Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 16

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Part 16 – Getting Pimped Out

It was fun entering Choker’s so early in the morning with no classwork to worry about.

Choker was talking with a customer so I just moseyed about the shop looking at all of the toys.

“I need to talk to you Ron.” I was surprised hearing Choker Speaking to me. I was so focused on some of the ball stretchers.

Since the customer had left, we were alone and Choker got right to the point.

“I hear that you were at Buddies wearing an orange mesh shirt yesterday evening.” Choker stated. “I can offer a sexy college kid like you much more than you can make there.”

“How do you know? I asked, truly shocked.

“Sex is my business. Choker replied. “I know everything that goes down in this city.” “Do you want to hear what I have to offer?”

“I’m all ears Choker.” I replied, still shocked but intrigued.

“I know some scouts that are always looking for fresh faces for gay porn flicks. They pay more for fetish, bizarre and extreme stuff.”

“I can’t do porn.” I told Choker. “I am going to graduate, have a career and get married. I can’t have porn flicks come back to haunt me.”

“There is another option.” He went on, “I know guys that will pay much more than you can make hustling at Buddies, for hardcore sex.”

“Please continue.”

“I know this guy that loves entertaining his friends in little private parties. He likes having young men bound in stockades. He usually has four or five friends at these parties and they all have free access to the bound man. He pays a grand for your services. I get a twenty percent cut for the arangements.”

“Would you be there too? I asked.

“Not in the same room.” Choker replied, “But I would be up here the whole time and this! evening would take place in the bottom level of my shop. Don’t worry, It would be safe.”

“I’m in!” I couldn’t believe that I would have the chance to make eight hundred dollars in just one night!

“Would you be able to do it tonight?” Choker asked, “He usually likes starting around ten and the party lasts until they are all sexed or passed out, from the booze, which is usually around two-three in the morning.”

“Perfect!” I replied, “The sooner I can make that eight hundred the better.”

“How about a gratitude blowjob?” Choker asked.

“Sure.” and I went to unbuckle his belt.

“Not here. I want you in the same stockade that you will be in tonight.” and with that Choker locked the front door and put the will return soon sign up.

Choker led me down to the basement, had me strip, and directed me up on a short padded table. At the back of the table there were two hinged Beşiktaş Escort boards each with an ankle sized hole cut in. They were about 20 inches apart from each other and the table was indented in between them, allowing a person to stand between the bound legs and have access to the ass. At the front of the table there were the traditional puritan punishment stockades with a large neck hole in the middle and two wrist holes at each side.

Getting up and being locked into place I realized how ingenious this device was. I was locked into place in a kneeling position. It kind of reminded me of a Moslem at prayer. My knees were tucked under my chest and my legs were splayed apart. Because of the indentation of the table between the split ankle stockades, my ass was hanging in the air without the table being under it. Both my head and ass were held waist height from the floor. The whole table including the stockade holes were padded with a quality gel like substance and I was quite comfortable.

Choker slapped my ass hard and took his pants off. His large cock was hanging limply between his legs, unlike my rock hard cock that was pushing into my abdomen. Choker walked up to my head and kept his cock just out of reach of my tongue. I was so hungry to have his cock in my mouth! Choker then took a step forward but to the side so that his cock missed my mouth and my face was mashed into the side of his crotch between his privates and left leg.

I inhaled deeply, enjoying his masculine strong scent. His pubic hairs tickled my face. I was able to stick my tongue out and lick a few inches of his crease. It felt so good being bound and made to serve such a rugged man! Chocker then stepped back and mashed my face into his right crease. This time I was able to open my mouth some and got some of his scrotum into my mouth. I nibbled and licked and enjoyed his sweaty taste.

Being with Choker was much different than Glen or just about any other man. Choker was big and tattooed, he was a rough rugged guy who could win fights at a bar. It just felt so right being locked up in such a vulnerable position serving such a rugged guy! I felt deep down inside that it was my place. As much as I loved Sandy’s pussy, and pussy in general, my desire for pussy couldn’t compare to the deep, yearning, hunger that I felt for Chokers cock. I realized at this moment that I would probably never get married, and would be spending the rest of my life serving dominant men. I came all over my inner thighs at this realization. It turned me on so much!

Choker stepped back and lifted his cock and nuts up. He then approached and plopped his balls into my mouth. Beşiktaş Escort Bayan I was in heaven running my tongue through all the folds of his scrotum. As a teabag releases its flavor into hot water, Choker’s scrotum released it’s rugged musky flavor into my mouth. I circled and sucked lovingly on each nut, I tugged gently with my teeth and I lavished each crease and fold of scrotum with hungry desire.

