card asking me to call you.”, I stated.

“Yes Mr. Williams, thanks for calling. We have three trials that may be going to court if they don’t plead out. The district’s attorney office wants to speak with you. We have been trying to locate you for a while now. Where have you been?”, he asked.

“I was in Brazil for over four months and just recently in Vegas for a week.”, I replied.

“Strange, we asked Officer Thomas about your where abouts and she stated she didn’t know.”, he immediately began his interrogation.

“That’s because about an hour after you and Detective Diaz let my house that night, she broke up with me and left. I have not talked to her since.”, I answered.

“What happened?”, he inquired.

“It was over that night and what went on between me and the two of you.”, I answered quickly.

“Again, I talked to her several times, and she made no mention of that.”, he argued.

“Sounds like you need to talk to her again, I guess. Either way it doesn’t matter…… what do you need from me?”, I asked.

“I will have the district attorney contact you for a meeting.”, he said.

“That’s fine.”, I said, hanging up.

Later that evening, I went to the grocery store and bought groceries, I was basically out of everything. I was in the checkout lane when Chrissy Haynes walked up beside in the adjacent lane.

“Hey Chris, long time no see.”, she said.

“Yes, it had been a while. How are you doing?”, I asked.

“I’m ok, thanks. Hey, I watched you on UFC a couple of weeks ago. The whole town is buzzing about your fight.”, she said.

At that point everyone is the line began to stare at me when they heard UFC. They were whispering around each other trying to figure out what was going on.

“Thanks Chrissy, it was fun.”, I replied.

I checked out and went to my car to load up the groceries. I headed straight home and was putting everything away when my phone rang. It was Jennifer Thomas.

“Hey Chris, are you home yet?”, she asked.

“Yes Jen, just got in this afternoon.”, I responded.

“Jim and I watched your fight…. You were great even though I was worried a bit.”, she admitted.

“Thanks Jen, I was worried a bit too.”, I replied, causing her to giggle.

“Are you going to fight again?”, Jennifer inquired.

“I don’t know Jen. It might just be a one-time thing.”, I replied.

“Oh ok…… well anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you. And um…… stop by and say hi to Jim and I , when you’re near here.”, she hinted.

“I think it would be awkward if Lexie was there.”, I answered.

“If her unit is not in the driveway, she’s not here.”, Jennifer replied.

“Ok, sounds good.”, I promised.

I decided to take a week off from the gym and get a few things done around my house. I woke up the following morning and cleaned up inside and began to wash all my clothes. I was outside cleaning the pool when I heard a faint voice say hello. I looked in that direction but didn’t see anyone over the wooden six-foot fence.

“Yes?”, I replied.

Suddenly, a young blonde hair woman appeared obviously standing on some object. I started walking in her direction.

“Do you live here?”, she asked.

“Yes, I do. I’m Chris.”, I answered.

“Hi, I’m Tabitha but everyone calls me Tabby.”, she admitted.

“Nice to meet you, Tabby.”, I replied.

“I was beginning to think this house was vacant. I moved in about two months ago. First time I have seen you.”, she admitted.

“Oh, I have been out of the country for a while. Just got back yesterday.”, I responded.

“Love your pool….”. Tabby remarked.

“Use it anytime you like. No one gets much use out of it anymore.”, I offered.

“I will definitely take you up on that.”, she admitted.

I went back to cleaning the pool which took me close to an hour. I finished up and went inside to fix some lunch. I had finished lunch and was watching television when my phone rang. It was Detective Gautreaux. According to him, all three looked like they were going to take a plea deal for less time to be served. It was written in stone yet, but it looked that way. Josh Klein and Darren Miller had recovered but Leo Klein was having problems. He was due to have shoulder surgery to repair the injury he received.

Later that day since I had cleaned the pool I decided to go out and get some use of it. I took several towels out to the back and set them on one of the lounge chairs. I jump in and pool and swam around for a few minutes then got out and sat in one of the chaise loungers. I had been sitting for about thirty minutes when I heard something from my next-door neighbor’s backyard.

“Hey, what are you doing over there.”, said the voice.

“Not much, just swimming a little. I replied, recognizing the voice.

“Uh…… would you like a little company?”, she asked.

“Sure, come on over.”, I answered.

“Ok, be over in a bit.”, she shouted.

Less than fifteen minutes later the side gate opened, and I got my first glimpse of Tabby. Since I had only seen her from the neck up, I was extremely surprised. Tabby was five foot eight inches or so with dirty blonde hair. She was wearing a white lace cover up shirt with a white bikini under it. It didn’t take long to notice she had an amazing body. She walked over to me slowly and stopped next to my chaise lounge extending her small hand.

“Hi, I’m Tabitha Clarke, it’s nice to finally meet you in person.”, she said smiling.

“I’m Chris Williams, it’s nice to meet you as well. Please have a seat.”, I offered.

She laid a towel down on the chaise lounge chair then slid in gracefully. She leaned back and turned in my direction.

“Soooo…. What do you do for a living?’, she asked.

“I work at The Powerhouse Gym training people in martial arts and have some clients I train in weightlifting.”, I replied.

“Well, the weightlifting is obvious.”, she giggled.

“How about you Tabitha?”, I asked.

“Ok, first off is Tabby. Secondly, I work for my father. I’m the accountant and CPA for his law practice. He owns the Clarke, Clarke and Wilson Law Firm. “, she answered.

“Sounds like a good job.”, I stated.

“Oh, it’s a very good job.”, she laughed.

“When did you move in?”, I inquired.

