Enslaving Elsa Ch. 02

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I could hear Brooke’s soft whimpers as I slowly descended the staircase into the basement dungeon of our home. It was early morning and I had left her there to spend the night hours before. I doubted she had had any sleep as I had just spent a most wonderful night next to My darling Sammie. I smiled to myself as I saw her as I have left her, firmly bound to the cross at the ankles and wrists. Her head was hanging as she seemed to be half dozing. I flicked on the light as I reached the base of the stairs and she lifted her head meekly.

My heels clicked on the hard wooden floor of My dungeon as I approached the poor girl. “Phmmpph meh Meohh.” she begged weakly into the ball gag which was still securely set in place in her mouth. I had no doubt her jaw was feeling quite uncomfortable by this time, having been held open all night without reprieve.

I walked up to her and grabbed her head, forcing her to look up at me. The chains which linked her nipple rings to her gag pulled nice and tight on her nipples as I do so. A loud whimper was partially muffled by the gag but I could tell her was feeling quite uncomfortable. I smiled in the most innocent manner I could and asked cheerfully “Did the pretty princess have a good night sleep?”

She started trying to reply but I raised my hand and gave her a gentle slap “Honestly, I don’t really care if you did. In fact I would be quite surprised if you managed to do anything but doze. You will learn today that your needs and desires do not matter. You are here to be a plaything for myself and my darling Sammie. Serve well and you will undoubtedly find pleasure. But if you do not learn your place…” I let the thought hang as I pulled firmly on the chains to her nipple clamp, forcing her head forth and pulling her nipples firmly. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes and streamed down her cheeks as she felt the pain of the pull on her nipples.

I reached up and removed the gag from her mouth, a large accumulation of drool falling from her mouth onto her big firm tits as I pulled it out. She whimpered and drew in a deep breath as she worked the feeling back into her jaw. She looked up at me and said in a hushed whisper “Please Mistress, let me free, I promise I will behave and be a good girl for you.”

I could see in her eyes that the night had been hard but there was something else in the looks she gave to me. A deep overwhelming lust. Being alone all night in the way that I had left her allowed her mind to wander and to imagine what the day had in store for her. And wander it had indeed. I could see the aroused look in her eyes and sense the pent up lust that longed to be released.

I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Sammie coming down the stairs , looking as lovely as ever in her black skirt and grey leggings, with a dark grey halter top. She was carrying a tray with some sausage and eggs on it with a buttered toast. I smiled at her as she approached. She set the tray down on the floor in front of Brooke and we proceeded to release her from the cross. I pointed to the food at her feet and smiled “Eat like the dog you are, girl.”

She looked back at me for a moment and I thought she might defy me, until she slowly lowered herself to the ground and crawled to the food. I could tell she was starving as she put her head down to the tray and started to eat without the use of her hands. Her porno izle hair got in the food and she looked like a mess, as much as she tried to keep it out. I lifted My foot and pressed it down on the back of her head, forcing her mouth and face into the food as Sammie laughed at her.

I pulled my foot away and she looked up at me, egg yolk covered the side of her face and had matted her hair together, a small piece of sausage hung from one of her dirty blonde locks. She looked pitiful as she met my gaze in this condition but also incredibly aroused. I held out a foot for her and looked down meaningfully. She understood instinctively what was expected of her and crawled forth to come and kiss My foot demurely. She may have looked like a total mess but the look in her eyes, that submissive look of eager surrender made her look more beautiful at that moment than she ever had since I had first seen her the night before.

Sammie took advantage of the opportunity to reach down between her legs and caress her sex. I heard Brooke let out a soft moan as she did so and arch her back more, offering up her pussy to Sammie. I could literally feel the moment Sammie’s index entered her by the reaction of her tongue on My foot and the sharp intake of breath. Her tongue pressed down firmly on my arches and her breath became more agitated and ragged. I pressed my big toe hard against her pretty lips and the girl opened her mouth to welcome my foot inside, eagerly sucking on it.

I could sense her nervousness by the unfocused movements of her tongue, but I could also sense her desire to please me. Sammie kept pushing her fingers into the blonde’s eager pussy. The more she worked them inside her, the more willing she seemed to be, and the faster her tongue moved over my toes as she sucked on them with ever increasing fervor.

I pushed the foot into her mouth deeper and watched as her eyes watered and she gagged. Spittle poured out of the side of her mouth and ran down smearing her cheek and chin before covering my foot running over the soft skin before falling to the ground below. Her eyes bulged lightly at this treatment and she let out muffled moans of arousal.

I pulled My foot away from her mouth and heard a soft disappointed whimper. She gasped for air as I brought My foot up to smear her own drool through her long blonde hair. She looked a pitiful sight indeed with her hair matted to the side of her head by the drool and egg yolk as small pieces of her breakfast still clung to her thick locks. Her massive breasts brushed on the wooden floor and I could tell she was fighting the urge to crawl forth and suck on my toes once again. She was a far cry from the beautiful princess we had met at the party the night before.

I reached down and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her roughly to her knees. She whimpered weakly as I tugged her up and lowered her gaze. “Well, well, aren’t you a pathetic little slut now.”

Sammie was laughing as she had pulled her fingers from Brooke’s cunt and brought them to her mouth. “Taste yourself!” I ordered her and watched as she greedily licked and sucked her own juices from my pet’s fingers, moaning with pleasure as she did so.

