Erin’s Experiment

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Disclaimer: Based on an actual event, involving nudity, spanking, and oral sex between two girls.


Erin thought about what had happened when daddy had caught her jerking off her boyfriend on their living room couch. He had been SO angry! After chasing the boy out of their house, he stormed up to her bedroom. Pulling her naked body over his lap, he had given her a spanking she’d never forget. But, unknown to her daddy, the spanking had done more than just warm her cute ass. It had caused her to experience a shuddering orgasm while over her daddy’s lap! And, when she bucked and screamed as she climaxed, her daddy thought it was from the spanking! Poor daddy! He didn’t have a clue. But, Erin wondered if it happened because her daddy spanked her, or if it could be made to happen again? She decided to wait and see.

A few weeks later, Erin learned that her sister Erica and boyfriend and Erin, too, were invited to spend the week at Erica’s friend’s beach house. Erica’s friend Trish had invited them up to help repaint the rooms before vacation. Erin had heard sounds coming from Erica’s room one night when Trish had come to visit a while before. When she crept to the door to her sister’s bedroom and peeked escort bayan kağıthane in, she was quite surprised. Her sister was lying, naked, on her back with Trish’s face buried between her thighs. Her sister’s hands were on Trish’s head, and Erica was moaning: “Oh, God! Trish! That feels SO good! Don’t stop! I’m almost there!” Erin’s face was glued to the door as she watched her sister get a tongue lashing from Trish. Erin’t fingers crept down inside her pjs, and she began to finger herself as she watched. Biting her lips, she tried to remain silent as she came closer to her climax. When she heard her sister finally cry out, Erin convulsed and almost whimpered, too. Quickly, lest she be discovered, she returned to her room, and pulled off her pjs. Fingering herself, she quickly finished what she had begun outside her sister’s room. Satisfied and exhausted from the exertion and pleasure, she began to make plans.

Erin’s opportunity came the second day they were at the beach house. Her sister and boyfriend had left for the day, and weren’t expected back until late the next day, leaving Erin and Trish alone together. It was hot, so Erin and Trish stripped and painted nude. Erin could escort bayan beyoğlu see Trish staring at her naked body. She smiled. It was time. “I know what you and Erica do when you’re together,” she said. “I watched you from the doorway while you ate her out.”

Trish’s eyebrows went up! She wondered what Erin wanted, now that she admitted watching her and Erica! Trish secretly wished she could do the same to Erin, as she was a cute fox! “What do you want, Erin?” she asked.

Smiling, Erin replied. “I want you to spank me! I know you heard all about what happened to me, and I want to see if you can make it happen again.”

Trish smiled! She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Get your cute ass over here!” she said, sitting down and patting her lap. “We’ll just have to see how you respond to being spanked by a girl.”

Erin walked over to Trish, and laid down over her thighs. She placed her hands on the carpet, then dug her toes in, spreading her legs. “Spank me hard, Trish. I deserve it for spying on you and Erica.”

Trish admired the spunk of this girl. She placed her hand on Erin’s bare ass, and caressed the smooth skin. Quickly, she raised her hand and brought it down on Erin’s unprotected cheek. SMACK! Again and again, she rained spanks on the sweet ass before her. SLAP, SPANK, SMACK, SLAP! She watched as Erin’s ass cheeks quivered under each blow, and quickly was rewarded by seeing the pale skin turn to a nice pink color.

Erin squirmed and wiggled on Trish’s lap, rubbing her mound against her thigh. As she did, Trish could see how wet she was getting. “Oh, please? More, Please!” Erin pleaded.

Trish continued to spank Erin’s bare ass cheeks until they were a bright red. Erin bucked and thrashed on her lap, as she moaned and whimpered in response. Suddenly, Erin stiffened, and cried out! “Ah! Oh! YES!” She had climaxed! It wasn’t just daddy that could make her cum – it was a good spanking that did it!

Trish couldn’t stand it any longer. She HAD to taste Erin’t sweet juices. Pushing Erin off her lap and onto the floor, Trish buried her face in Erin’s thighs. Kissing and licking, she sucked the sweet juices from Erin’s pink slit.

Erin bucked and thrust upwards, pressing her moist mound against Trish’s lips and tongue. “Ah, GOD! I’m cumming – AGAIN!” She screamed as the overpowering climax swept over her.

Finally, exhausted, Erin and Trish collapsed against each other. Trish kissed Erin, letting her taste her joy juice. “I’ve been wanting to do that to you ever since you were a little girl,” she said.

Smiling, Erin replied “Why did you wait so long?”

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