“A little over three months’ ago when my divorce was finalized. We had been separated for two years prior, but my ex wanted the condo, so I let him have it. Found this place and bought it. How about you…… divorced, married or girlfriend?”, she asked.

“No never been married and as of now …… no girlfriend although I was engaged a few months ago.”, I admitted.

“What happened?”, she quickly asked.

“It’s a long story.”, I confessed.

“I have all day.”, she giggled.

Don’t ask me why but I went on to tell this woman who I had known for about ten minutes the entire story of my life. How I had lost my mom and how it happened. How I had come to train in the gym and then train with Master Garcia. Then meeting Lexie and our on and off again relationship. Then going to Brazil and Vegas which brought me up to date.

“So, you’re a real MMA fighter?”, she asked.

“Well, I’m not sure. It was only one fight.”, I laughed.

“I might need you to kick my ex-husbands ass one day.”, she stated.

“That’s why I’m not engaged anymore.”, I laughed. Kartal Escort

“Oh yea, right.”, she laughed.

She talked about her family for the next hour or so. Tabby’s grandfather started the law practice many years ago. Her father simply moved into his father’s role. Tabby’s grandfather retired from the practice several years ago. Her brother just graduated from law school and joined his father at the firm. Tabby’s mother was a stay-at-home housewife and mother. She had a younger sister who was still in college and stayed home with her mother. She referred to her as the brat. Tabby was almost four years older than I was. When she finished, she stood up and removed her cover up exposing a slim and sleek body. She slowly walked over to the pool making sure I got a close eyeful. Tabby had long slender legs, a small waist and a gorgeous butt. She had small breasts, but they stood out straight off her chest. I had only known Tabby for an hour or so, but it was obviously she was ambitious and captivating at the same time. Suddenly a weird thought struck me. Why would her ex-husband divorce her? Obviously, her family had money and Tabby had a great job.

Tabby swam in the pool for about thirty minutes before she grabbed the ladder and climbed out. From the soaked material of her white bikini the fabric left little to the imagination. Her body was everything I thought it might be and more. She walked slowly over to me in a kind of enticing way. If I did not know any better, I would have to say she was hitting on me. She put her cover up back on and sat next to me.

“The pool is amazing…… thanks so much.”, she stated.

“Not a problem at all……. You’re free to use it anytime you would like.”, I offered.

“Well, I will take you up on that, I promise.”, she replied.

“Can I get you something to drink?”, I asked.

“Would love some red wine.”, she hinted.

“Oh…… um, I don’t drink so …….”, I started.

“It’s ok…… be right back. I have plenty.”, she admitted, cutting me off.

I went back in the house to pour a glass of iced tea. But the time I returned Tabby was back with a full bottle of red wine and one wine glass. She took her first sip from the wine glass and turned to me.

“So, you don’t drink?’, she asked.

“No never have really. Maybe one beer every now and then.”, I admitted.

“I love wine although I have built up a tolerance for it. Been drinking it for years.”, she confessed.

“So, I guess I can’t get you drunk and take advantage of you then?”, I laughed.

“Well, getting me drunk takes time but as far as the other…… you never know.”, she smiled winking at me.

We talked about everything and anything for the next couple hours. It was getting close to six o’clock in the evening when I suggested that we go and get something to eat.

“Oh, are you asking me out on a date?”, she giggled, the wine taking effect.

“I don’t know…… just thought you might be hungry.”, I replied.

“Actually, I am starved.”, she admitted.

“Great, why don’t we both change and when you’re done come back over. The side door will be open.”, I instructed.

We both went to our own respective houses, and I showered quickly. I put on a pair of jeans and a dry-fit pullover. I put on a blue pair of sneakers that I had just bought and was coming down the hallway when I heard the door open.

“Chris, it’s me.”, Tabby shouted, stepping in.

“Hey, you look great”, I replied.

“Thanks”, she replied.

Tabby had on skintight jeans with a light blue tank top. She had white sneakers on with her hair back in a ponytail. She smelled good as I passed her on my way out to the carport. She followed me out and I locked the door behind me. UI walked around my car and opened the door for her.

“My God, a man that still has manners?”, she giggled.

I just smiled and closed the door as she slid in the passenger seat. I walked around the car and got behind the wheel pressing the ignition button. I put my seat belt and adjusted the rear view mirror.

“Chris, this is a really nice car. Is this a five series?”, she asked.

“Yes, it is.”, I replied, backing out of the driveway.

We decided on an Italian restaurant across town called Tony Mistretta’s which was good. It took us about thirty minutes to get there. We were seated immediately, and our waitress took our order. We were making small talk when my phone rang. It was Leonel Chacon.

“Hey Leo, what’s up?”, I asked.

“Chris, I talk to UFC today. They need a fight for Cruz Rosario. Rosario number four in the world. They want to fight you in four weeks. Thirty thousand dollars to fight and thirty more if you win.”, he stated.

“Leo, number four in the world is kind of a stretch, don’t you think?”, I asked.

“Maybe so…. maybe not……. But it take a long time to get a shot at four normally. You fight one time, you get.”, he stated.

“What does Master Garcia think?’, I inquired.

“He say…. up to you.”, he replied.

“Ok, let me think about it.”, I answered, hanging up the phone.

“What was that about?’, Tabby asked.

“My trainer was contacted by someone who wants me to fight again in a month in Vegas.”, I replied.

“Oh…… are you going to accept?”, she asked, softly.

“I don’t know…… I mean I thought it was a one-time deal. It’s thirty thousand for the fight and another thirty for the winner.”, I stated.

She let it go at that point and we went back to our conversation. We had a nice meal, and I enjoyed her conversation. We drove home and said our goodbyes in the driveway. I made sure she got inside safely then went to the side door.