Stepping away from her, I walked over to a large wooden closet in the far corner of the room. I opened it and smiled as I saw a multitude of toys and tools for BDSM. I reached amatör porno in and chose a small black collar with a pair of pink roses on it, as well as my trusty riding crop which has been with me for years, long before I ever had even heard or thought of being a dominatrix. I have always been an avid horse rider and had been using it all my life.

I walked back to the kneeling Brooke and had her lift her head slightly. I held the slave collar in her face and smiled at her “Do you know what this is pet?” I asked with a smile as she looked up and shook her head. She obviously had very little experience but was a true natural as a submissive. I gave her a gentle smile and laughed.

I held it out and let it caress her skin “This pet is a slave collar and signifies that the slave wearing it is the owned property of the Domme who put it around her neck.” I could see her eyes widen, a mixture of fear and arousal present in her deep blue eyes as she looked up at Me. I could see so many things in them, the desire to flee, the desire to resist, to surrender, to worship!

I held out my riding crop to her chin and lifted her head with it, making her turn first to the right and then to the left as I examined her carefully. I could see her body shiver with excitement as I did this. I forced her to hold her head back and hand the crop to Sammie. I held the collar in both hands and brought it to her beautiful lips “Kiss it dear and accept your surrender to Me.”

She hesitated for a moment only before bringing her lips to the collar and gently kissing it. Her eyes locked with mine and I could sense her acceptance, even eagerness for this situation. Brooke held her head up high as I secured the beautiful collar to her neck. The dark leather and blood red roses really stood out against the milky white skin.

Sammie stepped in and attached a long red leash to her collar and knelt to hand it to me. I took it graciously and turned my back to the kneeling girl. I started to walk away and felt a gentle tug as I did so before the leash went slack as she began to crawl behind me. I led her over to my red and black spanking bench and made her climb, before securing both her hands and legs to it firmly with leather restraints attached to it. I made sure they were nice and snug since it simply would not do to have something come undone the first time she was strapped in.

I watched her test her bonds with a delighted smile and ran my fingernails over her exposed and unguarded ass. I felt the shiver that I sent through her as I caressed her this way and heard her let out a soft moan. I smiled as I lifted the riding crop and let a gentle smack strike her on the left ass cheek. She shivered and moaned louder still under the soft impact.I gave her a matching swat to the other cheek and laughed softly as I walked away from her.

I set the crop back into the closet and picked up a well used leather tawse. I smacked it against the palm of My hand loudly as I approached her slowly. I could see her need mixed with fear in her eyes. The girl wanted this, but she knew not what to expect as I slowly approached.

I let the leather dance over her skin slowly, as always allowing the instrument I was about to use for pain bring her a gentle caress of pleasure before turning it to a more sadistic use. I watched her shiver as the tawse ran anal porno over her skin slowly, I lifted it and set it back down on her ass, watching her wince as she expected a firm swat from it. I smiled at Sammie who was kneeling next to the spanking bench and laughed.

Without warning I pulled the tawse back and delivered a brutal smack to the back of her thigh. Her head shot straight up as much as the bindings allowed her too and she let out a primal howl of pain that sent shivers of sadistic delight down My spine. My pussy became quite damp as her scream died down and I lifted the tawse to deliver another smack, this time on her shapely ass. She did not scream this time, but tensed in the bindings and bit down on her lip so hard that a single trickle of blood ran down her chin.

I raised My hand and brought the tawse down hard on her ass, yet again, and once more, settling into a rhythm as I rained the smacks down on her ass hard, she valiantly fought back the urge to scream for the first two smacks but by the third she was howling like a banshee as I mercilessly brought the tough leather to her ass time and time again. She writhed and squirmed against the leather bindings to no avail as the whole spanking bench shook with the violence of her thrashing.

I handed the tawse to Sammie who continued to administer the spanking as I turned away and walked back to the closet and pulled out a small hitachi wand. I turned and walked back to her slowly, taking the time to admire Sammie as she smacked Brooke’s now red ass over and over again. The girl had quit screaming and her body was now wracked with sobs as she felt the sting in her pretty butt over and over.

I smiled as Sammie stepped back from her and allowed me to stand behind the young woman. I lifted a hand and gently caressed the skin of her ass. I felt her squirm and wriggle in the bondage as I did so, even the gentle touch painful on her raw and beaten ass.

I slid a hand under her hips and lifted her up gently half an inch, as much as the ankle restraints allow her to. I slid the hitachi wand under her and pressed it hard against her clit as I turned it on. Her whimpers of pain gradually subsided as they were replaced with aroused moaning.

I take the tawse back from Sammie and lift it up, smacking it down on her ass over and over. By this point she was squirming, twisting and bucking on the spanking bench as much as her bondage allowed. Her cries alternated between painful howls and lustful bliss. I could see the juices from her bare pussy running down the leather of the spanking bench making it glisten as her body was purely reacting to the stimuli I was providing to it.

I growled out between clenched teeth as I smacked her ass “Cum for me you little slut. Let it all go and show me how much you love the pleasure and sweet pain I have given you, Show Mistress how much you appreciate My attention.”

She did not need much urging on and came hard with a loud scream of passion. The orgasm was long and drawn out by the continual stimulation of the wand to her clit. Her body shook with the intensity of the sensations that the tawse and the vibrator sent though her. Eventually her screams and squirms died down and she lay spent on the spanking bench, her ass glowing a lovely shade of red as her breathing slowly returned to normal. I gave her one last spank, a playful swat with the tawse and pulled Sammie close to kiss her.

I looked down at my new pet, bound securely on the spanking bench and smiled. This was turning out to be a very interesting morning, and I could not wait to see what the rest of the day would bring.

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