I tried not to release his balls when he stepped back and they came out of my mouth with a plop. If I was not bound in the stockades I would have lunged forward to get them back in my mouth my desire was so great. Lucky for me Choker stepped forward presenting me with a now rock hard cock with a huge bead of precum on the tip. I lovingly sucked it off, and then sucked on his piss slit to get any more that might be in there. The taste was heaven and it coated my mouth nicely which was important because Choker just shoved his cock all the way in and mushed my nose in his curls!

I felt his cock in my esophagus and felt a deep rooted pride in my ability to take such a man so deep inside of me! Choker now went to work on me. Sometimes he would just leave his cockhead on my tongue and let me work the underside. Then he would ram it all the way in and enjoy the tightness of my gullet around his head, and the pressure of my nose and forehead in his pubes. All good things come to an end and after a few minutes I was left unsatisfied when pulled completely out of my mouth without dumping his load. I could see all of my saliva ant throat slime coating his cock.

“A whore like you needs a man’s load in you boi pussy!” He growled, as he walked around behind me. “Besides, you are going to get plenty of protein tonight and who am I to ruin your appetite!”

He had no need for lube with all of the throat slime covering his cock and he just lined it up and shoved it in. I cried out in pain and luckily he just held it in letting my asshole adjust to the intrusion. Not for long though. Soon he started some short rocking back and forth. When he heard me moaning in contentment, he started long deep penetrating thrusts. Sometimes he would take his cock all the way out of my hole and then ram it all the way in until his thighs smacked my ass cheeks! I luxuriated in it and wanted it to last for as long as possible.

“You are going to take my load deep in your ass and leave here without washing it out.” Choker grunted, as he shoved his cock all the way in. “You will be reminded of me the whole way home as my sticky mess runs out of your ruined hole!”

Choker then tensed up and held his cock shoved all the way up my ass. I could Escort Beşiktaş feel the swelling of his cock in my sphincter, as the spurts fired deep into my bowels. I then felt the warmness of the load in my colon.

“You will do good tonight!” Choker stated, as he pulled his cock out of my ass and presented it to my mouth for cleaning. “My client and his friends won’t be disappointed!”

I was glad to get a least a little taste of his seed. It was mostly on his cockhead. Around the base of his pole all I got was my ass taste mixed with saliva. Still I would be heading home with his taste in my mouth! It was an honor.

Choker’s cock shriveled up in my mouth. He removed it and freed me from the stockades. He quickly got dressed and reopened the store. I put my panties back on and got dressed. I looked around the store some and got a silicon cock and scrotum ring and a remote controlled vibrating but plug. I also got a round one pound stretcher that gets screwed on at the base of the scrotum.

Now that I was out of the stockades and walking around, gravity started working and I could feel Chokers load trying to work its way out. I clenched tightly but I knew that I would not be able to hold it in for long. I hurried to the register with my purchases and paid.

“Be here by nine!” Chocker yelled, “I have to prepare you for the session.”

I confirmed and out towards the metro station tightly clenching my ass. Thankfully I did not have to wait long for the train to come and I found a seat.

Now that I was seated I got lazy with the ass clenching and all of a sudden I felt a stickiness between my ass cheeks in my panties. I must have looked really funny waddling back to my apartment clenching my ass as tight as possible. I wondered if there was a wet spot on the butt of my jeans?

As soon as I got into my apartment I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. As soon as I stopped clenching I could feel the sticky mess leave my whole and dribble down my taint to my scrotum. I ran my hand along the backside of my scrotum and through my ass cleft. When I brought it up to my face there was cum smeared all over the fingers. This was Choker’s load and I felt honored to be able to lick it off my fingers! The taste was quite bitter from being in my colon for so long but I savored it all the same. Next I took off my shoes, pants and panties. The gusset of my panties was all cold and wet. I sucked all of the flavor out of the material.

When done showered and put on the one pound ball stretcher. I also inserted the remote vibrating but plug in my ass. It felt so erotic having the ball stretcher weight mashing my balls into the panty fabric as I walked around. The vibrations from the plug were also heavenly!

I decided to take a nap before I got ready for my gig. I wanted to be fresh and do a good job.

I dozed off dreaming about Choker’s cock. I am sure I had a smile on my face.

To be continued . . .

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