The next day, I met with Master Garcia at the gym, and we talked about the fight I was offered. He felt much as I did that the first fight was a memorable experience. But did I want to continue this and put my body through what had to be done. Secondly, I didn’t have much time to decide.

The next day, I accepted the fight for one reason. Maybe, if I was beaten badly, it would curb my enthusiasm for physical confrontation. Maybe it would give me some restraint that I probably needed. Maybe if I had more restraint, I would still be with Lexie.

Two days later I was on a plane headed to Brazil to train once again. For the next three weeks I train twelve hours a day mostly on the ground. My trainers explain to me that punching and kicking were not my strong suites yet. But I was very good when the fight went to the ground. My object would be to take the punches and kicks but try to take him down as quick as I could. Tabby and Jennifer Thomas, both called me a few times while I was in Brazil. I then flew to Vegas with Leonel Chacon and his assistant Javier Mendez. Master Garcia would not be at this fight.

We both weighed in only a half-pound apart. Cruz Rosario was well put together and I knew this fight was not going to be like the last one. On a Friday night at nine o’clock in the evening, I stepped into the ring with my biggest challenge to date.

The referee separated us and started the fight. Cruz Rosario wasted no time in crossing the ring and throwing several combinations of punches to my head. Even though I deflected most, Rosario hit hard. Harder than anyone I had ever been in the ring with. The other problem was every time he threw a punch, he then stepped backward so I had no chance of a takedown. I would have to wait for him to make a mistake.

By the end of the first round Cruz Rosario had been meticulous with his punches and kicks. Half of his strikes had gotten through and I was already bruising from his strike. I sat down on my stool and listened to the advice from Leonel who basically stayed the same. There would be a mistake made that would give me the opportunity to get him to the ground. I would just have to survive until it happened.

Tabby Clarke was sitting in her father’s living room with the entire family watching the fight. Her Father, mother, brother and her brother’s girlfriend were all present watching it on the eighty-inch screen.

“Tabs, you know this guy?”, her father asked.

“Yes, he is my next-door neighbor. We went out to dinner about a month ago.”, she replied.

“As in a date?”, her mother asked.

“No mom, not a date.”, Tabby replied, exasperated.

Shortly the second round began so she turned the volume back up on the large television, The announcers were still talking about the first round.

“Williams took a great deal of punishment during the last round. Rosario is at the top of his game. This is only Williams’ second fight, and he is taking on the fourth ranked contender in the world. I’m not quite sure who is managing him but perhaps he needs better advice.”, the announcer stated.

The second round went much as the first one did only, he landed more strikes to my face and body. One of my eyes was beginning to swell really badly and I could barely see out of it. As I sat down around round two, I could tell Leonel was concerned. Once again, there was no doubt that Rosario had won the round. He was ahead two rounds to none.

Back home Tabby was extremely worried as they showed a closeup of my face. I had taken a lot of punishment and my upper body showed it.

“Tabby why did this guy take this fight?”, her brother, Billy asked.

“I don’t know Billy…. I really don’t.”, she answered, wringing her hands.

“You like this guy.”, Billy laughed.

“Leave me alone.”, Tabby responded.

“Oh, she does like him.”, Bill Sr. laughed.

The third and final round started much like the first two. Cruz Rosario began his assault on my upper body. But with about a minute into the third round he made a mistake. He threw a huge right hand almost as if it was meant to be a knockout punch. I was able to duck it, but the momentum caused him to stumble forward a few steps. I immediately ducked in and wrapped my arms around his waist. I lifted him up and spun my hips taking him to the ground.

He was on his back, and I was straddling him my arms still around his waist. He was using his legs to try and disrupt my position above him. He wrapped both arms around my head pulling me towards him. He was able to wrap both of his legs around one of mine and pulled him to his right. He then tried to roll to his left to get out from under me. I allowed him to begin his roll by releasing his waist. As soon as part of his back was exposed, I wrapped my arms around his neck and began to squeeze. He fell face down on the mat then tried to lift both of our bodies up in a pushup maneuver. At that point, I wrapped my legs around his waist and readjusted my arms into what is called rear naked chokehold.

Tabby leaned forward unsure of what was going on in the match. For the first time in over ten minutes, I had an advantage. The announcers were quite excited.

“I’m not sure Williams has the choke hold locked in but he’s close. I can’t believe what is happening.”, the announcer stated.

I finally got my elbow joint locked in over his throat. I used all the strength in my arms squeezing him as tightly as I could. The referee got down on his belly and started to talk to Rosario.

“Cruz, you ok?”, he asked.

Cruz Rosario reached out and grabbed the referee arm signaling he was ok. I simply squeezed hard. I could feel the resistance in Rosario ebbing from his body. I arched my back and applied even more pressure on his neck.

“Cruz…… Cruz…..?, the referee shouted.

The referee reached out and grabbed one of Rosario arms, lifted it and dropped it. It went straight to the mat. He repeated the maneuver once more with the same result. He then tapped me on my back several times.

“He’s out Williams, it’s over.”, he screamed.

I rolled off him and onto my back on the canvas. Never had I been beaten so badly by anyone. I was spent and did not think I had the energy to get off the mat. Both corners came running into the cage respectively checking on the two of us. Leonel was on his knees next to me wiping my face with a wet towel.

Tabby was on her feet, her eyes glued to the television and what the announcer was saying. According to the announcer, the impossible had just happed.

