Entering the Bristol Channel

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By request. More fun with Edward Colston and Amy! In this fic, “entering the Bristol Channel” takes on a different meaning.

Edward Colston and his mortal girlfriend Amy had been enjoying a relaxing evening watching a Game of Thrones boxset.

“Good story this,” Edward remarked. “I do enjoy the torture scenes. Reminds me of when the rack was used back in the 17th century.

“We’re only on Season 2,” Amy laughed. “It gets much bloodier than this.”

“I must say, it’s lucky for us that your mother chose to visit her friend in Wales this weekend.”

“Oh yes. Nice to have the house to ourselves…”

Suddenly the wind whipped up outside, and the lights dimmed.

“Uh-oh. Why do I get the feeling something weird is about to occur?”

Edward was typically calm. “Ah, it seems we have a visitor! Not to worry, my dear.”

A man dressed in late 17th century clothing suddenly appeared in the middle of the lounge. He wore a long, black curled wig and had a small moustache.

Amy should’ve been more shocked than this, but since entering into a relationship with Edward, well pretty much anything was possible, and she was getting used to it.

“Ed, I wish your dead friends would knock before just popping up randomly like this.”

“My apologies,” the mystery man replied. “I am Tobias Rustat, courtier of His Majesty King Charles II and founder of Jesus College, Cambridge. Forgive my breach of etiquette. I haven’t much time. For one night a year, I get to walk the earth again, and normally I like to haunt Cambridge University. But when I heard Edward been reincarnated and settled back in the mortal world, well I couldn’t resist seeking him out!”

“Good to see you, Tobias. It has been a long time, dear fellow. Around 340 years at a guess? You’re looking well.”

“Indeed, not far off, dear chap. And pray tell, who is this fine lady?”

“Amy. Pleased to meet you,” she said, shaking his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine.” Tobias replied, glancing at Edward. “Where’d you find this beauty, eh? Not at the RAC, that’s for sure.”

“Well it’s a bit complicated,” Edward said.

Amy escort videoları bit her lip. She had to admit that she’d never heard of Tobias Rustat before, but damn, he was really sexy. “Seeing as you’re here, why don’t we have some…fun?” She whispered something in Edward’s ear and his eyes widened.

“My dear, are you sure?”

“Oh yes. It’s not every night you have the pleasure of not one, but two 17th century men!”

Amy stood up and began loosening her clothing. “What do you normally do on a Saturday night, Tobias?”

He blinked. “Well, usually, I would sit reading my Bible…”

“Hmm. In that case, let me lead you into temptation.” She headed to the bedroom.

Tobias just stood there. “Well don’t just stand there. My dear Amy has a great need…” Edward grinned.

In the bedroom, Amy undressed and reclined on the bed. Edward immediately had a raging boner, and Tobias, although a little hesitant, couldn’t stop himself becoming aroused either.

“Dear Lord! This is more enjoyable than haunting the university!”

Amy’s eyes were heavy lidded as she stared at the outline of Tobias’ cock, which was presently tenting his brown breeches. She lay back on the bed, and her bare foot slowly stroked up the inside of his thigh caressing the bulge of his manhood. Tobias moaned at her sensual touch and thrust his hips instinctively against her foot. He raised her leg, ran his tongue lightly along the sole of her other foot, making her giggle. A low laugh rumbled in his throat as he went back to her toes, kissing each one before working his way up her smooth leg.

“Ooh Tobias…”

Amy murmured his name in a needy whine, spreading her milky thighs further apart as his mouth slowly kissed and licked closer to her core. Unable to resist such an invitation, Tobias settled on his stomach between her legs. He drew his tongue along her hot slit then closed his mouth over it to suck up her sweet juices. Amy gasped, arching her back and threading her fingers in his long wig. He began to worship her eagerly, her taste inflaming his want. She cried gaziantep escort bayan videoları out then, rocking her hips and coming in his mouth. After savouring her juices, Tobias stood up, unfastened his breeches and began lazily stroking his huge cock. She purred at the sight, sitting up in front of him and wrapping her hand around the base of the shaft.

“Do all 17th century men have massive dicks or what?” Amy gasped.

Tobias moved his hand and allowed her to stroke him. “What heart and endurance you have, my pretty one. Edward hath sure been blessed with good fortune to meet ye!”

“I am blessed in many ways, and eternally thankful,” Edward replied, enjoying the view, and pleasuring himself.

“Seeing as you’re only here for one night, might as well make it memorable.” Amy smiled and crawled in his lap, straddling him. The feeling of having her so close in his arms as she jacked him with her hand was intense because her pussy hovered so close to the head of his cock. Growling, Tobias grasped her arse cheeks.

Edward had grown tired of being a mere spectator and decided to join in. He knelt behind Amy so that she was sandwiched between the two of them. He began caressing her breasts. She let out a little moan at his touch. Enjoying her reaction, Edward moved his right hand down and he very gently used his index finger to massage her arsehole. Arching her back and squeezing Tobias’ cock with her hand, she uttered a breathy scream. She reached back and pushed Edward’s hand closer to her, indicating that she liked him touching her there.

“Does that feel good, my love?” Edward whispered huskily, knowing full well that it did. “This is a Bristol Channel I’d like to enter…”

Amy whimpered in response as he put firm pressure on her rosebud, moaning when her pussy drenched his hand. He grunted, suddenly desperate to feel the tight walls of her sex engulfing him. Meanwhile, Tobias shifted his hips so the head of his aching shaft was nestled at her entrance. Edward continued to stroke her arsehole, gradually putting more pressure gaziantep escort videoları until the tip of his finger was inside. Amy sobbed in pleasure, steadily lowering herself onto Tobias’ cock.

A groan escaped Edward and he pushed his finger a little bit further inside her tight anal passage. She let out a surprised squeak of pleasure and wiggled her hips until he was fully embedded inside of her….his finger and Tobias’ cock now filling her sweet holes.

Tobias moaned as he intensified his strokes, plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. Amy cried out in delight at this and then Edward’s finger pressed deeper still and suddenly she was coming again. She never imagined a threesome would be as good as this…mind you it was a threesome with two 17th century men…one reincarnated and the other a ghost. Her clenching walls coupled with a finger embedded in her arse created a tightness around Tobias’ dick beyond anything he thought possible and with the first compression of her orgasm around his cock, a low whine escaped his throat and he came, filling her with his seed.

Edward carefully withdrew his finger from Amy’s arse. There was no time for her to catch her breath for her lover had been patiently waiting his turn to ravish her.

“My turn, yes?” Edward murmured, as Tobias moved away, stroking his softening cock.

Amy nodded, exhausted now but she was always unable to resist Edward. He possessed a power that had her body aching to be ravished a second time, despite her exhaustion.

“Take me up the Bristol Channel, Edward!” She pleaded, eager to experience anal for the first time.

“Anything for you, my dear Amy.” Edward smiled and slid his cock up her arse, thrusting gently to begin with.

Tobias was enjoying the view immensely; amazed that the mortal hadn’t collapsed from fatigue already. Yet she was yelling out loud and enjoying Edward as much as she’d enjoyed him moments earlier.

“Oh Eddie! Oh yessss! More!”

He gave a final moan and shot a massive load of cum deep inside her arse and she closed her eyes tight. He pulled out, wrapped both arms around her and held her close. She snuggled into his heat, a small sigh escaping her lips. “This has been one hell of a night!” she panted, sweat running off her and cum oozing out of both orifices.

“Edward always did hold the best banquets, back in the 1680s.” Tobias replied. “Though we never did anything as exciting as this.”

“At least not in England!” Edward replied with a wink.

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