“This is unbelievable. Williams has choked out Rosario in the third-round despite being physically battered for ten minutes. I can’t remember this big of an upset ever. Only his second fight and he beat the fourth ranked contender in the world.”, the announcer stated,

Leonel and Javier finally lifted me off the mat and got me to my feet. I was exhausted but relieved that the fight was over. Cruz Rosario was finally awake and standing on his feet as well. He walked over to me and patted my chest then hugged me. He was a true competitor but even a better man. He spoke only two words to me.

“You good.”, he said, in broken English.

Ten minutes later, I was lying on the training table in my dressing room with the doctor checking me out from head to toe. Leonel and Javier were already applying ice to my swollen face. When the doctor was going back up my left side pressing as he went up, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left side.

“Looks like you may have bruised ribs as well, but we’ll get a x-ray to make sure it’s not a break.”, he stated.

Three hours later, I was laying in my hotel room hurting all over. I basically had ice bags all over my body being held on by elastic bandages. The swelling in my face had gone down and I could see clearly out of my eye, but the bruises remained. Leonel finally returned a gave me two mild pain pills to help me sleep.

The next morning, I boarded a plane back home at about nine o’clock in the morning. I must have been quite the sight as everyone in the plane was looking at me and whispering. I was seated next to an older man who was reading a newspaper. He looked up briefly and put his paper down.

“Son, are you ok?’, he asked.

“Yes sir, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”, I replied.

“I hope you won the fight.”, he laughed.

“Believe it or not sir, I did.”, I answered.

I landed around one o’clock in the afternoon and went through the airport heading to the parking garage. Two young boys came running up to me.

“Chris, Chris… would you give me your autograph.” one of them said, out of breath.

I was simply stunned that first of all someone would recognize me in an airport. Secondly that both of these boys wanted my autograph. I walked over to a seat and sat down. I took their papers and pen and inscribed autographs to the both of them. By that time, a woman had walked up. I was guessing it was their mother.

“Thank you for doing this. Ouch, that must hurt.”, she grimaced.

“A little bit, ma’am.”, I replied, handing the papers back to the boys.

An hour later, I was back home and resting on my bed when the cell phone rang. I picked it up and saw it was Jennifer Thomas.

“Chris, I’m sorry to bother you but are you ok?”, she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine…. thanks. Just battered and bruised.”, I laughed.

“Jim and I watched the fight again but Kartal Escort Bayan it was tough seeing you sustain that much damage. I was amazed when you finally won. By the way, Lexie was here and watched it as well.”, Jennifer admitted.

“Oh, I’m sure she had a lot to say.”, I laughed.

“Actually no, I think was afraid for you.”, Jennifer stated.

“Honestly Jen, I can’t figure your daughter out. She is worried about what might happen more than what she has. I can’t live my life afraid that I will tarnish her reputation.”, I replied.

“I know Chris…… you’re a great guy. I can’t figure her out. But I can’t talk to her anymore about you. Every time I do, we get into a huge fight.”, she admitted.

“Don’t fight with her, Jen. Just let it go………. Lexie doesn’t want me. It hurts a lot, but I have to move on. I can’t ride the Lexie rollercoaster anymore.”, I stated.

“I’m sorry to hear you say that, but I do understand.”, Jennifer responded.

It was close to four o’clock in the afternoon when I heard a knock on the side door. I slowly got out of bed and walked down the hall. I saw it was Tabby through the glass in the door. I unlocked it and asked her to come in.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a mess.”, Tabby said nervously.

“I’m ok…… everything will heal up fine.”, I replied.

“I just wanted to ……never mind, you need to lay down.”, she stated.

“I’m fine Tabby, what did you want?”, I asked smiling.

“Well, my mom and dad are barbequing tonight with the entire family. I was wondering if you might want to go…. But I can see you’re not up to it.”, she sighed.

“It’s not that…… I’m just not presentable right now.”, I laughed, pointing to my face.

“Oh, that’s not a problem…… we all watched the fight at my dad’s. They all saw it.”, she confessed.

“Oh, well…. If you’re ok with the way I look…. I guess it’s ok.”, I replied.

“Nobody will mind…… after all you’re a star now.”, Tabby giggled.

“Ok, but I need a favor.”, I asked.

“Sure, whatever……”, Tabby quickly replied.

“You have to help me get dressed.”, I stated.

“Sure, lead the way.”, she replied.

Tabby followed me back to the master bedroom where I sat on the bed. I told her where the clothes were, and she pulled them out quickly. She grabbed a pair of jeans and a tank top from the second drawer. She grabbed a pair of white socks and the blue sneakers that were in the corner. She walked over to me and laid the clothes on the bed next to me. She grabbed the white socks and quickly slid them on my feet. I then stood up and she pushed the shorts down my legs. I had on long dri-fit underwear on that looked like regular shorts. I then sat back down as she pulled the jeans up my legs. I stood up again and she got them to my waistline. She then pulled up the zipper and fixed the one button.

“You know, I taken jeans off a man before but can’t say I ever put them on.”, she giggled.

She then lifted the t-shirt over my head exposing the elastic bandage around my ribs. I sat back down as she slowly put the tank top over my head and pulled it down.

“Jesus Christ, you’re huge….”, she stated, running her hands over my chest.

She placed the shoes on my feet and quickly laced them up. We both returned to the living area where she told me she was going to get ready as well. She also insisted that she would drive which I had no objections to. I sat back down on the sofa to wait for her to return.

About twenty minutes later she came back ready to go. She had on long pink spandex yoga pants with pink sneakers. She had a long white t-shirt that came down to her upper thigh. She also had a pink baseball cap witch her ponytail pulled through the back opening. I followed her out and locked the door behind me. I was surprised to see she had a Mercedes Benz C Class C300 vehicle but then again, her father owned a law firm. I got in on the passenger side and she pulled out of the driveway.

It took about forty-five minutes to reach her parents gated subdivision. The security officer waved her in, and it took just several moments more to reach a long driveway on a magnificent two-story home. We got out of the car and walked to the front door which was open. I followed Tabby in the house and waited for her to close the door. I then followed her into a family room where a young woman was sitting with a guy about her age.

“Chris, this is my sister Danielle and her boyfriend Hayden. Guy’s this is Chris Williams.”, she stated, making the introduction.

“We watched you fight last night…… you were awesome.”, Danielle commented.

“Well, not sure about that but thanks.”, I replied.

I then followed Tabby outside through a set of double doors opening to a huge patio and inground swimming pool. Under the patio was a complete outdoor kitchen. There was an older man and women both cooking at the kitchen area. Closer to us seated at one of the four patio tables was a middle-aged man and woman.

“Chris, this is my brother Bill Jr. and his wife Melissa. Guy’s this is Chris Williams.”, she stated.

“Holy crap Tabs, you said he was big but……”, Melissa laughed.

“Sorry for the appearance guys but I had a rough night.”, I admitted.

They both laughed as we walked away and over to her parents who were still cooking. Tabby’s mom even though probably fifty or so was a very attractive woman.

“Chris, this is my dad, Bill Clarke Sr. and my mother Sara Clarke. Mom and dad, this is Chris Williams.”, she said for the last time.

“Very nice to meet the both of you. Please excuse my appearance, I wasn’t planning on going out anytime soon.”, I said, apologizing.

“It quite alright son, we watched you fight last night. Glad you’re ok.”, Bill said.

“Thank you, sir.”, I replied.

“Chris, I have to admit……you are the biggest guy I have ever been this close to.”, Sara Clarke admitted.

“Thank you, ma’am.”, I replied.

“Come on Chris, let’s go sit with my brother and his wife.”, Tabby asked.

I followed her over to the table when her brother and his wife were sitting. We each grabbed a seat and sat down across from them. Bill’s wife Melissa was a very attractive woman who kept staring at me. Finally, she said something.

“What is it like fighting like you did?”, she asked, smiling.

“Painful……”, I replied, causing Tabby to giggle.

“No, I’m being serious……”, she said.

“So am I……. in all my years of fighting, I have never been hit that hard for that long. If that guy is rated number four in the world, I never want to see one, two or three.”, I replied.

“So, you’re not going to fight again?”, Melissa asked.

“I’m not sure…… have to give it some thought.”, I answered.

Several minutes later, the food was ready, and everyone moved into the house to the large dining room. Tabby showed me where to sit and she sat beside me. Just as Tabby sat down the doorbell rang. Tabby jumped up and told everyone that she would answer the door. Melissa leaned across the table and whispered to me.

“Oh, you’re in for a treat. I’m sure that’s Brad.”, she said.

“Whose Brad?”, I asked.

“Tabby’s ex, he still works at the firm so technically he’s family.”, she replied, rolling her eyes.

“No big deal.”, I answered.

Sure, enough Tabby came back with a tall, slim guy with longer hair. He stopped short when he saw me. Tabby motioned to a chair that was on the other side of the table. He reluctantly walked that way and sat down, never taking his eyes off of me. Everyone sat down and the family conversation began. Since I was new here and I simply sat back and listened. Tabby was telling her mom about a dress she was looking for when Brad interrupted her.

“Uh…. Dude, get you get the number of the train that hit you?”, Brad asked me.

“Brad………”, Tabby scolded.

Everyone went deathly silent not sure how I was going to react. But I had dealt with guys like Brad all my life. I was used to it.

“Actually, yes……… his name was Cruz Rosario.”, I admitted.

“Rosario, the MMA guy?’’, Brad asked, confused.

“Yes Brad, Chris fought him last night in Vegas.”, Tabby replied, with a look that could kill.

“I heard Rosario lost last night. You beat him?”, he asked.

“Yes, I got lucky.”, I answered, not really looking up from my plate.

“Son, tell us a little about your family.”, Bill Sr. asked.

“Not much to tell sir. My father died when I was still a kid. My mother was killed a few years ago by a local. I’m an only child and so were my parents…. So really, I have no family.”, I admitted.

“I’m sorry to hear that son.”, he answered.

“It’s fine sir, you did not know.”, I replied, smiling.

For the rest of the evening, I mostly talked to Tabby’s mom and dad. They were nice people and seemed genuinely interested. While Brad on the other hand made an ass out of himself. He just seemed to be one of those guys that the entire show had to be about him. It was easy to see the rest did not care for him much, but I guess they put up with him.

Tabby and I left about eight o’clock in the evening and she drove me straight home. She apologized for her ex-husband, but I told her it didn’t matter much to me. I did ask why the two of them separated and she explained that she caught him cheating on her with his first girlfriend twice. She forgave him the first time but not the second. It sort of surprised me that he would come to her parent’s home under those conditions.

Four days later I was feeling much better and the bruising was starting to subside. I was loading my car to head to the gym when Lexie pulled up in her unit. It was the first time I had seen Lexie in months. She got out of her unit and walked slowly up to me.

“Going somewhere?’, she asked.

“To the gym, gotta get back on the horse.”, I answered.

She reached up and softly touched the bruises on my face shaking her head from side to side slowly. She removed her hand and put it back down to her side.

“I watched the fight about a week ago.”, she confessed.

“Yes, your mom told me when she called to see how I was doing.”, I replied.

“Why Chris? Do you enjoy pain that much?”, she asked.

“Lexie, I do not want to argue with you about this. It’s just not worth it.”, I said softly.

“But it does not have to be this way.”, Lexie sighed.

“Lex, I know you love being a police officer. I know you’re proud of that accomplishment. I am proud of it as well. But I am who I am. I was bullied my whole life. No one is going to bully me again. I have never started anything in my life, but I will always finish it. But really…… you know this, I don’t have to say it.”, I answered.

“So, this is it huh?”, she asked.

“Lexie, you took off my ring and put it on the table. I begged you to stay several times. You told me your mind was made up. You broke my heart…… not once but twice.”, I admitted.

“Ok, I’m the bad guy….”, she stated.

She reached up and put her sunglasses back on and turned and walked back to her unit. I was tempted to run behind her and apologize for whatever she thought I did. But in the end, it would only happen again. So, I stood steadfast. I watched her pull out of my driveway again and turn down the side street. I got in my car and drove over to the gym. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with hugs and congratulations for winning the fight. I eventually made my way to Master Garcia’s office.

We talked for a while and then I went to get ready for my first class. By the end of the day, I was tired but glad to be back at the gym. The entire week flew by, and I had not heard back from Lexie. I thought about calling her several times but something in my head told me no. I got home early on Friday and pulled into my driveway. I went in and took a long, hot shower put on shorts and a t-shirt then hit the sofa to watch television. Since I didn’t have much in the house, I decided to order a pizza a little later. Shortly thereafter I heard a knock at the side door. I got up to see it was Tabby. I opened the door surprised to see here.

“Hey Tabby, what’s up?”, I asked.

“I just wanted to see if I could take you out for dinner tonight.”, she asked.

“Oh geez, I already showered and got comfortable.”. I replied.

“Understood, maybe next time.”, she answered, smiling.

“Uh, look……… how about you come over here and we watch a movie. I was going to get a pizza anyway.”, I asked.

“You sure?”, she asked with hesitation.

“Yes, of course.”, I answered.

“Ok, let me go get comfortable and I will come back over.”, she stated.

About an hour later, Tabby came back in carrying her bottle of wine and a glass. She set them down on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa next to me but several feet between us. She was wearing long white t-shirt and baggy grey sweatpants with large white heavy slipper socks. She had taken a shower because she smelled extremely good.

I gave her the remote and she found Netflix and started to go through the movie’s that had available. She chose a movie called “Hope Floats” which she cued up. She admitted that she had seen the movie once but what to watch it again. We decided to wait on the pizza until after the movie was over. The movie was good and I thought that Tabby was going to cry a few times. One thing, I had noticed was that she had slowly closed the distance between us.

“So, are you ready for pizza?”, I asked.

“Whatever you want, Chris.”, she replied.

“Damn, that sounds like a great offer.”, I laughed.

“Oh hush……”, she giggled.

“What kind of pizza do you like, Tabby?”, I asked.

“I’m kind of simple. I like pepperoni, sausage and cheese.”, she admitted.

“Ok, then. That is what we get.”, I stated, picking up my phone.

I called Moe’s and order a large pizza and they promised delivery in about an hour. They were usually spot on when it came to their delivery times. I hung up the phone and set it on the table. I turned to Tabby and noticed that she had closed the distance a little more.

“Chris, if you don’t mind can you tell me why you and Lexie broke up.”, she asked.

“It really came down to one thing. She hated the fact that I train in what I do. She feels that one day I will do something to reflect on her negatively. At least that is what she says. Although the first time her ex-boyfriend was involved. I’m not sure if she is seeing him now.”, I stated.

“It had nothing to do with sex?”, she asked, somewhat embarrassed.

“No, nothing to do with sex.”, I said reassuringly.

“Well, that is what came between my husband and me. In the beginning it was great but then he lost interest in me. I tried to pursue him, but he never seemed to be interested. There were times when I would get into bed and start touching myself for him. It seemed like that turned him off even more.”, she explained.

“I think that he was already seeing someone at that point.”, I replied.

“Oh of course he was. But I did Escort Kartal not know that then.”, she answered.

“Sex is tricky between two people. Especially if they have different tastes. But I think the most important thing in sex is to be completely open with each other.”, I stated.

“Damn, sounds like you have a lot of experience.”, Tabby giggled.

“No not really. I have a lot of experience getting dumped. I’m on number three.”, I laughed.

“When I slept with Brad for the first time, he was amazing. The next year or so was good then he began to lose interest. I guess maybe I just wasn’t exciting enough, but I did try.’, Tabby sighed.

Thankfully there was a knock on the door and the pizza had arrived. The conversation was getting a little sticky for me. I was not quite sure where Tabby was going with the conversation. Up until now there had been no physical contact between us. But here she was revealing the most intimate secrets of her past marriage.

I paid the pizza delivery guy and went into the kitchen with the pizza. Tabby followed me into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I poured two glasses of iced tea and set one in front of her. I grabbed two plates from the cabinet and gave her one. I set a roll of paper towels between us. Tabby opened the box and pulled a piece of pizza out for the both of us.

“You’re the first man who ever treated me like a lady, well except for my dad.”, she laughed.

“My mom was big on manners.’, I replied.

“Well thank heaven for your mom.”, Tabby remarked.

She made small talk and ate then she helped me clean everything up. We both went back to the sofa to sit down. This time she sat right next to me. I asked if she wanted to watch another movie, but she said she would rather talk. I shut off the television and turned to face her.

“Why haven’t you tried to kiss me yet?”, Tabby asked.

“Well first, I have to be sure you want me too. Second, I don’t want to be presumptuous.”, I replied.

“Do you find me attractive?”, Tabby asked.

“What man would not find you attractive?”, I laughed.

“My ex-husband.”, she quickly replied.

“Well, he is crazy then.”, I stated.

“Ok then, kiss me.”, she instructed.

I leaned over and gently put my lips on hers tasting her for the first time. She slightly opened her lips, so I brushed her upper lip with my tongue. She sighed deeply into my mouth and she softly slid her tongue between my lips. I’m not sure if she felt it but a shiver ran up my back. Tabby was a phenomenal kisser probably the best I had ever kissed. I’m not exactly sure how long that first kiss lasted but it was amazing.

“You are a great kisser.”, Tabby said, looking into my eyes.

“So are you.”, I replied.

She leaned in once again and kissed me with a little more pressure and urgency. Her tongue was in my mouth dancing with mine. She took her left hand and gently placed it on my left thigh. I was guessing that she might want to take this a little further. I pulled her a little closer to me and placed my right hand on her right inner thigh. She let out a small moan as she felt my fingertips on her thigh. She pulled her lips from mine and opened her eyes looking into mine.

“Wow, it’s been a long time……”, she said softly.

“Tabby, it’s ok…… we don’t have to do anything.”, I replied.

“No Chris…… it’s not that…….,”, she started just as her cell phone rang.

She leaned over and took her phone off the table and answered it. It was her father and apparently it was not good news. They talked for a few seconds, and she hung up quickly.

“My mom slipped and fell in the kitchen. They think she broke her arm. My dad is driving her to the hospital. I think I need to head over there.”, Tabby stated.

“Sure, I understand. Call me and let me know how she made out.”, I replied.

Tabby called me later that evening and informed me that her mom had definitely broke her left wrist. If there was any good news her mom was right-handed. Tabby told me that she would be in touch with me the first chance she had. On Thursday of that week Tabby asked if I would stop by her parent’s home for an early dinner. It sounded like a strange request, but I agreed to it right away.

I arrived a little after six that afternoon and Tabby met me at the door. She kissed me quickly on the lips and then led me to the living room where her father was sitting in his chair.

“Hello Chris, it’s nice to see you again.”, he stated, getting up and shaking my hand.

“Nice to see you again, sir.”, I replied.

I sat down on the sofa across from him and Tabby say relatively close to me. There was no doubt Bill Clarke had something on his mind. It did not take long to find out what it was.

“Chris, I’m not one taking a long time to get to the point, I never have been. It seems like you have been in several situations where the police were called. Is that correct?’’, he asked.

“Yes sir, that is true.”, I admitted.

“Can you tell me what happened in those incidents?”, he asked.

“Sir, this goes back a long way.”, I answered.

“I have the time, son.”, he quickly responded.

“Yes sir.”, I replied.

I started at the beginning talking about how I was bullied at school. Then joining the health club a little later and the incident where I choked Darren Miller out for attacking Hailey Mills at her party. From that point on, I explained that they were relentless in their constant harassment. I then explained what happened at Moe’s pizza when the three of them jumped me. After that it was how their stupid behavior caused the death of my mother.

I mentioned the time I was attacked in the parking lot at the gym and spent a few days in the hospital. I also told me about stopping to help Officer Dugas and finally the last incident at the fair.

“So that was you that helped the police officer on the highway that night?”, he asked.

“Yes sir, that was me.”, I replied.

“Well to be perfectly honest with you I looked at your record. I have noticed you have never been arrested but the sheer volume of altercations took me by surprise. Have you ever thought about just picking up and moving? Get away from this town?”, he inquired.

“Actually, yes sir I have. But since I have no family left other than one aunt it just makes no sense to start all over.”, I admitted.

“Fair enough……… but I’m not sure you are aware, but I believe the Klein family is going to sue you.”, he stated.

“For what?”, I asked surprised.

“The older Klein boy is experiencing dizziness every now and then. And even after his shoulder injury he has limited mobility. They asked us to file suit against you a few days ago.”, he stated.

“Oh…….”, I simply said.

“Don’t worry Chris……… we’re not taking the case.”, he confided.

“Sir, honestly I don’t think they have a case. They were the aggressors.”, I answered.

“From what you told me I do agree. But here is your problem. Since you’re an accomplished fighter trained in several forms of martial arts, they may say you went beyond defending yourself. Throw in the fact that you’re now a UFC fighter, I can see some low-rate lawyer taking this case.”, he admitted.

“So where do I go from here sir?”, he asked.

“Well first I would recommend you find a lawyer. But my daughter has already taken care of that. I will represent you if you are agreeable to that.?”, he replied, smiling.

“Yes sir…… just tell me what the charges are.”, I answered.

“We’ll worry about that later. Secondly, at this time I would file restraining orders on everyone who is involved in this. That way if or when they ever attack you again, they are in violation of the law. You might also look into insuring yourself if you’re going to continue to fight.”, he advised.

“Ok, I guess I can look into that.”, I replied.

“Well, for now…. Let’s just sit tight. They may change their mind. I will file the restraining orders and have them ready for when and if they file suit.”, he promised.

“Yes sir, thank you for your help.”, I answered.

We all sat down and had dinner with the conversation mostly on Mrs. Clarke and how her arm was doing. I could not help but think how in the hell could I be sued when they started each confrontation. We finished dinner and I left before Tabby did and drove straight home. Tabby called me and we made plans to go to dinner together on Friday night.

That Friday night we went to one of the best steak houses in town. We arrived just after six o’clock that night and the hostess asked us to follow her to the back. I was about a third of the way through the restaurant when I noticed Lexie and Cody sitting at a table against the left wall. I made sure to look the other way as I passed them, but I was pretty sure they had seen me. When we got to our table, I took the chair where I had my back turned to them and Tabby was facing them. That way, I did not have to look at the two of them all night.

The waitress came and we gave her our drink orders. We were looking at the menu when a teenage girl approached the table. I looked up to see her smiling but she seemed nervous.

“Um…… you’re Chris right…… the MMA fighter?”, she stuttered.

“Yes ma’am. What’s your name?”, I replied.

“My name is Ryleigh.”, she replied.

“Nice to meet you Ryleigh. What can I do for you?”, I asked.

“Would you mind taking a picture with me?”, she asked, shyly.

“Not at all sweetie. Give your phone to Tabby and she will take it”, I instructed.

The girl handed Tabby the phone and I got up and stood next to her. The first picture we took was the two of us side by side. I then told the girl to make a fist and act like she was about to punch me. She laughed hysterically but we finally got three good pictures. By that time an older woman approached us with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Ryleigh’s mother. Thanks so much for the pictures that is very kind of you.”, she stated.

“Not a problem ma’am, it’s nice to have a fan.”, I laughed.

As she walked away, for a moment I could see Lexie staring at me. I turned quickly like I didn’t notice and sat back down. By that time the waitress took our order. Tabby and I were talking but in my head I was thinking of what in the world was Lexie doing with Cody again? I was starting to think that Lexie had developed a “poor me” complex. When everything was going right, she had to find something wrong to throw in the relationship. With Cody it was easy. But to break off the engagement with me for something I had no control over.

Our meal came and we had a nice time talking about everything and anything that came to mind. Thankfully by the time we were finished Lexie and Cody had already left. We drove home and Tabby went to her house, she had an audit for her dad in the morning and wanted to get up early. I went inside and locked up. I took a shower and was lying in bed when my phone rang. I looked at the screen and noticed it was Lexie, I hesitated to pick it up but finally gave it.

“Hello.”, I said.

“Hey Chris, what are you doing?”, Lexie asked.

Ok, now either she thinks I’m stupid enough to lie to her or she honestly might believe I did not see her in the restaurant. But either way, I was not going to lie to her.

“Not much, I just took a shower and I’m in bed.”, I replied.

“What have you been doing lately?”, she quickly responded.

“Just working and flying back and forth to Brazil training. Lately, I have been preparing to be sued by the Klein’s. It seems that Leo is not doing well and apparently, it’s my fault. I have a lawyer now in fact I met with him today. Then I had dinner with his daughter a few hours ago.”, I answered, waiting for her reaction.

“His daughter?”, Lexie inquired.

“That’s how I was introduced to him. She is also my new next-door neighbor.’’, I admitted.

“So, you’re dating your next-door neighbor?”, Lexie asked quickly.

“No, we’re not dating. It was just a dinner.”, I explained.

“So, you’re not dating and there is nothing between you?”, Lexie asked.

“That is correct, Lex. The last person I slept with was you. Since then…. No one.”, I stated.

“You didn’t see me in the restaurant tonight?”, Lexie asked.

“No, I didn’t. Why didn’t you come over and say hello?’, I asked, lying my ass off.

“Maybe come get an autograph or picture?”, Lexie giggled.

“Oh, the little girl…….”, I mentioned.

I was waiting to see if she would mention that she was with Cody but so far, she had said nothing. I don’t know why but I was beginning to think Lexie was a much different person than I realized. She could have been seeing Cody the whole time we were together.

“So, what are your plans?”, she asked.

“I don’t really have any plans other than working at the gym like I always have.”, I answered.

“Are you going to fight again?”, she shot back.

“I’m not sure……. As far as Leonel told me the champ was going to fight the number two contender in a month or so. I would probably get a bout against the loser of that match if I chose to. Then maybe a few more fights and maybe I would get a shot at the champ. But I not sure if I even want to fight again to be honest. That last fight was brutal, took a lot out of me.”, I offered.

“Yes, I watched it……… Anyway, do you think we could go out and eat…… maybe talk about some things.”, Lexie asked.

“Oh…… um, you’re not seeing anyone?”, I responded.

“Not really.”, she quickly answered.

“Not really……. That’s a yes or no question.”, I laughed.

“Ok, I dated this guy from the precinct twice but he’s not for me.”, she admitted.

So, Lexie was not going to bring up Cody at all. She really surprised me because I really thought I could trust her. Apparently, I was wrong. We talked for a while before she finally arrived at the reason for the call.

“How about if we go out Friday night to dinner and then maybe go back to your place?”, she hinted.

“Lexie, I’m confused here. When you took my ring off you told me you could not live with me. You told me you were embarrassed by the shit you were getting at the station. That I would never change and you were through with me. I begged you to stay and you walked out on me. Why the sudden change?”, I asked.

“Chris don’t make a big deal of it……. it’s only dinner.”, she replied, sarcastically.

“Lexie, I’m not sure I could fall in love with you again and then you break it off. I thought we would do very well together. You had me wrapped around your little finger and you knew that. The scars from your love remind me of thinking we could have it all. But deep down inside Lexie, you don’t want me……… I can never be what you want.”, I admitted.

“So, you’re not in love with me anymore?”, she asked, sadly.

“To be honest, I probably am still in love with you Lexie. But loving you is more than I can handle now. I’m sorry.”, I answered.

After those three sentences, Lexie simply ended the call without a word. I had tears in my eyes but knew that I could not let her break my heart a third time. I turned the television off and rolled over in the bed. It took me quite a while to go to sleep thinking about if I had just done the right thing.

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